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SEA Athletics Annual 2014/15 (latest! published May 31, 2015)
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1) Annual Rankings. Many standard events has an average of TOP 30. However, some events has TOP 35 or TOP 40 or even more!. Additional events like half marathon also has TOP 30+ and other additional events such as 10km road, 10km race walk, 2000m steeplechase, 4x200m, 4x800m (to name a few) included short lists. Due to some demands, also included are the leading marks for  events such as Octathlon, 3000m walk, 5000m walk, 4x200m, 4x800m (to name a few). In addition, leading marks for junior and category are also given in this publication.

2) All Time Rankings. Top 10 for standard events are included.

3) Major Meeting Results. Important results from SEA countries (i.e. National championships and National games) including full results of ASEAN University Games, and first three of SEA level competitions from all age-group competitions.

4) Statistical Profiles. More than 100 athletes from all SEA countries including all top athletes from 2014 and those who are likely to be leading contenders in 2015 SEA Games.

5) Records. SEA seniors and juniors (all events). Outdoor and indoor records for seniors (standard events), with Asian and World records also included.

6) SEA Athletes in Asian Rankings. Analyses of SEA athletes who made top 30 of Asian rankings in 3 years (2011, 2012, 2013). Their positions in World lists also noted (if relevant).

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1) Annual Rankings. Many standard events have an average of TOP 30. In stronger events like in sprints include even more. Men's 100m includes top 51. Weaker events (like throws) includes less than 25 performers. Many 'secondary' events like half marathon, 10km road, 10km race walk, 2000m steeplechase, 4x200m, 4x800m (to name a few) includes full or (mostly) shorter lists. Also included are leading marks for additional events such as 15km road, 3000m walk, 5000m walk, medley relay (to name a few). Also, leading marks for junior category given in this publication.

2) All Time Rankings. Top 10 for standard events are included.

3) Major Meeting Results. Important results from SEA countries including full results of SEA Games. SEA level competitions for all age groups.

4) Statistical Profiles. More than 110 athletes from all SEA countries. Including all SEA Games champions and World championship representatives, and other athletes who have produced best marks in 2013.

5) Records. SEA seniors and juniors (all events). Outdoor and indoor records for seniors (standard events), with Asian and World records also included.

6) SEA Athletes in Asian Rankings. Analyses of SEA athletes who made top 30 of Asian rankings in 3 years (2011, 2012, 2013). Their positions in World lists also noted (if relevant).

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 A5 / 165 Pages.

1) Annual Rankings. Many standard events given with + TOP 30 - 35, plus shorter lists for several others;
*Men's 100m - 200m - 400m includes TOP 38 - 47;
*Marathon and Half-marathon also includes TOP + 30;
*10km run, 10km walk race etc. were given with TOP + 10;
*about 42 pages added (incl. 17p to 2012 rankings);
2) All-Time Rankings. Top 10 for standard events.
3) Records. SEA Seniors & Juniors, National seniors (standard events) plus World and Asia.
4) Profiles.  + 100 SEA's top athletes (incl. all Olympians from SEA countries)..
5) Results; AGP, AUG, National Championships, Road Races and other important meets.
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SOUTHEAST ASIA ATHLETICS ANNUAL 2011/12 (ISBN 978-967-11106-0-7)
The first ever statistics book with information of SOUTHEAST ASIAN ATHLETICS.

1) Annual Rankings. Indicating all NRs, and NJRs. Included also additional rankings such as "hand timing", "windy mark", "best athlete from other countries" etc.

2) All-Time Rankings. Top 10 lists of SEA All-Time for all standard events

3) Athlete Profiles. Leading athletes of SEA, incl. ALL gold medalists of SEA Games.

4) Complete Records. a.k.a comparative records: Outdoor and Indoor National records + Asia + World, for standard events

5) Major Meeting Results. SEA Games (full), Southeast Asian Juniors, Asean Schools, Thailand Open, Philippines, Vietnam , Singapore , Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

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