Who is better in 200m? Michael Johnson or Usain Bolt considering several facts!

>> September 29, 2009

By Jad Adrian

It is interesting to go under the facts of the remarkable achievements which awards Michael Johnson and Usain Bolt as the greatest sportsmen in history.

Michael Johnson shattered the world record with a magic time of 19.32s in the 1996 Olympics, breaking by more than three tenths of a second the previous record, 19.66s he had set in the U.S. Olympic trial.

Earlier, he easily captured the 400m Olympics title with an Olympic Record time of 43.49s. Johnson had run 3 rounds in 400m and another 3 rounds in 200m where covered a total of 1.8km before the 200m final.

Bolt also went through the same rounds as Johnson but in the 100m which is a shorter distance and covered  1.0km (only) before slammed his old WR 19.30s to 19.19s. Clearly in this situation, Bolt was less tired to breaks the WR.

Take into account on the track qualities, where the track surfaces at Berlin’s Olympic stadium (where Bolt ran 19.19) are very new compared to the track surface called Mondo at the 1996 Olympic stadium.The top quality Polytan M blue track at Berlin are contains three-layer synthetic surface gives an advantages to Usain Bolt to get an optimal running conditions.

The Polytan M surface is hard but nevertheless the elastic top layer ensures maximum return of energy to athletes when sprinting. The outstanding quality of this track surface has been confirmed by the award of an IAAF Class 1 Certificate from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Furthermore, since 1996 we had went through a lot of improvements on the sports’ development particularly in sports sciences like nutrition, biomechanics, physiology, training approach, coaching and many more.

Surely, Usain bolt have derived pleasure from these, and of course the 19.19s is still beatable by the lightning Bolt who just turns 23y now at anytime.

But the question is how fast could Johnson go if todays is his prime time?


Could Tyson run faster if free injury?

>> September 26, 2009

By Jad Adrian Washif

The race in Shanghai IAAF Golden Grand Prix, China let him know his training is on the right track. He clocked 9.69s, a new American record and set the 2nd fastest of all time just behind the doubtful Jamaican, Usain Bolt! His aim and mission for next year will simply be to lower his time as no major competition at 2010 (Bolt still have Commonwealth Games). " I do think I could have run faster than 9.69", Tyson Gay said."I can focus on running fast and winning races and not the challenges of round running… The races in both Shanghai and Berlin show him that he can and will get faster and faster!
Gay provided Bolt with his biggest obstacle at the world championships in Berlin, but finished a distant second. But he ran well also, turning in a then American-record time of 9.71s + nagged by groin injury that time! Gay showed tremendous run in the 200 when he stopped the clock with 19.58 at a meet in New York last May.
But Tyson Gay couldn't run the 200 at the world championships because of his groin, watching from the sidelines as Usain Bolt set yet another world mark (19.19). "The season didn't go as exactly as I wanted it, but I am really proud of my world championship medal in Berlin and the consistency I had despite not being totally healthy," Gay said. "I am kind of a quiet guy so to be a little less in the spotlight fits my personality," he said. "But that doesn't mean I like to finish second, though. To finish in front is always my goal."
Now, what to do to catch Usain Bolt? Two points;
*By focusing on what he have to do and not what Usain or other athletes are doing in training or racing.
*Tyson Gay tended to be a slow starter in the 100m, here is the main point that Tyson along with Jon Drummond and Lance Brauman will works on!


Selangor Open Athletics Meet 2009

>> September 14, 2009

The Championships was held on July 11 - 12 at the MBPJ Stadium in Petaling Jaya, approximately 40km away from Kuala Lumpur.

Over 30 teams from various sports club, schools club, associations and institutions including the national athletes of MSN were taking part at the meet.



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