Christophe Lemaitre 100m 9.92s +2.0 (Video) - Officially the Fastest White Man in History

>> July 30, 2011

A few days back I wrote a complete lists of the fastest white men in history and out the lists Christophe Lemaitre was second fastest white man of all-time. I know that Lemaitre has becomes the first white man (Caucasian) to break the 10s barrier in 2010 but there was another guy from non-African descent (non-black) has gone sub10 earlier, Patrick Johnson of Australia with 9.93s in 2003. He achieved the time at age of 31 (and still running at the moment). Nevertheless Johnson is mixed blood (Caucasian father of Ireland + Indigenous Australian (black) mother who died when he was just 18 months old).

Lemaitre ran 9.95s twice in the past a few weeks and is expected to explode during the 2011 World Championships in Deagu next month but he lowered the time to 9.92s +2.0 earlier during the French national championships in Albi on July 29, 2011. His progression to 9.92s marks him as the "fastest white man" or the "fastest man from non-African descent" in history without any doubt now. I reckon none expect he will run that fast one month before the major championships.

Christophe Lemaitre - no doubt the fastest white man alive
But to me it's not really a surprise. Running under the best condition engulfing the stadium ambient (29 degree celsius), no pressure against the local sprinters and then helped by the most favorable tailwinds 2.0m/s (2.1m/s = Illegal), you "should" run faster than expected. Well, scientific studies have shown that advantage of a 2.0m/s tailwinds is about 0.10 seconds !!.

I said that sub10 is no longer "magical barrier" for Lemaitre since it is now a common thing "cracking sub10". At the best shape and form and given the right condition, I think he has chance to break and break his record to 9.8-low or 9.7-high, which would make him the fastest man in Europe, faster than Francis Obikwelu, Linford Christie or anyone else. But to break the world record is perhaps out of reach.

Christophe Lemaitre's 9.92 +2.0 Video from French Nationals 2011

2011 French Nationals: 100m men Final Results (W: +2.0)

1        9.92     NR    Christophe Lemaitre
2        10.07             Jimmy Vicaut
3        10.17             Martial Mbandjock
4        10.29             Yannick Lesourd
5        10.29             Emmanuel Biron
6        10.30             Teddy Tinmar
7        10.32             Ronald Pognon
8        10.50             Pierre-Alexis Pessonneaux


Malaysia Athletics Results No 6, 2011: Sabah Open, Penang Open, 19th International Little Athletics, Thailand Sports School Games 2011

>> July 28, 2011

Malaysia Athletics Results No 6, 2011
Compiled by Jad Adrian (T&F Statistician)

Women 100m final at Malaysian Nationals in Kangar
02 July, Sliven BUL: 21st Balkan Games 2011
-regional multi-sports event for nations of Balkans (southeastern Europe)-
-athletes from MAS & other foreign countries competed on invitational-
100m: (+1.5) 1r2, Mohd Imran A.Hadi, 10.40s (4th fastest in MAS All-Time lists); 3r2, Mohd Ikhwan Nor, 10.63s;

07-10 July, Kobe JAP: 19th Asian Athletics Championships 2011
-following are detailed results of MAS athletes at the championships-
(07) 400m: 6h3, Paneerselvam Yuvaaraj, 48.17s;
(10) 110mh: (-0.8) 7, Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian, 14.03s (& 4h2, 13.94s -0.2);
(08) TJ: 6, Mohd Hakimi Ismail, 15.77m +3.1 (best regular 15.76m +0.8);
(09) HT: 11, Jackie Wong Siew Cheer, 52.97m;

(10) 3000stc: 7, Melinder Kaur, 11:20.13s;
(09) 400mh: 7, Noraseela Mohd Khalid, 58.53s (& 4h1, 58.91s on 8/7);
(09) TJ: 10, Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah, 13.04m +0.9;
(087) HT: 5, Tan Song Hwa, 54.44m;

09 July, Plovdiv BUL: International Meeting ("Vulpev-Bahchevanov")
-area permit meetings of European athletics outdoors with participation of elite athletes from eight countries-
100m: (-1.6) 6r3, Mohd Zabidi Ghazali, 11.07s;
(-1.4) 3r4, Mohd Noor Imran A.Hadi, 10.58s; 6r4, Ambrose Jilom & Mohd Ikhwan Nor, 10.81s;
200m: (+0.2) 1r4, Mohd Noor Imran, 21.36s; 4r4, Mohd Ikhwan Nor, 21.72s; 7r4, Mohd Zabdi Ghazali, 22.85s;
800m: 1, Mohd Jironi Riduan, 1:53.09s (solo run, leaving 2nd finisher by 7 sec !!);

100m: (-1.2) 3, Norjannah Hafiszah Jamaluddin, 11.60s (2nd fastest in MAS All-Time lists); 5, Nurul Sarah Abdul Kadir, 11.84s.
200m: (-1.7) 2, Norjannah Hafiszah, 24.65s. 3, Nurul Sarah, 25.05s.
800m: 2, K. Gantimanthi, 2:11.26s.

09 July, Malacca: 36th SUKUM
-annual multi-sports event for Malaysian university staff-
SP: 1, Muhamad Malik Tobias, 13.19m
(a retired athlete!! - NR holder at decathlon, 7095pts)

JT: 1, Nurul Huda Mohd Akhir, 38.38m;

9-10 July, Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Open Track & Field
-a total of 700 participants including some quests from the Philippines as noted-
(09) 100m: 1, Eddie Edwards Jr, 10.87s; 2, Mohd Putra Amin, 11.04s; 3, Jesly Justin, 11.11s;
(10) 200m: 1, Sebastian Lee Azcona, 22.30s;
(10) 400m: 1, Muhamad Yunus Lasaleh, 49.57s; 2, Anchois Aron, 50.32s;
(10) 110mh: 1, Patrick Sacro Unso, PHI, 14.99s;
(09) 400mh: 1, Patrick Sacro Unso, PHI, 54.85s; 2, Eldy Sham Elron, 55.83s; 3, Pang Tsun Kuo, 55.86s;
(09) HJ: 1, Rizal Sidi Ahmad, 1.95m; 2, Sebastian Lee Azcona (sprinter !!), 1.93m;
(10) LJ: 1, El Said Abdel Aziz, 6.90m;
(09) TJ: El Said Abdel Aziz,14.57m; 2, Jonathan Wong, 14.56m; 3, Alfred Udayar, Sab, 14.18s;
(10) SP: 1, Mohd Hafiz Hashim, 14.34m; 2, Andy Gerald, 12.15m; 3, Max Anzie Jetol, Sab, 11.95m;
(09) DT: 1. Mohd Hafiz Hashim, 39.57m;
(09) JT: 1, Shane Lau Sie Long, 55.67m; 2, Josmon Justin, 55.02m;
(09): 4x100m: 1, Sandakan Team, 42.60s; 2, Tsubasa Kinabalu Team, 42.70s;

Boys (U17)
(10) DT (w?): 1, Danny Paul, 37.71m;

(09) TJ: 1, Merrey Gabali, 10.91m;

Girls (U17)
(10) HJ: 1, Valerie Zinugin, 1.52m;

9-10 July, Penang: Penang Open Track & Field
-all athletes from MAS except only one from SIN as noted-
(10) 400m: 1, Mohd Harmizi Arobi, 49.4s; 2, Murugiah Parthiban, 49.7s (& 1s2, 49.9s);
(09) 800m: 1, Nik Hafiz, 1:55.2s; 2, M.Parthiban, 1:59.2s;
(10) 1500m: 1, Nik Hafiz, 4:11.4s;
(09) 5000m: 1, Alex Romas, Ked, 16:16.8s. 2, Mohgan Ravinteran, Ked, 16:33.5s;
(10) 3000stc: 1, Rajendran Palanisamy, Ked, 9:48.5s; 2, Mohgan Rivinteran, Ked, 9:59.2s; 3, Nadaraji Kumanthan, 10:07.5s; 4, Alex Romas, Ked, 10:23.0s;
(09) 400mh: 1, Syed Rizal Syed Alwi, 56.2s;
(10) HJ: 1, Mohd Shahrul Rizal Azhar, 1.97m;
(10) LJ: 1, Mohd Faizal Mustafa, 6.99m;
(09) TJ: 1, Fazlil Mustafa, 14.52m;
(10) HT: 1, Ng Chee Chew, 43.94m;

(09) 5000m: 1, Balasubramaniam Preymane, 21:42.5s; 2, Parthiban Shalini, 23:31.3s;
(09) HJ: 1, Wong Boon Syian, 1.67m; 2, Michelle Sng Suat Li, SIN, 1.67m;
(10) LJ: 1, Ng Khai Lee, 5.58m;
(09) TJ: 1, Norina Damneon, 11.45m;
(09) DT: 1, Yap Jeng Tzan, 44.26m;
(10) JT: 1, Nadzirah Che Mat, 38.25m;

09-10 July, Kuala Lumpur: 19th International Little Athletics Champs
-competition for youth athletes (14 & 15y)  between 3 countries, MAS, SIN & AUS (WA)-
(09) 100m: 1, Muhamad Aqmal Safuan Hasan, 10.99s;
(10) 200m: 1, Muhamad Aqmal Safuan Hasan, 22.78s;
(09) 400m: 1, Muncherji Zubin Percy, SIN, 50.30s; 2, Sathiamoorthi Lingeasan, 50.73s; 3, Ku Amir Stazwan Ku Sharif, 51.32s;
(09) 800m: 1, Jeeventhiran A/L Victor Ravintharan, 2:00.45s;
(10) 1500m: 1, Heng Yu Jie, SIN, 4:18.90s; 
(10) 200mh (h?): 1, Quek Jun Jie Calvin, SIN, 25.34s; 2, Mohammad Alif Fatah Azmawi, 25.49s; 3, Tarwyn Filipek, AUS, 25.83s;
(09) SP: 1, Jean-Charl Smith, AUS, 16.81m; 2, Blake Phillips, AUS, 15.57m;
(10) DT (w?): 1, Blake Phillips, AUS, 57.96m; 2, Jean-Charl Smith, AUS, 51.66m; 3, Jackson Wong Cheun Young, 51.00m; 4, Brian See Wei Ren, SIN, 47.15m;
(10) JT (w?): 1, Rahpael Asun, 56.19m; 2, Blake Phillips, AUS, 54.42m;

(09) 100m: 1, Cheah Tau Chung, 11.36s;
(09) 400m: 1, Badrul Hisyam Abd Manaf, 51.79s;
(10) 200mh (h?): 1, Cha Ross, AUS, 25.71s;
(09) HJ: 1, Jonathan Tinggang, Sar, 1.83m;
(09) TJ: 1, Muhamad Musri Subhan, 13.81m;
(09) DT (w?): 1, Jonathan Tapley, AUS, 50.79m; 2, Mohamad Amirul Akmal Rahim, 46.01m; 3, Hoe Ki-Cheong Caleb, SIN, 45.52m;

