Former Indonesian sprinter Yudi Purnomo dies at 58

>> February 16, 2019

Indonesia's former top sprinter Yudi Purnomo died on Friday (15 February 2019) after a 4-year battle with cancer (lymphoma).

Born in 1961, Purnomo competed in the 1984 Olympics and had won numerous medals in Asian-level competitions.

During the 1984 Olympics at Los Angeles, he advanced into the quarterfinals of the 100m after finishing in second during the second heat of round one in a time of 10.40s. In this race, he was behind the defending champion Allan Wells of Great Britain who recorded 10.32.

Later in the afternoon heat four of the quarterfinals, he finished in 3rd position behind Jamaica's Raymond Stewart (10.30) and Allan Wells (10.33) but was well ahead of Spain's Jose Javier Arques (10.52) to enter the semifinal round comfortably.

In semifinals, he clocked a time of 10.51s (+0.7) to finish in the eighth position of his first heat race and was eliminated; only top four of each semifinal heat would be qualified into the finals.

Men's 100m semifinal 1 at the 1984 Olympic Games at Los Angeles

The race was won by Jamaica's Raymond Stewart (10.26). Ironically, heat 2 race was 'against headwinds' and apparently not quicker as the last qualifier Tony Sharpe of Canada at 4th place had a time of 10.52 (-1.5), which was one hundred of a second slower than Purnomo's. Carl Lewis won the heat 2 race in 10.14 who then took the victory in the finals in 9.99s.

During the 200m, he ended in 5th position during the quarterfinals in a new national record of 20.93s (-0.5) behind the likes of Carl Lewis (20.48), Stefano Tilli and Atlee Mahorn. He came third (21.01) earlier during the heat 9 of round one.

His first well-known international medals for Indonesia came from the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in 1983 at Singapore when he won 3 silver medals, the 100m (10.62) and 200m (21.82) individuals. He then teamed up in the 4x100m to take another silver medal (40.58).

Four months later, he clinched the ATF (Asian Track & Field)'s bronze medal in the 100m (10.60) and went on to win a silver medal in the 200m (21.64).

Photo collection of the late Yudi Purnomo (from his facebook) 
During the 1985 SEA Games at Bangkok, he clinched a gold medal in the 200m by clocking a time of 21.25s, and grabbed another medal as he finished in 3rd place in the blue ribbon event (10.62), behind teammate Christian Nenepath who edged Thailand's Sumet Promna following a neck-to-neck battle to the line for an identical time of 10.54s. After snatching the individual golds, they helped Indonesian quartet to secure another gold medal in the 4x100m.

Previously in the year when the ATF was held in his home ground Jakarta, he won two silver medals after finishing in second at 100m (10.33), behind China's Zheng Chen (10.28) and the 200m (21.19), behind South Korea's Chang Jae-Keun (20.57).

In the 1987 SEA Games in Jakarta, he clinched 2 silver medals from the 200m and 4x100m.

He retained his SEA Games silver medal at 200m in the 1989 edition in Kuala Lumpur after coming in second (21.32) behind teammate and the newly crowned 100m champion (10.40) Mardi Lestari who clocked 21-flat.

He has personal bests of 10.33s in the 100m that he set during the ATF in 1985 and 20.93s at 200m from the 1984 Olympics. His actual name is Purnomo bin Muhmmad Yudhi Wijaya.

Condolences to his family.

by Jad Adrian, ATFS statistician


Post Activation Potentiation for Vertical Jump Performance

>> December 07, 2018

Many sports require explosive power as a foundational element of movements. As power is highly related to sports performance, it is important to carefully look into factors that can optimize muscular force and power (training performance) in order to maximize training effectiveness.

At present, coaches use post-activation potentiation (PAP) to achieve this intent.

The theory behind PAP sounds like "contractile history of a muscle influences the performance of subsequent muscle contractions" as described by Robbins (2005). In other words, PAP is a phenomenon where a more powerful contraction of muscle can be produced as a result of its previous muscular (i.e. conditioning) activity.

However, muscle performance can also be impaired by a fatiguing conditioning activity - too much "conditioning" and insufficient rest are not good for PAP.  This warns practitioners that PAP protocol requires a sufficient rest period before performing a subsequent explosive movement.

So what is the best way to perform PAP protocol? Of note, Ben Johnson did not do "3 reps bench press @ 190kg" right before the 100m finals of the 1988 Olympics, as claimed so by some people.

But I had personal communication with German scientist Dietmar Schmidtbleicher who told me, high-caliber athletes, Valeri Borzov and German Bobsleigh team used heavy squat as pre-stimulus to improve their sprint performances.

