16th ASEAN University Games Vientiane Laos 2012 - Athletics Schedule and Results

>> November 05, 2012

Track an Field Athletics Schedule of the 16th ASEAN University Games Vientiane Laos 12 - 18 December 2012. Note: Tack and Field Results will be posted here.

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Yoshihide Kiryu 10.19, 10.21, 10.34 (Video), Japanese All-Time Rankings 100m

>> November 04, 2012

Yoshihide Kiryu of Japan maintains his status of sprint king of the World Youth after recording a new World Youth Record in the 100m in a time of 10.19s (+0.5) during Ecopa Track Games at Fukuroi, Japan on November 03, 2012. At least five major records, which actually set by Kiryu himself about a month ago at Gifu (10.21s) renewed, including;

1) World Youth Record
2) Asian Junior Record
3) Asian Youth Record
4) Japanese Junior Record
5) Japanese Youth Record

In the 67th Kokutai (National Games) at Gifu, Kiryu who will only turn 17 years in December 15, eclipsed Rynell Parson's World youth record (best) of 10.23s set in 2007, and the long standing Asian Junior Record 10.26s held by China's Li Tao since 1986 (Jakarta).

Now, will a Japanese sprinter (finally)  break the 10s barrier soon ?? finally after Koji Ito's upsetting run in Bangkok where he slowed down at last metres, then shocked with 9.99s clocking appeared on the stadium's screen but eventually rounded up to 10.00s ?? Will Yoshihide Kiryu  follow Christophe Lemaitre's feat who became the first whiteman to break 10s barrier ?? but there is other Japanese guy who is closer the 10s barrier, Ryota Yamagata (20 years) who ran 10.07s (+1.3) at London Olympics.

"There will be 'many' Japanese sprinters to run under 10s 100m"


10.00s (+1.9) KOJI ITO, Bangkok Thailand, 13 December 1998
10.02s (+2.0) NOBUHARU ASAHARA, Oslo Norway, 12 July 2001
10.03s (+1.8) SHINGO SUETSUGO, Mito Japan, 5 May 2003
10.07s (+1.9) MASASHI ERIGUCHI, Hiroshima Japan, 28 June 2009
10.07s (+1.3) RYOTA YAMAGATA, London Great Britain, 4 August 2012

10.09s (+1.8) NAOKI TSUKAHARA, Hiroshima Japan, 27 June 2009
10.11s (+0.3) SHINGO KAWABATA, Tokyo Japan, 2 September 2000
10.13s (+1.9) NOBUHIRO TAJIMA, Mito Japan, 6 May 2002
10.19s (+1.4) SHIN KUBOTA, Kumamota Japan, 4 October 1998
10.19s (+0.5) YOSHIHIDE KIRYU, Fukuroi Japan, 3 November 2012

10.20 (+0.5) SATORU INOUE, Tokyo Japan, 17 May 1991
10.20 (+1.5) SHIGEYUKI KOJIMA, Kobe Japan, 12 July 2000
10.20 (+1.3) SHINJI TAKAHIRA, Hiroshima Japan, 29 April 2009
10.21 (+2.0) AKIHIRO YASUI, Otsu Japan, 24 June 2000
10.21 (+1.0) HIROYASU TSUCHIE, Tottori Japan, 6 June 2004

10.21 (+1.4) SHINTARO KIMURA, Hiroshima Japan, 27 June 2009
10.21 (+1.3) YUSUKE KOTANI, Hiroshima Japan, 29 April 2012
10.22 (+1.9) TETSUYA YAMASHITA, Tokyo Japan, 16 June 1991
10.22 (+0.6) YOSHITAKA ITO, Tokyo Japan, 10 June 1995
10.22 (+1.6) KENJI NARA, Kitakami Japan, 14 July 2001

10.22 (+1.6) YUTA KANNO, Yokohama Japan, 8 June 2003
10.22 (+1.9) SHOGO ARAO, Hiroshima Japan, 28 June 2009


Yoshihide Kiryu 10.19s, +0.5, at Fukuroi (3-November-2012)

Yoshihide Kiryu 10.21s, +0.1, at Gifu (4-October-2012)

Yoshihide Kiryu 10.34s, +0.9, (Heats) at Gifu (4-October-2012)

by AdrianSprints.com


Latest Strength and Conditioning Conference - Research Results and Summary (Download)

>> November 02, 2012

8th International Conference on Strength Training
October 24th - 28th, 2012
Organized by Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Selected Topics

by H.-C. Holmberg

Maximal (peak) oxygen uptake, the lactate threshold and efficiency during exercise are often regarded as major determinants of endurance performance. What about ... Capacity for anaerobic energy production? Strength/power/speed? Technique and equipment? Training? ... For successful athletic outcomes it is vital to be aware of the multiple factors that affect endurance performance and to understand the training practices that are effective in improving endurance capacity ...

by Iñigo Mujika

The effects of strength training on endurance athletic performance have been the subject of a long and ongoing debate among athletes, coaches and sport scientists... recent research on highly trained athletes suggests that strength training can be successfully prescribed to enhance endurance performance ...

by Robert U. Newton, Jacob Earp and Prue Cormie

High velocity of takeoff, release or impact is the primary outcome dictating performance in a wide range of sports requiring sprinting, jumping, throwing, kicking or striking... Performance of highly spectacular human movement as exhibited in sports requiring very high force, velocity and power involves highly complex interactions of physiological, neural and mechanical phenomena... Developing strength and power through physical training requires solid understanding of these mechanisms ...

by Sedliak, Buzgó, Cvečka, Hamar, Laczo, Zelko, Zeman, Okuliarová, Ahtiainen, Häkkinen, Hulmi, Nilsen, Raastad

Morning neuromuscular deficit, meaning that an individual is on average 5 to 10 percent weaker compared to the rest of the day ... similar levels of muscle fibre hypertrophy could be achieved regardless of which time of the day the training sessions were executed ... but y larger variability in hypertrophic adaptation in the morning ...

by Saeterbakken, Navarset, Kroken, Fimland, Van den Tillaar

Core training has been used in rehabilitation, injury prevention, enhance general health and performance among athletes ... Core training can be divided into
1) core stability training, 2) core strengthening training and 3) core endurance training ... when designing a training program for the core muscles, one must use training approaches that are specific to the aim of the training ...

by Taipale, Schumann, Mikkola, Sorvisto, Kyröläinen, Nummela, Häkkinen

Running economy was clearly affected by performing Strength prior to Endurnce in both men and women ... Fatigue induced by a strength training session immediately prior to endurance running exercise affects neuromuscular characteristics of maximal strength, muscle activation and explosive strength in men and maximal strength in women ...

by Lawrence W. Judge, and David Bellar

The competitive performance of a shot putter in track and field can be characterized as a very aggressive display of strength, power, and technique ... Most sources of training information for coaches suggest that all three lifts need to be covered within a training plan for a shot put athlete ... both significant linear and quadratic trends exist that relate 1RM measures of the power clean, back squat and bench press to the personal best of shot put athletes ...

by Stasinaki, Gloumis, Zaras, Methenitis, Karampatsos, Georgiadis, Terzis

Throwing performance is based upon muscular strength and power ... throwing performance can improve more after 6 weeks of strength and power training with compound than with complex training in moderately-trained individuals ... novice throwers can increase their throwing performance by implementing strength and power training stimuli in alternative training days, at least during short training periods up to 6 weeks ... It seems that performing strength and power training exercises one after the other in the same training day is not favorable for throwing performance ...

by Hasegawa, Ijichi, Morishima, Sasaki, Kageta, Mori, Goto

Adaptation to sprint training is dependent on the duration of exercise, recovery between repetitions, total volume and frequency of training bouts ... power output of supramaximal pedaling test improved by 12 sessions of daily training followed by a week of detraining period. It is possible that supercompensation is involved in improvement of sprint performance following short-term detraining period ...

by de Souza Bezerra, de Oliveira Andrade, Rossato, Ceselles, da Silva, Miranda, Simão

The Strength Training is more efficient in gaining strength in the lower limb in adult women and this gain can be enhanced when the nonlinear periodization is used... Although there is also increasing muscle strength when the Concurrent Training is applied, it happens on a lower scale ...

by Karampatsos, Polychroniou, Georgiadis, Terzis

Recently, it was reported that 3 consecutive counter movement jumps or a bout of 20 m sprinting, induce an acute increase in shot put performance in experienced shot putters ... results suggest that performing 3 Counter Movement Jumps (i.e squat jump) or one bout of 20m sprint with maximum effort just before hammer throwing, may be a useful method for acute increases in performance in experienced hammer throwers ... might be attributed to the phenomenon of post activation potentiation ...

