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Rabia Abdul Salam the Quarter-mile Queen (1973-1994)

>> February 25, 2014

Rabia Abdul Salam died at the Kajang District Hospital 20 years ago today (25 February 1994).

She was 20 years old.

The cause of death was not publicly revealed, but being classified as a sudden death.

She was born in Penang on the 5th November 1973, mainly competed in the 400m, but also in the 200m and 800m, apart from the relays.

Her best times were 12.3h in the 100m, 24.6h in the 200m, 52.56 in the 400m, and 2:10.40 in the 800m.

Rabia Abdul Salam

Indeed, she left the Malaysian athletics fans at young age. In a span of approximately 5 years, she accomplished a lot for the country, notably:

December 1993

In less than 3 months prior to her death, she won silver medal of Asian championships, in the women's 400m, which was held in Manila.

On this occasion, she recorded 52.56, a time that remains the national record for Malaysia to this date. Ma Yuqin of China won it in 51.23, while Kalawati Saramm of India was 3rd (52.83).

She also helped the Malaysian quartet to win bronze medal (3:41.66).

June 1993

During the 1993 SEA Games in Singapore, she won one gold, one silver, and one bronze.

The gold medal came from the women's 4x400m. She teammed up with R Shanti, Josephine Mary, and G Shanti, and anchored the team to the finish in 3:35.81, ahead of a strong team Thailand.

The time they set remains the national record. She added a bronze medal from the 4x100m.


She won a 400-800m double during the national junior championships in Ipoh.

In the same year, Rabia entered semifinals (400m) of the World junior championships.


In the 1991 SEA Games in Manila, she was part of the 4x400m team, winning silver medal.


In 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, she teammed up with Josephine Mary, Sajaratuldur Hamzah, and G Shanti to win bronze medal in the 4x400m.

Here they recorded 3:38.52, erasing the nine-year-old national record of 3:41.35 set during the 1981 SEA Games. The 1981 team consisted of Zaiton Othman, Mumtaz Jaafar, Saik Oik Cum, and Angamah, who clinched gold in that edition.


Rabia took bronze in the 800m during the 1989 ASEAN Schools held at Baguio, the Philippines.

In 1988, she was 3rd of the 800m in National Games (SUKMA).

Jad Adrian (ATFS statistician)


Ngonidzashe Makusha of Zimbabwe - 100m 9.89s and Long Jump 8.40m

>> June 14, 2011

50% off Select Track Equipment!I used to say this guy just run a fluke 9.97s in April 2011 with a tailwind of +2.0, just inside of the allowed limit.

But Ngonidzashe Makusha of Zimbabwe (Florida State University) is now rose to stardom after a golden leap of 8.40m (+0.0) in the long jump during the NCAA Championships in Des Moines, Iowa, and eclipsed his old NR mark 8.30m.

A day later he proved to the World that a 9.97s' run in April was only a warm-up race heading this champs where he clocked a very respected time of 9.89s with moderate wind +1.3. He also broke the NCAA record 9.92s set by Ato Boldon in 1996.

Sorry Usain Bolt, but Makusha had just moved you to no fifth now (as of June 12, 2011). Tyson Gay still the lead (9.79s), followed by Steve Mullings (9.80s) and Mike Rodgers (9.85s).

Behind Makusha in the 100m was Mookie Salaam (Rakieem 'Mookie" Mustafa Allah "Salaam") who broke the 10s barrier for the first time in 9.97s, the 79th sprinter slipped sub 10s. Third place went to Maurice Mitchell in 10.00s.

Following the 2 gold medals victory, Makusha has becomes one of the only four athletes to win the double (100m & Long Jump) at the NCAA championships. The three others are DeHart Hubbard (1925) Jesse Owens (1935 & 1936) , and Carl Lewis (1981). Owens and Lewis requires no introduction!. DeHart is the first blacks athlete to win an inividual gold medal at the Olympic Games (Long Jump 7.89m - 1924 in Paris).