An example of PAP protocol that can be used to maximize jump height and power production during a vertical jump performance is as follow:

PAP protocol (sequence: a, b, c) for optimizing power production

This protocol is based on a recent study (systematic review and meta-analysis) by Dobbs et al. (2018) that have examined the magnitude of the effect of PAP on explosive vertical power.
A new PAP study by Dobbs et al 2018

The main findings of this study are described, briefly.

If one wishes to apply PAP to improve vertical jump performance, fatigue-potentiation relationship (rest duration between conditioning and actual activities) is critical. This study suggests that when implementing the PAP protocol:

a) length of the rest interval is the most important factor contributing to performance
b) should be done using intensities of at least 80% 1RM, and rest duration of 3-7 minutes
c) done only by trained individuals using dynamic strength movements (e.g. normal squatting exercise), and not isometric.

Enhanced performance is possible when implementing PAP protocol using these strategies. Other PAP protocols include conditioning activity by using the power clean, plyometrics, sleds etc. It is important to know that, according to Robin and Thomas (2017), some athletes are "positive responder" (i.e. performance enhanced after a pre-conditioning activity) to PAP protocol, and others being "negative responder" (performance impaired), "non-responder" (neither enhanced or impaired), and "inconsistent responder" (some days positive the others not).


Malaysian Athletics Calendar 2019

12 Jan STEM Explore 5KM & 10KM Run, Putrajaya
13 Jan My Jantung Run 2019, Putrajaya
24 Jan Merentas Desa MSSKL

10 Feb 10KM SUKMA Run , Taman Botani KL
12 Feb Merentas Desa MSS Putrajaya
23 Feb Kelantan Road Relay, Kota Bharu Kelantan
24 Feb Kuala Lumpur City Day Run, Taman Botani KL
23-24 Feb Perak All Comes I Championships, Ipoh

1-2 Mac "Kedah Technical Officials Seminar, Sintok, Kedah"
2-3 Mac "South East Asia Youth Athletics Championships, Ilagan City, PHI"
6 Mac Kelantan Field Event Competition, Kota Bharu Kelantan
6-8 Mac Philippine Open Track and Field Championships, Ayala
9 Mac National School Sports Council Cross Country Competition, Perlis
15-17 Mac 3rd Asian Youth (U18) Championships , Hong Kong
16 Mac "KL Under Distances , MSN Stadium Bukit Jalil"
17 Mac "KL - 9 to 12 Years Track Running 1, MSN Stadium Bukit Jalil"
16-17 Mac Perlis Open , Kangar Perlis
17 Mac Asian 20KM Race Walking Championships, Nomi City Japan
18-21 Mac Kejohanan Olahraga MSSKL
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23-24 30-31 Mac 96th National Open Athletics Championships, Bukit Jalil, KL
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17-18 May 67th Kedah Open Athletics Championships, Alor Setar

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TBC – To be confirmed – Tertakluk kepada perubahan
Takwim 2019, Jika ada perubahan tarikh & tempat tertakluk pada penganjur

LAST UPDATED ON 19.12.2018


Keputusan Olahraga SUKMA Perak 2018

>> September 21, 2018

Ipoh, 17-20 September 2018 "XIX Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA)"
-athletes aged 21 and below participated in this bi-annual multi-sports national games
-performance rating:
           *****able to win a medal in SEA Games
             ****competitive at the top regional open competitions
               ***top mark at the national level


100m final / -0.1 (18)
1. Muhammad Aqil Yasmin SEL 10.39 (*****)
2. Muhammad Haiqal Hanafi NSE 10.43 (*****)
3. Muhammad Zulfiqar Ismail TER 10.46 (****)
4. Muhammad Solihin Jamali FT 10.72
5. Muhammad Aiedel Sa'adon MAL 10.72
6. Muhammad Nazrul Naim Azman PRK 10.74
7. Muhammad Syazrul Adli Saiful Adli 10.82
8. Muhammad Azeem Mohd Fahmi PRK 10.90

200m final (20)
1. Muhammad Aqil Yasmin SEL 21.01 / GR (*****)
2. Muhammad Haiqal Hanafi NSE 21.26 (****)
3. Russel Alex Nasir Taib PRK 21.30 (****)
4. Muhammad Zulfiqar Ismail TER 21.44
5. Muhammad Syazrul Adli Saiful Adli PEN 21.89
6. Muhammad Din Norbik SAB 22.17
7. Mohamad Aiman Afiq Kamaludin KEL 22.35

