Franklin Ramses Burumi 10.37 Sprint King SEA Games 2011, Gary Yeo 10.46, Wachara Sondee 10.47

>> November 12, 2011

Indonesian Franklin Ramses Burumi became the sprint king of the 26th SEA Games in Palembang after winning the blue ribbon event in a wind assisted (+2.1) time of 10.37s Singaporean Gary Yeo Foo Ee improved on his best time to 10.46s (from 10.62s) to win the silver medal, just ahead of Thais Wachara Sondee (10.47) in bronze medal position.

"Yes, I believe I can win the 100m. I'm a hundred percent confident!", says Franklin in a pre-race interview.

It was a great victory not only for Franklin who ran 10.32s (doubtful-timing)  during March's Jatim Open in Surabaya, but for the whole country as they successfully retained the men century dash title for three consecutive times.  Suryo Agung Wibowo won the 2009 (10.17) and 2007 (10.25) editions but went to absence in this edition to focus on his study and perform the hajj in Mecca.

100m Men Final
Wind: +2.1

Franklin Ramses Burumi
Gary Yeo Foo Ee
Wachara Sondee
Mohamed Fadlin
Suppachai Chimdee
Mohd Noor Imran Hadi
Pin Wan Haep
Ambrose Jilom


Indonesian Sprinters Fadlin & Franklin Burumi Warns Their 100m Rivals

Two Indonesian men Sprinters won their respective semifinals races easily and set themselves the favorites for Gold-Silver in the blue ribbon final this evening.

Mohamed Fadlin had no problem to advance, clocking 10.69s in the semifinal 1, beaten Malaysian Ambrose Jilom in the second place (10.78). Surprisingly Thais Wachara Sondee was just able to place third in a time of 10.85 in the "slow-pace" race. Despite of clocking a poor time 11.09, Cambodian Pin Wanheip created a history for his country as he was confirmed for a final spot. He beats Singaporean Mohd Elfi Mustapha (11.22) who injured and denied his chance to hunt medal.

Franklin Ramses Burumi who ran a doubtful-timed 10.32 in Surabaya in March won the semifinal 2 in a time of 10.54, close to his real personal best 10.50. Singaporean Gary Yeo Foo Ee also proceed easily after clocking 10.64. The favorite Mohd Noor Imran Hadi of Malaysia who ran 10.40 this year seems to have problem and finished in third position (10.73), just ahead of Suphachai Chimdee (10.75) the 200m specialist with PB 20.68.

The fastest man and woman of the 26th SEA Games will be known this evening when the finalists are scheduled to compete in the finals at 6.30pm (Palembang time).

Men 100m Heat 1

Men 100m Heat 2

Video courtesy of a friend, Sha.


Marestella Torres 6.71m SEA Games - Gold Medal, Games Record, National Record, SEA Record

The 2009 Asian champion and gold medal favorite Marestella Torres of the Philippines leaped a respectable distance of 6.71m in long jump during the 1st day of SEA Games in Palembang, not only confirmed the gold medal but has broken many records at once - Personal Record, National Record, Games Record, and Southeast Asian Record. In fact, she placed 2nd in Asian Ranking so far in 2011, just shy one cm to the current leader Yuliya Tarasova of Uzbekistan.

Her previous best jump 6.68m was set during the 2009 Games in Laos. The host jumper Maria Natalia Londa was also in her best shape, bettered her national record by 21cm after her perfect jump 6.47m. Torres's teammate Catherine Kay Santos bagged bronze in a distance of 6.25m, an improvement of personal best by 16cm.


51.32m in Discus Ensures 10th Gold for James Wong

Singaporean great James Wong Tuck Yim won his 10th SEA Games Gold medal after winning his favorite event discus throw during the 1st day morning event (12.11.2011) in the 26th SEA Games in Palembang, Indonesia. His fourth throw topped 51.32m, bettered Thais Kwanchan Namsumboo who opened his round with 50.32m, and ensured the Gold medal in the hands - 9th Gold for discus throw (1993, 95, 97, 99, 2001, 03, 05, 09, 11) + 1 Gold from hammer throw in 1997 = 10 Gold Medals !!

None of the next throws by himself and  his opponents were able to surpass the distance including Indonesian Hermanto who had the best throw from last attempt of 50.56m and settled for silver, puts down Namsumboon in bronze position.  It's surely a great upset for Hermanto who aimed for Gold after breaking the National record 52.95m during the last July national championships in Jakarta.

James Wong set his personal record in Wiesbaden back in 1999 in a distance of 59.87m,  over 4 metres better than any other Southeast Asian in history. At the time, he placed among TOP 100 in the World for discus throw.