Download all Research Results and Summary

These articles shared by the organizer for public view. Special thanks to ...
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences


Results Philippines University Games 2012 at Bacolod City

>> October 26, 2012

Bacolod, 24-26 October 2012 “Filipino University Games”
-thanks to Mr. Mike Pelaez who posted results on Facebook, they’re in “photo-format” which is more reliable than some that reported in official results with typo-errors !! (schedule/event dates and finally with many additions by Mr Moriel from Manila), conditions reportedly not favourable with heavy rain during most events, results for several events not yet available, wind-reading not reported, hand timings, and best results as follows;

100m         (24): 1.Daniel Noval 10.7,  2.Anfernee Lopena 10.9;
-heats:       (24):      Lopena 10.7,  Noval 10.7, Jasper Tanhuelo 10.9;
200m         (25): 1.Jesson Ramil Cid 21.9,  2.Daniel Noval 21.9,  3.Jhonrey Bardos 22.3;
-heats:       (25): Anfernee Lopena 22.2;
400m         (26): 1.Jesson Ramil Cid 48.8  (49.2 in heats on 24th);
800m         (25): 1.Rudyfer Hernandez 1:56.5,  2.Rudy Medalla 1:57.3;
1500m       (24): 1.Christopher Ulboc 4:00.9,  2.Rudyfen Hernandez 4:02.5,  3.Ruen dela 
                  Torre 4:02.7;
3000m St. (25): 1.Christopher Ulboc 9:29.8,  2.Anthony Nerza 9:43.2,  3.Roger Donolo 9:51.0,
     4.Rudyfer Hernandez 9:59.8;
5000m       (26): 1.Rafael Poliquit Jr 15:25.1,  2.Anthony Nerza 15:31.1,  3.Ruen de la 
                 Torre 15:32.5,  4.Sonny Wagdos 15:34.9;
110m H      (24): 1.Domingo Cabrabilla 15.7;
400m H      (25): 1.Jesson Ramil Cid 53.5, 2.Gerard Glen Morales 55.7,  3.Jim Anthony Tolin 
HJ             (25): 1.Janry Urbas 1.90;
PV             (25): 1.Adel Valdecanas 4.20,  2.E.J.Obiena 4.20;
LJ          (24): 1.Mark Fabro 7.06,  2.Mark Harry Diones 7.06,  3.Janry Ubas 7.01,  4.Melbert 
                 Diones 6.95;
TJ              (24): 1.Melbert Diones 14.65,  2.Mark Harry Diones 14.56,  3.Jan Ry Ubas 14.07;
SP         (24): 1.Eduard Paul Paler 12.90,  2.Roe Laurence 12.38,  3.Richee Cabanyog 12.32;
DT             (24): 1.Miguel Sibayon 37.72,  2.Adrian Linao 37.27;
JT              (25): 1.Kenny Gonzales 56.36,  2.Jetrick Reyes 51.90,  3.Miguel Sibayan 51.80;
4x100m      (26): 1. Far Eastern University Team (Ebcas, Cid, de los Santos, Bardos) 42.6;
4x400m      (26): 1. Far Eastern University Team (de los Santos, Bardos, Ebcas, Cid) 3:22.3;

100m         (24): 1.Maureen Schrijvers 12.5,  2.Ruffa Bargola 12.7,  3.Avegail Marie Dizon 
-heats:       (24):      Schrijvers 12.4,  Bargola 12.7;
200m         (25): 1.Josie Malacad 25.5,  2.Maureen Schrijvers 25.6;
400m         (26): 1.Josie Malacad 57.47,  2. Rechelle Mae 59.79;
-heats:       (24):      Josie Malacad 58.5;
800m         (25): 1.Mary Ann ela Cruz 2:19.9,  2.Jelyn Duran 2:21.6;
1500m       (24): 1.Daylyn Carmen 4:53.3,  2.Mary Ann dela Cruz 4:55.42,  3.Jelyn Duran 
3000m       (25): 1.Daylyn Carmen 10:42.4,  2.Maru Ann dela Cruz 10:48.3,  3.Criselyn Jaro 
5000m       (26): 1.Daylyn Carmen 19:03.28,  2.Criselyn Jaro 19:31.19;
100m H      (24): 1.Eunice Baliatibat 15.7,  2.Michelle Loterte 15.8,  3.Viena Mae Banebane 
-heats:       (24): Loterte 15.6,  Banebane 15.6, Lea Casilihan 15.8;
400m H     (25): 1.Josie Malacad 63.1,  2.Jannelle Silvoza 64.9;  
-heats:      (24)         Rieveneth Jayed 64.9;
HJ             (25): 1.Maureen Schrijvers 1.60,  2.Charito Bajuyo 1.55,  3.Joean Bermudo 1.55;
PV             (25): 1.Natasha Marie Nalus (1994) 3.00 NJR,  2.Katrina Baron 2.80;
LJ              (24): 1.Felyn Dolloso 5.15;
TJ          (24): 1.Felyn Dolloso 12.28,, 2.Joean Bermudo 12.03,  3.Avegail Marie Dizon 11.52;
SP             (24): 1.Riza Faith Sombilla 10.55;
DT             (24): 1.Maika de Oro 37.65;
JT              (25): 1.Evalyn Palabrica 39.90,  2.Zaida Abada 34.90;
4x100m      (26): 1. Far Eastern University Team (Dizon, Malacad, Penarubia, Rivera) 49.46;
4x400m     (26): 1. Far Eastern University Team (Juanillo, Carmen, Penarubia, Malacad) 

NOTE TO READERS: Kindly forward me results of championships, meetings, road racing, ultra running, and mountain running (regardless the formatting; photo, word, pdf etc) for inclusion in the SEA Annual 2013 (Publication) and other relevant Rankings (such as Asian AA Rankings), to email: info@adriansprints.com


TRACK IN SUN - Worldwide Track and Field Results

>> October 22, 2012

If you love track and field (athlete, trainer, statistician, fan, official, journalist....)

Take a decision and subscribe to ...

(1) TRACKINSUN EUROPE (weekly) with a rate of 35 euros/year.
(The very deep newsletter European track and field results)


(2) TRACKINSUN WORLDWIDE (weekly too) with a rate of 85 euros/year
(The very deep newsletter Worldwide track and field results)

Both comprehensive (indoor and outdoor results) according these standard marks:

100m (10.69); 200m (21.49); 400m (48.44); 800m (1.50.50); 1.500m (3.47.50); 5.000m (14.05.00); 10.000m (29.25.00); 110mh (14.30); 400mh (52.14); 3.000m St (8.52.00); HJ (2.16); PV (5.20); LJ (7.65); TJ (16.00); SP (17.30); DT (54.00); HT (63.50); JT (69.00);
no standard marks for the rest of events.

100m (12.04); 200m (24.54); 400m (55.34); 800m (2.06.50); 1.500m (4.23.00); 5.000m (16.35.00); 10.000m (34.30.00); 100mh (13.90); 400mh (60.64); 3.000m St (10.20.00); HJ (1.75); PV (3.80); LJ (6.05); TJ (12.80); SP (15.20); DT (52.00); HT (54.00); JT (48.00);
no standard marks for the rest of events.

Contact to: Carles Baronet
International Track and Field Statistician, since 1989

Email: trackinsun@telefonica.net
Website: http://trackinsun.blogspot.com/ (note: this website is less than two-years online but has already included thousands or if not millions results from thousands TnF meetings !! , but you get more if you subscribe the newsletters, of course)


Former International Dilbagh Singh Kler Dies at 76

>> October 19, 2012

Dilbagh Singh Kler (b. 14 April 1936, Kota Kinabalu), one of the Malaysian track and field's most illustrious names died yesterday (18 October 2012) after being admitted a week following a short illness at Queen Elizabeth Hospital II in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. He was 76 years old.

He started competing internationally in late 1950's and then went to compete in all World's major events likes Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games (formerly British Empire & CWG) and Asian Games. He also appeared in four SEAP Games (now SEA Games).

In 1964, he represented Malaysia at the XVIII Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. He finished 10th (9:18.8s) in heat 3 of 3000m Steeplechase which was won by Soviet's Adolf Alexeiunas (8:31.8s).

Many national records surpassed and renewed by Dilbagh during his prime time (1960's), the last one was in December 15, 1971 (at age of 35) in Kuala Lumpur where he broke his own 3000m Steeplechase national record with 9:16.0s, which has stood until renewed by M.Ramakrishnan in 1982.

Announced his retirement soon after that, but then involved in many coaching clinics and talent identifications mostly done by himself for decades. And one of his activities was involving myself as a kid/participant back in early 1990's !!

His younger brother Datuk Balwant Singh Ker (b. 1938) is a secretary general of the Asian Triathlon Confederation. Previously served as the official statistician for the Asian Amateur Athletics Association / AAAA (now AAA), and is a member of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians (ATFS) since 1976.

His father Datuk Gurbakhs Singh Kler (b. 1912) migrated to North Borneo (now Sabah, Malaysia) in 1920's, started with sports activities after advised by a doctor, and then became the "VVIP" of the North Borneo / Malayan / Malaysian sports especially athletics. He started compiling athletics statistics in late 1930's and became the author of dozens sports books and statistics. He also went to several Olympics as a manager. In the 50th Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) anniversary in 2004, he was one of the 50 outstanding retired athletes/officials who inducted into the OCM Hall of Fame, in recognition in their superb contributions.

Dilbagh, until his last breath, "did not manage" to find a Sabahan successor in long distances, as his records at 3000m Steeplechase, 1500m, 5000m , and 10000m (see 'personal bests') remains as the State records of Sabah, while his 800m record was only surpassed in 2008 by youngster Yunus Lasaleh, who later switched into 400m.

In 2006, he was conferred Datukship (equivalent to Knighthood in Britain) by the "Yang Di Pertua Negeri / Head of State".

800 Metres: 1:59.2s (Kuching, 28.7.1968)
1500 Metres: 3:57.1s (Singapore, 3.8.1965)
5000 Metres: 15:13.6s (Singapore, 29.7.1965)
10,000 Metres: 32:41.6s (Manila, 4.3.1962)
3000m Steeplechase: 9:16.0s (Kuala Lumpur, 15.12.1971)


1964 Olympic Games (Tokyo);
10th (heats) 3000m Steeplechase in a time of 9:18.8s

1962 Asian Games (Jakarta)
5th 3000m Steeplechase (9:28.8s)

1966 Asian Games (Bangkok)
9th 3000m Steeplechase (9:27.6s)

1970 Asian Games (Bangkok)
7th 3000m Steeplechase (9:59.0s)

1962 Commonwealth Games (Perth)
10th (Heats) 1 Mile (4:26.0s)
11th 3000m Steeplechase (9:45.0s)

1966 Commonwealth Games (Kingston)
12th 3000m Steeplechase (9:53.2s)
19th 3 Miles (14:54.8s)

SEAP Games
4 Gold Medals from 3000m Steeplechase (3x) and 5000m.

Borneo Games
19 Gold Medals from 1 Mile, 3 Miles, 880 Yards, 800m, 1500m, 5000m

National Championships
9 Gold Medals at Malayan / Malaysian Championships from 1500m, 5000m, 10000m 3000m Steeplechase

by Jad Adrian (ATFS Statistician), 
and with help from Mr Roger Loong.


