Usain Bolt's 100m Split Times for the 9.69s run in Beijing Olympics

>> June 06, 2009

You can't imagine that an athlete in the Olympic final would run a sprint finals so casually, and have won it with a gold medal, as well as a new world record! 

It has happened in 2008 Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt did it! 

Although it was a new world record, by 0.03 s, Bolt could probably run faster than 9.69 s. 

The obvious reason is that he had stopped running at a distance of 80m, and was celebrating his victory. 

He reached the 60m mark at 6.32 s. The official world record for 60m (indoor) is held by Maurice Greene at 6.39 s.

You may be wondering, how fast can this man run if he runs maximum to the finish line? 

Some people say 9.63, and some believe it would be less than 9.6 seconds. 

 Let's take a look at the analysis that has been made.

Through this figure, you can see that a very significant decrease in the speed of Usain Bolt in the last 10m.

This concludes that, Bolt has lost a large velocity at the end of the segments (last 10m meters).

Of note, for top sprinters, men or women, the typical time reduction at the end (from the max speed) is around 3-4%, which is about 0.03s for the case of Bolt (fastest segment: 0.82 s).

Therefore, based on the available numbers, Bolt's 100m time that can be projected through this analysis is around 9.66 s.

However, what is more important to highlight is that Usain Bolt managed to maintain maximum speed for a relatively long distance *, which is 20-30m, very rare for world-class athletes.

But the question now is, how fast will Usain Bolt run in the world championships, in 2 months from now?

Note: * depends on the accuracy of the analysis.

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