SEA Games, Palembang: James Wong  51.32m (10th Gold)

Video courtesy of Sha


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SEA Games Medal Analysis from SEA Athletics Rankings as at 31 October 2011

>> November 06, 2011

There are 46 Gold medals up for grabs at the 26th SEA Games, Palembang Indonesia. Below is a table of medal analysis for athletics events;

3 + 5 + 2 = 10
6 + 4 + 6 = 16
7 + 3 + 5 = 15
4 + 5 + 4 = 13
2 + 4 + 3 = 9
1 + 2 + 2 = 5
10 + 6 + 6 = 22
5 + 5 + 4 = 14
3 + 1 + 2 = 6
3 + 6 + 5 = 14
1 + 1 + 2 = 4
1 + 1 + 3 = 5
0 + 3 + 2 = 5
13G + 11S + 8B = 32
11 + 9 + 10 = 30
10 + 4 + 7 = 21
7 + 11 + 9 = 27
3 + 5 + 5 = 13
2 + 3 + 5 = 10
0 + 3 + 2 + 5

Legend; Gold + Silver + Bronze = Total Medal

Click HERE for SEA Athletics TOP Lists / Rankings as at 31 October 2011 + SEA Games Records + Southeast Asia Records

Some remarks about these rankings, compared to the 2009 SEA Games in Vientiane, Laos:
If this ranking would be confirmed, then it would be a massive change to the medal tables
(for athletics) at the 2009 SEA Games, where Thailand won 48 medals (including 14 Golds) and other countries were far behind with;
22 medals / 7 Gold for Vietnam
20 medals / 7 Gold for Indonesia
16 medals / 6 Gold for Malaysia
15 medals / 7 Gold for the Philippines.

Top runner Triyaningsih
However, one thing that should be considered is that some athletes are NOT YET placed in the rankings, because they have yet to compete during this season (I.e Yuan Yufang MAS 20km Walk). Also important to note that, Indonesia would gain lots of advantage as the host and will definitely show excellent performances. They likely to dominate the following events;

Men -  All running events !!, however they will encounter a great problem in Field events.

Women -  Sprint Hurdles, Long Distances (3 Golds is within the reach of Asian class runner, Triyaningsih)

Meanwhile, it is of interest to point that Vietnam, a country of over 70 millions population and is very fast developing in their sports, having assisted by expert and scientist from Germany, other European coaches, and some from China as well as educated local coaches, and as you see on table above, they will surely produce the best result (mainly in womens) in the history of their SEA Games appearance.

Just do not forget the Thailand team, the powerhouse of athletics in Southeast Asia for a long time and have been produced huge number of prominent athletes. But the likelihood to loss the dominance is obvious. Nevertheless they could rely on jumping events, throwing events, and relays as well as sprints (but a bit difficult!!).
Jironi leads 800m 1:50.21

Two countries, Malaysia and the Philippines would place all the hopes on experienced athletes as usual (I'm not a fan to say veteran). In this edition, Malaysia team seems to have better chance to bag over 6 Gold medals, and I don't see the Philippines to repeat the 7 Golds achieved in Laos 2009. Two Golds is achievable by Singapore and perhaps one for Myanmar, however let us pray for the others to win a bronze.

Finally, I hope that this Pre-Rankings is useful for readers of as a reference during athletics events in SEA Games, Palembang 2011.


1st Kinabalu International Games, 4th Sabah Weekly Relays Grand Finals 2011, Kota Kinabalu

>> November 05, 2011

Tsubasa Kinabalu International Athletics Club / TKIAC (the oldest athletics club in Southeast Asia) in conjunction with Sabah Amateur Athletics Association (SAAA 2000) will organize the 1st Kinabalu International Games / 4th Sabah Weekly Relays Grand Finals in Kota Kinabalu on December16-17, 2011. Events and Categories are as follows;

(9-10 years)
80M, Long Jump, 4x100M

(11-12 years)
100M, Long Jump, 4x100M

(13 years)
120M, High Jump, 4x100M

(14 years)
120M, High Jump, 100MH, 600M, 4x100M R

(15 years)
200M, Long Jump, 600M, 4x100M R

(16 years)
100M, 300M, High Jump, 4x100M R


100M, 400M, 800M, 5000M/3000M, 110M H/ 100M H, 400M H, 4x100M R, 4x400M R
Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Discus Throw, Shot Put, Javelin Throw,

SCHEDULE (Time / Event)

