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AdrianSprints.com is based out of Kuala Lumpur. Sport enthusiast Jad Adrian, founded it in 2009. A no-nonsense website specializing on track and field athletics, but with useful information spanning from training methodology, sports science research, Olympic history, and fitness tips and exercise techniques. Due to popular demand, athletics statistics information concerning Southeast Asian athletics has recently dominated the content of this page. As of 2017, Google Analytics recorded over 2 million page visits on AdrianSprints.com.

Track & Field News (the world's bible of athletics), LetsRun.com, ASIAN Athletics publications, International Athletics websites, local and international newspapers, and others have mentioned and cited some of the content on this page.

A young man was heading to a destination (Surfer Paradise, GC see top right city), circa 2008
I was trying to get the right angle to take my own picture that would show a long journey with a big dream. A nice guy from Great Britain greeted me and helped me take this picture that shows the journey perfectly. He then said, "All the best."

About the Author

The site's admin and author was a track and field athlete, who is now a sport performance specialist, a trained strength & conditioning trainer and instructor, a sports science researcher, a part-time track coach, a track and field statistician, and an IAAF correspondence. He has taught at higher education institutions for over ten semesters.

He is now the head for Strength and Endurance Sports (athletics, cycling, ice skating, triathlon, weightlifting, and sport climbing) at the National Sports Institute in Kuala Lumpur (2016- ), where he assists athletes and coaches preparing for major championships/games (e.g. by addressing performance gaps, help planning, consultation, sports sciences, etc.).

He has travelled to a number of significant worldwide major events as a team official (sports scientist), including the Asian Winter Games, Asian Championships, Commonwealth Championships, and World Junior Championships (to mention a few; both summer and/or winter games) (sport scientist).

He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA); and accredited by the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA Level 2 coach), the American Council on Exercise (personal trainer), as well as the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the International Weightlifting Federations (IWF).

As a member of the Association of Track & Field Statisticians (ATFS), and the Association of Road Racing Statisticians (ARRS); he has exclusive associates with the experts in track and field statistics all around the world. He is the compiler, as well as the editor of the "Southeast Asian Athletics Annual" (which has been sold in >20 countries).

Since 2011, he has been covering major athletics events for the IAAF (World Athletics), the most recent of which were the 2019 SEA Games and 2018 Asian Games.

He has also presented his scientific wresearch at World's prestigious sports science conferences including the ACSM conference at Minneapolis USA, NSCA conference at Las Vegas USA, European College of Sports Science (ECSS), and International Conference on Strength Training (ICST) in Japan and Australia.

He studied physical education (BEd) and sports science (MS) at Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Important - how to pronounce his first name?

His name (Jad) is pronounced "Jæd" with J sound, and never with an A sound. Regardless of the language spoken (English, Malay, etc.), the pronunciation is the same.

Coaching, workshop, and seminar

Jad Adrian consults stakeholders about sports performance in general for fitness and coaching, but he is most regarded as a "resource person" for advanced resistance training, conditioning, sprint coaching, and other sporting events. He has been invited to speak at several workshops, seminars, and conferences, which were attended by scientists, researchers, national coaches, national and state sports schools, university students, private companies, and the Ministry of Education, among others. Kindly contact him for any future engagements.

Scientific Research (New)

Apart from being a sport performance scientist, i.e. working with athletes to optimize their athleticism and performance using evidenced-based and advanced strategies, he has recently became an active researcher. In research, his focus are, among others: training during the COVID-19 pandemic, neuromuscular performance and adaptation to training, methodology (e.g. eccentric training), physiology and biomechanics related aspects.

Jad Adrian has published scholarly articles in prestigious journals such as Sports Medicine (Q1, Top 1%), International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance (Q1), Biology of Sport (Q1), Frontiers in Physiology (Q1), Frontiers in Nutrition (Q1), and so on. Jad Adrian has also served as a scientific reviewer of >20 international journals, including: IJSPP (Q1), Research in Sports Medicine (Q1), Sports Medicine-Open (Q1), Biology of Sport (Q1), BMC Psychology (Q2), Frontiers in Physiology (Q1), Frontiers in Nutrition (Q1), etc. Contact him to explore possible research collaboration. Visit his Google Scholar profile.


He can be reached via the following e-mail: 

If you would like to contact sports associations in Malaysia (athletics), click here

E-Mail: adriansprints@gmail.com 

(Note, this email does not work anymore: info@adriansprints.com)


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And special thanks to contributors of athletics statistics on this website;
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Malaysian correspondents (from MAF and all state associations)
Malaysian coaches, managers, and athletes
Loong Teck Chew
Gopal Raman
Simon Lau
Heinrich Hubbeling  
Carles Baronet
Mirko Jalava
Andras Szabo
Michel St Raymond
Mohamad Shahruddin
Andrew Pirie
Hoang Minh Quyet
Muhamad Aris

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