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AdrianSprints.com is based out of Kuala Lumpur. It was founded in 2009 by Malaysian Jad Adrian. A no-nonsense website, specializes Track and Field, and generally Sports. Useful information ranging from Training, Sports sciences, Olympic history, and Statistics are obtainable from this site.

And these info have been quoted, cited and included at the Wikipedia.org, Track & Field News (World's bible of athletics), LetsRun.com, ASIAN Athletics publications, International athletics' websites and many other websites and publications out there.

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About the Author
Adrian, is a track and field athlete, track coach, international athletics statistician, and strength and conditioning instructor. He studied Physical Education at Universiti Putra Malaysia, and currently doing another degree in sports science. He is the official statistician for the Malaysia Athletic Federation, and a member of the Association of Track & Field Statisticians (ATFS), as well as the Association of Road Racing Statisticians (ARRS).

Compiler & Editor of the "Southeast Asian Athletics Annual" (comprehensive statistical publication  - Annual Lists, All-Time Lists, Complete Records, and Profiles). His statistical works has been included in many sports websites, local and foreign newspapers, as well as reports by various associations (incl. Asian Athletics Association).


Author can be reached via the following e-mail:

E-Mail: info@adriansprints.com  

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And special thanks to contributors of statistics in this website;
(in no special order... names included in the annuals - if not seen here!)

Malaysian correspondents (from MAF and all state associations)
Malaysian coaches, managers and athletes
Loong Teck Chew
Gopal Raman
Simon Lau
Heinrich Hubbeling  
Carles Baronet
Mirko Jalava
Andras Szabo
Michel St Raymond
Mohamad Shahruddin
Andrew Pirie
Hoang Minh Quyet
Muhamad Aris


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