(09) 100m: 1, Shanti Veronica Pereira, SIN, 12.39s; 2, Mahafizatul Abdul Manaf,  12.72s; 3, Eugenia Tan, SIN, 12.78s; 4, Hannah Watt, AUS, 12.87s; 5, Rebecca Vester, AUS, 12.95s;
(10) 200m: 1, Breanna Dixon, AUS, 26.15s; 2, Tallulah Luisa Braganca, SIN, 26.35s;
(09) 400m: 1, Rebekah Newton, AUS, 58.19s; 2, Breanna Dixon, AUS, 60.26s; 3, Thia Yi Yi, SIN, 60.87s;
(10) 800m: 1, Rebekeh Newton, AUS, 2:23.04s; 2, Jemima Cummins, AUS, 2:27.48s; 3, Anies Zarryna 'Amdan, 2:29.62s; 
(09) 1500m: 1, Jemima Cummins, AUS, 5:04.62s; 2, Anies Zarryna 'Amdan, 5:18.79s;
(09) 100mh (h?): 1, Nursyafiqah Anis Abu Bakar, 14.89s; 2, Jannah Wong Min, SIN, 15.02s; 3, Hannah Watt, AUS, 15.63s;
(10) 200mh (h?): 1, Hannah Watt, AUS, 29.37s; 2, Jannah Wong Min, SIN, 29.56s; 3, Nur Syafiqah Anis Abu Bakar, 29.87s;
(100 HJ: 1, Chang Shing Yin, 1.53m; 2, Ng Yu Jing Estella, SIN, 1.50m;
(10) LJ: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia M.Zuki, 5.87m; 2, Breanna Dixon, AUS, 5.20m;
(09) TJ: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia M.Zuki, 12.82m; 2, Nur Salwana Salman, 10.84m; 3, Amelia Cairns, AUS, 10.50m;
(09) SP (w?): 1, Jesse Burke, AUS, 12.07m; 2, Nur Amalina Ibrahim, 11.26m; 3, Alicia Long, SIN, 11.08s;
(10) DT (h?): 1, Alex Robinson, AUS, 34.22m; 2, Alicia Bernardo, AUS, 32.63m; 3, Jessica Henderson, AUS, 31.93m; 4, Fiona Ng Jing Ling, SIN, 30.47m; 5, Aur Amalina Ibrahim, 30.35m;
(09) 4x100m: 1, SSSC Team, SIN, 48.39s; 2, WALAA Team, AUS, 50.46s;
(10) 4x400m: 1, SSSC Team, SIN, 4:10.00s; 2, WALAA 'A' Team, AUS, 4:12.42s;

(09) 100m: 1, Amy Braimbridge, AUS, 12.82s;
(10) 200m: 1, Amy Braimbridge, AUS, 26.29s;
(09) 400m: 1, Amy Braimbridge, AUS, 60.38s; 2, Ariana Nurminda Ariffin, 61.92s;
(10) 800m: 1, Tarinah Nazaroff, AUS, 2:22.65s; 2, Faradilah Raznie, 2:27.73s; 3, Hor Kar Yin Carys, SIN, 2:29.82s; 4, Cheong Han Yi, 2:31.33s; 5, Ashley Sharp, AUS, 2:33.17s;
(09) 1500m: 1, Tarinah Nazaroff, AUS, 5:00.49s; 2, Cheong Han Yi, 5:21.56s;
(09) 80mh (h?): 1, Isobel Copeman, AUS, 12.76s; 2, Juraini Mat Rozi, 12.97s; 3, Taylor Collard, AUS, 12.98s;
(10) HJ: 1,  Nicole Robinson, AUS, 1.65m; 2, Carly Trewin, AUS, 1.53m; 3, Nursyahira Md Osman, 1.50m; 4, Taylor Collard, AUS, 1.50m;
(09) LJ: 1, Taylor Collard, AUS, 5.30m; 2, Nur Izzati Akmal Nazril Azdin, 5.17m;
(10) TJ: 1, Lynette Lim Enxuan, SIN, 11.16m; 2, Taylor Collard, AUS, 11.04m; 3, Celine Chay Yun Lam, SIN, 10.75m; 4, Carly Trewin, AUS, 10.74m;
(10) SP (w?): 1, Chin Poh Kuan, 12.37m; 2, Jazmin Nash, AUS, 11.90m;
(09) DT (w?): 1, Queenie Ting Kung Ni, 33.91m; 2, Hannah Cadlolo, AUS, 33.70m; 3, Chin Poh Kuan, MAS, 30.53m;

16 July, Singapore: SAA T&F Series 5
-only selected events held with participation from SIN & MAS-
100m: (-0.7) 4, Mhd Latif Nyat, 11.07s
TJ: 1, Ammar Fitri Zainol, 15.29m -1.2. 2, Mohd Hakimi Ismail, 15.22m +0.7.

100m: (-1.5) 1, Siti Fatimah Mohamad, 12.18s. 2, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 12.18s. 3, Yee Yi Ling, 12.53s.
200m: (+1.5) 1, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 24.80s. 2, Yee Yi Ling, 25.61s. 3, Siti Fatimah Mohamad, 26.15s.
DT: 1, Yap Jeng Tzan, 41.61m

23-24 July, Kangar: Malaysian Championships in Athletics
-click here-

23-26 July, Suphanburi: Thailand Sports Schools Games 2011
-multi-sports competition for sports schools in Thailand with three countries (MAS, SIN, BRU) which consists of sports schools athletes competed as quests in athletics-
(26) 100m: 3h1, Amirul Mukimin, 11.06s;
(25) 400mh (h?): 3, Muhamad Farhan Hafsyam, 55.98s;
(26) LJ: 1, Mohd Fahmi Meslan, 6.99m;

(24) 100mh: 1, Ku Munirah Ku Zamzuri, 15.36s;

(25) 800m:  4h2, Sivakumar Sharmila, 2:30.06s;
(26) 3000m: 3, Sivakumar Sharmilla, 12:10.48s;
(24) 100mh: 1, Nur Syafiqah Anis Abu Bakar, 15.17s; 2, Nur Amalina Tugimun, 15.58s;
(23) HJ: 2, Yap Sean Yee, 1.61m;
(25) SP: 1, Bibi Noraishah Ishak, 11.17m;

24 July, Seremban: Seremban Half Marathon
-distances announced as half marathon and 10km but surely short courses- # results will be updated when they becomes available
Half Marathon Open   / short course:
1, R. Subramaniam, 1:15:28s;

Half Marathon Veteran / short course:
1, Manickam Ramakrishnan , 1:20:09s; 2, Kuan Mee Huat, 1:21:57s;

10km Veteran / unconfirmed distance:
1, Wong Weng Seng, 37:58s; 

10km Open / unconfirmed distance:
1, Arumugam Amutha, 44:47s;
10km Veteran / unconfirmed distance:
1, Lim Ai Lim, 44:07s; 2, Loke Khuan Mee, 45:42s; 3, Yee My Mee, 45:55s;


88th Malaysian Track and Field Championships 2011 - Keputusan Olahraga Tertutup MAAU , Kangar Perlis

>> July 26, 2011

Best performances from the Malaysia closed track and field which was held in Kangar, Perlis during July 23-24, 2011. Wind gauge were used in the relevant track and field events, however wind reading not reported.


(23) 100m: 1, Mohd Azhar Md Ismail, 10.79s; 2, Mohd Izzuddin Yahya, Per, 10.96s; 3, Edie Edwards Jr, 10.97s; 4, MhdLatif Nyat, 10.99s; 5, Subramaniam Kannan, 11.13s; 6, Mohd Putra Amin, Sab, 11.14s;
1s1, S.Kannan, 10.90s; 2s1, Eddie, 10.91s; 3s1, Jad Adrian, 11.08s; 4s1, Mohamad Arif Zulhusmi, Sar, 11.09s; 5s1, Cyrus Krishnan, Prk, 11.16s;
1s2, Izzuddin, 10.93s; 2s2, Latif, 10.97s; 3s2, Khairul Azraf Amran, Pah, 11.16s; 4s2, Arumugam Rehvan, 11.17s;
1s3, Azhar, 10.90s; 2s3, Putra Amin, 11.06s; 3s3, Mohd Helmi Ahmad, Ked, 11.09s

(24) 200m: 1, Mohd Shahmimi Azmi, 21.77s (& 1s3, 22.09s); 2, Sebastian Lee Azcona, 22.02s; 3, Izzuddin Yahya, 22.11s; 4, Mohd Amir Fakhri Ismail, 22.36s;

(23) 400m: 1, Panerselvam Yuvaaraj, 48.15s; 2, Subramaniam Kannathasan, Sel, 48.37s; 3, Muhamad Yunus Lasaleh, 48.48s; 4, Schzuan Ahmad Rosely, 48.97s; 5, Mohd Harmizi Arobi, 49.37s; 6, Anchois Aron, 49.59s; 7, Murugiah Parthiban, Prk, 49.75s;
Mathialagan & Vadivellan
1h1, M.Parthiban, 50.36s;
1h2, P.Yuvaaraj, 50.34s;
1h3, Kannathasan, 48.54s; 2h3 Yunus 49.07s; 3h3, Schzuan, 49.35s;
1h4, Anchois, 49.96s; 2h4, Harmizi, 50.54s;

(24) 800m: 1, Subramaniam Mathialagan, 1:51.18s; 2, Nik Hafiz Nik Mohd, 1:54.71s; 3, Siva Shankaran, 1:58.74s; 4, Murugiah Parthiban, 1:59.75s; 5, Eddieson Roy, 2:00.89s. Note: Mahendran Vadivellan finished 2nd in 1:52.15s before DQ - acted in an unsporting and improper manner after the race (IAAF 125.5).
1s1, M.Vadivellan, 1:56.98s; 2s1, M.Parthiban, 1:57.56s; 3s1, Nik Hafiz, 1:57.95s; 4s1, Siva Shankaran, 1:58.30s; 5s1, Tan Wei Heng, Ked, 1:59.73s; 6s1, Adison Tuah, 2:00.70s;
1s2, Mathialagan, 2;00.32s; 2s2, Eddieson Roy, 2:00.81s;

(23) 1500m: 1, Nik Hafiz Nik Mohd, Kel, 4;08.71s; 2, Tan Wei Heng, Ked, 4:13.55s; 3, S. Dekes Shgaaran, Per, 4:13.92s;

(24) 5000m: 1, R. Venugopal, 15:43.50s; 2, Nik Fakaruddin Ismail, 15:46.88s; 3, Shaharuddin Hashim, 16:11.60s; 4, Palanisamy Rajendran, Ked, 15:15.92s; 5, S. Tanakendiran, Prk, 16:17.72s; 6, Calvin Boon, Pen, 16:22.13s;

(23) 10000m: 1, R. Venugopal, 33:24.67s; 2, Nik Fakaruddin Ismail, 33:34.11s; 3, Sivalingam Saivamanogaram, 33:51.14s; 4, Shaharudin Hashim, Kul, 34:24.09s; 5, Nagenran Jayasangkur, Ked, 34:56.32s;

(24) 3000stc: 1, Jayamaran Karthik, 9:25.13s; 2, Ahmad Luth Hamizan, 9:42.81s; 3, Mohgan Ravinteran Ked, 9:45.83s; 4, Rajendran Palanisamy, Ked, 9:46.66s; 5, Alex Romas, Ked, 10:03.29s; 6, Mohd Faizal Mohaideen, 10:05.58s; 7, Mohd Affindi Nudin, 10:05.79s; 8, P. Jenarthanan, Nse, 10:12.41s;

(24) 110mh: 1, Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian, 14.00s; 2, Mohd Robani Hassan, 14.05s; 3, Mohamad Rohaizad Jamil, 14.46s; 4, Mohd Ajmal Aiman Mat Hassan, 14.55s; 5, Nor Azizi Ariffin, 14.57s; 6, Mohaswadie Mohammed, 14.83s; 7, Mohd Alif Ashraf, 15.35s; 8, Ahmad Solihin Abul Aziz, Ked, 15.42s;
1s1, Rayzam, 14.40s; 2s1, Ajmal, 14.76s; 3s1, Mohaswadie, 14.90s; 4s1, Alif Ashraf, 14.93s;
1s2, Robani, 14.22s; 2s2, Rohaizad, 14.90s; 3s2, Nor Azizi, 15.00s;