Malaysian Athletics Results No 11, 2012

>> October 18, 2012

Compiled by Jad Adrian, ATFS Statistician, info@adriansprints.com

Kuala Terengganu,  29 September 2012  “Larian Jambatan Sultan Mahmud”
-the men’s half marathon probably the toughest+closest race ever on Malaysian soils, with 13 runners finished within respected times of 1:03:43 to 1:05:59 !!, and 29 runners finished under 1:15s !!,  prize money as stated (where available), all runners from KENYA except as noted, see notes for distances (i.e 10km = 9km only !!),  best results as follows;

Half Marathon / Open, (1-5): USD10k,7k,5k,3k,2k;   (6-10): RM1000;   (11-20): RM700;   (21-50): RM200;
1.Kiproo Lilan Kennedy 1:03:43,  2.Robert Kiplagat Kosgei 1:03:44,  3.Charles Wachira Maina 1:03:44,  4.Bernard Mwendia Muthoni 1:03:45,  5.Hosea Kipyego Kogei 1:04:10,  6.Elicky Kipkoge Mase 1:04:20,  7.Isaac Kiplagat 1:04:36,  8.Joseph Gitau Kariuki 1:05:09,  9.Keter Peter Kipleting 1:05:23,  10.Ngare Joseph Mwangi 1:05:28,  11.Onesmus Muasya Muindi 1:05:33,  12.Maru Johndan Kiplimo 1:05:53,  13.Elkana Kiptum Ruto 1:05:59,  14.Alex Melly 1:06:29,  15.Marittim Thomas Kipkorir 1:06:30,  16.Ruto Ezekiel Kipkosgei 1:07:48,  17.David Kipkirui 1:07:52,  18.Gosa Tadese Yirgu (ETH) 1:07:52,  19.James Munyi Maregu 1:08:54,  20.Collins Kipkorir Kimosop 1:09:04,  21.Chales Kipkorir Kipsang 1:10:08,  22.Samoei John Kprop 1:10:34,  23.Eliud Chemwold (KEN) 1:11:02,  24.Daneil Kiprotica Kogo 1:11:42,  25.Birhanu Megarsa Regasa (ETH) 1:12:09,  26.Kenei Jakson Kibet 1:12:11,  27.Kendagor Fredrick Kiplimo 1:14:06,  28.Joseph Kapapu Sakuda 1:14:26,  29.Nimjongjit Songkran (THA) 1:21:09,  30.Richard Habeya (NIG) 1:21:42,  31.Kendagor Fredrick Kiplimo 1:22:25,  32.Abdul Aziz Mahamoud (MAS) 1:22:49;

Veteran, (1-5): 8k,6k,4k,2k,1k;   (6-10): 500;   (11-20): 200;   (21-50): 100; -ALL RM-
1.Jirattigrand Boonma (THA) 1:15:04,   2.Charles Kimingi Thaiya 1:15:10,   3.Mark John Williams (GBR) 1:16:32,   4.Panom Khansamol (THA) 1:19:18,  5.Jaingamkun Chaiyut (THA) 1:20:24,   6.Baskaran s/o Kuppusamy (MAS) 1:21:07,   7.Charoen Khang Kharo (THA) 1:21:28,   8.Khir Salleh (MAS) 1:21:33,   9.Khamit Tengisi (THA) 1:22:24,   10.Phasoet Phaisan (THA) 1:22:31, 11.Sriphiboonbanjert Songsak (THA) 1:22:39;

10KM (actual distance 9KM only !!) / all Malaysians
1.Mohd Kamal Mohammad Razak (MAS) 34:32,  2.Mohd Kodri Abu Bakar (MAS) 34:33,  3.Mohd Sukri Kassim (MAS) 34:56;

University/College (IPT)
1.Azwan Bunjing (MAS) 34:33;

Half Marathon, (1-5): USD 7.5k-5k-3k-2k-1k;    (6-10): RM1000;    (11-20): RM700;    (21-50): RM200
1.Rumokol Elizabeth Chepkanan 1:12:13,  2.Naomi Jepngetich 1:13:29,  3.Naomi Wambui Muriuki 1:14:27,  4.Eunice Nyawira Muchiri 1:18:27,  5.Mecho Habtawnesh Gashaw (ETH) 1:20:37,  6.Mengich Monicah Jepkorir 1:21:08,  7.Ann Mukuhi Njihia 1:21:56,  8.Yucabeth Bore 1:22:33,  9.Sentayehu Getachew Gerbremedhin (???*) 1:23:14,  10.Fridah Jepkite Lodepa 1:26:39,  11.Esther Njeri Nganga 1:27:26,  12.Kan-Uam Chothip (THA) 1:35:12,  13.Jacqueline Nyetipei Kiplimo (???*) 1:37:26,  14.Wang Shi Dan (TPE) 1:40:30,  15.Lian Bee Hoon (MAS) 1:47:05,  16.Susanah Ng Sing Mei (MAS) 1:47:53;
*announced as “Malaysia” (most probably Kenyans)

10KM (actual distance 9KM only !!)
1.Noor Amelia Musa (MAS) 35:24,  2.Fazilawati Jaafar (MAS) 44:40;

University/College (IPT)
1.Loh Chooi Fern (MAS) 39:39,  2.Yip Mei Yee (MAS) 45:17;

1.Susan Khoo* (GBR) 37:58,  2.Kan Kusuwan (THA) 38:16,  3.Siraphat Bootjeen (THA) 39:44;

Note: asterix after country & name = permenant resident of Malaysia;   kindly note as well about runner Susan Khoo who has been announced as Malaysian citizen in the previous report which was innacurate, she’s only a permenant resident according to the lastest report received)

Petaling Jaya,  30 September 2012  “Petaling Jaya Half Marathon 2012”
-around 6,500 runners participated in this edition. The time in the women’s half marathon would have been a new national record (surpasses Norlida Ismail’s 1:27:15 set in 2005 Arafura Games at Darwin Australia), however the course was rather short, about 20.7km only. All runners from Malaysia except as noted, best results as follows;

MEN / Half Marathon
1.Venugopal s/o Rajendran 1:11:33, 2.Muniandy s/o Ramadass 1:13:59,  3.Shahrudin Hashim 1:18:27,  4.Lili Suhairi Md Yang Ghazali 1:19:04;
*Mok Ying Ren (SIN) finished 2nd (1:13:02), but subsequently disqualified.

1.Mark John Williams (GBR) 1:18:36,  2.Baskaran s/o Kuppusamy 1:20:40,  3.Chuah Kean Kok 1:25:28;

Men / 7km
1.Rubern Kumar 25:15, 2.Karthik s/o Jayamaran 25:53, 3.G.Elangovan 26:47

WOMEN / Half Marathon
1.Sheela d/o Samivellu 1:27:10,  2.Annie Lee 1:41:43,  3.Yee Pei Ni 1:42:12;

1.Julie Foreman (GBR) 1:33:29,  2.Susan Khoo (GBR) 1:37:09,  3.Choong Swee Ying 1:41:13,  4.Sivabhalini d/o Thevendiraraj 1:46:52, 5.Goh Kim Hong 1:48:18;

Women / 7km
1.Geraldine 37:56, 2.P.Rehanah 39:00, 3.A.Hemalatha 39:20;

Penang,  30 September 2012  “Kej. Olahraga Terbuka Pulau Pinang / State Champs”
-exact or correct info (name spelling & distance) for men’s DT not yet known, best results as follows;

DT        1.Ahmad Firdaus ? (??) 43.02 ?,  2.Mohd Azwan Fahmi Zuhairi (93) 36.78;
JT         1.Mohd Akmal Md Zain (94) 54.36;
10000m W: 1.Jayseelans s/o Magandren 51:38.8,  2.Mohamad Syahmi Mohd Syukri (94) 53:49.2;

100m    1.Ng Khai Lee 12.6;
5000m  1.Norhazimah Idris  21:31.9,  2.Sivaranjini d/o Viknesvaren (95) 22:44.8;
10000m W: 1.Sharumathi d/o Arumugam (Pen/jr) 1:10:59.6
LJ         1.Ng Khai Lee 5.53;
JT         1.Pavithraa d/o Jayaindraan 32.62;

Johor Bahru,  01 October 2012  “Sirkit Olahraga NJAC 2012”
-development (different age groups) meet, and best result achieved in the following event (fast time for a 14-years kid);

Boys (14 years)
120m    1s1, Mohammad Haimin Robert (98) 13.5;

Seri Manjung,  26,27,29 September 2012  “49th Malaysian Armed Forces Championships”
-competition between three teams (as usual);  Army (TDM), Navy (TUDM) & Air Force (TUDM),  wind- reading not reported, 20km road race held (earlier in July) seperately,  TOP results produced in the men’s 100m, Decathlon, and women’s 100m and Triple Jump (refer notes);  first three winners and best results as follows;

100m    (29): 1.Mohd Noor Imran A.Hadi 10.57,  2.Zabidi Ghazali 10.66,  3.Mohd Fahmi Sarkinin 10.81,  4.Kannan s/o Subramaniam 10.88,  5.Rehvan s/o Arumugam 11.02,  6.Alif Hussin Ahmad Kamal 11.36;
-Semis (27): 1s1 Mohd Noor Imran A.Hadi 11.10, 2s1 Mohd Fahmi Sarkinin 11.12;  1s2 Kannan s/o
Subramaniam 11.07, 2s2 Rehvan s/o Arumugam 11.17;

200m    (26): 1.Mohd Noor Imran A.Hadi 21.62,  2.Kannathasan s/o Subramaniam 21.83,  3.Zabidi
Ghazali 21.87,  4.Mohd Fahmi Sarkinin 22.00,  5.Kannan s/o Subramaniam 22.30,  6.Hafizi
Talib 22.69;
-Semis (26): 1s1 Mohd Fahmi Sarkinin 22.56,  2s1 Kannan s/o Subramaniam 22.88;  1s2 Zabidi
Ghazali 22.43,  2s2 Mohd Noor Imran A.Hadi 22.68, 3s2 Kannathasan s/o 
Subramaniam 22.81;