400m final (18)
1. Muhammad Ilham Suhaimi SEL 47.02 (****)
2. Cheah Yau Chung PRK 47.35 (****)
3. Shahrimien Saimoh SAB 47.44 (****)
4. Luqmanul Hakim Khairul Akmal PAH 48.17
5. Muhammad Saiful Safwan Saifuddin JOH 48.39
6. Riksi Tahir SAB 48.79
7. Abdul Wafiy Roslan TER 48.95

800m (19)
1. Putra Azrul Syazwan Azman SEL 1:52.50 (****)
2. Asif Rahman Jiyaudeen SEL 1:53.38
3. Anas Ariffin KEL 1:53.55
4. Mohamad Amirul Arif Mohd Azri JOH 1:53.88
5. Muhammad Faiz Abdul Ghafar PAH 1:54.71
6. Wan Muhammad Fazri Wan Zhary KEL 1:55.83

1500m (20)
1. Mohamad Amirul Arif Mohd Azri JOH 4:07.40
2. Berchmans Aruldas SEL 4:07.84
3. Anas Ariffin KEL 4:08.88
4. Asif Rahman Jiyaudeen SEL 4:11.61
5. Ahmad Muhammad Hamizan NSE 4:12.37

5000m (19)
1. Poo Vasanthan Subramaniam PAH 15:51.05
2. Dinesh Varma Selvam SEL 15:51.89
3. Gokhul Raj Balakrishnan PRK 16:13.00
4. Deveeshraja Sathiamoorthy SEL 16:45.69
5. Zaiyusri Zainon PEN 16:53.18

10000m (17)
1. Poo Vasanthan Subramaniam PAH 33:50.62 (***)
2. Dinesh Varma Selvam SEL 33:57.56 (***)
3. Manihselvan Sivakumar PRK 34:18.28
4. Sivanehwaran Gunasegaran FT 34:27.66
5. Muhammad Syahmi Suhardi FT 35:26.59
6. Karti Keyan Sthya Moorthy NSE 36:35.31

3000m steeplecahse (18)
1. Poo Vasanthan Subramaniam PAH 9:38.16 (****)
2. Gokhul Raj Balakishnan PRK 9:38.31 (****)
3. Devesshraja Sathiamoorthy SEL 9:53.98 (***)
4. Ahmad Muhammad Hamizan NSE 9:59.15
5. Jivarasan Suthangar SEL 10:17.29
6. Syed Mohamad Ahmad Syed Ubaidillah TER 10:17.51

110m hurdles (20)
1. Mohd Rizzua Haizad Muhammad SAR 14.25 (****)
2. Benedick Ian Gawok SAB 14.46 (****)
3. Muhd Naim Abdullah 14.92
4. Muhammad Irfan Azhar PER 15.19
5. Wong Chun Yee JOH 15.31

400m hurdles (19)
1. Quek Lee Yong SAR 52.05 (****)
2. Muhd Naim Abdullah PRK 52.56 (***)
3. Ruslem Zikkry Putra Roseli TER 52.81
4. Ahmad Syafiq Suhaimi KEL 53.18
5. Muhammad Aftar Rosli KED 53.66
6. Mohd Irfan Izzan Mohd Fetry PRK 55.47

High Jump (17)
1. Norshafiee Mohd Shah JOH 2.06 (***)
2. Mohamad Eizlan Dahalan SAB 2.03
3. Amer Haiqal Ismail KED 2.00
4. Lim Wei Keat PEN 1.97
5. Farell Glen Feliz Jurus SAB 1.94

Pole Vault (19)
1. Muhammad Naufal Shahrul Afzam JOH 4.50 (***)
2. Mohammad Zkariya Minsuri FT 4.50 (***)
3. Mohamad Izzat Nordin KEL 4.20
4. Wan Muhammad Nazreen Haziq Wan Mohd Nazri PAH 4.00
5. Muhamad Arif Haial Mohd Azizi FT 3.70
6. Muhammad Ammar Mohd Samsudin PAH 3.70

Long Jump (18)
1. Abdul Latiff Romly PER 7.46
2. Andre Anuar SAB 7.39
3. Muhamad Nazri Mustafa KED 7.28
4. Muhd Sunik Muslimin SAB 6.88
5. Muhammad Azim Abdul Kefli JOH 6.87
6. Muhammad Zul Azri Md Zain KED 6.87
7. Muhammad Raihan Aluwi FT 6.82