(24) 400mh; 1, Muhamad Firdaus Mazalan, Nse, 53.24s (& 1s1, 55.13s); 2, Mohd Firdaus Mazalan, Ked, 54.71s (& 1s2, 55.55s); 3, Abdul Azlan Samsuddin, 55.11s; 4, Eldy Syam Elron, 55.14s; 5, Mohd Faizul Izzudin, 55.95s;

(23) HJ: 1, Kavee Alagan, 2.05m; 2, Ahmad Najwan Aqra, 2.00m; 3, S. Navin Raj, 2.00m; 4, Mohd Azli Ghazali, 1.95m;

(24) PV: 1, Mohd Fahme Zam Zam, 4.40m; 2, Mohd Faizal Md. Lazim, Prk, 4.20m;

(23) SP: 1, Mohd Hafiz Hashim, 14.84m; 2, Shahrin Selamat, 13.76m; 3, Mohd Alif Hanif M.Afandi, 13.39m; 4, M.Azwan Fahmi, Ked, 11.49m;

(24) LJ: 1, Camillus David, 7.36m; 2, Jen Chan Guo, 7.36m;

(23) TJ: 1, Mohd Ammar Fitri Zainol, 15.71m (5th longest in the MAS all-time lists); 2, Mohd Hakimi Ismail, 15.23m; 3, El Said, Sab, 14.97m;

(24) DT: 1, Mohd Hafiz Hashim, 37.62m; 2, Mohd Azwan Fahmi Zuhairi, Ked, 37.22m; 3, Mohd Alif Hanif M.Afandi, Ter, 35.83s;

(24) HT: 1, Jackie Wong Siew Cheer, 57.12m; 2, Michael Sia, Sar, 46.41m; 3, Azman Mohamad, 43.83m; 4, Mohd Nizam Mohd Zuki, 42.88m; 5, Ng Chee Chew, Prk, 40.84m;

(24) JT: 1, Mohd Bakri Hamid, 61.35m; 2, Firdaus Jalak, 55.05m; 3, Josmon Justin, 52.63m;

(23) 20km walk: 1, Lo Choon Sieng, 1:32:59s; 2, Dhiban Raj, 1:37:52s; 3, Teoh Boon Lim, 1:39:13s; 4, B. 
Thirukumaran, 1:40:32s; 5, Azizi Anuar, 1:40:46s; 6, Ganasen Umasuttan, 1:44:54s; 7, Wan Ariff Wan Hussin, Per, 1:45.40s;

(23) 4x100m: 1, Sabah Team (Eddie, Sebastian, Putra Amin, Anchois), 41.80s; 2, Perak Team 41.99s; 3, Armed Force Team, 42.38s; 4, Selangor Team, 42.65s; 5, Kedah Team, 42.73s;

(24) 4x400m: Official results totally crap!! 1st finisher (Armed forced team) was given 3:42.30s (women standard); 

(24) Deca: 1, Mohd Faizal Mustafa, 6179pts (11.42-6.75-9.36-1.90-51.67 / 15.52-27.75-3.60-40.81-4:52.40); 2, Anslem Sidau, 5882pts (11.61-6.32-10.41-1.76-53.46 / 15.49-29.37-3.10-44.56-4:53.57); 3,   Sia Joo Yau, Sel, 4767pts;


(23) 100m: 1, Siti Fatimah Mohamad, 12.07s; 2, S. Komala Shally, 12.27s; 3, Yee Yi Ling, 12.36s; 4, Chew Hui Lian, Joh, 12.37s; 5, Zaidatul Husna, 12.41s; 6, Zaidatul Husnia, 12.58s;
1s1, Komala, 12.21s; 2s1, Z.Husna, 12.28s; 3s1, Yi Ling, 12.29s;
1s2, Fatimah, 12.01s; 2h2, Hui Lian, 12.29s; 3h2, Z.Husniah, 12.30s; 4h2, Norhayati, 12.64s;

(24) 200m: 1, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 24.34s (Note: 6th fastest in MAS all-time lists); 2, Siti Fatimah Mohamad, 24.83s; 3, Zaidatul Husna Zulkifli, 24.99s; 4, Zaidatul Husnia Zulkifli, 25.57s;
1h1, Fatimah, 24.81s; 2h1, Z.Husniah, 25.68s;
1h2, Zubaidah, 24.71s; 2h2, Z.Husna, 25.27s; 3h2, Komalam, 26.17s;

(23) 400m: 1, Nurul Faezah Asma Mazlan, 58.26s; 2, Nurul Assikin Md Rasid, 58.33s (& 2h2, 59.90s); 3, Norohida Baidawi, 58.58s (& 1h2, 59.82s); 4, Sharifah Satrah, Kel, 60.65s; 5, Chan Yi Jing, Joh, 60.69s; 6, Emmy Ahkim, 61.46s;

(24) 800m: 1, Faradila Raznie, Sar, 2:28.07s; 2, Nik Nor Zulaili Nik Wil, Kel, 2:34.76s;

(23) 1500m: 1, Noor Amelia Musa, Ter, 4:55.64s; 2, Praymane, Pen, 5:18.63s; 3, Boopathy Malini, Joh, 5:20.63s;

(24) 5000m: 1, Noor Amelia Musa, 18:50.06s; 2, Nur Aisyah Ahmat, Sar, 20:52.19s; 3, Boopathy Malini, 21:37.05s; 4, Parthiban Shalini, Ked, 21:37.77s; 5, Loh Chooi Fern, Sel, 23:42.19s;

(24) 3000stc: 1, Melinder Kaur, 11:04.56s; 2, Nur Aisyah Ahmat, Sar, 13:05.77s; 3, Angela Kundang, 13:50.44s;

(23) 100mh: 1, Raja Nursheena Raja Azhar, 13.93s (Note: 3rd ever Malaysian to dip Sub-14); 2, Nur Fazlinda Shafie, Per, 14.37s; 3, Najaa Natasya Shafie, Per, 15.20s;

(24) 400mh: 1, Emmy Ahkim, 65.65s; 2, Wong Pui Yee, Kul, 66.28s; 3, Leong Ann Gie, Sel, 66.80s;

(24) HJ: M. Sandiyani, Sel, 1.71m; 2, Puteri Nurliyana Megat Hajat, Ked, 1.65m; 3, Norliyana Kamruddin, Nse, 1.65m; 4, Wong Boon Syian, Joh, 1.60m;

(24) PV: 1, Chuah Yu Tian, Prk, 2.90m; 2, Nur Nadhirah Natalia, Sel, 2.50m;

Noor Shahidatun
(24) LJ: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia M.Zuki, 6.05m; 2, Nur Fatimatul Awang, 5.75m; 3, Ng Khai Lee, 5.51m; 4, Kee Siew Lian, Sar, 5.36m;

(23) TJ: 1, Noor Amira M.Nafiah, 12.58m; 2, Noor Shahidatun Nadia M.Zuki, 12.54m; 3, Norina Damieon, 11.62m; 4, Ramiza Syakri, Joh, 11.28m;

(24) SP: 1, Rahilah Othman, 13.27m; 2, Asrenny Asik, 12.28m; 3, Nur Sayidah, Sel, 11.05m; 4, Casier Renee K.Lee, 10.58m;

(23) DT: 1, Yap Jeng Tzan, 43.56m; 2, Choo Kang Ni, Joh, 33.16m; 3, Loo Li Jun, Sar, 32.59m; 4, Asrenny Asik, 32.40m; 5, Nurul Bayah Md Mohtar, Prk, 30.69m;

(23) HT: 1, Tan Song Hwa, 56.39m; 2, Patria Pang, 45.66m; 3, Casier Renee K.Lee, 44.90m; 4, Noor Aida Shuhada, Nse, 37.44m; 5, Linda Tan Ling Hwa, prk, 33.58s;

(23) JT: 1, Nazirah Che Mat, 37.00m; 2, Nur Fatin Adibah Suharman, Ter, 34.60m;3, Norfadilah Mohd Zaini, Ked, 33.75m; 4, Nurhidayu Ali, Mal, 33.50m;

(23) 20km walk: 1, Norliana Mohd Rusni, 1:53:29s;

(23) 4x100m: 1, Armed Forced Team, 46.28s; 2, Johore Team, 49.65s; 3, Terengganu Team, 50.43s;

Click here for full results


Lists of The Fastest White Men in History, Non-African Descent

>> July 21, 2011

Hard work, motivation, dedication, discipline, best nutrition, good regeneration, great coaching, among others are the keys to success in sports. However, when it comes to sprinting (i.e. 100m) you probably require a 'special endowment' (e.g. genetic) in order to run faster than most people. The fastest sprinters have a high abundance of fast-twitch fibers in their legs, and this may be the case for the Black / African descent (more correctly west African) sprinters to explain their superiority in sprints - they may tend to have more or larger proportion of fast-twitch fibers within muscles. Scientific studies have shown that fast twitch fibers contract two to three times faster than slow twitch fibers. Good genes coupled with the aforementioned keys may provide an added advantage to one sprinter over the others.

Based on the world statistics, about 80 sprinters from the African descent (black sprinters) have legally or officially broken the 10s barrier in the 100m. What about sprinters from other descents? we will find out. If all other things being equal (the listed keys), what would determine fast sprinting? at the end of a spectrum, genetics could be a crucial factor that explains the success? But we don't discuss the details here, we rather straightaway jump into our topic.

Here are lists of the top, the best, and the fastest sprinters from the non-African descent:

Lists of sprinters from non-African descent or white men 

1, Patrick Johnson (AUS) ........ 9.93s +1.8 May 05, 2003 (Irish + Indigenous Australian);
Widely regarded as the fastest man from non-African descent. He clocked an impressive time of 9.93s at the age of 31 at Mito, Japan in 2003. This feat made him the 17th fastest man in history at the time. He has also run a wind-aided 9.88w +3.6 on February 08, 2003, in Perth. His father is a white man of Ireland while his mother is (however) a black non-African of Australia (aborigine).

2, Christophe Lemaitre (FRA) ................... 9.98s +1.3 July 09, 2010 (Caucasian);
Lemaitre, a Frenchman, is finally and widely the one who has been regarded as the first white man to legally break the 10s barrier. He did it when he clocked 9.98s during the French nationals in 2010, at the age of 20. Since then, he showed consistency in sub-10s performance. He ran twice 9.95s this year which is his best time to date.

3, Marion Woronin (POL) .............10.00s +2.0 June 09, 1984 (Caucasian);
Based on the reported "actual time",  9.992s, Woronin would have been the first to run the 100m in less than 10.00s. However, based on the IAAF rules, a fully auto time must be rounded up to the nearest 1/100ths and not 1/1000ths as seen in the F1 car racing, which would give him a sub-10. Therefore a  9.992s is officially a 10.00s.

3, Koji Ito (JPN) ........................10.00s +1.9 December 13, 1998 (Japanese);
He set a 10-flat during the semifinals of the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok where he won 3 gold medals (100m, 200m 20.16s, 4x100m). His time could have been faster if he did not "shut down" 5-m before the line in his SF race to (perhaps) "save" his energy for the finals. Not all the times you would hit your best in sprinting.

