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74th Singapore Open Athletics Championships 2012, Results and Summary

>> August 25, 2012

The 74th edition of Singapore Open Athletics Championships kicked off today (25.08.2012) and runs until tomorrow at Bishan stadium. Around 30 teams from 12 countries (SIN, MAS, THA, PHI, INA, BRU, VIE, JPN, HKG, TPE, IND...) are registered in the annual meeting. Summary and results;

The best performance in the first day (26.08.2012) produced in the men's 400m hurdles. Japanese hurdler Yasuhiro Fueki who has a personal best (pb) of 49.94s set in Osaka (National championships) this year ran a blistering  pace and came close to the mark in a time of 50.29s, and outclassed Philippine's Junrey Bano in 2nd place (51.93s).

Vietnam's Nguyen Xuan Trong wins the two-lap event (800m), recording a time of 1:54.61s, leaving Philippine's Wenlie Maulas (1:55.14s) and Singapore's Soh Hun Qun (1:55.51s) in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Strong headwinds (-1.7) in the 200m race but that's not preventing Thailand's Somchai Kittisuntornrak to win the race and recorded 21.87s, beating Singapore's Lee Cheng Wei (21.99s) in 2nd place, and Lo Yen Yao (22.30s) of Chinese Taipei in 3rd.

Philippine's Julius Sermona, 34, won the 10000m race easily in a time of 32:51.69,  but way off his best 30:16.91s set in Guangzhou in 2009, obviously resulted from "lack of challenge" in the event.

Local thrower Scott Wong Wei Gen wins the shot put after producing a pb of 15.89m in his first throw. He tried to improve on his mark in the last attempt but only managed to do 15.86m. Japan's Hirofumi Oyama in 2nd place in a distance of 14.16m.

In long jump, Japanese jumpers dominated the top podiums when Kenichi Sato (7.30, 0.0) and Masaya Tsuji (7.29m, 0.0) secured the first two places from local jumper Lai Yong Hui (7.28m, +1.8) in 3rd place.

It was a very tough competition in the javelin throw. India's junior thrower Yadab Manoj, 19, opened his campaign in 65.68m, which is enough for gold medal, but it was then followed by a further 65.85m in his 2nd attempt, and once again improved to 66.11m in last attempt. Another junior thrower Ku Chia Ho of Chinese Taipei was close in 2nd place with 65.43m. Singaporean-based Malaysian thrower Akid Chong Mohd Isham was in 3rd with a pb of 63.87m, slightly ahead of another thrower of Chinese Taipei Chung Cheng Hung (63.63m).

Japanese sprinter Asana Koo, 23, takes the 200m title by clocking 24.96s in a race against strong headwinds of 1.5m/s. Teammate Megumi Shimizu who has better pb (24.06s) than Koo (24.41s) was in 2nd in 25.06s. Thailand's Khanrutai Pakdee third in 25.91s.

As in the men's 400m hurdles, Japanese athletes rules the women's section after Miyabi Tago (58.45s) and Miki Sawada (59.91s) finished as 1st-2nd winners.

India's Annu Rani has thrown 52.41m in her 4th attempt to win the javelin throw. It was her 2nd best throw of all-time after a 53.95m throw set in Hyderabad earlier in June 2012.

The first four in the shot put were non-Southeast Asians. Chinese Taipei's Lai Li Chin (19) threw 15.31m to win the first place. She was trailed by two Japanese throwers Chiaki Yokomizo (14.80m) and Chihir Shigeymana (14.56m) in 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. Her teammate Chiang Ru Ching in 4th place (14.03m).

Malaysia's Nurul Amira Mohd Nafiah is back in her shape after 30days of fasting in Ramadhan's month, registering 5.96m (0.0) in the long jump from her first jump. Next jumps were 5.91m, 5.72m, 5.61m, 5.85m and 5.89m. Japanese Fumie Takehara the Asian championships silver medalist in heptathlon was only in 2nd in 5.84m (0.0) mark but close to her pb 5.98m, with local jumper Nurul Jannah Zulkifli (5.46m,+0.1) was at her good shape close to pb 5.47m but placed in 3rd.

Vietnam's Phan Phi Hoai Thanh won the 800m in 2:23.31s, beating only a local runner Evalyne Christine (2:35.98) as there were only two finishers in the race.

Download day 1 full results here (courtesy of SAA)


Singapore 39.58 4x100m NR at Asian GP 2012

>> May 12, 2012

Despite of finishing in fifth position in the men's 4x100m yesterday at the 2nd leg of Asian GP in Kanchanaburi (11 May 2012),  Singaporean national team has bettered the national record 39.82s set in 2009 SEA Games with a new mark of 39.58s.

Interestingly, the team with line-up of ...
Calvin Kang Li Loong (Pb 10.53, Sb 10.91 & 10.70w/2011),
Gary Yeo Foo Ee (Pb 10.62/10.46w, Sb 10.74/10.60w),
Lee Cheng Wei (Pb 10.61, Sb 10.78),
Muhd Amiruddin Jamal (Pb 10.53, Sb 10.69/2011),
...has once again, beaten the two prominent teams in Southeast Asia, Indonesia (40.23s 6th) and Thailand (40.25s 7th) after they did it in the 1st leg three days ago.

Note: in 2011 SEA Games, the team only lost the gold to Indonesia in the photo-finish when both teams finished in the same time in 39.91s.

In the first leg in Bangkok, the team (same sprinters) was registering 39.83s, only one hundredths of a second slower than the previous national record.

China won the race in 38.65s, Hong Kong finished in 2nd in 38.71, and followed by Chinese Taipei (39.19s) and South Korea (39.58s).