400m    (27): 1.Yuvaaraj s/o Panerselvam 48.47,  2.Parthiban s/o Murugiah 48.90,  3.Harmizi Arobi
49.94,  4.Anathan s/o Poobathy 50.35;

800m    (27): 1.Mathialagan s/o Subramaniam 1:55.81,  2.Nik Hafiz Nik Mohamad 1:56.05,  
             3.Utheran s/o Muniandy 1:59.03;              

1500m  (26): 1.Vadivellan s/o Mahendran 4:02.90,  2.Nik Hafiz Mik Mohamad 4:09.10,   
3.Mathialagan s/o Subramaniam 4:11.86,  4.Uthentharan s/o Muniandy 4:12.43;

5000m  (29): 1.Vadivellan s/o Mahendran 16:11.21,  2.Rosnizam Rosli 16:19.98,  3.Nik Fakarudin
Ismail 16:25.73;

10000m (26): 1.Karthik s/o Jayamaran 33:49.30,  2.Sivamanogaran s/o Sivalingam 34:27.99,  3.Nik
Fakarudin Ismail 34:29.00,  4.Rosnizam Rosli 34:44.48,  5.Amirudin Nasir 34:55.74, 
6.Casenjar Maon 35:58.03;

3000m St (27): 1.Jenarthanan s/o Panerselvam 9:59.09,  2.Mohd Affandi Nudin 10:23.22,  
 3.Muruga s/o Karna 10:29.02;

110mh  (27): 1.Mohamad Rohaizad Jamil 14.66,  2.Mohaswadie Mohamed 15.16,  3.Helmy Zainon
15.56,  4.Norazizi Ariffin 15.69;
400mh  (26): 1.Muhamad Firdaus Mazalan (1992) 53.88,  2.Muhamad Baihaqi Razlan (93) 54.06,  3.Mohd Azri Kadir 56.87;

HJ         (26): 1.Kavee Alagan s/o Anpalagan 2.05,  2.Lee Hup Wei 1.90,  3.Shahbuddin Mulia Amli 1.80;

PV        (27): 1.Mohd Faizal Mustafa 3.90,  2.Mohd Adil Ali 3.60,  3.Rafiuddin Che Omar 3.40,  4.Hafizuddin Shahadan 3.20;

LJ         (27): 1.Josbert Tinus 7.14,  2.Mohd Muslim Mohd Nazari 6.81,  3.Mohd Imran Mohd Yazid 6.73;

TJ         (26): 1.Muhammad Hakimi Ismail 15.00,  2.Mohd Ammar Fitri Zainol 14.50,  3.Mohd Shukri Said 14.37,  4.Fazlil Mustafa 14.05,  5.Mohd Iqbal Mohd Zuki 13.99;

SP         (27): 1.Adi Alifuddin Hussin 16.16,  2.Mohd Hafiz Hashim 14.32,  3.Ammar Ramazan 13.35,  4.Shamsuddin Ismail 11.78;

DT        (26): 1.Mohd Hafiz Hashim 42.10 (CR),  2.Mohd Shahril Firdaus Baseh 35.38,  3.Hanizam Zakaria 34.73,  4.Mohd Sany Yunus 33.87;

HT        (27): 1.Mohd Nizam Mohd Zuki 42.65,  2.Azman Muhammad 42.27,  3.Abdul Halim Yatim 40.15,  4.Muslulaidi Mustafa 35.83,  5.Muralitharan s/o Muniandy 34.43;

JT         (27): 1.Mohd Bakri Hamid 62.88 (CR),  2.Gerald Agan Ganang 55.89,  3.Rozaini Subki 55.68,  4.Firdaus Jalak 53.86;

10000m W (27): 1.Lo Choon Sieng 48:12.55,  2.Umasuttan s/o Ganesan 48:44.27,   
3.Mohd Rahman Abu Bakar 50:50.23,  4.Shafarul Idaham Zainal Fitri 51:38.28,  5.Azuan Mohd Hanafiah 51:45.52,  6.Rajaratnam Muniandy 51:46.88,  7.Wan Arif Wan Husain 51:48.52;

20km Road Walk (July) – Held seperately, best results; 1.Lo Choon Sieng 1:32:13 (CR),   
2.Khairul Adnin Che Ros 1:41:16,  3.Umasuttan s/o Ganeson 1:42:49,  4.Mohd Rahman Abu Bakar 1:48:13,  5.Azuan Mohd Hanafiah 1:49:13,  6.Shafarul Idaham Zainal Fitri 1:51:20,  7.Kalidevan 1:53:52;

Deca     (27): -inacurrate results reported in official results;  scores based on performances given as below:
1.Mohd Faizal Mustafa (11.22,7.05,9.77,1.90,51.53; 15.83,26.94,3.80,42.38,4:53.32) 6364 CR (not 6627) 
2.Anslem Sidau (11.92,6.20,10.19,1.75,54.60 ; 15.82,27.43,3.00,45.34,4:53.96) 5633 (not 5833) 
3.Firdaus Mohd Fazil (11.57,5.55,8.33,1.50,54.21 ; 17.45,24.95,2.30,31.51,5:39.01)  4456 (not 4549) 
4.Lokman Yusof (12.39,5.58,8.98,1.55,56.55 ; 18.73,27.28,2.55,39.50,5:25.38) 4440 (not 4384)

4x100m (26): 1.TLDM (Navy) Team 42.21,  2.TDM (Army) Team 43.18;  -only two teams-

4x400m (29): 1.TLDM Team 3:18.78,  2.TDM Team 3:23.44,  3.TUDM (Airforce) Team 3:51.23;

100m    (29): 1.Noor Amira Mohamad Nafiah 11.72 (CR & 4th MAS All-Time),  
 2.Komalam Shally d/o Selveratnam 11.93,  3.Norshila Idris 12.93;

200m    (26): 1.Komalam Shally d/o Selveratnam 25.07,  2.Siti Zubaidah Adabi 25.71,  3.Noorshila Idris 27.27;

400m    (27): 1.Nurul Faezah Asma Mazlan  59.46,  2.Noor Haswanie Norizan 61.31,  3.Nur Hazilatulakmar Makthar 62.30;

800m    (27): 1.Gantimanthi d/o Kumarasamy 2:19.68,   2.Nik Norzulaili Nik Wil 2:44.97,  3.Nur Hazizatul Akma Mokhtar 3:33.10;

1500m  (26): 1.Gantimanthi d/o Kumarasamy 4:47.47,  2.Nik Norzulaili Nik Wil 5:46.45,  3.Norzalika Mohd Asri 5:53.60;

5000m  (29): 1.Sanggetha d/o Subramaniam 19:58.64,  2.Iza Mariyati Mohamad 19:59.97,  3.Melinder Kaur d/o Ragbir Singh 22:56.44,  4.Nurzaimah Md Hussin 23:07.83;

10000m (27): 1.Sanggetha d/o Subramaniam 45:25.73,  2.Angella Kundang 51:31.38,  3.Nurzaima Mat Hussin 53:59.69,  4.Arina Adzahar 56:18.87;

3000m St. (27): 1.Iza Mariyati Mohammad 13:19.22,  2.Angella Kundang 14:05.83,  
 3.Melinder Kaur d/o Ragbir Singh 14:48.77;

100mh  (27): 1.Raja Nursheena Raja Azhar 15.63,  2.Norazimah Ismail 16.93,  3.Siti Rahayu Nasser 16.96;

400mh  (26): 1.Noor Hazwanie Norizan 66.91,  2.Nurul Faezah Asma Mazlan 67.08,  3.Siti Rahayu Nasser 70.31;

HJ         (26): 1.Wong Boon Syian 1.60,  2.Ruba Rajatharan 1.51,  3.Siti Rahayu Nasser 1.42;

PV        (26): 1.Roslinda Samsu 2.18 (NOT 4.18!!); -solo competitior-

LJ         (27): 1.Siti Zubaidah Adabi 6.10,  2.Ng Khai Lee 5.64,  3.Zainab Mohd Ashari 4.63;

TJ         (26): 1.Noor Amira Mohamad Nafiah 13.72 (CR & 2nd MAS All-Time Rankings, only 2 cm short to NR 13.74),   2.Ng Khai Lee 10.87,  3.Norena Damneon 10.70;

SP         (27): 1.Rahilah Othman 13.21,  2.Nurul Ain Abdul Rahim 12.46,  3.Asrenny Asik 11.69;

DT        (26): 1.Yap Jeng Tzan 42.71,  2.Patria Pang Mei Chin 33.04,  3.Asrenny Asik 32.85,  4.Rahilah Othman 31.60;

HT        (26): 1.Patria Pang Mei Chin 45.56,  2.Tan Song Hwa 44.38, 3.Nurul Ain Abd Rahim 39.67;

JT         (27): 1.Syuryani Sikembar 40.87,  2.Nur Fatin Adibah Suharman 37.47,  3.Nurul Huda Mohd Akhir 33.79;

10000m W (26): 1.Norliyana Mohd Rusni 58:15.47,  2.Song Gie Chee 1:02:43.77,  3.Norazilah Othman 1:04:37.86;

20km Road Walk (July) – Held seperately, best results;  1.Norliyana Mohd Rusni 1:53:48,  
 2.Norazilah Othman 2:17:53,  3.Siti Hanisah Shabudin 2:20:19,  4.Sigw Gim Kue Hoong 2:21:36;

Hepta    (last day 27, or 29?):  -only 2 finishers- inaccurate results reported, scores after revision;
1.Kee Siew Lian (16.62,1.58,8.57,26.27 ;  5.35,26.64,3:31.36)  3761 (not 4294)
2.Noor Elia Ismail (21.25,1.35,4.80,30.53 ; 4.12,10.63,3:30.05)  1899 (not 2622);