5, Pietro Mannea (ITA) ....................10.01A +0.9 September 04, 1979 (Italian);
He has recorded a lifetime best of 10.01A during the World University Games at Ciudad de Mexico in 1979. He later set a 200m world record with a time of 19.72A that was only (eventually) broken in 1996. He became the Olympic champion at 200m in the 1980 Olympics.

6, Nobuharu Asahara (JPN) ............ 10.02s +2.0 July 13, 2001 (Japanese);
One of the best Asian sprinters who had switched to 100m from long jump. He clocked 10.02s in Oslo (NOR) during the 2001 season in a race with a maximum allowable tailwinds +2.0. He took part in several World Championships and Olympic Games.  He set three Japanese records in the 100m, 10.19s in 1993, 10.14s in 1996 and 10.08s in 1997.

7, Matthew Shivington (AUS) .......... 10.03s -0.1 Sept 17, 1998 (Australian);
At age of 19 (turning 20), he entered the finals of the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur (sea level) and set a NR of 10.03s despite running into a slight headwind -0.1 m/s. Given a moderate wind of 1.0m/s, he would have run 9.98s or 9.93s for a 2.0m/s wind. Very unfortunate!

7, Shingo Suetsugo (JPN) .................10.03s +1.8 May 05, 2003 (Japanese);
A Japanese sprinter who has won the World Championship bronze at the 200m in 2003, he clocked 20.37s). He ran 10.03s in an international race at Mito in 2003 in a race along with Patrick Johnson. In this race, he was leading to 70m mark but Johnson had a better top-end speed to win the race (see above).

7, Nicholas Macrozonaris (CAN) .....10.03A 0.0 May 03, 2003 (Caucasian);
He ran 10.03s without the assistance of wind but it was set at Ciudad de Mexico (2003) which is located at about 2,240m above the sea level. The high altitude location gave him an advantage from "lower air resistant".

10, Frank Emmelmann (GER) ................ 10.06s +1.9 September 22, 1985 (German);
He won the German Nationals eight times (100m, 200m). Emmelmann set 10.06s at Berlin in 1986.

10, Johan Rossouw (RSA) ...................... 10.06A +2.0 April 23, 1988 (South African - white);
Rossow set 10.06s at altitude in Johannesburg in a race aided by the most favorable tailwinds of +2.0.

10, Simone Collio (ITA) ....................... 10.06s +1.2 July 21, 2009 (Italian);
He clocked 10.06s at Rieti in 2009. Second fastest in Italian all-time rankings, after Pietro Mannea's 10.01A.

13, Valeriy Borzov (URS) ..................... 10.07s 0.0 August 31, 1972 (Ukrainian);
He ran 10.07s during the quarterfinals of the 1972 Olympics in Munich. He later became the Olympic champion at 100m and 200m.

13, Masashi Eruguchi (JPN) .................. 10.07s +1.9 June 28, 2009 (Japanese);
He set 10.07s in Hiroshima in 2009 at the age of 21. He is most likely "to be known" during the 2012 season or Olympics in London.

15, Vitaliy Savin (KAZ) ......................... 10.08s +1.3 August 13, 1992 (Kazakhstani);
He was born in Kazakhstan, competed and won the gold medal at the Olympics (4x100m - 1988) for the Soviet Union. His lifetime best at 100m is 10.08s he set at Linz in 1992.

15, Geir Moen (NOR) ............................ 10.08s +0.6 August 16, 1996 (Norwegian);
He is a 200m finalist of 1995 World indoor & outdoor championships. His lifetime best of 100m is 10.08s set in Kristiansand in 1996.

15, Roland Nemeth (HUN) .................... 10.08s +1.0 June 09, 1999 (Hungarian);
He eclipsed the national 100m record held by the Hungarian sprint legend, Attila Kovacs by one hundred of a second at Budapest in 1999.

15, Joshua Ross (AUS) ............ 10.08s +1.9 March 10, 2007 (Indigenous Australian);
He is a five-time Australian champion in the 100m. Has recorded 10.08s at Brisbane in 2007 - the 3rd fastest in Australia.

19, Attila Kovacs (HUN) ....................... 10.09s +0.3 August 20, 1987 (Hungarian);
A 15-time Hungarian champion at the 100m and 200m. He was one of the best sprinters in the World back in the 1980's. He set 10.09s during the Hungarian nationals at Miskolc in 1987. He was 4th (100m) in the 1987 World championships - the highest achievement by a white sprinter in the history of World Championships (men's 100m).

19, Sergiy Osovych (UKR) .................... 10.09s +1.2 June 07, 1996 (Austrian);
He was born in Austria but competed for Ukraine after being granted the Ukranian citizenship. He ran 10.09s at Kyiv, Ukraine in 1996. He became the European Indoor champion at 200m in 1998.

19, Christie Van Wyk (NAM) ................ 10.09s +2.0 May 20, 2004 (Namibian);
He is the non-arguable fastest white man of Namibia with a personal best time of 10.09s he set at Abilene, USA. His non-legal best is 10.06s +2.8. Note: I could NOT include Frank Fredericks on these lists.

19, Naoki Tsukahara (JPN) .................... 10.09s +1.8 June 27, 2009 (Japanese);
In 2009, he became the 5th Japanese to run below 10.10s with a 10.09s clocking in Hiroshima.

Lists of sprinters with "unknown descent"

Troy Douglas (NET)B.............................. 10.09s August 04, 2001
Carlo Boccarini (ITA) ............................. 10.08s +0.7 May 09, 1998 (Rieti, ITA)
Aziz Ouhadi (MOR) ................................ 10.09s +0.8 May 28, 2011 (Dakar, MOR)


SEA Athletics 2011 Leaders & National Records

>> July 14, 2011

Below is a lists of Southeast Asia Athletics' 2011 Leaders as at July 10, 2011 or after the 19th Asian Championships in athletics in Kobe;

*Click on the name lists to enlarge.

Note: Thailand's Suphanara S. Ayudhaya (Long Jump 8.05m) and Malaysia's Tan Song Hwa (Hammer Throw 58.71m) managed to break the Southeast Asia Records (and National Records) in their respective events, which previously held by themselves.

Note: Jacoby Nguyen (VIE) in 200m; 2h1, 21.14s +1.7 NR, Southern California Championships, Walnut CA, USA on 05.06.2011 ; & 1, 21.25s +1.2 NR, Riverside USA on 25.03.2011 # Jacoby Nguyen does NOT accepted by VIE-Federation as their athlete and his results could not be included in the statistics at the moment and until he competed internationally for Vietnam for the first time. Hence the Vietnamese 200m NR for men is still held by Nguyen Thanh Hai with 21.27s at Hanoi VIE on 21.11.2002.

It's similar case to several other athletes including the confusion that occurred over the National record status of Pole Vaulter Helene Kong (PB 3.80m), a former Cambodian national athlete who got the France-citizenship and opted to compete for France since September 2007. Hence the Cambodian record for women's pole vault is still 2.81m  (at Forbach on 27.06.2007) which achieved by Helene Kong while she competed for Cambodia.

Thus, all the related performances by above athletes and some others could NOT be valued as for Southeast Asia (but their records & performances will be kept by statisticians for future references).

Below is a lists of National Records set on Southeast Asian soils and National records by SEA athletes at other meets outside SEA soils (restricted for Olympic events as at July 10, 2011);

Suphanara S. Ayudhaya (THA) in Long Jump; 8.05m +1.3 NR, 19th Asian Championships, Kobe, JPN on 10.07.2011

Dudung Suhendi (INA) in Hammer throw; 1, 55.96m NR, Kejuaraan Nasional (KEMAS) Atletik 2011 / National Championships, Jakarta, INA on 02.07.2011

Hermanto (INA) in Discus Throw; 52.95m NR, Kejuaraan Nasional (KEMAS) Atletik 2011 / National Championships, Jakarta, INA on 01.07.2011

Sean Lim Zi Qing (SIN) in Pole Vault; 4.81m NR & NJR, Singaporean National U23 Championships, Singapore on 25.06.2011

Mok Ying Ren (SIN) in 5000m; 5h6, 14:51.09s NR, Kanagawa JPN on 28.05.2011

Sysavath Thammavongchit (LAO) in 3000m Stc; 4, 10:06.28s NR, Bangkok, THA on 23.04.2011

Seyha Chan (CAM) in 400m; 3h2, 63.56s NR, SEA Juniors, Jakarta, INA on 17.06.2011

Tan Song Hwa (MAS) in Hammer Throw; 3, 58.71m NR, Szombathely, HUN on 15.06.2011; & 1, 58.60m NR on 22.04.2011 at Bangkok, THA.

Rini Budiarti (INA) in 3000m Stc; 2, 10:20.07s NR, Kaohsiung TPE on 28.05.2011

Dipna Lim Prasad (SIN) in 100m Hurdles; 5, 14.23s +0.7 NR, Kaohsiung TPE on 28.05.2011; ...2h3, 14.49s +0.8 NR, Kaohsiung TPE on 28.05.2011; ...1, 14.56s +0.1 NR, Singapore on 23.01.2011 ; ...1h1, 14.69s +1.9 NR, Singapore on 23.01.2011

Yap Jeng Tzan (MAS) in Discus Throw; 1, 46.84m NR, Malacca Open Champs, Krubong Malacca MAS on 15.05.2011

Kay Khine Myo (MYA) in 20,000 track walk; 1,  1:42:14.8s NR, 59th Myanmar Nationals, Yangon MYA on -06.02.2011

Azneem Ahmed (MDV) in 200m; 21.70s NR, Malacca Open Champs, Krubong Malacca on 14.05.2011; & 1h3, 21.76s NR at Perak All-Comers Meet in Ipoh, Perak, MAS on 01.05.2011.

D.A.Shanika Samanmali (SRI) in 1500m; 2, 4:22.04s NR, Thailand Open, Bangkok THA on 22.04.2011

# With thanks to Heinrich Hubbeling (ATFS for Asian AA & IAAF) for information.
# Send corrections and additions at (e-mail): 


Results & Videos - 19th Asian Track and Field Championships 2011, Kobe Japan (DAY 4)

>> July 10, 2011

19th ASIAN Championships in Athletics 2011, Kobe Japan (July 07 - 10, 2011). Results and video highlights at Day 4.

Results & Videos DAY 4 (DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3)

200m Final (-0.4)
1, Femi Seun Ogunode, QAT, 20.41s = CR (Jang Jae-Keun, 1985). 2, Hitoshi Saito, JPN, 20.75s. 3, O. J. B. Al Salfa, UAE, 20.97s. 4, Shota Iizuka, JPN, 21.10s. 5, Abdullah Al Sooli, OMA, 21.14s. 6, S. Abepitiyage, SRI, 21.16s. 7, Reza Ghasemi, IRI, 21.18s. 8, Yahya Al-Noufali, OMA, 21.20s.

800m Final
1, Mohammad Alazemi, KUW, 1:46.14s. 2, Sajad Moradi, IRI, 1:46.35s. 3, Ghamnda Ram, IND, 1:46.46s. 4, Masato Yoota, JPN, 1:47.05s. 5, Sajeesh Joseph, IND, 1:48.56s. 6, Ehsan Mohajershojaei, IRI, 1:49.44s. 7, Farkhod Kuralov, TJK, 1:51.13s. 8, Ali Muhammad, PAK, 1:56.09s.

110mh Final (-0.8)
1, Liu Xiang, CHN, 13.22s CR. 2, Shi Dongpeng, CHN, 13.56s. 3, Park Tae-Kyong, KOR, 13.66s. 4, Jamras Rittidet, THA, 13.96s. 5, Kenji Yahata, JPN, 13.96s. 6, Mojtaba Postchi Khorasani, IRI, 13.97s. 7, Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian, MAS, 14.03s. 8, Ali Hussein Al Zaki, Dsq-FSn.