16 December 2011

0730 3000 Women Final
0750 5000 Men Final
0800 Long Jump Boys: 9-10yrs; 10-12yrs; 15yrs 
0800 High Jump Girls:13, 14 & 16 yrs; Women Open
0830 Long Jump Men Open Final
0830 80M Girls 9-10 Years Preliminaries
0845 80M Boys 9-10 Years Preliminaries
0900 100M Girls 11-12 Years Preliminaries
0915 100M Boys 11-12 Years Preliminaries
0915 Javelin Mens Open Final
0930 100M Girls 16 Years Preliminaries
0945 100M Boys 16 Years Preliminaries
1000 100M Women Open Preliminaries
1000 Long Jump Women Open Final
1015 100M Men Open Final Preliminaries
1015 Discus Women Open Final
1030 120M Girls 13 Years Preliminaries
1045 120M Boys 13 Years Preliminaries
1100 120M Girls 14 Years Preliminaries
1115 120M Boys 14 Years Preliminaries
1130 200M Girls 15 Years Preliminaries
1145 200M Boys 15 Years Preliminaries

1200 400M Womens Open Preliminaries
1215 400M Men Open 1200 Preliminaries
1230 300M Girls 16 Years Preliminaries
1245 300M Boys 16 Years Preliminaries


1400 Pole Vault Women/Men Final
1400 600M Girls 14 Years Final
1415 600M Boys 14 Years Final
1415 Shot Put Women Final
1430 600M Girls 15 Years Final
1445 600M Boys 15 Years Final
1500 High Jump Boys: 13, 14 & 16yrs; Men Open
1500 Shot Put Men Final
1600 400M H Women Open Final
1615 400M H Men Open Final
1630 4x100M R Girls: 9-10yrs; Boys 9-10yrs; Girls 11-12yrs; Boys 11-12yrs; Girls 13 yrs; Boys 13yrs 
1730 4x400M R Women Final
1740 4x400M R Men Final

17 December 2011

0800 800M Women Final
0815 800M Men Final
0830 80M Girls 9-10 yrs Final
0840 80M Boys 9-10 yrs Final
0850 100M Girls 11-12 yrs Final
0900 100M Boys 11-12 yrs Final
0900 Javelin Womens Open Final
0910 100M Girls 16 yrs Final
0920 100M Boys 16 yrs Final
0930 120M Girls 13 yrs Final
0940 120M Boys 13 yrs Final
0950 120M Girls 14 yrs Final
1000 120M Boys 14 yrs Final
1010 200M Girls 15 yrs Final
1020 200M Boys 15 yrs Final
1030 300M Girls 16 yrs Final
1040 300M Boys 16 yrs Final
1050 Discus Men Open Final
1100 400M Women Final
1110 400M Men Final
1330 100M Girls 16 yrs Final
1340 100M Boys 16 yrs Final
1350 100M Women Open Final
1400 100M Men Open Final
0215 100M Hurdles Women Final
0230 110M Hurdles Men Final
0240 4x100M Relays;
0240 Girls 14 yrs Final
0250 Boys 14 yrs Final
0300 Girls 15 yrs Final
0310 Boys 15 yrs Final
0320 Girls 16 yrs Final
0330 Boys 16 yrs Final
0340 Women Open Final
0350 Men Open Final

*Schedule is subjected to change, kindly get a confirmation from organizer when submitting your entry

Those who are interested to participate in, kindly contact;

1) Mr Cyril Yapp (Secretary of Tsubasa Kinabalu IAC / Organizer)
Email: ;  Mobile: 016 8494575

REMINDER (from organizers)
1) Entries closed on December 14, 2011 (1700hrs)
2) All expenses including transportation, lodging etc are at your own discretion
3) Competing at your own risks, problems associated injuries etc are beyond the liability of organizers


ASIAN Athletics Records - Senior, Junior, Indoor

>> November 04, 2011

ASIAN Continental Records by World track & field statistician Heinrich Hubbeling of Germany, details:

ASIAN Athletics Records (Olympic Events & World Record's Events) Men & Women
ASIAN Athletics Best Performances Men & Women
ASIAN Junior Records Men & Women
ASIAN Indoor Records Men & Women

All records as at November 01, 2011
Click the following  Asian Athletics' Logo to download;

--> For ASIAN Athletics Leaders as at November 01, 2011 click HERE

1) ASIAN Athletics Ranking  2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007
2) ASIAN Athletics All-Time Rankings 2000
Heinrich Hubbeling, Haydnstr 8, 48691Vreden/GERMANY
or by E-Mail:  or by FAX: 49 2564 2829

3) SOUTHEAST ASIA Athletics Annual 2011/12
Jad Adrian, MALAYSIA



To be updated




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