Ngonidzashe Makusha's Biodata

Full Name: Ngonidzashe Makusha
Date of Birth: 11 March 1987
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 73 kg 
Events: 100 metres, Long Jump
Personal Bests: 100m 9.89s (10.06.2011) NR, Long Jump 8.40m (09.06.2011) NR
Major Achievement:
Olympic Games 2008 - 4th in Long Jump (8.19m)

Ngonidzashe Makusha's 9.89s NCAA Championships Video


Usain Bolt - Complete World Record Video 100m , 200m, 4x100m

>> May 12, 2011

This is a great collection of Usain Bolt's six world records which were established within 15 months. Usain Bolt set the first World record at the century dash in 9.72s at the 2008 Reebok Grand Prix in New York city. About 10 weeks later at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Usain Bolt was not only electrify all people on the planet but turned the fantasy into reality! he shattered three World records in the 100m (9.69s), 200m (19.30s) and 4x100m (37.10s). The Jamaican monster continue to rule the World by winning three gold medals at the 2009 World championship in athletics in Berlin, now smashing his unbelievable World record times at 100m and 200m with the real video game times of 9.58s and 19.19s respectively.

Video of Usain Bolt complete World record (9.72, 9.69, 9.58, 19.30, 19.19, 37.10)

Usain Bolt stuff:

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Jesse Owens: Fastest Man Alive
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Usain Bolt Unveils His Secret on MY STORY

>> January 07, 2011

I've written about some interesting facts about Usain Bolt but here is the real story about Usain Bolt being the fastest man on the planet.

In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Bolt shaken the full-capacity bird's nest stadium by smashing three world records, in the 100m (9.69s), 200m (19.30s) and 4x100m (37.10s).

And, it was said to be almost impossible to run below the 9.60 in the 100m, but Bolt lowered again his incredible 9.69s to an unbelievable 9.58s during the 2009 IAAF World Championship in Athletics in Berlin. A few days later, Bolt destroyed his own 200 metres' world record 19.30s to an amazing 19.19s....

> get one MY STORY to continue reading ...

And then the conclusion is this man is the greatest sprinter of all-time or the King of Sprint for real!. Click on the photo or here to make an order.

Recommended stuff of Usain Bolt:

.... .... ....


Watson Nyambek, the Fastest Malaysian Sprinter

>> December 22, 2010

Watson Nyambek (source: unknown)
Watson Nyambek was a notable Malaysian sprinter and specialized in the 100 metres. He was born in Miri in 1976 and became known as "the Flying Dayak" as he set multiple national records in the century dash. He had represented the country in two Olympic Games, Atlanta 1996 (10.55s) and Sydney 2000 (10.61s).

In 1995, he broke the 29-year-old national 100m record by M. Jegathesan (set in 1966 Asiad) in Chinese Taipei in a time of 10.46s. He would continue to break his national record with the last one in the year was 10.38s clocking during the Malaysian national champs. The time would only be matched by his long time rival, Azmi Ibrahim, who has done it in 1996 in Jakarta.

In 1996, the co-national record holders were "set" to grab  the title "Malaysian's Fastest Man". It was like "Carl Lewis vs Ben Johnson" at the 1988 Olympics here in Malaysia with extensive coverage from all the local media. The race was finally set at Kuantan during the Malaysian Games. In the finals, Watson bursts out of his blocks, away from the field, hit the top speed in the halfway, maintains that high-velocity speed, and leaving Azmi (who usually had a fast ending) far away in second when he crosses the finish line. Watson registered NR a again with a time of 10.33s.

In 1997, he competed at the 6th World championships in Athens, and  later in SEA Games, where he was expected to win the century dash but ended up with taking home a bronze medal.

The 1998 was a golden year for Watson. He also broke the national 100m record three times (10.31s, 10.30s, 10.0h*). He won a silver medal from the Asian Track and Field (ATF) which was a major accomplishment by Malaysian athletics. This would made him a gold medal contender in the Asian Games in the following months.  In Asian Games, he won both heats (10.25w) and semifinal round (10.20w), but in the finals he stumbled in his first step out of his blocks and ended up finishing in 4th, clocking 10.32s. The wind-aided 10.20w from semifinals was the Southeast Asia's fastest time in any condition. A few weeks earlier at the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Watson managed to advance to the quarterfinals at the century dash.
Watson Nyambek (source: unknown)

In 1999, he became the first Malaysian to enter semifinals at the World indoor championships. It was from the 60 metres race where he clocked a NR of 6.66s. He also took part in the 7th World outdoor championships at Seville at the year.