Triple Jump (19)
1. Andre Anuar SAB 15.91 / +1.5 (****)
2. Lau Jit Sung PRK 15.44 / +0.3 (***)
3. Muhamad Nazri Mustafa KED 15.12 / 0.0
4. Muhamad Fitri Anaqi Sobry KED 14.88 / +0.7
5. Alvin Roland SAB 14.77 / +0.7
6. Muhammad Nafeez Akmal Zamri PEN 14.55 / +1.2
7. Brendon Ting Li King SAR 14.36 / 0.0
8. Matsyawalludin Mohamad Muis SAR 14.35 / +0.5

Shot Put (17)
1. Farm Loong Deng JOH 15.14 (***)
2. Loh Cen Hao FT 14.01
3. Zulkifli Saidin SAB 13.90
4. Kong Chin Poh SAR 13.49
5. Brynoth Alarick Larry SAB 13.39

Discus Throw (20)
1. Abdul Rahman Lee SAR 48.94 (***)
2. Ngu Ing Biao SAR 47.57 (***)
3. Faris Hazim Jamaluddin SEL 40.91
4. Mirach Han SAB 40.48
5. Jeffry Chan Wen Jie FT 39.81
6. Muhammad Ikbal Kamarudin TER 39.09

Hammer Throw (18)
1. Johnny Ling Siew Hong SAR 57.37 / GR (*****)
2. Ngu Ing Biao SAR 53.14 (****)
3. Sadat Marzuki Ajisan NSE 51.68 (****)
4. Eng Chun Hau PRK 47.45
5. Muhammad Farhan Hamdi PER 44.03

Javelin Throw (20)
1. Muhammad Ashraf Abu JOH 60.78 (***)
2. Mohd Alif Mohd Razi SAB 57.68 (***)
3. Beckham Buing SAB 55.77
4. Ahmad Rustam Razali SAB 54.49
5. Mohd Abdul Salam Ismail PER 54.39
6. Faris Hazim Jamaluddin SEL 50.51

10000m walk (18)
1. Mior Muhammad Amerul Mohd Sahak PRK 48:48.03
2. Irfan Hanania Abdul Shahir PER 50:07.41
3. Nurhafiy Nasrul Zulkarnain PRK 51:17.71
4. Muhammad Faizal Sukor NSE 54:25.00
5. Mohamad Iqram Mohd Faizal KEL 56:13.71

20km walk (20)
1. Mior Muhammad Amerul Mohd Sahak PRK 1:45:58
2. Irfan Hanania Abdul Sahair PER 1:53:02
3. Muhammad Fakhrul Rzi Jailani MEL 1:54:29
4. Muhammad Faizal Sukor NSE 1:57:42

Decathlon (18)
1. Amir Afiq Ahmad Zuki KED 5242 (***)
2. Muhammad Haziq Aiman Hassan NSE 4627
3. Muhammad Nadhir Md Nizam PER 4606
4. Muhammad Ihsan Azhar PER 4491
5. Muhammad Izzat Othaman JOH 3607

4x100m (19)
1. Terengganu Team (Ahmad Firdaus Zakaria, Muhammad Saifuldin Rizuan Mohamad Ariffin, Muhammad Saifuldin Rizuan Mohamad Ariffin, Muhammad Zulfiqar Ismail, Abdul Wafiy Roslan) 40.21 (****)
2. Perak Team (Cheah Yau Chung, Muhammad Azeem Mohd fahmi, Muhammad Nazrul Naim Azman, Russel Alex Nasir Taib) 40.40 (****)
3. Sabah Team (Desmond Wong Tzyy Luen, Mohammad Nor Musyaraf Mohd Asri, Muhammad Din Norbik, Tonga Jody Edmund) 40.42 (****)
4. Selangor Team (Mohammad Thaqif Mohammad Hisam, Muhammad Aqil Yasmin, Muhammad Ilham Suhaimi, Willy Gew Teng Yon) 40.95
5. Johor Team (Muhammad Shafie Azmi, Muhammad Zahid Roskalana, Muhd Nazreen Ezat Hafiz Che Hassan, Mohammad aiqal Abdul Rahman) 40.96

4x400m (20)
1. Sabah Team (Riski Tahir, Zaidie Khani Kansius, Shahrimien Saimoh, Tonga Jody Edmund) 3:14.42 (***)
2. Selangor Team (Mohammad Thaqif Mohammad Hisham, Putra Azrul Syazwan Azman, Muhammad Aidil Amin Ahmad Shah, Muhammad Ilham Suhaimi) 3:15.48
3. Muhammad Firdaus Mohammad Zemi, Muhammad Syakir Daniel Fauzi, Muhammad Zulhilmi Chek Azman, Ruslem Zikry Putra Roseli) 3:15.48