4x100m (26): 1.TLDM Team 48.00,  2.TDM Team 52.92;

4x400m (29): ?.TLDM Team 4:24.60*,  ?.TDM Team 4:08.01*;      *exact time/position not known.
Kuala Lumpur,  6-7 October 2012  “88th Malaysia Open & National Athletics Championships 2012”
-hand-timings in several events (as noted);  wind-readings not reported in most (affacted) events;  most of the relay’s composition not known/reported;  two NRs achieved: in women’s TJ by Noor Amira Mohamad Nafiah with 13.90m (of which would ranks her on World’s Top 80 if based on 2011 World lists) & in women’s HT;  youngest competitor was Malaysia’s Grace Wong (12 years / women’s SP & DT), while oldest competitor was Singapore’s James Wong Tuck Yim (43 years / men’s DT);  an athlete (Komalam Shally, women’s 100m-200m-4x100m) won triple Gold;  following is the complete results (except two events where only best three available as noted),  complete results;

100m    (  6)/w?:  1.Mohd Noor Imran Abdul Hadi (AF) 10.61,  2.Harith Ammar Mohd Sobri (Ter/94) 10.75,  3.Kannan s/o Subramaniam (Prk) 10.78,  4.Mohd Azhar Ismail (Pah) 10.80,  5.Hisyam Alias (FT/93) 11.04,  6.Lim Yao Peng (Singapore) 11.12, 7.Muhammad Elfi Mustapa (Singapore) 12.64, DNF: Sisa Al-Youha (Kuwait);

Semis:  SF1/+1.8:   1s1 Mohd Noor Imran Abdul Hadi (AF) 10.71,  2s1 Mohd Azhar Ismail (Pah) 10.84,  3s1 Hisyam Alias (FT/93) 10.87,  4s1 Mohd Izuddin Yahaya (Per) 11.05,  5s1 Eisa Al-Youha (Kuwait) 11.08 (injured),  6s1 Muhd Putra Amin (Sab) 11.13,  7s1 Mohammad Daniel Mokhtar (Sel/94) 11.32;    

SF2/+0.6:  1s2 Ambrose Jilom (Sar) 10.90,  2s2 Mohd Fahmi Sarkinin (AF) 10.93,  3s2 Khairul Azraf Amran (Pah/93) 11.04,  4s2 Sebastian Lee Azcona (Sab/93) 11.06,  5s2 Lim Yao Peng (Singapore) 11.17,  6s2 Mohd Helmi Ahmad (Ked) 11.19,  DNS: Mohd Shahmimi Azmi (Nse);   

SF3/+0.6: 1s3 Harith Ammar Mohd Sobri (Ter/94) 10.82,  2s3 Muhammad Elfi Mustapa (Singapore) 10.91,  3s3 Jad Adrian Washif (Sel) 11.09,     4s3 Muhd Syukur Md Jani (Mal/96) 11.40,  5s3 Mhd Latif Nyat 11.40,  6s3 Ahmad Nurzhariff Aziz (Pen) 12.06;   

SF4/+1.7: 1s4 Kannan s/o Subramaniam (Prk) 10.70,  2s4 Jesley Justine (Sab) 11.07,  3s4 Mohamad Asri Nizam (Ter/96) 11.82;

200m    (  7)/w?:  1.Mohd Noor Imran Abdul Hadi (AF) 21.69,  2.Hisyam Alias (FT) 22.00,  3.Muhammad Azam Masri (Mal/96) 22.56,  4.Muhd Putra Amin (Sab) 22.59,  5.Parthiban s/o Murugiah (AF) 22.93,  DNS:  Khairul Azraf Amran (Pah),  Kannan s/o Subramaniam (Prk),  Mohd Azhar Ismail (Pah);

Semis:  SF1/+0.5: 1s1 Kannan s/o Subramaniam (Prk) 22.12,  2s2 Hisyam Alias (FT) 22.38,  3s2 Muhammad Azam Masri (Mal/96) 22.48,  4s2 Parthiban s/o Murugiah (AF) 22.90,  5s2 Khairul Azraf Amran (Pah/93) 22.99,   DNS: Abdul Aziz Al-Mandeel (Kuwait), Sebastian Lee Azcona (Sab), Ambrose Jilom (Sar);

SF2/+0.4:  1s2 Mohd Noor Imran Abdul Hadi (AF) 22.85,  2s2 Mohd Azhar Ismail (Pah) 22.99,  3s2 Muhd Putra Amin (Sab) 23.10,  4s2 Chew Wei Hao (Sel/95) 23.41,  5s2 Naharul Amri Johar (Pen) 25.87,  DNS: Eisa Al-Youha (Kuwait), Mohd Amir Fikri Ismail (Kel), Naharuk Amri Johar (Per);

400m    (  6): 1.Yuvaaraj s/o Panerselvam (AF) 48.3,  2.Anchois Aron (Sab/93) 48.8,  3.Muhammad Azam Masri (Mal/96) 50.0,  4.Wong Chia Jie (Sel/95) 50.0,  5.Mohd Firdaus Kimleh (Sab/95) 50.1,  6.Mohd Arif Mohd Yatim (Prk) 53.00,  DNF: Muhammad Idris Zakaria (Ter),  DNS: Kwong Kar Jun (FT);

Semis:  SF1: 1s2 Anchois Aron (Sab/93) 51.00,  2s1 Watson Gumba Grispin (FT) 51.63,  3s1 Tan Jui Hong (Sel) 52.74,  4s1 Kannathasan s/o Subramaniam (AF) 54.14,   DNF: Mohd Khairul Izuddin (Per);   

SF2:  1s2 Yuvaraj s/o Pannerselvam (AF) 49.72,  2s2 Muhammad Azam Masri (Mal/96) 50.31,  3s2 Wong Chia Jie (Sel/95) 50.63,  4s2 Mohd Firdaus Kimleh (Sab/95) 51.13,  5s2 Muhammad Idris Zakaria (Ter) 51.49,   6s2 Mohd Arif Mohd Yatim (Prk) 51.50,  7s2 Kwong Kar Jun (FT/95) 51.61,   DNS: Mohd Arif Yatim (Per);  

800m    (  6): 1.Mohd Jironi Riduan (Sar) 1:51.81,  2.Vadivellan s/o Mahendran (AF) 1:52.78,  3.Tseng Chiu Chin (Tpe) 1:53.56,  4.Tan Wei Heng (Ked/94) 1:53.91,  5.Kesavan s/o Maniam (Prk/93) 1:53.93,  6.Omer Al-Reshidi (Kuwait) 1:54.43,  7.Nik Hafiz Nik Mohamad (AF) 1:57.56,  8.Lin Shih-Siou (Chinese Taipei) 2:04.97;

Semis: SF1: 1s1 Omer Al-Reshidi (Kuwait) 1:56.58,  2s1 Mohd Jironi Riduan (Sar) 1:57.04, 3s1 Lin Shih-Siou (Chinse Taipei) 1:57.36,  4s1 Nik Hafiz Nik Mohamad (AF) 1:57.43,  5s1 Kesavan s/o Maniam (Prk) 1:58.90,  6s1 Mohamad Helmi Azri Suhaimi (Ter) 1:59.91,  7s1 Soh Sin Siang (Sel) 2:00.10,  8s1 Siveshankaran s/o Sevaperagam (Nse/93) 2:06.62;  

SF2: 1s2 Vadivelan s/o Mahendran (AF) 1:56.70,  2s2 Tseng Chiu-Chin (Chinese Taipei) 1:57.09,  3s2 Tan Wei Heng (Ked/94) 1:57.43,  4s2 Saarvin s/o Chinethamby (Pen/93) 2:00.85,  5s2 Mohd Nizamuddin Alias (Ter/93) 2:03.00,  6s2 S.Kathiresan (Pah/94?) 2:08.13,  7s2 Thavaneshan s/o Marimutu (Mal/94) 2:11.91,  DNS: Navin Kumar s/o Sivakumar (Sel);

1500m  (  7):  1.Mohd Jironi Riduan (Sar) 4:00.30,  2.Tseng Chiu-Chin (Chinese Taipei) 4:01.50,  3.Soh Hua Qun (Singapore) 4:03.57,  4.Tan Wei Heng (Ked/94) 4:04.43,  5.Lai Meng-Hsin (Chinese Taipei) 4:08.30,  6.Nik Hafiz Nik Mohamad (AF) 4:09.67,  7.Mohamad Helmi Azri Suhaimi (Ter) 4:16.06,  8.Mohd Nizamuddin Alias (Ter/93) 4:26.52, DNS: Omer Al-Reshidi (Kuwait), Thavaneshan Marimuthu (Mal), Kesavan s/o Maniam (Prk), C.Saarvin (Pen), Vadivellan s/o Mahendran (AF);

5000m  (  6): 1.Li Han-Hsuan (Chinese Taipei) 15:33.90,  2.Venugopal s/o Rajendran (FT) 15:58.01,  3.Ruburn Kummar s/o Ramasamy (Prk) 16:03.22,  4.Rosnizam Rosli (AF) 16:03.98,  5.Nik Fakaruddin Ismail (AF) 16:06.78,  6.Shahruddin Hashim (FT) 16:35.40,  7.Vasanthan s/o Balakrishnan (Joh/96) 17:21.44,  8.Jonical Mengo (Sar/93) 17:46.43;

10000m (  7):  1.Venugopal s/o Rajendran (FT) 33:19.87,  2.Nik Fakaruddin Ismail (AF) 33:58.30,  3.Sivamanogaran s/o Sivalingam (AF) 34:29.07,  4.Hsu Yu-Chin (Chinese Taipei) 34:51.66,  DNF: Kaveenderan Wasu (Sel),  DNS: Ruburn Kummar s/o Ramasamy (AF), Shahruddin Hashim (FT);

