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Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Athlete Performance - TIPS for Exercise, Training During Ramadan

>> August 04, 2011

During the month of Ramadan it's estimated that around 500 millions of adult Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to sunset. Generally, 'fasting' means you can't drink, eat, smoke, and have sex during the daylights. That will require those who fast to change the timing of food and fluid intakes, as well as sleep cycle.

One day of fasting seems to have no or a little effect on performance. However, thirty consecutive days of fasting may affect various performance factors including strength, speed, and endurance.

Previous studies have mentioned that Ramadan fasting contributed a fall in aerobic capacity, endurance, and ability to perform exercise at 75% of maximum vo2 max. There was also study that reported some decrements in general fitness components (speed, agility, endurance) and skill test (dribbling) following the fasting (1). The reasons of aforesaid decrements might be lack of fluid and food intake and sleep loss , in which subsequently increase fatigue.

However, recent study demonstrates that there were no clear effects in speed, power, agility, endurance and dribbling skill following Ramadan fasting (7). A study found that Ramadan fasting did not affect the physical performance of athletes, in fact improved performance (2). 

A study was carried out to investigate the effects of Ramadan fasting on anaerobic power, anaerobic capacity and the removal rate of lactate in sprinters, thrower (athletics), and wrestlers (3). Results from this study suggested that Ramadan fasting may not produce adverse effects on body composition, anaerobic power, anaerobic capacity, and LA metabolism during, and after high intensity exercise if there is no change in total daily caloric intake (food and fluid), and no change in total sleeping hours or if everything are maintained as before Ramadan (3).

During Ramadan fasting, proper periodisation of training is important for maintaining and optimising the performance of athletes. Adjustment of training can have a remarkable effect on performance. High-level athletes can maintain performance during Ramadan if physical training, diet, and sleep are well-controlled (9).

Recommendation / Tips for Exercising During Ramadan

  • First of all, there is no reason to stop your regular exercise during Ramadan;
  • Exercise in the morning is okay as long the neuromuscular is already activated and ready to practice;
  • Exercise in the afternoon/evening (normally 2 hours before break fast) is okay but you may control  the training variables (volume, set, repetition) to adapt the physiological change occurred during Ramadan;
  • From the scientific research, experienced athletes may be able maintain the normal training loads (with some adjustments) when fasted in Ramadan's month;
  • Heavy gym session or weight training is preferably be done 1 and a half hour after first meal of post fasting so you can lower the risk of muscle damage;
  • Other reason to exercise at evening is you can consume your supplement foods as usual;
  • If your aim is to lose weight, the best time to perform the workouts is 1 - 1.5 hours prior to break-fast (evening);
  • You may drink heap of waters during sunset to dawn (not dawn to sunset, of course !!);
  • Maintain the daily calorie intake (food & fluid) as before Ramadan (very important);
  • Make sure that you consume protein with the pre-fasting and post-fasting meals;
  • Taking extra multivatamin, protein shake, protein bar are also very helpful;
  • You should ensure adequate sleep and good nutrition to preserve performance and general health.

  • It's clear that you don't really need to make an excuse regarding your practice or training during Ramadan. However to keep your body (and mind), fit and healthy, good diet, sleep etc as mentioned above should be adhered, or your training's performance may decline as reported from the scientific studies. Kindly remember that training impact from week 1 to week 4 of fasting month may be different (increase), thus adjustments of diets and workouts are vital.

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    Top 10 Track and Field Stories in 2010

    >> January 03, 2011

    Happy New Year 2011 to everyone. I would like to thank to all the readers of, which has been steadly increasing and contributed about 60,000 hits throughout the 2010. I wish you all the very best in your commitments and dreams in 2011.

    This year will be interesting as the IAAF World Championship in athletics will continue to crown the world champion titles to athletes during its 12th edition. This Championship will be held in Deagu, South Korea from August 27 - September 04. Apart from that, we also have the biggest multi-sports event this year, the World University Games (Universiade) that is scheduled on August 12 -23 in Shenzhen, China.