100m final (18)
1. Azreen Nabila Alias TER 11.81 / GR (****)
2. Chelsea Cassiopea Evali Bopulas SAB 12.17 (***)
3. Ikma Syaffiera Duris SAB 12.28
4. Fatin Ilyana Mat Nayan KED 12.42
5. Darshini Murugan PAH 12.56
6. Norris Foo SAR 12.56
7. Siti Norzullaika Ramli TER 12.67
8. Nur Aini Qurratul'ain Md Akmal PRK 12.83

200m final (20)
1. Azreen Nabila Alias TER 24.76 (***)
2. Shereen Samson Valllabouy PRK 24.92
3. Chelsea Cassiopea Evali Bopulas SAB 25.27
4. Darshini Murugan PAH 25.28
5. Nur Aishah Rofina Aling SAB 25.86
6. Nurul Aliah Maisarah Nor Azmi JOH 26.44
7. Siti Norzullaika Ramli TER 26.50

400m final (18)
1. Sheren Samson Vallabouy PRK 55.69 (***)
2. Zaimah Atifah Zainuddin FT 55.92 (***)
3. Nur Athirah Khairul Noormizan PAH 58.71
4. Hong Xyan PEN 58.94
5. Nur Aqilah Yusnifadly KED 59.53
6. Nona Azama Mohd Noor KEL 60.44

800m (19)
1. Savinder Kaur SEL 2:12.76 (****)
2. Teoh Kim Chyi KED 2:16.93 (***)
3. Hong Xyan PEN 2:19.00
4. Padhmaloshini Jayaseelan JOH 2:22.52
5. Siti Aina Munikrishnan PRK 2:24.96
6. Nivedya Munikrishnan PRK 2:27.01
7. Narmadha Munikrishnan PRK 2:29.89

1500m (20)
1. Savinder Kaur SEL 4:42.75 (***)
2. Teoh Kim Chyi KED 4:54.52 (***)
3. Padhmaloshini Jayaseelan JOH 5:01.37
4. Narmadha Munikrishnan PRK 5:09.99
5. Margreat Mary Johnson PRK 5:11.21
6. Siobhain Doyle Mei Li FT 5:16.51

5000m (19)
1. Pavithra Das SEL 19:29.70
2. Lydia Chua Jing Wen JOH 20:29.00
3. Manissha Arokiassamy SEL 20:38.38
4. Margreat Mary Johnson PRK 20:47.33
5. Marlin Hing William SAB 20:53.22
6. Janice Loh Yinjin PEN 20:54.71

3000m steeplechase (18)
1. Pavithra Das SEL 11:54.03 (***)
2. Manissha Arokiasamy SEL 12:32.01
3. Ainur Shafiqah Azmi NSE 12:45.94
4. Lydia Chua Jing Wen JOH 12:48.20
5. Chong Hui ing JOH 13:26.70
6. Marlin Hing William SAB 13:38.02
7. Britanny Isabelle Boilis SAB 13:39.35

100m hurdles (20)
1. Juriani Mat Rodzi PRK 14.64 (***)
2. Nur Atikah Azman PAH 15.09
3. Karmentina Nadia Quadra SAB 15.28
4. Norris Foo SAR 15.43
5. Nurul Syafiqah Zainal Abidin Bindi 15.67
6. Halimatul Saadiah Mohammed Raja SAB 15.77
7. Ayu Nazira Yussri SAR 15.77
8. Tham Yi Yin FT 15.83

400m hurdles (19)
1. Zaimah Atifah Zainuddin FT 62.38 (***)
2. Mandy Goh Li SAR 63.68 (***)
3. Nur Nasyatul Nadia Md Nasri KED 64.71
4. Nur Ain Mohd Zulkifli PRK 68.16
5. Nur Syafiqah  Liyana Mohd Noor TER 69.45
6. Ullia Ulanda Rumpang SAR 69.73

High Jump (18)
1. Ngu Jia Xin PRK 1.66 (***)
2. Nini Sharmiza Salim JOH 1.63
3. Tuan Juliana Tuan Hassan TER 1.63
4. Mazween Ubong Lah SAR 1.57
5. Shahirah Sazali PER 1.57

Pole Vault (21)
1. Puteri Nur Adillah Shik Azizir Rahman NSE 3.80 / GR (*****)
2. Nurul Fitriyana Abd Rani KED 3.50 (***)
3. Nor Sarah Adi PAH 3.30
4. Siti Nur Halishya Md Azmi NSE 3.20
5. Ayuni Nabihah Puteh PRK 2.80