3000m St. (  7):  1.Ahmad Luth Hamizan (Nse) 9:30.99,  2.Karthik s/o Jayaraman (AF) 9:32.42,  3.Janathanan s/o Panerselvam (AF) 9:48.84,  4.Mohd Affendi Nudin (AF) 10:10.80,  5.Jonical Mengo (Sar/93) 10:50.30,  DNS:  Samsu Rudi (Sel), Amirul Hakim Johari (Sel), Thavaneshan s/o Marimutu (Mal);

110m H /w? (  6): 1.Abdul Aziz Al-Mandeel (Kuwait) 14.09,  2.Mohamad Rohaizad Jamil (AF) 14.40,  3.Ajmal Aiman Mat Hassan (Ter/93) 14.60,  4.Chan Chun Wang (Hong Kong) 14.65,  5.Sia Joo Yao (Sel/93) 15.79,  6.Mohamad Asri Nizam Abdullah (Ter/96) 15.92,  DNF: Mohd Robani Hassan (FT),  DQ: Mohammad Athari Azman (Mal);

400m H (  7):  1.Fawaz Al-Shammari (Kuwait) 50.97,  2.Firdaus Mazalan (AF/92) 53.17,  3.Jasem Al-Mas (Kuwait) 54.06,  4.Mohd Baihaqi Razlan (AF/93) 55.37,  5.Mohd Idzham Mohd Mahzan (Pah) 55.44,  6.Fung Kin Lok (Hong Kong) 56.16;

HJ        (  6): 1.Navinraj s/o Subramaniam (Joh/93) 2.15,  2.Kavee Alagan s/o Anpalagan (AF) 2.10,  3=.Nauraj Singh s/o Randhawa 2.05,  3=.Mohd Azly Ghazali (Sel/95) 2.05, 5.Ang Bin Lun (Sel) 1.80;

PV        (  6): 1.Fahad Al-Mershad (Kuwait) 4.80,  2.Iskandar Alwi (Joh/94) 4.70,  3.Saleh Al-Shemali (Kuwait) 4.50,  4.Mohd Fahme Zamzam (FT/93) 4.50,  5.Muhammad Iqbal Hakim (Joh) 4.00,  NH: Mohd Faizul Mohd Lazim (Prk);

LJ        (  6): 1.Chan Ming Tai (Hong Kong) 7.12,  2.Josbert Tinus (AF) 6.97,  3.Mohd Faizal Mustafa (AF) 6.84,  4.Jonathan Larus (Sab/93) 6.82,  5.Pang Li Chong (Prk) 6.82,  6.Camillus David (FT) 6.59,  7.Mohd Saifuddin Ishak (AWD/Sel) 6.47,  8.Tong Chin Mo (Mal) 6.35,   NM or DNS:  Mohammad Athari Azman (Mal), Muhammad Syazwan Irfan (Pah), Mohd Muslim Nazari  (AF), Lokman Nulhakim (Kel), Ambrose Jilom (Sar) Oliver Noor (FT);

TJ        (  7):  1.Abdullah Al-Youha (Kuwait) 15.13,  2.Talal Salem (Kuwait) 14.81,  3.Mohd Syazwan Zakaria (Joh/94) 14.28,  4.Chan Ming Tai (Hong Kong),  DNS & NM:  Lokman Nukhaki (Kel),  Mohd El Said (Mal),  Mohd Saifuddin Ishak (Sel), Oliver Noor (FT), Mohd Ammar Fitri Zainol FT);

SP        (  7):  1.Ahmad Gholoum (Kuwait) 18.23,  2.Chatchawal Polyiam (Thailand) 16.24,  3.Adi Alifuddin Hussin (AF) 16.18,  4.Mohd Hafiz Hashim (AF) 14.24,  5.Mohd Ziyad Zolkefli (AWD/Sel) 14.15,  6.Mohammad Alif Hanif Affindi (Ter) 13.89,  7.Ammar Ramadzan (Prk) 13.09,  8.Shahrin Selamat (Sel) 12.71;

DT        (  6): 1.Narong Benjaroon (Thailand) 50.77,  2.James Wong Tuck Yim (Singapore) 48.70,  3.Muhammad Irfan Shamsuddin (Nse/95) 44.97,  4.Mohd Hafiz Hashim (AF) 41.74,  5.Mohd Shahril Firdaus (AF) 36.39,  6.Tang Zhi Min (FT/95) 34.29,  7.Muhd Syafiq Abd Razak (Mal/95) 30.84,  8.Tan Lit Wern (Mal) 27.20;

HT        (  7):  1.Tseng Hao-Chang (Chinese Taipei) 58.27,  2.Jackie Wong Siew Cheer (Sar) 54.93,  3.Mohd Nizam Zuki (AF) 45.35,  4.Azman Mohamad (AF) 43.70,  5.Ng Chee Chew (Prk) 41.33;

JT        (  6): 1.Mohamad Ali Hamid (Joh) 57.50,  2.Akmal Md Zain (Ked/94) 56.91,  3.Firdaus Jalak (Sar) 56.22,  4.Rozaini Subki (AF) 54.39,  5.Choi Jian Fai (FT/jr) 49.49,  6.Korea Bal (Sel) 46.50,  7.Lee Boon Fei (Sel/96) 43.42,  8.Sia Joo Yao (Sel/93) 34.83,  NM:  Bakri Hamid (AF),  Abdullah Alameeri (Kuwait);

20km W (  6): 1.Ummasuthan s/o Ganeson (AF) 1:38:22,  2.Mohd Khairil Harith Harun (Kel) 1:39:11,  3.Satiyaseelan s/o Mahalingam (Pen) 1:45:18,  4.Mohd Rahman Abu Bakar (AF) 1:46:07,  5.Muhd Syahmi Mohd Syukri (Prk/94) 1:47:39,  6.Mohd Afiq Firdaus Kamaruzaman (Kel/96) 1:49:00,  7.Mohd Shamrin Mohd Aris (Prk/94) 1:49:49,  8.Anipoobarathi s/o Baratithasan (Nse) 1:52:28, 

4x100m (  6): 1.Singapore National Team (M.Amirudin Jamal, G.Yeo Foo Ee, Lee Cheng Wei, M.Elfi Mustapha) 40.30,  2.Sabah Team 41.71,  3.Armed Forces Team (M.Rohaizad Jamil, M.Fahmi Sarkinin, Harmizi Arobi, Faizal Mustafa) 41.97,  4.Terengganu Team 42.45,  5.Pahang Team 42.61,  6.Malacca Team 44.06,   DNS: NSE & FT;

4x400m (  7):  1.Armed Forces Team (Harmizi Arobi, P.Murugiah, Ananth Poobathy, P.Yuvaaraj) 3:16.83,  2.Perak Team 3:20.27,  3.Sabah Team 3:21.98;

100m    (  6) /-0.9:  1.Komalam Shally d/o Selveratnam (AF) 12.08,  2.Mayam Toosi (Iran) 12.08,  3.Farzane Fasihi (Iran) 12.27,  4.Zaiudatul Husnia Zulkifli (Pen/93) 12.35,  5.Lan On Ki (Hong Kong) 12.40,  6.Siti Zubaidah Adabi (AF) 12.41,  7.Nurul Azrin Azli (Mal/96) 13.40,  DQ: Wendy Enn (Singapore);

Semis:  SF1/+0.4:  1s1 Farzane Fasihi (Iran) 12.3,  2s1 Siti Zubaidah Adabi (AF) 12.5,  3s1 Wendy Enn (Singapore) 12.7,  4s1 Nurul Azrin Azli (Mal) 13.1,  5s1 Nur Amalina Tugimin (FT/95),  6s1 Naandant d/o Ramesh (Nse) 13.5,  7s1 Lye Wei Wan (Sel) 13.7;  

SF2/+0.8:  1s1 Komalam Shally d/o Selveratnam 11.8,  2s2 Maryam Toosi (Iran) 11.9,  3s2 Zaidatul Husnia Zulkifli (Pen/93) 12.0,  4s2 Lan On Ki (Hong Kong) 12.3,  5s2 Nur Amanina Tugimin (FT/95) 12.9,  6s2 Shantiny (Sel) 13.3;

200m    (  7)/w?:  1.Komalam Shally d/o Selveratnam (AF) 24.71,  2.Maryam Toosi (Iran) 24.78,  3.Farzane Fasihi (Iran) 25.53,  4.Kotchakorn Khamrueang (Thailand) 26.31,  5.Fatin Faqihah Muhd Yusuf (Sab/96) 26.92,  6.Herma Nurul Ain (Ter/94) 27.68,  7.Nur Amalina Tugimin (FT/95) 28.49,  8.Siti Nadiah Mohd Isa (Sel) 30.00;

400m    (  6): 1.Nurul Faezah Asma (AF) 58.18,  2.Wendy Enn (Singapore/94) 59.17,  3.Chau Yan Ching (Hong Kong) 59.32,  4.Bita Haji (Iran) 60.73,  5.Nur Hazilatul Akma (AF) 62.08,  6.Kalaiyarasi Arujunan (Sel) 62.36,  7.Siti Nursyafiqah Malimar (Sab/94) 64.07,  DNS: Nurul Assikin Mohd Rasid (Joh);

Semis: SF1:  1s1 Wendy Enn (Singapore/94) 59.14,  2s1 Nurul Assikin Mohd Rasid (Joh) 60.63,  3s1 Nur Hazilatul Akma (AF) 61.74,  4s1 Siti Nursyafiqah Malimar (Sab/94) 63.85,  5s1 B.Vinashini (Pah) 68.72; 

SF2:  1s2 Bita Haji (Iran) 59.61,  2s2 Nurul Faezah Asma (AF) 59.65,  3s2 Chau Yan Ching (Hong Kong) 60.32,  4s2 Kalaiyarasi Arjunan (Sel) 63.39,  5s2 Nurshimah Chong (Sab/96) 65.57,  DNF: Fazila Umirah Mazalan (Ter);