    In Asia level, Asian Championship in Athletics (ATF) is scheduled on July 07-10 in Kobe, Japan. But before that, Indonesia will be the host for the bi-annual Southeast Asian Games, SEA Games in Jakarta.

    For Malaysian athletes, the best chance to beat the qualification marks for all above meets will be during the Malaysian Games (SUKMA) on June which is now upgraded as a senior games, thus became the biggest multi-sports event at the country.

    With the continued support from you, we'll continue our effort in bringing the maximum coverage for these events and of course to provide much more useful information and news in 2011. Stay tuned with All your support is greatly appreciated

    Following are the top 10 track and field stories during the 2010:

    1) Top 10 Most Impressive Performances in Athletics for 2010, Top Asian Athlete and Top New Comer

    2) 15th AUG Chiang Mai 2010 - 100m & 400m Videos, Athletics Results Day 1 ( Part 1)

    3) How Fast Can Cristiano Ronaldo Run in the 100m?

    4) Carl Lewis (Tom Tellez) Training & Race Approach: Microcycle, Weight Training, Core Stabilization, and Race Strategy (Part 2)

    5) Interesting facts about Usain Bolt

    6) 87th Malaysia Open Track and Field Championship 2010, Results Day 1 (Part 4)

    7) Energy System In Track and Field

    8) 14th Asian Junior Athletics Championship 2010

    9) 15th AUG Chiang Mai 2010 - 100m & 400m Videos, Athletics Results Day 1 ( Part 1)

    10) 400Meters: Indonesia VS Malaysia VS Philippines VS Thailand (All-Time Top Performers)


    2010 Malaysia Athletics Calendar / Kalender Olahraga Kebangsaan Malaysia 2010

    >> March 03, 2010

    24 FTAAA Under Distance Meet, Tun Razak Kuala Lumpur

    06 Putrajaya Night Marathon, Putrajaya Malaysia
    07 Perak AAA Under Distance, Ipoh Perak
    21 Lari Berganti-Ganti Terbuka NS, P.Dickson N.Sembilan
    24-26 Asian Indoor Championship
    26-28 Malaysian Universities Athletics Championship (MASUM), UPM Selangor

    03-04 FTAAA Junior Meet, MSN KL
    07 FTAAA All Comers, Tun Razak KL
    12-14 13th World Indoor Championship, Doha Qatar
    13 KL Towerton (Night) Menara KL, Kuala Lumpur
    13 Marathon Mini Olympic TLDM, Lumut Perak
    14 Asian Race Walking Championship, Nomi City Japan
    18-20 Kejohanan Olahraga Mini Olimpik TLDM, Lumut Perak
    20-21 MAAU Octagon Under Distance Meet, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    24-29 Marathon KL/Maran, KL/Maran Malaysia
    27 30th Milo Golden Miles Races, Kuching Sarawak
    27 National Cross Country, K.Bahru Malaysia
    28 38th IAAF World Cross Country Championship, Bydgoszcz Poland

    04 Kejohanan Olahraga Terbuka POAD, Kerian Sg. Gedong Perak
    10-11 69th Negeri Sembilan AAA Athletics Open Championship, Seremban
    16 Kejohanan Olahraga POAKN Zon Utara, A.Setar Kedah
    17-18 MAAU Octagon All Comers, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    18 Jerantut National 10K Run, Jerantut Pahang
    18 Penang AAA Round The Horses Relays, Jalan Sepoi Penang
    24 Kota Kinabalu City International Marathon, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

    01-02 Sarawak Junior Championship, Kuching Sarawak
    01-02 Pahang Octagon Open Junior & Senior Meet, Temerloh Pahang
    07-08 Kedah AAA Octagon Open Championship, A.Star Kedah
    08-09 Perak Open Junior Championship, Ipoh Perak
    08-09 Selangor Junior Athletics Championship, National Stadium (Warm up Track)
    14 POAS Zon Tengah Athletics Meet, A.Setar Kedah
    17-22 Malaysia Sports School Council (MSSM) Championship, J. Bahru Johor
    22 Penang Junior Athletics Championship (Under 23), City Stadium Penang
    22-23 Asian Youth Athletics (Qualifications) , Singapore
    26-27 5th SEA Junior Athletics Championship (Rescheduled, See Oct.)
    29-30 FTAAA State Athletics Meet, MSN Kuala Lumpur
    30-31 PRE-SUKMA Athletics Meet, Malacca