Long Jump (20)
1. Mahira Hanis Ishak JOH 5.99 / +1.3 (***)
2. Nurul Ashikin Abas PRK 5.60 / +0.6
3. Kirthana Ramasamy PRK 5.51 / +0.7
4. Ng Yu Gie PAH 5.49 / -0.1
5. Ruby Lee Jia Lu SAR 5.44 / +1.0
6. Nur Fatin Najiha Mohd Aziz JOH 5.29 / +1.4

Triple Jump (17)
1. Kirthana Ramasamy PRK 12.95 (****)
2. Mahira Hanis Ishak JOH 12.66 (***)
3. Nurul Ashikin Abas PRK 12.48
4. Ng Yu Gie PAH 12.12
5. Nurhaziqah Izzati Zana SAR 11.96
6. Siti Anis Athirah Mohamad Asmadi KEL 11.71
7. Liz Steffenie Mawos SAB 11.55
8. Nurul Anis Aunie Husin KEL 11.50

Shot Put (17)
1. Siti Nor Ainn Patriee JOH 12.76 (***)
2. Norhashima Mohd Shahril SEL 12.35 (***)
3. Nurrul Ainin Syauqina Mohd Nor Azahar PAH 11.86
4. Nani Sahirah Maryata PAH 11.23
5. Siti Norhamidah Patriee JOH 10.83
6. Nordini Shahira Abdullah PEN 10.70

Discus Throw (17)
1. Queenie Ting Kung Ni SAR 43.77 (***)
2. Nani Sahirah Maryata PAH 40.64
3. Nur Atiqah Sufiah Md Hanizam JOH 39.62
4. Siti Nor Ainn Patriee JOH 38.48
5. Wong Xiao Jing SAR 36.09

Hammer Throw (19)
1. Grace Wong Xiu Mei SAR 56.51 (*****)
2. Nurul Hidayah Lukman SEL 50.25 (***)
3. Fatin Nabihah Ibrahim PER 49.46 (***)
4. SitiNorhamidah Patriee JOH 45.77
5. Nur Aqilah Abdul Hakim PRK 42.21

Javelin Throw (19)
1. Wong Nie Nie SAR 41.22 (***)
2. Siti Aisyah Nora Rahis JOH 41.11 (***)
3. Fatin Nir Shahiera Che Rahim FT 39.57
4. Siti Aminah Abdul Hadi JOH 38.53
5. Ng Jiag Xuan SAR 37.48
6. Pavithraa Devi Jayaindraan PEN 36.77
7. Olivia Da Onidin Jainis SAB 35.85

5000m Walk (17)
1. Koong Jia Lin PAH 27:35.26 (****)
2. Nurul Ashikin Hussin FT 28:01.85 (***)
3. Laura Tan May Chern SEL 30:00.40
4. Nurul Amira Abdul Malik PER 30:49.13
5. Cheryl Lim Woon Yee SAR 32:32.53

10000m Walk (19)
1. Nurul Alyahaziqah Kamaruzaman KEL 54:42.45 (****)
2. Nurul Ashikin Hussin FT 55:02.92 (***)
3. Koong Jia Lin PAH 55:23.36 (***)
4. Laura Tan May Chern SEL 1:01:50.88
5. Nurul Syazlin Amira Abdul Malik PER 1:04:05.89

Heptathlon (20)
1. Winnie Eng May Xin FT 4510 / GR (***)
    (14.90, 1.44, 8.86, 26.04 ; 5.37/-0.3, 33.32, 2:33.66)
2. Koh Ann Yi PEN 4028
    (16.33, 1.56, 8.82, 28.37 ; 5.08/-0.1, 22.87, 2:30.42)
3. Mazween Ubong Lah SAR 3806
    (16.85, 1.56, 7.18, 28.25 ; 4.98/-0.8, 26.91, 2:39.99)
4. Nor Shakiratul Aina Mohamad Asri TER 3543
    (17.17, 1.35, 7.74, 27.26 ; 4.77/-0.4, 22.97, 2:38.46)
5. Ku Nur Wahida Ku Zambree PER 3455
    (17.10, 1.41, 7.19, 28.28 ; 4.66/-0.2, 26.17, 2:44.88)
6. Nur Fatihah Mohd Haniff PER 2645
    (20.95, 1.35, 7.87, 29.99 ; 4.14/-0.4, 36.31, 3:28.55)