Retired in 2002 but came out in 2003. The comeback saw him winning a silver medal of 100m during the national championship. But it was Watson's last race and he never comeback into serious training in the next seasons.

Several years later, Watson became a sprint coach and based in Miri Sarawak, his hometown.

Personal bests:
100m- 10.30s Kuala Lumpur 1998 / 10.0h Hanoi 1998 / 10.20w Bangkok 1998
200m- 21.20s Kuala Lumpur 1995
60m- 6.66s Maebashi 1999
50m- 5.84s Eaubonne 1999

Best six (6) 100 metres:
10.30 - Kuala Lumpur (Pre-Comm / NC) 3.7.1998
10.31 - Kuantan (State Champs) 28.3.1998
10.32 - Bangkok (Asian Games)  14.12.1998
10.33 - Kuantan (Sukma) 7.6.1996
10.36 - Kuala Lumpur (Commonwealth Games)  16.09.98
10.36 - Almaty (National Championships)  27.5.2000

Watson's coaches:
Daniel St Hilaire (Quebec, Canada) - 1995 to 1997
Mumtaz Jaafar (Selangor) - 1998 to 2002
Sulaiman Arman (Sabah) - 2003 (preparation for National champs)

by Jad Adrian (Track & Field Statistician)


The Monster Lightning Bolt Failed to Break Michael Johnson Record

>> May 28, 2010

It was on March 24, 2000 when Michael Johnson set a world record best 30.85 in 300m at Pretoria, South Africa. The record that achieved at altitude (1271 m) remain unbeatable by any human being but nearly rocked by Usain Bolt in his recent race (May 27, 2010) at the Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava with a time of 30.97s. Bolt who holds three world records in 100m, 200m and 4x100m also a world best of 150m straight, added one more world best performance in 100 yards by clocking a split time of 9.07s in the first 100 yards en route to win the 300m race which is also the fastest non-altitude performances of all time. His first 200m split time was 19.83s while the last 100m was 11.14s.

Johnson ran 30.85s at altitude would be around 31.06s at the sea level. I did not found any ‘correction time’s calculator’ for altitude for 300m on the net? But a 1,271m of altitude at Pretoria was about 0.13 s and 0.29 s advantages for 200m and 400m respectively which meant around 0.21s for a 300m.

Turning 24y this year (well same as me…), Bolt will have much more time to lower the times and breaks much more records (wait… so the same to me still have much more time!). That's why i asked my friends going to London 2012 to see what will happen at the athletics arena!

Furthermore, we take into account that Michael Johnson ran 19.32s at 29y, 43.18s at 32y and 30.85s at 31y, so its 8 years alike for Bolt to proves that he is the best athlete in the world in all three-discipline of sprint events. Yet, in my sight he is out of touch to breaks the 400m world record at the moment anyway. Full results are as follow:

300 Metres - Men Race 1

1 Usain Bolt JAM 30.97
2 Jermaine Gonzales JAM 32.49
3 Jonathan Borl BEL 32.50
4 Jamaal Torrance USA 32.78
5 Gary Kikaya COD 33.05
6 Pavel Maslk CZE 33.13
7 Jirk Vojtr CZE 33.34
8 Rudolf Gotz CZE 34.00

49th Golden Spike 300m Race 1 Video, click here


New Sabah's Sprint Queen

>> April 07, 2010

7th April, 2010

KOTA KINABALU: Jarmella Washif is the new sprint queen of the Kota Kinabalu Division Schools Sports Council Track and Field Championship after upsetting favourite Cynthia Manghing in the Girls’ Under-18 100m finals yesterday.

The opening day of the meet saw the Ranau lass clock a personal best and which is also a record, 11.8s (hand time). Prior to this, her personal best was 12.3s at the State Championship last year. So for Cynthia who has been a dominant force in the blue ribbon event for the last two years now, has finally found a rival in the business, as Jarmella proved that she is now the one to beat.

Cynthia, representing Penampang, took the silver with a time of 12.1s followed by team-mate Jesyline Stephen, who claimed the bronze with 12.6s. Jarmella’s team-mate Emily Yukon finished in fourth (13.1s).