110mh Semifinals
Heat 1 (-2.1)
1, Liu Xiang, CHN, 13.50s Q. 2, Jamras Rittidet, THA 14.05s Q. 3, Ali Hussein Al Zaki, KSA, 14.15s Q. 4, Wataru Yazawa, JPN, 14.21s. 5, Ahmad Hazar, LIB, 14.25s. 6, Fawaz Al Ahammari, KUW, 14.29s. Mohsin Ali, PAK, Dnr. M.S.A. Al Nobi, Dns.

Heat 2 (-0.2)
1, Park Tae Kyong, KOR, 13.71s Q. 2, Shi Dongpeng, CHN, 13.72s Q. 3, Kenji Yahata, JPN, 13.90s Q. 4, Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian, MAS, 13.94s q. 5, M. Postchi Khorasani, IRI, 14.00s. Yaqoub Al Youha, KUW, Dnf. A.K. Almuallad, KSA, Dsq. Kim Fai Iong, MAC, Dns.

Long Jump
1, Su Xiongfeng, CHN, 8.10m +1.0. 2, Suphanara Sukhasvasti Ayudhaya, THA, 8.05m +1.3 (4 jumps - foul) *  NR & New Southeast Asia Record !!. 3, Rikiya Saruyama, JPN, 8.05m +1.2 (4 jumps -foul). 4, Yohei Sugai, JPN, 8.03m +3.2 (8.00m +1.5). 5, Li Jinzhe, CHN, 7.79m. 6, A.N.H. Al Sharfa, KSA, 7.77m +1.5. 7, Dmitrii Ilin, KGZ, 7.64m +2.2. 8, Konstantin Safronov, KAZ, 7.62m +0.8. 9, Nguyen Van Mua, VIE, 7.39m -0.2. 10, Lin Ching-Hsuan, TPE, 7.32M +0.2. 11, Wong Lok Hei, HKG, 6.38m +2.4 (6.90m +1.7). Si Kuan Wong, MAC, Dns. # Legal jumps shown in bracket.

Javelin Throw
1, Yukifumi Murakami, JPN, 83.27m CR. 2, Park Jaenyoung, KOR, 80.19s. 3, Ivan Zaitcev, UZB, 79.22m. 4, Sangjin Jung, KOR, 78.65m. 5, Qi Chen, CHN, 78.40m. 6, Ken Arai, JPN, 77.37m. 7, Genki Arai, JPN, 77.37m. 8, Qin Qiang, CHN., 75.22m. 9, Bobur Shokirjonov, UZB, 69.81m. 10, W.L.D. Rankoth Pedige, SRI, 68.78m. 11, Chao-Tsun Cheng, TPE, 67.86m. 12, Ammar Al-Majm, IRQ, 67.43m. 13, Danilo Fresnido, PHI, 67.20m. 14, Khamis Al Qatiti, OMA, 61.22m. 15, Iurii Markovskii, KRZ, 50.72m.
>>> Javelin + 200m women + 110mh

4x100m Final
1, JAPAN, 39.18s (Kawatsura, Eriguchi, Takahira, Saito)
2, HONG KONG, 39.26s (Tang, Lai, Ng, Tsui)
3, CHINESE TAIPEI, 39.30s (Wang, Liu, Tsai, Yi)
4, CHINA, 39.33s (Lao, Liang, Su, Chen)
5, THAILAND, 39.72s (Chaiprasert, Sondee, Suwannarangsari, Meenapra)
6, SOUTH KOREA, 39.85s (Kim, Lim, Yeo, Cho)
7, SINGAPORE, 40.24s (Kang, Jamal, Yeo, Mustapa)
8, INDIA, 40.38s (Anand, Rane, Mon, Molla)

4x400m Final
1, JAPAN, 3:04.72s (Ishitsuka, Takase, Hirose, Kanemaru)
2, SAUDI ARABIA, 3:08.03s (M.A Al Bishi, H.H. Al Bishi, Al Hezam, Masrahi)
3, IRAN, 3:08.58s (Rajabi, Ghelichizokhanou, Mohajershojaei, Hashemiahangari)
4, SRI LANKA, 3:09.26s (Amarasekaralang, Mudiyansel, Kankanamlage, Gama)
5, OMAN, 3:09.28s (Al-Busaidi, Al Quraini, Al Hidi, Al Marjibi)
IRAQ, Dsq (Mohammed, Jumaah, Al-Nashi, Al-Abbody).
INDIA, Dsq (Singh, Paul, Jayakumar, Mortaja).


200m Final (-2.2)
1, Chisato Fukushima, JPN, 23.49s. 2, Gretta Taslakian, LIB, 24.01s. 3, Saori Imai, JPN, 24.06s. 4, Olga Bludova, BUL, 24.29s. 5, Maryam Toosi, IRI, 24.29s. 6, C.S.R. Rasnayaka Mui, SRI, 24.41s. 7, Ching-Hsien Liao, TPE, 24.65s. Gulustan Ieso, IRQ, Dsq-FSn R162-6.

800m Final
1, Thanh Hang Truong, VIE, 2:01.41s. 2, Margarita Matsko, KAZ, 2:02.46s. 3, Tintu Luka, IN, 2:02.55s. 4, Ruriko Kubo, JPN, 2:03.34s. 5, Genzeb Shumi Regasa, BRN, 2:03.39s. 6, Viktoriya Yalovtseva, KAZ, 2:04.66s. 7, Anna Kishikawa, JPN, 2:04.87s. Inam Al-Sudani, IRQ, Dnf.

3000m Steeplechase Final
1, Minori Hayakari, JPN, 9:52.42s CR. 2, Sudha Singh, IND, 10:08.52s. 3, Thi Phuong Nguyen, VIE, 10:14.94s. 4, Misato Horie, JPN, 10:23.87s. 5, Rini Budiarti, INA, 10:30.38S. 6, Priyanka Singh Patel, IND, 10:56.88s. 7, Melinder Kaur Ragbir Singh, MAS, 11:20.13s. 8, Kit Ching Yiu, HKG, 11:24.92s. 9, L. Ebrahimyojavery, IRI, Dns.

100mh Final (-0.9)
1, Sun Yawei, CHN, 13.04s. 2, Jung Hyelim , KOR, 13.11s. 3, Natalya Ivoninskaya, KAZ. 13.15s. 4, Ayako Kimura, JPN, 13.26s., 5, A. Soprunova, KAZ, 1332s. 6, Dedeh Erawati, INA, 13.42s. 7, Wi Shuijiao, CHN, 13.51s. 8, Airi Tao, JPN, 13.55s.

High Jump
1, Xingjuan Zheng, CHN, 1.92m. 2, Svetlana Radzivil, KAZ, 1.92m. 3, Marina Aitova, JPN, 1.89m. 4, Anna Ustinova, KAZ, 1.85m. 5, Noengruthai Chaipech, THA, 1.85m. 6, Wanida Boonwan, THA, 1.85m. 7, Miyuki Hukumoto, JPN, 1.80m.

Shot Put
1, Qianqian Meng, CHN, 18.31m. 2, Xiangrong Liu, CHN, 18.30m. 3, Leyla Rajabi, IRI, 16.60m. 4, Sofiya Burhanova, UZB, 16.33m. 5, Chia-Ying Lin, TPE, 16.17s. 6, Yukino Otani, JPN, 14.88m.

4x100m Final
1, JAPAN,44.05s (Okabe, Takahashi, Fukushima, Imai)
2, CHINA, 44.23s. (Tao, Liang, Jiang, Wei)
3, THAILAND, 44.62s (Kaksuninkorn, Klomee, Tawoncharoen, Sanrat)
4, HONG KONG, 46.61s (Chan, Leung, Fong Poon)

4x400m Final
1, JAPAN, 3:35.00s (Aoi, Tanaka, Kobokura, Shingu)
2, KAZAKHSTAN, 3:36.61s (Khadjimurado, Matsko, Kuzina, Tereshkova)
3, IRAQ, 3:41.91s (Al-Qaysi, Al-Sudani, Ieso, Abdulrazzaq)
4, INDIA, 3:44.17s (Korada, Khatun, Puthiya, Luka)

Videos courtesy of &


Asian Championships, Kobe 2011 - Athletics Results and Videos (DAY 3)

19th ASIAN Championships in Athletics 2011, Kobe Japan (July 07 - 10, 2011). Results and video highlights at Day 3.

Results & Videos DAY 3 (DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 4)


400m Hurdles
1, Takatoshi Abe, JPN, 49.64s. 2, Yuta Imazeki, JPN, 50.22s. 3, Chieh Chen, TPE, 50.39s. 4, J.A. Ganapathiplackal, IND, 50.82s. 5, Seungyon Singh, IND, 51.40s. 6, Satinder Singh, IND, 51.93s. Hassan Aman Salmeen, QAT, Dsq-FSn. Takayuki Kishimoto, JPN, Dsq-FSn.

5000m Final
1, D. R. Mootumaa, BRN, 13;39.71s NCR. 2, Yuki Sato, JPN, 13:40.78s NCR. 3, Alemu Bekele Gebre, BRN, 13:41.93s. 4, Kazuya Watanabe, JPN, 13:48.81s. 5, Tetsuya Toroizaka, JPN, 13:54.35s. 6, Suresh Kumar, IND, 14:05.64s. 7, Mohammad Khazaei, IRI, 14:08.81s. 8, Agus Prayogo, INA, 14:10.85s. 9, Ser-Od Bat-Ochir, MGL, 14:18.53s. 10, Qais Al Mahruqi, OMA, 14:24.13s. 11, Ahmad Al Ibrahem, SYR, 14:25.96s. 12, Seungho Baek, KOR, 14:38.31s. 13, Van Lai nguyen, VIE, 14:50.93s. 14, Nader Al Massri, PLE, 14:51.12s. 15, Hari Kumar Rimal, NEP, 15:16.55s. 16, Dorjpalam Batbayar, MGL, 15:17.21s. 17, Mamoun Bali, PLE, 16:05.08s. 18, Augusto Ramos Soares, TLS, 16:20.86s.

High Jump
1, Mutaz Essa Barshim, QAT, 2.35m NCR NR. 2, Majd Eddin Ghazal, SYR, 2.28m. 3, Chen Wang, CHN, 2.26m. 4, Takashi Eto, JPN, 2.24m. 5, Naoto Tobe, JPN, 2.21m. 6, Keyvan Ghanbarzadeh, IRI, 2.18m. 7, Chun-Hsien Hsiang, TPE, 2.18m. 8, R.A.R. Mannai, QAT, 2.15m. 8, Guowei Zhang, CHN, 2.15m. 10, Je Hwan Yun, KOR, 2.10m. 10, Je Hwan Yun, KOR, 2.10m. 11, Sergey Zassimovich, KAZ, 2.10m. 12, N.A.M. Alyami, KSA, 2.05m. 13, Chi Shing Chan, HKG, 2.00m. Daniel Lui Tsz Hin, HKG, Nm.

Shot Put
1, Ming-Huang Chang, TPE, 20.14m NCR. 2, Jun Zhang, CHN, 19.77m. 3, O.S. Karhana, IND, 19.47m. 4, Saurabh Vij, IN, 18.72m. 5, Insung Hwang, KOR, 17.90m. 6, Grigoriy Kamulya, JOR, 17.46m. 7, Musab Momani, JOR, 17.44m. 8, Sotaro Yamada, JPN, 17.33m. 9, Yohei Murakawa, JPN, 17.25m.