800m    (  6): 1.Gantimanthi d/o Kumarasamy (AF) 2:14.48,  2.Faradilah Raznie (Sar/96) 2:20.01,  3.Noor Amelia Musa (FT) 2:20.85,  4.Fahime Kaihor (Iran) 2:25.04,  5.Jocelyn Samson Vallabouy (Prk/96) 2:26.68, 6.Saidatul Izatti Suhaimi (Prk/96) 2:46.91, 7.Chan Yi Jing (Joh/98) 2:48.56, DNF: Bita Haji (Iran);

1500m  (  7):  1.Gantimanthi d/o Kumarasamy (AF) 4:40.76,  2.Noor Amelia Musa (FT) 4:50.08,  3.Fahime Kaihor (Iran) 4:56.24,  4.Faradilah Raznie (Sar/96) 5:12.74,  5.Look Xin Qi (Singapore) 5:22.36, DNF: Bita Haji (Iran), Leila Ebrahimy Mojavery (Iran);

5000m  (  6): 1.Noor Amelia Musa (FT) 18:56.67,  2.Nur Aisyah Ahmat (Sar/94) 19:08.07,  3.Iza Maryati Mohamad (AF) 20:04.50,  5.Nurhazimah Idris (Pen) 20:57.93,  6.Sasikala d/o Ramesh (Sel/94) 24:38.93,  DNF: Sangeetha d/o Subramaniam (AF), Leila Ebrahimy Mojavery (Iran) & A.Previna (Pah);

3000m St. (  7):  1.Nur Aisyah Ahmat (Sar/94) 12:12.80,  2.Iza Maryati (AF) 12:38.75,  3.Lung Kye Chin (FT/94) 14:13.09,  DNS: Jamuna d/o Murugiah (Per), Sri Suganyaa (Sel);

100m H (  6)/w?: 1.Raja Nursheena Raja Azhar (AF) 14.59,  2.Sepideh Tavakolinik (Iran) 15.13,  3.Nur Syafiqah Anis Abu Bakar (Joh/96) 15.44,  4.Aini Nurazira Mohd Ali (Joh/3) 15.48,  5.Leong Ann Gie (Sel/94) 15.65,  6.Nur Amanina Tugimin (FT/95) 16.47,  7.Elnaz Kompani (Iran) 17.35,   DNS:  Mahiaga Khan Bashi (Iran);

Semis: SF1/w?: 1s1 Raja Nursheena Raja Azhar (AF) 14.51,  2s1 Nur Syafiqah Anis Abu Bakar (Joh/96) 15.21,  3s1 Nur Amanina Tugimin (FT/95) 15.30, 4s1 Mahiaga Khan Bashi (Iran) 17.89,  DNS: Vaneysia Ulau (Sar);

SF2/w?:  1s2 Sepideh Tavakolinik (Iran)  15.11,  2s2 Aini Nurazira Mohd Ali (Joh/93) 15.33,  3s2 Leong Ann Gie (Sel/94) 15.44,  4s2 Elnaz Kompani (Iran) 17.10,  DQ: Ku Munirah Ku Zamzuri (Mal);

400m H (  7):  1.Noor Hazwanie Norizan (AF) 64.94,  2.Leong Ann Gie (Sel/94) 66.35,  3.Mahiaga Khan B. (Iran) 67.56,  4.Farinah Basirin (Sab/95) 69.08;

HJ        (  6): 1.Kotchakorn Khamrueangsri (Thailand) 1.75,  2.Sepideh Tavakolinik (Iran) 1.70,  3.Yap Sean Yee (FT/95) 1.70,  4.Wong Boon Syian 1.65,  5.Shandiayani d/o Mahendran (Sel/94) 1.60,  6.Nurul Falena Gunasekara (Sel/95) 1.50,  7.Nurul Amira Bahauddin (Sel/??) 1.40,  8.Ruba Rajathran (AF) 1.40;

PV        (  7):  1=.Chuah Yu Tian (Prk/93) 3.20,  1=.Valerie Tan Ee Leen (Mal/95) 32.20,  3.Nur Nadira Natalia Mohd Manshahar (Sel/93) 2.80;

LJ        (  7):  1.Siti Zubaidah Adabi (AF) 6.02,  2.Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah (AF) 5.95,  3.Kee Siew Lian (Sar) 5.54,  4.Ng Khai Lee (AF) 5.47,  5.Merry Gabali (Sab) 4.95,  6.Elnaz Kompani (Iran) 4.57;

TJ        (  6): 1.Noor Amira Mohamad Nafiah (AF) 13.90/+0.1  CR & National Record  (Foul; 13.68/-0.1; 13.44/-0.5; 13.90/+0.1),  2.Kee Siew Lian (Sar) 11.83/0.0,  3.Merry Gabali (Sab) 11.29/-0.7;

SP        (  6): 1.Wan Lai Chi (Singapore) 13.51,  2.Rahilah Othman (AF) 13.19,  3.Siti Nur Ain Abdul Hamid (AF) 12.56,  4.Casier Renee Kelly Lee (Sar/93) 11.58,  5.Ho Yin Chiu (Hong Kong) 11.48,  6.Grace Wong (Sar/00) 10.90,  7.Nur Sayidah Ramli (Sel) 10.27,  8.Suhana Ramlan (AWD/Sel) 10.06;

DT        (  7):  1.Wan Lai Chi (Singapore) 47.89,  2.Yap Jeng Tzan (AF) 42.90,  3.Choo Kang Ni (Joh/94) 38.41,  4.Loo Li Jun (Sar/95) 34.72,  5.Nur Amalina Ibrahim (Mal/96) 30.84,  6.Grace Wong (Sar/00) 29.71,  7.Nur Syafiqah Amirah (FT/97) 23.28;

HT        (  6): 1.Chen Yu-Ting (Chinese Taipei) 48.38,  2.Casier Renee Kelly Lee (Sar/93) 46.34,  3.Patria Pang (AF) 43.97,  4.Parinaz Ebrahimi Ghasour (Iran) 42.10 National Record,  5.Noor Aida Shuhada Nordin (Nse/93) 40.88,  6.Tiong Mee Yin (Sar/94) 36.95,  7.Grace Wong (Sar/00) 35.77,  NM: Tan Ling Hwa (AF);

JT        (  7):  1.Chang Ya-Ching (Chinese Taipei) 47.14,  2.Syuryani Sikembar (AF) 42.75,  3.Siti Nur Nadiah Osman (Joh/93) 39.42,  4.Nor Fatin Adibah Suharman (AF) 39.09,  5.Nur Aqilah Amran (Prk/96) 34.15,  6.Fatin Nurshahiera Che Rahim (FT/97) 25.31;

20km W (  6): 1.Norliyana Mohd Rusni (AF) 2:03:54,  2.Loh Chooi Fern (Sel) 2:06:30,  3.Song Gie Chee (AF) 2:21:00,  4.Norazilah Osman (AF) 2:24:38;

4x100m (  6): 1.Armed Forces Team (Raja Nursheena R.Azhar, S.Komalam Shally, Norshila Idris, Siti Zubaidah Adabi) 48.18,   2.Iran (IRI) Team 49.85,  3.Sabah Team 50.83;

4x400m (  7):  1.Armed Forces Team (Norhazwanie Norizan, Nurul Faezah Asma, Nur Hazilatul Akma, K.Gantimanthi) 4:02.39,    2.Iran (IRI) Team 4:11.11,  3.Sabah Team 4:15.15;


Armed Forces (MAS)                 17         12         10         =          39
Kuwait (KUW)                            5          1          2          =          8
Chinese Taipei (TPE)                 4          1          1          =          6
Sarawak (MAS)                         3          5          2          =          10
Singapore (SIN)                         3          2          1          =          6
Federal Territory (MAS)              2          3          3          =          8
Johor (MAS)                             2          1          5          =          8
Thailand (THA)                           2          1          0          =          3
Perak (MAS)                             1          1          2          =          4
Malacca (MAS)                          1          0          2          =          3
Negeri Sembilan (MAS)              1          0          1          =          2
Hong Kong (HKG)                     1          0          1          =          2
Iran (IRI)                                    0          6          4          =          10
Other teams (MAS);  Sabah (0+2+4=6), Selangor (0+2+1=3), Terengganu (0+1+1=2), Kedah (0+1+0=1), Kelantan (0+1+0=1), Penang (0+0+1=1), Pahang (0+0+0=0), Perlis (0+0+0=0)

Ipoh,  7 October 2012  “KRI Annual Road Race 2012”
-all Malaysians except as noted,  best results as follows;

10KM / open:  1.Ruburn Kummar s/o Ramasamy 34:26;

21KM / open:  1.Charles Kipkorir Kipsang (KEN) 1:15:57,  2.Richard Habeya 1:19:43,  3.Ow Yong Jin Kuang 1:20:12,  4.Khir Salleh 1:20:25 (1st veteran),  5.Chaless Sivasanngaran 1:22:40;

10KM / open:  1.Cheah Meei Meei 46:43,  2.Karen Geh Cheng Hoon 47:39,  3.Sin Pei Chan 48:27;
Veteran:  1.Ching Nyat Yee 48:19,  2.Ch’ng Lay Khim 49:33,  3.Heong Yoke Chun 49:46;
Senior Veteran: 1.Lai Yook Ching 47:53;

21KM / Veteran:  1.Ewe Bee Hong 1:45:37;

Kuala Lumpur,  13 October 2012  “Nike Kuala Lumpur 10km Run”
-more than 9,000 runners took part in these annual 10km races (9.9km as reported by two sources), prize money for first three winners (all categories); RM 1000-750-500 (+many additions/bouchers), all runners from Malaysia except as noted, best results as follows;

Open:  1.Mohd Shahruddin Hashim 34:15:05,  2.Jean-Pierre Lautredoux (France) 34:33.79,  3.Arul Thevar s/o Muniandy 35:18.06; 

Under 25:  1.Karthik s/o Jayamaran 34:04.63,  2.Ahmad Luth Hamizan 34:11.04;

Open:  1.Sheela d/o Samivellu 39:28.05,  2.Jessica Tang Mei Lee 45:12.80,  3.Letchumi d/o Sinadurai 47:44.04;