This was the first time that Jarmella has beaten Cynthia and she attributes her success to hard training.“I’ve been training very hard till I vomited,” she said.“And I have been training regularly … five times a week, except on Thursday and Sunday, which are my rest days. Jarmella is training under her personal coach Washif Jafri, who is her father!

Washif said that he was not really surprised to see her daughter go below the 12 seconds mark.“We have been working hard towards achieving this specific target. In fact I’m not too surprised. However, I didn’t expect her to do 11.8s because at most I’ve predicted is 11.9s.“And I expect her to do better as she has yet to peak. She is now at 90 to 95 per cent. We are hoping that she will hit her best form during the State Championship or the Sukma,” said Washif.

Meanwhile, Cynthia’s personal coach William Isidore was not too disappointed to see his sprinter finished as second best.“I think I’ll take her defeat in a positive manner. In fact this is a good lesson for her to learn from and help remind her that she is not unbeatable. I hope with this she will train even harder.

Besides the gold medal feat, Jarmella also won two silver medals. She claimed her first silver medal in the long jump event and she was quite happy with this as she only picked up the event barely a week ago. She leapt a distance of 4.98m to finish behind gold medal winner, Ranau’s Ana Lydia Tinngi who recorded 5.38m.

In the 4×100m relay, Jarmella and Co had to settle for second as the gold medal was won by Penampang, spearheaded by Cynthia. Jarmella can seal her sprint queen tag on the final day today as she will be running in the 200m event with both Cynthia and Jesyline as rivals.

In the boys’ category, Nicky Ah Hill from Tuaran emerged as the new sprint king of the Under-18 category. He clocked 10.7s to take the gold medal while the silver went to Sebastian Lee Azcona of Kota Kinabalu who was a fraction of second behind on 10.8s followed by team-mate Asif Farhan in third with 11s. Last year’s winner, Jesly Justin from Penampang claimed the fourth spot, also on 11 seconds.

Defending overall champion Ranau are on course to retain the title after bagging a total of 20 gold medals on the opening day. They also won 22 silver medals and another 12 bronze medals. Penampang is in second on 12 gold, five silver and 11 bronze medals while Kota Kinabalu was third with 9, 16 and 17 bronxe medals. Host Tuaran ended the day with 7 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze medals. The meet ends today.

Report from sabah times

More reports;

1) Kosmo

2) Utusan

3) RTM


2010 Malaysia Athletics Calendar / Kalender Olahraga Kebangsaan Malaysia 2010

>> March 03, 2010

24 FTAAA Under Distance Meet, Tun Razak Kuala Lumpur

06 Putrajaya Night Marathon, Putrajaya Malaysia
07 Perak AAA Under Distance, Ipoh Perak
21 Lari Berganti-Ganti Terbuka NS, P.Dickson N.Sembilan
24-26 Asian Indoor Championship
26-28 Malaysian Universities Athletics Championship (MASUM), UPM Selangor

03-04 FTAAA Junior Meet, MSN KL
07 FTAAA All Comers, Tun Razak KL
12-14 13th World Indoor Championship, Doha Qatar
13 KL Towerton (Night) Menara KL, Kuala Lumpur
13 Marathon Mini Olympic TLDM, Lumut Perak
14 Asian Race Walking Championship, Nomi City Japan
18-20 Kejohanan Olahraga Mini Olimpik TLDM, Lumut Perak
20-21 MAAU Octagon Under Distance Meet, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
24-29 Marathon KL/Maran, KL/Maran Malaysia
27 30th Milo Golden Miles Races, Kuching Sarawak
27 National Cross Country, K.Bahru Malaysia
28 38th IAAF World Cross Country Championship, Bydgoszcz Poland

04 Kejohanan Olahraga Terbuka POAD, Kerian Sg. Gedong Perak
10-11 69th Negeri Sembilan AAA Athletics Open Championship, Seremban
16 Kejohanan Olahraga POAKN Zon Utara, A.Setar Kedah
17-18 MAAU Octagon All Comers, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
18 Jerantut National 10K Run, Jerantut Pahang
18 Penang AAA Round The Horses Relays, Jalan Sepoi Penang
24 Kota Kinabalu City International Marathon, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