Hammer Throw
1, Ali Zenkawi, KUW, 73.73m. 2, Hiroshi Nogushi, JPN, 70.89m. 3, Hiroaki Doi, JPN, 70.69m. 4, Kaveh Mousavi, IRI, 68.88m. 5, Ywunchul Lee, KOR, 67.97m. 6, R. Moghadam Kor Maha, IRI, 65.86m. 7, Amanmurad Hommadov, TKM, 65.38m. 8, Alisher Eshbekov, TJK, 61.03m. 9, Arneil Ferrera, PHI, 59.25m. 10, Suhrob Khojaev, UZB, 58.50m. 10, J.S.C. 11, Jackie Wong S.C., MAS, 52.97m.


400m Hurdles Final
1, Satomi Kubokura, JPN, 56.52s. 2, Qin Yang, CHN, 56.69s. 3, C.S. Merril, SRI, 57.30s. 4, Miyabi Tago, JPN, 57.35s. 5, Shiori Miki, JPN, 57.52s. 6, Alexandra Kuzina, KAZ, 57.86s. 7, Noraseela Mohd Khalid, MAS, 58.53s. 8, Nataliya Asanova, UZB, 59.72s.

5000m Final
1, T. D. Chalchissa, BRN, 15:22.48s NCR. 2, Hitomi Niiya, JPN, 15:34.19s. 3, Yuriko Kobayashi. JPN, 15:42.59s. 4, Alia Mohammed Saeed, UAE, 15:52.07s. 5, B. D. Blayneh, UAE, 16:04.98s. 6, Triyaningsih, INA, 16:05.18s. 7, Rei Ohara, JPN, 16:21.23s. 8, Kavita Raut, IND, 16:23.06s. 9, Suriya Loganathan, IND, 17:19.44s. 10, L. Ebrahimymojavery, IRI, 17:40.01s. M. Ghayournajafabadi, IRI, Dns.

Pole Vault
1, Sha Wu, CHN, 4.35m. 2, Ling Li, CHN, 4.30m. 3, Yunhee Choi, KOR, 4.00m. 4, Olga Lapina, JPN, 4.00m. 5, Miho Imano, JPN, 3.75m. Rachel Yang, SIN, Nm. Tomomi Abiko, JPN, Nm.

Triple Jump
1, Limei Xie, CHN, 14.54m +1.9. 2, Valeriya Kannatova, UZB, 14.14m +2.3 (13.85s -0.3). 3, Mayookha Johny, IND, 14.11m +0.9 NR. 4, Yanmei Li, CHN, 13.97m +1.4. 5, Anastasiya Juravlena, UZB, 13.88m +1.0. 6, Irina Ektova, KAZ, 13.88m +1.0. 7, P. Maliakhal Anthony, IND, 13.63m +1.3. 8, Hye Kyung Jung, KOR, 13.52m +2.7. 9, Thitima Muangjan, THA, 13.16m +1.6. 10, Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah, MAS, 13.04m. 11, Sayuri Takeda, JPN, 12.88m +2.9 (12.74m +1.7). 12, Mang Chi Tse, HKG, 12.10m +2.2 (12.06m +0.8). * Legal jumps shown in bracket.


19th Asian Athletics Championships 2011 Result & Video (DAY 2)

>> July 09, 2011

19th ASIAN Championships in Athletics 2011, Kobe Japan (July 07 - 10, 2011). Results and video highlights at Day 2.

Results & Videos DAY 2 (DAY 1, DAY 3, DAY 4)


100m Final (+1.8)
1, Bingtian Su, CHN, 10.21s. 2, Masashi Eriguchi, JAP, 10.28s. 3, Sota Kawatsura, JPN, 10.30s. 4, Y. B. Alnashri, KSA, 10.31s. 5, Qiang Chen, 10.33s. 6, Barakat Al-Harthi, OMA, 10.38s. 7, Yusue Kotani, JAP, 10.39s. 8, Mohd Fadlin, INA, 10.49s.

400m Final
1, Yousef Ahmed Masrahi, KSA, 45.79s. 2, Hideyuki Hirose, JPN, 46.03s. 3, Yuzo Kanemaru, JPN, 46.38s. 4, S. Hashemiahangari, IRI, 46.53s. 5, Yusuke Ishitsuka, JPN, 46.53s. 6, I.M. Alsibyani, KAS, 47.15s. Ahmed Al-Marjibi, OMA, Dsq. Bonggo Park, KOR, Dnf.

3000m Steeplechase
1, Abubaker Ali Kamal, QAT, 8:30.23s. 2, Artem Kossinov, KAZ, 8:35.11s. 3, T.M.S. Taher, BRN, 8:45.47s. 4, Ramachandran Ramdas, IN, 8:46.08s. 5, Tsuyoshi Takeda, JPN, 8:48.21s. 6, Hiroyoshi Umegae, JPN, 8:55.01s. 7, Hossein Keyhani, IRI, 9:04.23s. 8, Rene Herrera, PHI, 9:12.34s. 9, Aoi Matsumoto, JPN, 9:25.65s. Muhammad Al Quraisy, INA, Dsq. Edwin Chibii Kimurer, BRN, Dsq.

Pole Vault
1, Daici Sawano, JPN, 5.50m. 2, Hiroki Ogita, JPN, 5.40m. 3, Yansheng Yang, CHN, 5.40m. 4, Nikita Filippov, KAZ, 5.40m. 5, Takahumi Susuki, JPN, 5.20m. 6, Minsub Jui, KOR, 5.20m. 7, Chia-Han Hsieh, TPE, 5.05m. 8, M. Rabbani, IRI, 4.90m. Leoni Andreev, UZB, Nm. M.A.Khalaf, SYR, Nm. Fahad Alershad, Dns.

Triple Jump
1, Yevgeniy Ektov, KAZ, 16.91m +0.0. 2, Yanxi Li, CHN, 16.70m +4.1. 3, Roman Valiyev, KAZ, 16.62m. 4, Shinya Sogame, JPN, 16.51m +1.1. 5, Bin Dong, CHN, 16.36m +0.2. 6, Mohd Hakimi Ismail, MAS, 15.77m +3.1 (Legal 15.76m +0.8). 7, Daigo Hasegawa, JPN, 15.76m +2.3. 8, M.A.A. Darwish, UAE, 15.72s -0.9. 9, Ahmed Abdullah Faraj, KSA, 15.54m +0.6. 10, Ruslan Kurbanov, UZB, 15.51m +1.1. 11, Yohei Kajikawa, JPN, 15.48m -0.1. 12, Zafar Iqbal, PAK, 15.30m -0.7. 13, M.G.M. Mohammed, KSA, 14.72m -0.7. Kuan Wong Si, MAC, Dns.

4x100m Round 1
Heat 1
1, CHINA (Lao, Liang Su, Chen), 39.15s Q. 2, THAILAND (Chaiprasert, Sondee, Suwannarangsari, Meenapra), 39.68s Q. 3, SOUTH KOREA (Yeo, Juen, Kim, Lim), 39.75s Q. 4, INDIA (Anand, Rane, Mon, Molla), 40.13s q. 5, OMA (Al-Jabri, Al-Noufali, Al Sooli, Aulud Thani), 40.38s. 6, INDONESIA (Octaviandi, Iswandi, Fadlin, Astriyanto), 40.52s.

Heat 2
1, JAPAN (Kobayashi, Eriguchi, Takahira, Saito), 38.92s Q. 2 HONG KONG (Tang, Lai, Ng, Tsui), 39.33s Q. 3, CHINESE TAIPEI (Wang, Liu, Tsai, Yi), 39.36s Q. 4, SINGAPORE (Kang, Jamal, Yeo, Mustapa), 40.17s q. UAE, Dnf.

1500m Final
1, Mohammad Alazemi, KUW, 3:42.49s. 2, Sajad Morai, IRI, 4:43.30s. 3, C. I. Wi Jekoon, SRI, 3:44.01s. 4, Yuya Konishi, JPN, 3:46.24s. 5, B. M. B. Ali, BRN, 3:47.26s. 6, Sang Min Sin, KOR, 3:48.36s. 7, Ridwan, INA, 3:48.52s. 8, Moslem Niadoost, IRI, 3:50.79s.

1, Hadi Sepehrzad, IRI, 7506pts (11.24s -0.8, 6.56m +0.2, 16.37m, 1.84m, 51.42s ; 14.78s +0.3, 53.18m, 4.30m, 51.99m, 4:58.34s.
2, Akihiko Nakamura, JAP, 7478pts (10.95s -0.8, 7.27m +0.1, 11.40m, 2.02m, 48.15s ; 14.50s +0.3, 28.48m, 4.50m, 44.55m, 4:18.84s)
3,  Bharat Inder Singh, IND, 7358pts (10.93s -0.8, 6.95m -0.1, 14.65m, 1.93m, 50.56s ; 15.03s +0.3, 43.80m, 4.10m, 59.46m, 5:23.04s)
4, Hiromasa Tanaka, JPN, 6803pts (11.31s -0.8, 6.65m +0.4, 12.50m, 1.81m, 52.40s ; 15.80s +0.3, 42.93m, 4.60m, 58.34m, 5:47.81s)
5, Abdol Jalil Tomaj, IRI, 6283pts (11.26s -0.8, 7.06m +0.0, 12.85m, 1.96m, 52.27s ; 15.63s +0.3, 39.45m, 3.80m, 45.53m, No mark for 1500m !!)
Rifat Artikov, UZB, Dnf. M.J. Alquraya, KSA, Dnf. Vu Van Huyen, VIE, Dnf.


100m Final (+1.9)
1, Guzel Khubbieva, UZB, 11.39s (RT= 0.121, at 35- first time won Asian Championships). 2, Yong Li Wei, CHN, 11.70s. 3, Yujia Tao, CHN, 11.74s. 4, Nai Okabe, JPN, 11.79s. 5, Nongnuch Sanrat, THA, 11.80s. 6, Maryam Toosi, IRI, 11.81s. 7, Olga Bludova, KAZ, 11.82s. Kana Ichikawa, Dns.

400m Final
1, Olga Tereshkova, KAZ, 52.37s. 2, Gulustan Ieso, IRQ, 52.80s. 3, Jingwen Chen, CHN, 52.89s. 4, C.S.R. Rasnayaka Mudi, SRI, 53.35s. 5, Chisato Tanaka, JPN, 54,08s. 6, Sayaka Aoki, JPN, 54.15s., 7, Miho Shingu, JPN, 54.28s. 8, Alaa Al-Qaysi, IRQ, 54.85s.

1500m Final
1, Genzeb Shumi Regasa, BRN, 4:15.91s. 2, Thanh Hang Truong, VIE, 4:18.40s; 3, J. Orchatteri Puthiyaveetil, IND, 4:21.41s. 4, Akane Yabushita, JPN, 4:22.09s. 5, B. D. Blayneh, UAE, 4:28.38s. 6, Mika Kobayashi, JPN, 4:25.72s. 7, Rei Ohara, JPN, 4:28.09s. 8, L. Ebrahimymojavery, IRI, 4:2.33s. 9, Surya Maya Rai, NEP, 4:43.24s. 10, Kit Ching Yiu, HKG, 4:46.28s. 11, Rabia Ashiq, PAK, 4:57.89s.