4x100m (19)
1. Terengganu Team (Siti Norzullaika Ramli, Nurul Wardatul Huwaida Mohd Hamka, Nurul Alyssa Azman, Azreen Nabila Alias) 47.01 (***)
2. Sabah Team (Nur Aishah Rofina Aling, Karmentina Nadia Quadra, Ikma Syaffiera Duris, Chelsea Cassiopea Evali Bopulis) 47.51
3. Kedah Team (Teoh Kim Ling, Rabiatul Yusra Adenan, Nor Ashikin Md Isa, Fatin Ilyana Mat Nayan) 48.74

4x400m (20)
1. Kedah Team (Nur Aqilah Yusnifadly, Nur Nasyatul Nadia Md Nasri, Teoh Kim Chyi, Teoh Kim Ling) 3:56.24 (***)
2. Perak Team (Nivedya Munikrishnan, Shereen Samson Vallabouy, Thilagavathi Rajasooriah, Nur Ain Mohd Zulkifli) 4:01.35
3. Sabah Team (Camellia Jasten, Chelsea Cassiopea Evali Bopulas, Puteri Nur Safirah Gajali, Sharifah Aisyah Mohamad) 4:03.89

*for relays: not an exact name order


Rypakova retains triple jump Gold, China tops medal table with 12 Gold, 12 Silver, and 9 Bronze

>> August 31, 2018

The athletics programme of the Asian Games concluded in style in Jakarta on Thursday (30) as a long-standing Asian record was broken in the final event of the championships.

Qatar’s team included 400m hurdles champion Abderrahman Samba, who got his team off to a good start with a 44.5 lead-off leg. Mohamed Nasir Abbas and Mohamed El-Nour maintained the team’s lead before individual 400m champion Abdalelah Haroun anchored the team to victory in 3:00.56.

The quartet not only obliterated the Qatari record of 3:02.50 set in 2015, but they also took 0.2 off the Asian record of 3:00.76 set by Japan at the 1996 Olympic Games.

India clocked 3:01.85 to secure the silver medal from Japan, who recorded 3:01.94.

Rypakova and Chuaimaroeng (right) after winning gold and silver, respectively

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan’s 2012 Olympic champion Olga Rypakova maintained her remarkable domination of the women’s triple jump in Asia.

Her first valid jump, 14.00m, would have been sufficient to top the podium, but the 33-year-old improved to 14.26m in the fifth round to officially retain the triple jump title she had won in 2010 and 2014.

Thailand’s Parinya Chuaimaroeng and Vietnam’s Vu Thi Men both jumped 13.93m, but the former took silver on countback.

Kalkidan Gezahegne Befkadu, who had won the 5000m earlier in the Games, triumphed in the women’s 1500m in 4:07.88. She became just the second athlete of the Games, after sprinter Edidiong Odiong, to win two individual titles.

Her performance also marked Bahrain’s third successive victory in this event at the Asian Games. Tigist Belay made it a Bahraini 1-2, taking silver in 4:09.12, while India’s Asian champion Chitra Palakeezh was third in 4:12.56.

China, as they have done from 1986 onwards, topped the athletics medals table with 12 gold, 12 silver and nine bronze. Bahrain finished close behind, though, with 12 gold, six silver and seven bronze. The next Asian Games will be held in the Chinese city of Hangzhou in 2022.

Detailed story (Day 6)

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Yuki Koike beats Yang Chunhan in a Tight finish of men's 200m

>> August 30, 2018

The closest finish yet of the Asian Games came in the men’s 200m on the fifth day of athletics action in Jakarta on Wednesday (29).

It took a photo finish to separate Japan’s Yuki Koike and Chinese Taipei’s Yang Chunhan. After recording the same reaction time (0.139) and being level at half way, the two sprinters were inseparable for most of the race, the pair crossing the line in PBs of 20.23 (0.7m/s).

After an agonising wait, Koike was eventually confirmed as the winner. Chunhan, the Asian champion, had to settle for silver but was rewarded with a national record. Bahrain’s Mohamed Yacoob Salem was third in 20.55.

Koike beats Chunhan on the line; both cross the first 100m at 10.37s
Bahrain’s Edidiong Odiong, who had won the 100m earlier in the championships, completed a sprint double by winning the women’s 200m in 22.96, replicating the feats of Mona Sulaiman (1962), Esther Rot (1974), and Chisato Fukushima (2010).

As in the 100m, India’s Dutee Chand and China’s Wei Yongli finished second and third respectively, clocking 23.20 and 23.27. Defending champion Olga Safranova of Kazakhstan was fifth in 23.43.

Iran’s 2012 Olympic silver medallist Ehsan Hadadi underlined his continental dominance of the discus by earning a record fourth consecutive gold medal.

Any one of his six marks would have been more than enough to win, but the five-time Asian champion saved his best for last, throwing 65.71m in the final round.