01-02 Sarawak Junior Championship, Kuching Sarawak
01-02 Pahang Octagon Open Junior & Senior Meet, Temerloh Pahang
07-08 Kedah AAA Octagon Open Championship, A.Star Kedah
08-09 Perak Open Junior Championship, Ipoh Perak
08-09 Selangor Junior Athletics Championship, National Stadium (Warm up Track)
14 POAS Zon Tengah Athletics Meet, A.Setar Kedah
17-22 Malaysia Sports School Council (MSSM) Championship, J. Bahru Johor
22 Penang Junior Athletics Championship (Under 23), City Stadium Penang
22-23 Asian Youth Athletics (Qualifications) , Singapore
26-27 5th SEA Junior Athletics Championship (Rescheduled, See Oct.)
29-30 FTAAA State Athletics Meet, MSN Kuala Lumpur
30-31 PRE-SUKMA Athletics Meet, Malacca

01 Asian GP, Banglore India
04 Pre-Sukma Athletics Meet, A.Setar Kedah
05 Asian GP, Cemburi India
07-09 Army Inter-Units (ATM) Athletics Championship, UPM Serdang
09 Asian GP, Chennai India
13-16 XIII Malaysia Games (Sukma) U23 , Malacca Malaysia
27 Standard Chartered KL Marathon

01-04 Asian Junior Athletics Championship, Hanoi Vietnam
03-04 Johor AAA Athletics Championship, Johor Malaysia
04 KWYP Penang Hill Climb, Youth Park Penang
04 Ipoh International Marathon, Ipoh Perak
10-11 71st Selangor Octagon AAA Championship, Petaling Jaya Malaysia (Postponed)
11 Seremban Half Marathon, Seremban Negeri Sembilan
17-18 Perak AAA Athletics Championship, Ipoh Perak
17-18 Penang Open/Junior Athletics Championship (U17) , USM Penang
17-18 57th Sarawak State Athletics Championship, Kuching Sarawak
12-16 ASEAN School, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
20-25 13th IAAF World Junior Championship, Moncton Canada
24 Kelantan AAA Athletics Championship, K.Bahru Kelantan
28-30 ATM Athletics Championship, Ipoh Perak
30-01 MAAU Octagon Athletics Meet (Closed) , Kuala Lumpur (Postponed)
30-01 71st Selangor Open Track and Field Championship, Petaling jaya

01 Tanjung 10KM Run, Jalan Sepoi Penang (Postponed)
06-08 Sabah Open Track and Field Championship, Kota Kinabalu postponed
07-08 Sabah Open Track and Field Championship, Kota Kinabalu (REVIVED)
17-23 1st Youth Olympic Games, Singapore

04-05 11th IAAF World Cup in Athletics, Split Croatia
09 Kelantan AAA Road Relay, K.Bahru Kelantan
11-12 5th IAAF World Athletics Final, Rabat Morocco
18 MAAU Grand Prix II, Kuala Lumpur
21-24 47th ATM Athletics Championship, Ipoh Perak
24-26 MAAU Athletics Championship Postponed
25 MAAU Grand Prix I, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
25 8th 100 Plus Relay Championship, Kuching Sarawak
29-02 Oct. THAILAND OPEN TRACK AND FIELD MEET, Thammasat University, Rangsit THA

03 Tanjung 10KM Run, Jalan Sepoi Penang
06-12 19th Commonwealth Games, New Delhi India
09 5th IAAF World Half Marathon Championship, Nanning China
15-17 MAAU Octagon Open Athletics Championship, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
17 KWYP City Run, Komtar Penang
24 Kedah Relays, K.Ketil Kedah
26-27 5th SEA Junior Athletics Championship, Bangkok Thailand
30 MAAU Grand Prix II, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
30-31 Perak All Comers Meet, Ipoh Perak (?)
30-31 MAAU Malaysia Open Athletics Championship 2010, Kuala Lumpur

21-27 Asian Games (Athletics) , Guangzhou China

02 10th Asian Marathon Championship
07-11 Asian Master Athletics Meet, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur
12-19 1st Asian Para Games, Guangzhou China
19 Penang AAA Round The Island Relay, Esplande Penang
31 One Mile Dash Run, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Last Updated 28th of Sept 2010

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