    01 Asian GP, Banglore India
    04 Pre-Sukma Athletics Meet, A.Setar Kedah
    05 Asian GP, Cemburi India
    07-09 Army Inter-Units (ATM) Athletics Championship, UPM Serdang
    09 Asian GP, Chennai India
    13-16 XIII Malaysia Games (Sukma) U23 , Malacca Malaysia
    27 Standard Chartered KL Marathon

    01-04 Asian Junior Athletics Championship, Hanoi Vietnam
    03-04 Johor AAA Athletics Championship, Johor Malaysia
    04 KWYP Penang Hill Climb, Youth Park Penang
    04 Ipoh International Marathon, Ipoh Perak
    10-11 71st Selangor Octagon AAA Championship, Petaling Jaya Malaysia (Postponed)
    11 Seremban Half Marathon, Seremban Negeri Sembilan
    17-18 Perak AAA Athletics Championship, Ipoh Perak
    17-18 Penang Open/Junior Athletics Championship (U17) , USM Penang
    17-18 57th Sarawak State Athletics Championship, Kuching Sarawak
    12-16 ASEAN School, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    20-25 13th IAAF World Junior Championship, Moncton Canada
    24 Kelantan AAA Athletics Championship, K.Bahru Kelantan
    28-30 ATM Athletics Championship, Ipoh Perak
    30-01 MAAU Octagon Athletics Meet (Closed) , Kuala Lumpur (Postponed)
    30-01 71st Selangor Open Track and Field Championship, Petaling jaya

    01 Tanjung 10KM Run, Jalan Sepoi Penang (Postponed)
    06-08 Sabah Open Track and Field Championship, Kota Kinabalu postponed
    07-08 Sabah Open Track and Field Championship, Kota Kinabalu (REVIVED)
    17-23 1st Youth Olympic Games, Singapore

    04-05 11th IAAF World Cup in Athletics, Split Croatia
    09 Kelantan AAA Road Relay, K.Bahru Kelantan
    11-12 5th IAAF World Athletics Final, Rabat Morocco
    18 MAAU Grand Prix II, Kuala Lumpur
    21-24 47th ATM Athletics Championship, Ipoh Perak
    24-26 MAAU Athletics Championship Postponed
    25 MAAU Grand Prix I, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    25 8th 100 Plus Relay Championship, Kuching Sarawak
    29-02 Oct. THAILAND OPEN TRACK AND FIELD MEET, Thammasat University, Rangsit THA

    03 Tanjung 10KM Run, Jalan Sepoi Penang
    06-12 19th Commonwealth Games, New Delhi India
    09 5th IAAF World Half Marathon Championship, Nanning China
    15-17 MAAU Octagon Open Athletics Championship, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    17 KWYP City Run, Komtar Penang
    24 Kedah Relays, K.Ketil Kedah
    26-27 5th SEA Junior Athletics Championship, Bangkok Thailand
    30 MAAU Grand Prix II, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    30-31 Perak All Comers Meet, Ipoh Perak (?)
    30-31 MAAU Malaysia Open Athletics Championship 2010, Kuala Lumpur

    21-27 Asian Games (Athletics) , Guangzhou China

    02 10th Asian Marathon Championship
    07-11 Asian Master Athletics Meet, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur
    12 STARWALK PISA, Penang
    12-19 1st Asian Para Games, Guangzhou China
    19 Penang AAA Round The Island Relay, Esplande Penang
    31 One Mile Dash Run, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    Last Updated 28th of Sept 2010

    >>> MASUM CALENDAR 2010 Download



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