Third leg, the final leg of 2012 Asian GP will be held in Chonburi on May 14, 2012.

Full results: Asian GP 2nd Leg Kanchanaburi


Singaporean Junior Athletics Championships 2012

>> March 19, 2012

38th edition of Singaporean Junior Athletics Championships was held at Bishan Stadium, Singapore on the 16th and 18th of March 2012. Several records were renewed in the meet with participants of Singaporeans and athletes (unspecified) based in this country (including several athletes from Malaysia). Summary (best performances) as below;

200m (16) /0.0: Donavon Chan (94) 21.85, 2. Ng Chin Hui (94) 22.29.
SP 6kg (16): 1. Wong Kai Yuen (94) 16.31 NJR
400m (18): 1. Seow Yeong Yang (93) 50.14.
PV (18): 1. Aaron Koh Xu Qing (95) 4.30, 2. Tan Yuan Shao (95) 4.00.

100m (18) /+0.1: 1. Muhammad Naqib Asmin 11.25.
110mh 0.91 (18) /0.0: 1. Ang Dinghui (96) 14.70, 2. Liang Awyong (95) 15.17.
PV (18): 1. Chan Sheng Yao (96) 4.41, 2. Wong Xin Xuan (96) 4.00.
SP w? (18): 1. Brian See Wei Ren (96) 14.29
DT w? (18): 1. Brian See Wei Ren (96) 40.99
HT 5kg (16): 1. Hoe Ki Cheong (95/MAS) 27.26, 2. Ong Yan Zhi (96) 24.30 NYR

100m (18) /0.0: 1. Wendy Enn (94) 12.66, 2. Habibah Ahmad (94) 13.12.
PV (18): 1. Carmel Teo (96) 3.31 NJR/NYR, 2. Ray Tong (95) 2.80, 3. An Zi Chang (97) 2.60.

200m (16) /+2.4: Shanti Pereira (96) 25.27, 2. Eugenia Tan (96) 25.71.
400m (18): 1. Tyra Summer Ree (95) 61.46.
HJ (18): 1. Ng Yu Jing (96) 1.58.

Results courtesy of Singapore Athletics Association


Singapore Track & Field Series 2, 2012 (Result)

>> February 12, 2012

Singapore Athletics Association (SAA) Track & Field Series 2, 2012 was held during February 12-13, 2012 at SINGAPORE. Several guests from Malaysia and France competed in this meet. Best results as follows;


100m  (11.02.2011), +2.5:  1h1, Mohd Elfi Mustapha 87 (Sin) 10.86w;  2h1, Donavon Chan Zhiyuan 94 (Sin) 10.90w;  3h1, Calvin Kang 90 (Sin) 10.91w;  4h1, Tan Zong Yang 94 (Sin) 11.01;  5h1, Yuan Joseph 86 (Sin) 11.04w; ... +2.5  1h2, Mikael Domergue 80 (FRA) 10.86w;
200m +0.3:  1, Donavon Chan Zhiyuan 94 (Sin) 22.18;
400m (11):  1, Seow Yeong Yang 93 (Sin) 49.70;  2, Ng Chin Hui 94 (Sin) 50.07;  3, Chan Zhiyuan Don 94 (Sin) 50.29;
1500m (11):  1, Chin Joo Ern 94 (Sin) 4:17.09;
110mh (12), +0.3:  1, Abdul Hakeem (Sin) 14.98;
Pole Vault (12):  1, Chan Sheng Yeo 16 (Sin) 4.63 NYR;
Triple Jump (12):  1, Stefan Tseng (Sin) 15.09  +1.3;
Discus Throw (12):  1, Toh Wei De 86 (Sin) 37.69;

100m (11):  1h4, Yap Jin Wei 94 (Sin) 10.95w +3.1;
110mh /0.99m (12), -0.9:  1, Timothee Yap Ji Wei 94 (Sin) 14.95;
High Jump (12):  1, Lim Chern Miao 94 (Sin) 1.91;
Shot Put /6kg (11):  1, Wong Kai Yuen 94 (Sin) 14.79;
Discus Throw /1.75kg (12):  1, Wong Kai Yuen (Sin) 45.63;

2000m St./ 0.914m (11):  1, Venuraam S/O Selvan 95 (Sin) 6:47.47;
Triple Jump (12):  1, Benjamin Ong Yu Kai 96 (Sin) 14.43  +1.2;
Javelin Throw /U18, 700g (11):  1, Ho Chung Xian 96 (Sin) 53.77 NYR;
400m (11):  1, Charlene Oh 95 (Sin) 61.77;
Pole Vault (12):  1, Carmel Teo (Sin) 3.21 NJR & NYR;  2, Leong Wen Jun (Sin) 2.75;
Long Jump (11): 1, Nurul Fatimatul Zahrah Awang (Mas) 5.82 +0.5;  2, Siti Nor Jannah Zulkifli (Sin) 5.47  0.0;
Discus Throw (12):  1, Chan Zhi Xuan 94 (Sin) 36.67;

100m (11):  1h1, Wendy Enn (Sin) 12.44w +2.4;
Javelin Throw (11):  1, Siti Nur Nadia Muhammad Osman 25.02.1993 (Mas) 37.28;

100m (11):  1h5, Eugenia Tan 96 (Sin) 12.37w +4.3;
100mh (12)  +1.8:  1, Jannah Wong 96 (Sin) 14.82;
Triple Jump (12):  1, Lim Enzuan 97 (Sin) 11.02  +0.0;

Results courtesy of Singapore Athletics Association



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