Under 25:  1.Keren Wee Qiao Jia 47:27.38,  2.Yip Mei Yee 49:48.13,  3.Shamala Jeane d/o Chandran (93) 50:43.12;

Ranau,  14 October 2012,   “26th Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon 2012”
-skyrunning = mountain running,  over 600 runners participated in the annual event which as part of Skyrunner World series - World’s major event organized by International Skyrunning Federation, held at Kinabalu National Park in Ranau Sabah,  prize money as stated (total RM 88k),  top results as follows;

Open,  (1-20 in RM): 8k-6k-5k-3k-2k-1k-900-800-700-600;  (11-20 in RM): 300 each;
1.Kilian Jornet (ESP) 2:11:45,  2.Aite Tamang (NEP) 2:13:11,  3.Miyahara Toru (JPN) 2:15:14, 4.Tom Owens (GBR) 2:16:07,  5.Luis Alberto Hernando Alzaga (ESP) 2:17:25,  6.Hom Lal Shrestha (NEP) 2:20:43,  7.Mohammed Temam Husien (ETH) 2:22:16,  8.Dani Tristany Cara (ESP) 2:23:09,  9.Eric Diaz (ESP) 2:25:03,  10.Matsumoto Dai (JPN) 2:26:52,  11.Kondo Yoshito (JPN) 2:30:55,  12.Fabian Osmond Daimon (MAS) 2:32:12,  13.Safrey Sumping (MAS) 2:34:17,  14.Daved Simpat (MAS) 2:35:56,  15.Josiah Ballagan (PHI) 2:38:23,  16.Ruston Masri 2:39:25,  17.Misaizu Osamu (JPN) 2:40:47,  18.Zachary Thomas (USA) 2:41.17,  19.Negash Beyene Mogese (ETH) 2:42:20,  20.Safree Sabdin (MAS) 2:44:09;

Veteran,  (1-20 in RM):  4k-3k-2k-1k-900-800-700-600-500-400;
1.Guinus Salagan (MAS) 2:40:19,  2.Yusof Sumbad (MAS) 2:40:43,  3.Madamin Ghun (MAS) 2:55:02,  4.Setibin Kelaward (MAS) 2:55:32,  5.Mius Belinting (MAS) 2:56:45,  6.Suhaipin Surin (MAS) 3:02:53,  7.Muto Naoichiro (JPN) 3:03:37,  8.Painol Saliun (MAS) 3:04:06,  9.Sarun Sadi (MAS) 3:04:39,  10.Jennius Lambayad (MAS) 3:04:43;

Open,  (1-20 in RM): 8k-6k-5k-3k-2k-1k-900-800-700-600;  (11-20 in RM): 300 each;
1.Emelie Forsberg (SWE) 2:38:35,  2.Maria Blanca Serrano (ESP) 2:40:04,  3.Nuria Picas Albets (ESP) 2:43:50,  4.Nuria Dominiguez (ESP) 2:52:25,  5.Silvia Serafini (ITA) 2:53:47,  6.Santayeu Geachew Gebremedhin (ETH) 3:00:14,  7.Danny Kuilin Gongot (MAS) 3:17:03,  8.Meseret Ali Basa (ETH) 3:23:00,  9.Ahineh Dainin (MAS) 3:30.39,  10.Muidah Bolinting (MAS) 3:34:13,  11.Olga Risbourg (FRA) 4:02:29,  12.Legrain Fleur Comelie Graciette (FRA) 4:08:14,  13.Amelia Monica Uhen (MAS) 4:24:50,  14.Judy Liew Ye Ling (MAS) 4:41:22,  15.Sabina Sani (MAS) 4:46:10;

Veteran,  (1-20 in RM):  4k-3k-2k-1k-900-800-700-600-500-400;
1.Deborah Chinn (MAS) 3:30:26,  2.Kona Lydia Liau A Ken (MAS) 3:35:30,  3.Somilin Longik (MAS) 3:50:27,  4.Yeung Mei Lun Melissa (MAS) 4:04:10,  5.Marcela Helena Linares Cepeda (COL) 4:13:58,  6.Merlita Arias Dunkin (MAS) 4:24:22,  7.Saniai Longkis (MAS) 2:25:57,  8.Dasidah Satin (MAS) 4:35:30,  9.Lee Len Tai (MAS) 4:37:25,  10.Poon Kwan Hee (MAS) 4:37:25;

Further remarks and statistical facts;
-NEW course/route introduced in this edition, covers the distance of 23km, including to ‘layang-layang’ which is at 2,760m altitude as the highest point;
-IN the past 25 years (1987-2011), the Climbathon course included 4,095m summit and covered 21km distance, but ended last year to make a way for this new course = ‘adventure trail’ (although most runners expressed dissatisfaction to this new route, because... 1) did not reach summit,  2.too technical and not very challenging !! ... according to top runners;
-FOR 10th consecutive year, these climbathon has been part of the World Skyrunner Series MAIN RACES (out of only five selected venues/races in the World this year);
-IS the final race of the “World Skyrunner Series (main races)”, the 1st four races held in ESP, ITA, SWI, and USA;
-KILLIAN Jornet became the champion of Skyrunner World series for the 4th time following the win here (which is his 3rd consecutive win), while Emelie Forsberg won Skyrunner World series for the 1st time;
-RACE first held in 1987 with a goal of "train people to fast rescue" because helicopter “could not operate” during bad weather;
-RACE director of the event- Datuk Balwant Singh Kler, who is an ATFS statistician, and was the official statistician for the Asian AA (before Heinrich Hubbeling);
-GUAINUS Salagan of Sabah (MAS) won his 10th title of Mt Kinabalu Climbathon; winning Malaysian Category in 1988, 1989 & 1990;  then he won Open Category in 1994, 1995, & 1996;  then Veteran Category in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012 (finished 3rd in 2011 hampered by injury);


Singapore,  22 April 2012  “Run-350”
-best results by Malaysian runners;

MEN / 10km:  1.Lim Kien Mau 34:40
21km:  2.Foo Gen Lin 1:16:52

WOMEN / 10km:  2.Michele Tan Bee Kiang 42:24

Acknowledgments to;
Mr V.Govindasamy & Mr Simon Lau (Penang), Mr Nordin Jadi (NJAC), Mr Bala Murugan (AF), Mr Heinrich Hubbeling (IAAF/AAA);  with advises and helps also from Mr Loong Teck Chew (Seremban/MAS) & Mr Enn Endjarv (Estonia);

It was sad to learn that a former national Javelin Throw champion, Peter Agan Lugun (b. 2 February 1985) is passed away. He was involved in a high-speed car accident driven by himself which went out of control on June 01, 2012, around 3.00am in Sarawak. Peter has a Javelin Throw record of 65.45m which he set in 2009 ‘Mini-Olimpik’ in Kuala Lumpur. The record is 3rd best on Malaysian All-Time Rankings. He won the 2006 SUKMA at Alor Star after throwing a distance of 60.25m, and retained his title in 2008 edition at Kuala Terengganu in 61.51m.



100m 9.91 Su Bingtian CHN, Madrid
200m 20.16 Xie Zhenye CHN, Osaka
400m 44.07 Abdalelah Haroun QAT, London
800m 1:45.65 Jinson Johnson IND, Guwahati
1500m 3:34.55 Sadik Mikhou BRN, Paris
5000m 13:01.09 Birhanu Yemataw BRN, Lausanne
10000m 27:38.16 Hassan Chani BRN, Maia
Mar 2:06.11 Yuta Shitara JPN, Tokyo
3000 Sc 8:22.00 Kosei Yamaguchi JPN, Abashiri
110mh 13.36 Ahmad Al-Mouaed KSA, Praha
400mh 46.98 Abderrahman Samba QAT, Paris
HJ 2.40 Mutaz Barshim QAT, Doha
PV 5.71 Xue Changrui CHN, Shanghai
LJ 8.47A Wang Jianan CHN, Guiyang
TJ 17.22 Dong Bin CHN, Eugene OR
SP 20.24 Tejinder Singh IND, Patiala
DT 68.85 Ehsan Hadidi IRI, Chula Vista CA
HT 78.18 Dilshod Nazarov TJK, Chorzow
JT 87.43 Neeraj Chopra IND, Doha
Dec 7948 Keisuke Ushiro JPN, Gotzis
20kmW 1:17:26 Eiki Takahashi JPN, Kobe
50kmW 3:44:25 Hiroki Arai JPN, Taichang
4x100m 37.85 Japan Team JPN, Osaka
4x400m 3:04.05 India Team IND, Gold Coast
RED = World Leader




100m 10.99 Wei Yongli CHN, Resisprint
200m 22.73 Viktoriya Zyabkina KAZ, Almaty
400m 49.08 Salwa Eid Naser BRN, Monaco
800m 2:02.23 Manal Bahraoui BRN, Duffel
1500m 4:11.55 P.U Chitra IND, Guwahati
5000m 15:10.91 Rina Nabeshima JPN, Eugene OR
10000m 31:52.42 Mizuki Matsuda JPN, Yamaguchi
Mar 2:22.44 Mizuki Matsuda JPN, Osaka
3000 Sc 9:10.74 Winfred Yavi BRN, Monaco
100mh 13.08 Wu Shuijiao CHN, Shanghai
400mh 55.54 Aminat Odeyemi BRN, Goleniow
HJ 1.91 Nadzehda Dusanova UZB, Tashkent
PV 4.60 Li Ling CHN, London
LJ 6.64A Xu Xiaoling CHN, Guiyang
TJ 14.25 Olga Rypakova KAZ, Paris
SP 20.38A Gong Lijiao CHN, Guiyang
DT 67.03 Chen Yang CHN, Osterode
HT 75.02 Luo Na CHN, Halle
JT 67.69 Lu Huihui CHN, Halle
Hep 5898 Purnima Hembram IND, Guwahati
20kmW 1:26:28 Qieyang Shenjie CHN, La Coruna



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