I Retained My Gold in the Malaysian University Athletics Championship (MASUM)

>> February 27, 2010

Friday night 26th of Feb was phenomenal. Featured the toughest rivalry in the 100m final of the Malaysian University Champs' history with two SEA Games representatives Zabidi Ghazali (pb 10.57) and Latif Nyat (pb 10.45) were on action. But it was my night, i retained my gold medal which i won at the same meet last year with a time of 10.94 into headwinds -0.5. Bot Zabidi and Latif could only managed for the Silver and Bronze with 10.96 and 10.99 respectively.

En-route the final race, Latif exploded off the block, striking and leads us 2 metres until about 70 metres where i only start to approach him. I did a good clearance (start) but the slow reaction left me too far behind. However I covered the first 60m just behind Latif but I knew that I’ve to keep focused and relaxed. Any mistake in the situation leads the muscles become tights and struggled.

When sprinters reaches the top speed, the important thing is how to eliminate the negative acceleration so you'll be able to hold the max speed longer than your opponents where i successfully done. I chased Latif at 85-90m mark but in the exciting moment to win the race i almost caught by Zabidi on the line but it’s all over.

UPSI’s Izuddin Yahya was on the fourth place with a time of 11.08s. UIAM's Norhafiz showed his improvement by placing 5th in 11.28 while UiTM's M.Saufee placed 6th in 11.38. A former national sprinter, Syarafie Sauli of UPSI injured and went to seventh in 11.41s with UNIMAP's Mohd. Isa clocked 11.46s for the eighth position.

Meanwhile, the semifinals show a better results however. I was in the SF-2 alongside Zabidi. He was leading before i overtook him at 70m and finished in 10.89, three hundredth of a second ahead Zabidi. Third place went to Mond. Izzudin. Latif won the SF-1 in 10.92 with Syarafie on the second in 11.11 while Mohd, Isa on the 3rd in 11.28s.

There were 30 participants in the 100m where divided into 4 heats in the prelims round.. The winners for heats 1-4 were Jad Adrian Washif (11.24), Latif Nyat (11.17), Mohd Isa Azan (11.55) and Zabidi Ghazali (11.24).

Well I’m satisfied for my results from the meet. I didn’t train as much as everyone thought for this meet and didn't even arrange on tapering down. I only back training about 2 months ago after a setbacks of reoccurrence hamstring injury which cruelled my past season.

Indeed, It's proven that I'm ready to challenge the locals and improve my time. It is still early to predic what would happen in the next but I'll always giving my full effort in training with disipline and diligence.

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Acupuncture Experience ??

>> February 12, 2010

Acupuncture is one form of treatment involves the stimulation on the pain area or injured parts. The treatment method involves stimulating the points by puncturing a few needles into various points on the body. There are several ways or types of treatments methods in the acupuncture. I've been doing three types and one of them i did in Taiwan on July 2009. It took 15 to 90 minutes depends on the types of its treatment

Acupuncture started since the era of the Han Dynasty as early as 1000 in China then spread around to Korea, Japan and Vietnam. In the 16th century Portuguese missionaries brought the acupuncture to the West. Acupuncture became better known in the United States in 1970’s.

I’m not really sure when it was started or brought by the Chinese or Taiwanese alternatives’ doctor to Malaysia but my first experience was in May 2009 at Kajang, Selangor. I concludes the immediate effects from the treatment were fresher, lighter, stronger (injured parts) and more relax.

Some pictures of me treated with the acupuncture;

* Super larger sizes appeared by clicking the images


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