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Title: The 100 Greatest Olympians and Paralympians
Author: Nick Callow
Publication: 2012 by Carlton Books Ltd
Condition: Brand new
Pagination, Size & Cover: 224pg, 9.2 x 11.2 inches, Hard cover
Price: £ 25.00  USD 13.00 (Malaysia RM 40)
Shipping & Handling: 
RM 10.00 (Malaysia); USD 9.00 (Asia Pacific); USD 11.00 (Rest of the World)
Description:The Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games form the greatest sporting extravaganza in the world. Athletes from more than 200 countries, competing in more than two dozen sports and disciplines, battle each other for the glory of the podium. "The 100 Greatest Olympians and Paralympians" is a celebration of the cream of world sporting endeavour stretching back 112 years. These 100 legends from the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games were more than special athletes, they took their sports to new levels of excellence. Each one's achievements are described, not only in context of their extraordinary feats but also how, in many cases, they changed public perception. Some, like Jesse Owens in 1936, became torch-bearers for social change, others, such as Usain Bolt in 2008, simply made their sport 'cool' again. Each biography has been painstakingly researched and is complemented by outstanding photographs capturing the essence of sporting greatness.

Title: Greatest British Olympian
Author: Neil Wilson
Publication: 2011 by Carlton Books Ltd
Condition: Brand new
Pagination, Size & Cover: 128pg, 216mm x 280mm, Paperback
Price: £ 18.99  USD 9.00 (Malaysia RM 30)
Shipping & Handling:
RM 10.00 (Malaysia); USD 9.00 (Asia Pacific); USD 11.00 (Rest of the World)
Description:  llustrated biographies of these great athletes: Harold Abrahams, Chris Brasher, Lord Burghley, Sebastian Coe, Lynn Davies, Jonathan Edwards, Sally Gunnell, David Hemery, Albert Hill, Kelly Holmes, Denise Lewis, Eric Liddell, Douglas Lowe, Steve Ovett, Ann Packer, Mary Peters, Mary Rand, Tessa Sanderson, Daley Thompson, Allan Wells, Chris Finnegan, Terry Spinks, Harry Mallin, Dick McTaggart, Tim Brabants, Chris Boardman, Nicole Cook, Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Jason Queally, Bradley Wiggins, Derek Allhusen, Henry Llewellyn, Richard Meade, Gillian Sheene, Sean Kerly, Jim Fox, Steph Cook, Jack Beresford, Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent, Ben Ainslie, Rodney Pattison, Iain Percy, Shirley Robertson, Sarah Ayton, Malcolm Cooper, Rebecca Adlington, Duncan Goodhew, Judy Grinham, Anita Lonsbrough, Adrian Moorhouse, Paul Radmilovic, Henry Taylor, David Wilkie, Charlotte Cooper, Launceston Elliott.; Feature spreads are on the London 1908 and 1948 Games; the Wyndeham Halswelle walkover; GB's football golds; Abrahams, Liddell and Chariots of Fire; and Coe vs Ovett.

Title: The Fastest Men on Earth:  The Story of the Men's 100 Metres Olympic Champions
Author: Neil Duncanson
Publication: 2011 by Carlton Publishing Group
Condition: Brand new
Pagination, Size & Cover: 336pg, Hard cover
Price: £ 18.99  USD 9.00 (Malaysia RM 30)
Shipping & Handling: RM 10.00 (Malaysia); USD 9.00 (Asia Pacific); USD 11.00 (Rest of the World)
More info: click here

Title: Gold Rush: What Makes an Olympic Champion?
Author: Michael Johnson
Publication: 2011 by HarperSport
Condition: Brand new
Pagination, Size & Cover: 304pg, Hard cover
Price: £ 20.00  USD 9.00 (Malaysia RM 30)
Shipping & Handling:  RM 10.00 (Malaysia); USD 8.00 (Asia Pacific); USD 10.00 (Rest of the World)
Description: As below.

Title: Gold Rush: What Makes an Olympic Champion?
Author: Michael Johnson
Publication: 2012 by HarperSport
Condition: Brand new
Pagination, Size & Cover: 320pg, 20cm x 13cm, Paperback
Price: £ 20.00  USD 9.00 (Malaysia RM 30)
Shipping & Handling:  RM 10.00 (Malaysia); USD 7.00 (Asia Pacific); USD 9.00 (Rest of the World)
Description: 'Elite athletes aren't born. They're made.' Michael Johnson From a living icon of the Olympic Games - as both an athlete and now as a BBC broadcaster - Gold Rush is a compelling analysis of the fascinating combination of psychological and personal qualities, as well as internal and external factors, that go to create an Olympic champion. This exciting new book is based on Michael Johnson's own experiences as an iconic four-time Olympic champion, and on the knowledge he has gleaned as a top-class coach and motivational speaker. It also features, uniquely, more than a dozen exclusive and insightful interviews with Olympic legends from across several different sports who between them have claimed more than 50 gold medals over the past 30 years. In essence, Johnson has assembled his very own Olympic Hall of Fame in assessing the DNA of true champions. Gold Rush is themed around chapters in which Johnson will discuss each of the key qualities/factors. He expertly feeds in fascinating first-person testimonies from the Olympic legends. In the process he builds up a definitive knowledge bank of expertise and experience from athletes who have been on this fascinating journey, encountered the highs and the lows, but ultimately reached the summit - an Olympic gold medal. Johnson's interviewees include: Usain Bolt Carl Lewis Sally Gunnell Seb Coe Daley Thompson Cathy Freeman Ian Thorpe Michael Phelps Rebecca Adlington Chris Hoy Steve Redgrave Matthew Pinsent Lennox Lewis Michael Jordan

Product: Spike Shoes, Adidas Adizero Middle Distance
Condition: Brand new (without box, without spike)
Size: US 6.5
Price: USD 49.00  USD 30.00 (Malaysia RM 100.00)
Shipping & Handling: RM 10 (Malaysia);   USD 10.00 (Asia Pacific);  USD 13.00 (Rest of the World)
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