Discus Throw
1, Taifeng Sun, CHN, 60.89m. 2, Xuejun Ma, CHN, 59.67m. 3, Harwant Kaur, IN, 57.99m. 4, Krishna Poonia, IN, 56.23m. 5, Wen-Hua Li, TPE, 55.59m. 6, Ayumi Takahashi, JPN, 51.23m. 7, Dwi Ratnawati, INA, 49.70m. 8, Yuka Murofushi, JPN, 49.24m.

Video courtesy of aoshin0507


Results and Video of 2011 Asian Championships in Athletics, Kobe Japan (DAY 1)

19th ASIAN Championships in Athletics 2011, Kobe Japan (July 07 - 10, 2011)

Results & Videos DAY 1 (DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4)

Men Events

100m Prelims
Heat 1 (+0.9)
1, Barakat Al-Harthi, OMA, 10.45s Q. 2, Yasuke Kotani, JPN, 10.55s Q. 3, Jirapong Meenapra, THA, 10.73s Q. 4, Khalis Al-Hanahneh, JOR, 11.15s. 5, Mohan Mohan Khan, BAN, 11.31s. Hin Fong Pao, AFG, DG FSn -0.154. Liaqat Ali, PAK, DNR.

Heat 2 (-0.2)
1, Masashi Eruguschi, JPN, 10.45s Q. 2, Samuel Francis, QAT, 10.51s Q. 3, Reza Ghasemi, IRI, 10.68s Q. 4, Yuan-Kai Liu, TPE, 10.72s. 5, Mohd Elfi Mustapa, SIN, 10.78s. 6, Aymen Mohammed, IRQ, 10.79s. 7, Franklin Burumi, INA, 11.28s. 8, Kim Fai Iong, MAC, 12.61s.

Heat 3 (+0.0)
1, Qiang Chen, CHN, 10.58s. 2, Shehan Abeptiyage, SRI, 10.64s Q. 3, Kukyoung Kin, KOR, 10.65s Q. 4, Chun Ho Lai, HKG, 10.67s q. 5, Muhamad Amirudin Jamal, SIN, 10.70s q. 6, Wei-Chen Yi, TPE, 10.88s. 7, Eisa Al Youhah, KUW, 10.91s. 8, Achitbileg Battulga, MGL, 10.95s.

Heat 4 (+0.8)
1, Bingtian Su, CHN, 10.41s Q. 2, Chi Ho Tsui, HKG, 10.48s Q. 3, Yasir B. Alnashri, KSA, 10.52s Q. 4, Mohd Fadlin, INA, 10.65s q. 5, Sota Kawatsura, JPN, 10.69s q. 6, Wachara Sonee, THA, 10.76s. 7, Ahmed Juma S. Al Zaabi, UAE, 10.77s.

100m Semifinals
Heat 1 (+0.0)
1, Masashi Erugushi, JPN, 10.36s. 2, Qiang Chen, CHN, 10.47s. 3, Sota Kawatsura, JPN, 10.48s Q. 4, Barakat Al-Harthi, OMA, 10.50s. 5, Reza Ghasemi, IRI, 10.64s. 6, Chun Ho Lai, HKG, 10.67s. 7, Kukyoung Kin, KOR, 10.73s. Samuel Francis, QAT, DNS.

Heat 2 (+0.5)
1, Bingtian Su, CHN, 10.31s Q. 2, Yusuke Kotani, JPN, 10.52s Q. 3, Mohd Fadlin, INA, 10.56s Q. 4, Y.B. Al Nashri, KSA, 10.62s q. 5, Chi Ho Tsu, HKG, 10.66s. 6, A. Abepitiyage, SRI, 10.68s. 7, M. Amirudin Jamal, SIN, 10.69s. 6, Jirapong Meenapra, THA, 10.70s.

Discus Throw
1, Ehsan Hadidi, IRI, 62.27m. 2, V. G. Shive Gowda, IND, 61.58,. 3, Jian Wu, CHN, 58.61m. 4, Mahmoud Samimi, IRI, 56.22m. 5, Musab Momani, JOR, 54.49m. 6, Shigeo Hatakeyama, JPN, 54.11m. 7, Hamid Manssour, SYR, 52.05m. 8, Haider Jabreen, IRQ, 51.25m. 9, Shiro Kobayashi, JPN, 49.95m. 10, Yao-Hui Wang, TPE, 48.63m.


100m Prelims
Heat 1 (+0.3)
1, Yujia Tao, CHN, 11.72s Q. 2, Kana Ichikawa, JPN, 11.76s Q. 3, Olga Bludova, KAZ, 11.80s q. 4, Hau Sze Leung, HKG, 12.30S. 5, Yelena Ryabova, TKM, 12.40s. 6, Tungalag Battsengel, MGL, 13.16s.

Heat 2 (-0.1)
1, Yong Li Wei, CHN, 11.60s Q. 2, Maryam Toosi, iri, 11.83s Q NR. 3, Momoo Takahashi, JPN, 11.85s. 4, Neeranuch Klomdee, THA. 11.98s. 5, Yee pui Fong, HKG, 12.25s. 6, anah Abdul Razzaq, IRQ, 12.38s. 7, In Chi Io, MAC, 13.40s.

Heat 3 (+1.0)
1, Guzel Khubbieva, UZB, 11.50s Q. 2, Nao Okabe, JPN, 11.64s Q. 3, Nongnuch Sanrat, THA 11.83s q. 4, Ching-Hsien Liao, TPE, 12.06s. 5, Afa Ismail, MDV, 12.98s. 6, Manevanh Chanthavong, LAO, 13.70s.

Long Jump
1, Mayookha Johny, IND, 6.56m +0.5. 2, Minjia Lu, CHN, 6.52m -0.2. 3, Saeko Okayama, JPN, 6.51m +0.2. 4, Juliya Trarsova, UZB, 6.37m +0.5. 5, Marestella Torres, PHI, 6.34m +0.5. 6, P. Maliakhal Anthony, IND, 6.27m +0.6. 7, Kumiko Imura, JPN, 6.23M +0.5. 8, A. Kotlyarova, UZB, 6.16m +0.1. 9, Hanako Kotake, JPN, 6.15m +0.7. 10, Soonok Jung, KOR, 6.12m -0.6. 11, Wupin Wang, CHN, 6.08m -0.1. 12, Lai Yee Cheung, HKG, 5.83m -0.2. 13, Yeaterina Chalikova, TKM, 5.59m +0.8. 14, Mang Chi Tse, HKG, 5.18m +0.3.

Hammer Throw
1, Masumi Aya, JPN, 67.19m. 2, Tingting Liu, CHN. 65.42m. 3, Yuka Murofushi, JPN, 62.50m. 4, Naru Kang, KOR, 62.48m. 5, Tan Song Hwa, MAS, 54.44. 6, Ayna Mammedova, TKM, 54.21m. 7, R. H. Inggriana, INA, 51.52m.

Javelin Throw
1, Chunhua Liu, CHN., 58.05m. 2, Ping Wang, CHN, 55.80m. 3, Yuka Sato, JPN, 54.16m. 4, Risa Miyashita, JPN, 52.37m. 5, N.L. Babaranda Liyana, SRI, 51.94m. 6, Gyeong Ae Gim, KOR, 49.96m. 7, Rosie Villarito, PHI, 49.30m. 8, Haruka Matoba, JPN, 48.67m. 9, A. Svechnikova, UZB, 45.26m.

Videos courtesy of aoshin0507


Video of Usain Bolt VS Christophe Lemaitre 200m Diamond League Paris 2011

Usain Bolt obviously has problem. A few weeks before he set the World record 19.19s in 2009, he ran 19.59s in the rain. Did you expect he is in 19.5 or 19.6 shape at the moment so he can run 19.1 or 19.2 in Daegu World championships?. Luckily for Bolt the American Tyson Gay is no longer relevant with the 2011 World championships. He won the IAAF Diamond League in Paris on July 08, 2011 with a less favorable time of 20.03s (-0.6). And it's not a comfortable wins as Christophe Lemaitre came very close in second in 20.21s. Darvis Patton was third in 20.59s.

No one ever got close to Bolt in 200m since he set 19.30s in Beijing 2008, but not as expected Lemaitre did. Not a great time for Bolt but he seems to retain his titles soon in Daegu, since Tyson Gay is out of the World championships.

If viewed from the consistency and timing, there is no reason for Lemaitre NOT running the 100m at the World champs as he is clearly better in 100m rather than 200m, but to be safe, take part in both 100m and 200m. Below is the video:

Click here for FULL RESULTS


Malaysia Track and Field Results No 5 - 2011: 3rd Asean Schools Games, Malaysian University Meet, Porwil Sumatera VIII, KL Marathon, Selangor Open

>> July 05, 2011

Malaysian Athletics Results No 5 , 2011
Compiled by Jad Adrian (T&F Statistician)
* Kindly send correction & athletics results (any competitions) to the email above.

11 June, Székesfehérvár HUN: ARAK Cup
HT: 3, Tan Song Hwa, 56.69m.

13 June, Rehlingen GER
400mh: 4, Noraseela Mohd Khalid, 58.62s.

15 June, Szombathely HUN: Dobó SE Throwing Meeting
HT: 2, Tan Song Hwa, 58.71m (National Record)
She broke her own NR for the second time this year. Previous record (58.60m) was set in Bangkok in April 2011.

18 June, Duluth, Minnesota USA: Grandmas Marathon
30, Woo Chan Yew, 2:28:46s. Official intermediate times at 21km (13.1miles)- 40, 1:13:18s,  at 10km- 42, 34:17s. Note: just 10 seconds shy of his NR 2:28:36s set in Montreal /2010 despite of suffering from food poisoning before the race !!.

21-23 June, Serdang: Malaysian University Championships
Note: Headwinds at all the relevant track events + triple jump.

(21) 100m: 1, Mhd Latif Nyat, 10.94s. 2, Jad Adrian Washif, 10.95s. 3, Mohd Izuddin Yahya, 10.95s.
(23) 200m: 1, Mohd Izuddin Yahya, 22.50s
(22) 400m: 1, Muhamad Yunus Lasaleh, 49.58s
(21) 800m: 1, Mohd Jironi Riduan, 1:54.04s
(23) 3000stp: 1, Jayamaran Karthik, 9:38.35s
(23) 110mh: 1, Mohd Rohaizad Jamil, 14.81s
(22) 400mh: 1, Mohd Hazwan Abd. Rahman, 55.90s
(22) 4x100m: 1, University Putra Malaysia Team, 42.12s
(22) HJ: 1, Mohd Najwan Aqra Hussain, 2.05m
(23) LJ: 1, Mohd Syahrul Faiz, 6.88m
(22) TJ: 1, Ahmad Firdaus Salim, 15.20m
(22) Deca: 1, Salehuddin Zakaria, 4862pts

(21) 100m: 1, Siti Zubaiah Adabi, 12.06s
(23) 200m: 1, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 25.00s (& 1s1, 25.49s).
(21) 800m: 1, Kumarasamy Ganthimanthi, 2:15.49s
(22) 1500m: 1, Kumarasamy Ganthimanthi, 4:46.21s
(23) 3000m: 1, Melinder Kaur Ragbir Singh, 10:37.88
(21) HJ: 1, Wong Boon Syian, 1.65m
(21) LJ: 1, Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah, 5.36m
(22) TJ: 1, Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah, 12.55m.
(22) JT: 1, Nurul Huda Mohd Akhir, 39.00m.
(22) 4x100m: 1, University Putra Malaysia Team, 51.26s
(23) 4x400m: 1, University Putra Malaysia Team, 4:08.90s

23-24 June, Johore Bahru: Porwil Sumatera Championships VIII (Indonesian)
Note: was held for selection of Porwil Sumatera for Indonesian Nationals. Event was organized by Malaysian athletics club, Nordin Jadi Athletics Club (NJAC) which based in Johore Bahru, because Synthetic track is not available in Porwil, only cinder track as informed (Field events contested in Batam, Kepulauan Riau).