Iraq’s 2014 Asian junior champion Mustafa Al-Saamah was second with 60.09m and was the only other man to throw beyond 60 metres.

With one more day of athletics action at the Asian Games, China tops the medals table with 11 gold medals. Bahrain is second with nine gold medals, and India is third with five. 10 more titles are on offer on the final day, including the men’s 50km race walk, 1500m, 5000m, 4x100m, 4x400m, plus the women’s 1500m, triple jump, discus and the two relays.

Detailed story (day 5)

Photo by AP Photo/Dita Alangkara


Xie Wenjun, Li Ling, Liu Shiying, Wang Chunyu clinches gold for China of fourth day of Asian Games

>> August 29, 2018

China took four out of seven gold medals on offer on the fourth day of athletics competition at the Asian Games in Jakarta on Tuesday (28).

The first one came from the men’s 110m hurdles as China’s Xie Wenjun successfully defended his title ahead of Chinese Taipei’s Chen Kueiru who was leading from the mid-way point. Xie, who trailed Japan’s Shunya Takayama and Chen, finally pulled ahead after the last hurdle, clocking 13.34, 0.02 faster than his winning time from 2014.
Li Ling clears 4.60m to break her own Asian Games record of 4.35m

In the women’s pole vault, China’s defending champion Li Ling cleared 4.60m to break her own Games record of 4.35m, which was held jointly with Gao Shuying. Li, who recorded an Asian indoor record of 4.70m last year, started off her competition at 4.20m, then broke the record with 4.40m before clearing 4.60m, both with her third attempts. She then topped out at 4.71m.

In the women’s javelin, China’s former Asian champion Liu Shiying rewrote the Games record with a 66.09m throw in the opening round. Liu, who won silver medal at 2012 IAAF World U20 Championships, registered her next four throws with distances of 64.13m to 65.39m before deciding to pass on her last attempt.

In the women’s 800m, China’s Wang Chunyu, who won the 2018 Asian indoors, pulled away from the field as she entered the home stretch to take gold in 2:01.80 from Kazakhstan’s defending champion Margarita Mukasheva, who passed Bahrain’s Manal Elbahraoui in the waning stages to finish second (2:02.40). The Bahraini took bronze in 2:02.69.

Elsewhere, Bahrain’s 100m champion Edidiong Odiong went through to the women’s 200m final comfortably after recording 23.01 in her semifinal, but it was India’s Dutee Chand who had the fastest time of the round clocking 23.00. Japan’s Yuki Koike, whose 200m best is 20.29, recorded the fastest time on the men’s side with 20.35, followed by Chinese Taipei’s Asian champion Yang Chunhan with 20.53, Salem Eid Yaqoob (20.61), Shota Iizuka (20.64), and Kim Kokyoung (20.66). Meanwhile, Tosin Ogunode who recorded 20.78 in the heats, injured his hamstring in the semi-final, knocking him out of the competition.

Eight gold medals will be decided on Wednesday (29): the men’s 200m, 20km race walk, pole vault, triple jump, and discus, and the women’s 200m, 20km race walk, and high jump.

Detailed story (day 4)


Abderrahman Samba Breaks Asian Games Record

>> August 28, 2018

Another three Games records were broken on the third day of athletics at the Asian Games in Jakarta on Monday (27).

Qatar’s Abderrahman Samba arrived in the Indonesian capital as the hot favourite for the men’s 400m hurdles, having moved to second on the world all-time list earlier this year with his Asian record of 46.98.

It came as no surprise when he smashed the Games record of 48.42 with his winning clocking of 47.66. “I pushed it today as it was the final,” he said.

Abderrahman Samba clears the final barrier enroute to win his first Asiad gold

India's Dharun Ayyasamy secured the silver medal in a lifetime best of 48.96 ahead of Japan’s Takatoshi Abe who claimed bronze in 49.12.

Asian and Commonwealth champion Neeraj Chopra added another major title to his collection by winning the javelin with an Indian record of 88.06m. The 20-year-old opened with 83.46m and produced his winning effort in the third round

Chopra, who will next compete at the IAAF Diamond League final in Zurich, missed the Games record of 89.15m set by China’s Zhao Qinggang in 2014. China's Liu Qizhen grabbed silver with a lifetime best of 82.22m, while Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem took the bronze medal with 80.75m.

Seven gold medals will be awarded on day four (29), the women’s 800m, 5000m, pole vault and javelin, plus the men’s 800m and 110m hurdles. There is also a mixed relay that will be held for the first time at the Asian Games.

Detailed story (day 3)

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