(23) 100m: 1, Yaspi Boby, 10.93s (& 1s1, 11.00s)
(24) 200m: 1, Edi Ariansyah, 21.88s. 2, Yaspi Bony, 22.09s.
(23) 400m: 1, Irwansyah Putra, 49.55s. 2, Ahmad Ridwan, 49.93s.
(23) 800m: 1, Ferdi Iryanto, 1:56.83s. 2, Diker Ariandas, 1:58.14s. 3, Rori Satria Putra, 1:59.36s.
(24) 1500m: 1, Jauhari Johan, 4:08.60s. 2, Ferdi Iryanto, 4:09.11s.
(23) 5000m: 1, Jauhari Johan, 15:14.05s. 2, Yahuza, 15:19.10s. 3, Marwan, 15:58.71s.
(24) 10000m: 1, Jauhari Johan, 32:28.13s. 2, Yahuza, 32:34.80s. 3, Andi Edinata 34:43.93s.
(24) 3000stc: 1, Feri Iryanto, 9:53.15s.
(24) 110mh: 1, Zakaria Malik, 15.27s.
(23) 4x100m: 1, Bangka Belitung Team, 42.01s.

(23) 100m: 1, Lusiana Satriani, 12.40s (& 1s2, 12.55s)
(24) 200m: 1, Lusiana Satriani, 25.61s.
(23) 400m: 1, Laura Yulinda Sari, 58.59s. 2, Sri Mayasari, 59.80s. 3, Suyatmi, 59.16s.
(23) 800m: 1, Akhirwanta Harahap, 2:23.84s. 2, Mayang Z.P., 2:24.88s. 3, Zella Melati, 2:28.69s.
(24) 1500m: 1, Aprilia Kartina, 5:03.14s. 2, Tetty Suastri Tarigan, 5:09.66s.
(23) 5000m: 1, Ratna Dewi Susanti, 18:58.07s. 2, Bayu Trianata, 19:15.30s. 3, Yulianti Utari, 19:49.60s.
(24) 100mh: 1, Rohimayati 14.86s.
(23) 4x100m: 1, Bangka Belitung Team, 49.12s.

25 June, Nivellas Belgium
400mh: 3, Noraseela Mohd Khalid, 57.98s (Placed 10th in ASIAN Rankings as at 30 June)

25 June, Sofia Bulgaria
100m: 2, Norjannah Hafiszah Jamaluddin, 12.16s. 4, Nurul Sarah Abdul Kadir, 12.56s.
200m: 1, Norjannah Hafiszah, 25.24s. 2, Nurul Sarah, 25.68s.

25-26 June, Kuala Lumpur: Selangor Juniors (U23)
Competition for athletes under 23, plus time-trials (TT) races. All athletes from Malaysia except some from Maldives who competed as guests.

(25) 100m: 1s1, Mohd Azhar Ismail, 11.03s (dns final).
(26) 200m: 1, S. Kannathasan, 22.24s (& 2h5, 22.36s). 2, Mohd Syahmimi Azmi, 22.31s (& 1h5, 22.20s).
(25) 400m (TT): S. Kannathasan, 48.78s. 2, Schzuan Rosli, 49.81s. 3, Mohd Harmizi Arobi, 49.88s.
(26) 800m: 1, Nik Hafiz Nik Mohamad, 1:54.5s. 2, M. Parthiban, 1:57.6s. 3, Sevaperagam Sivashankaran, Nse, 2:00.2s. 4, Eddison Vincent, Nse, 2:00.8s.
(26) 3000stc: 1, Ahmad Luth Hamizan, 9:26.21s. 2, M. Ravintheran, Ked, 9:58.32s. 3, R. Palanisamy, Ked, 10:07.40s. 4, Alex Romas, Ked, 10:22.91s.
(25) 110mh: 1, Alif Ashraf Mohd Razali, 14.80s.
(26) 400mh: 1, Mohd Firdaus Masalan, Ked, 53.87s (& 1s1,  54.43s). 2, Mohd Azlan Samsuddin, 55.38s (& 1s2, 55.16s). 3, Mohd Izdham Mahzan, Pah, 55.40s (& 2s1, 55.73s). SF: 3s1, Arafat Munir, Sel, 55.83s (dns in final).
(25) HJ: 1, Nauraj Singh, 2.01m. 2, Krishnan Pralkash, 1.95m.
(25) PV: 1, Mohd Fahme Zam Zam, 4.40m. 2, Mohd Faidul Mohd Lazim, 4.40m. 3, Mohd Iqbal Hakim, 4.00m.
(26) LJ: 1, Mohd Fahmi Meslan, Joh, 6.99m.
(26) SP (6kg): 1, Mohd Yizad (non junior, paralympic athlete- intellectual disability.), 14.78m.
(25) DT (w?): 1, Mohd Irfan Shamsuddin, 39.48m. 2, Mohd Azwan Fahmi Zuhairi, Ked, 39.32m.
(26) HT (w?): 1, Ng Chee Chew, 42.12m. 2, Rizhan Rasmi, Ked, 38.54m.

(25) 100m: 1, Chew Hui Lian, 12.41s. 2, Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli, 12.43s.
(25) 100m (TT): 1, Siti Fatimah Mohamad, 12.21s. 2, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 12.31s. 3, Yee Yi Ling, 12.51s.
(26) 200m: 1, Chew Hui Lian, Joh, 25.46s. 2, Nurul Assikin Mohd Rasid, Joh, 26.46s.
(26) 800m: 1, Nurul Safiqah Daud, 2:23.6s.
(25) 1500m: 1, Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil, 5:11.70s.
(26) 5000m: 1, Yap Nyor Sing, Joh, 21:29.17s. 2 (TT), Subramaniam Sangeetha, Kul, 21:39.34s. 3, Malar, Mal, 24:42.24s.
(26) 10000W: 1, Elena Goh, 56:03.6s. 2, Song Gie Chee, 57:58:5s. 3, Cheng Hui Yan, Sel, 1:04:25.6s. JT: 1, Nur Fatin Adiba, Ter, 37.93m.
(25) 100mh: 1, Raja Nursheena Azhar, 14.53s (& 1s2, 14.54s). 2, Nor Fazlinda Shafie, 15.39s. 3, Ku Munirah Ku Zamzuri, 15.42s. 4, Najaa Natasha, Sar, 15.44s. 5, Nur Syafiqah Anis A. Bakar, 15.48s.
(25) HJ: 1, Norliyana Kamaruddin, Nse, 1.66m. 2, M. Shandyiani, 1.63m. 3, Puteri Nur Liyana, 1.63m. 4, Yap Sean Kee, Kul, 1.60m.
(26) PV: 1, Chuah Yu Tian, 3.10m. 2, Jasmine Cheah, 2.80m. 3, Norezatti Shasha, 2.80m. 4, Valerie Tan Ee Leen, 2.70m. 5, Shee Foo Ling, 2.60m.
(26) LJ: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia, 6.11m. 2, Nurul Fatimatul Z., 5.70m. Note: Noor Shahidatun became the 5th Malaysian to jump further than 6m mark, at only 15 she already placed 3rd at MAS all-time ranking lists.
(25) TJ: 1, Ramiza Syakri, 11.44m. 2, Nur Salwana Salman, 11.01m. 3, Nor Liyana Kamaruddin, Nse, 10.98m.
(26) HT: 1, Nor Aida Shubada, Nse, 38.23m.
(25) DT: 1, Nuraishah Ishak, 33.79m. 2, Anabella Bakri, 30.42m. 3, Nurul Bayah Mohd, Pah, 30.20m.

26 June, Kuala Lumpur: Standard Chartered KL Marathon
Note: All athletes from KENYA except some from other countries as noted. Results restricted to TOP 10 International and local.

Marathon: 1, Kennedy Kiproo Lilan, 2:20:09s. 2, Chesoo Jonathan Kipchirchir, 2:20:09s. 3, Julius Ndiritu Karinga, 2:20:14s. 4, Alex Melly, 2:20:16s. 5, Japheth Kosgei Kipkorir, 2:20:34s. 6, Richard Kiprotich Soibei, 2:20:36s. 7,Nelson Kirwa Rotich, 2:20:59s. 8, Rogath John Stephen, Tanzania, 2:22:56s. 9, Tambwe Ngoie Patrick, France, 2:24:26s. 10, Henry Kipkosgei Cherono, 2:26:08s. ...Malaysian 1st finisher: 1, Shaharudin Hashim, 2:42:37s.

Half Marathon: 1, Ngare Joseph Mwangi, 1:06:59s. 2, Paul Kimani Wambui, 1:09:21s. 3, John Kprop Samoei ,1:09:27s. 4, Muindi Onesmus Muasya, 1:09:41s. 4, David Kipkeoch Kipsang, 1:10:49s. 6, Willy Kipkemoi Rotich, 1:12:18s. 7, Samuel Tarus, 1:14:46s. 8, Venugopal A/L Rajendran, Malaysia, 1:18:03s (MAS 1st finisher). 9, Othman Mustapha, Brunei, 1:20:46s. ...Addit. MAS best: 2, Genesan A/L Subramaniam, 1:19:38s. 

Marathon: 1, Rose Kerubo Nyangacha, 2:34:38s. 2, Rose Jepkemboi Chesire, 2:35:12s. 3, Ruth Jepkoech Kutol, 2:37:24s. 4, Jacquline Nyetipei Kiplimo, 2:40:38s. 5, Fridah Jepkite Lodepa, 2:51:11s. 6, Emelyne Teo Jia Wei, Malaysia, 3:32:25s (MAS 1st finisher).

Half Marathon: 1, Eunice Nyawira Muchiri, 1:18:27s. 2, Esther Wambui Karimi, 1:19:05s. 3, Ann Njihia, 1:20:37s. 4, Chepkirui Rhodah, 1:29:16s. 5, Noor Amelia Musa, Malaysia, 1:29:21s (MAS 1st finisher). 6, Liz Verheyden, Belgium, 1:29:27s. 7, Susan Jemutai Chepkwong, 1:31:51s.

July 02, Gold Coast AUS: Gold Coast Airport Marathon 
29 (3rd of F 18-24), Sarah Sulaiman Ch'ng, 3:12:10s. . Official intermediate times at half marathon 1:32:46s, at 10km 44:14s. Note: 5th fastest at Malaysian all-time lists, PB prior to the race was 3:16:51s/2010.

July 02-03, Kuala Lumpur: Selangor Open
Some foreign athletes (Qat, Sin, Bot, Mdv) competed at quests incl. World class sprinter Femi Seun Ogunode of Qatar (PBs 10.25s, 20.30s, 45.12s). No wind reading reported - significant headwinds at all the relevant track events

Femi Seun Ogunode

(02) 100m: 1, Femi Ogunode, Qatar, 10.47s (& 1s2, 10.47s).
(03) 200m: 1, Femi Ogunode, Qatar, 20.91s (& 1s1, 20.94s). 2, Shahmimi Azmi, 22.15s (& 2s1, 22.12s).
Note: Femi is the Asian Games double gold medalist at 200m and 400m. "A warm-up meet for him heading to the Asian Championships in Japan this weekend". Biodata.
(02) 400m: 1, Hassan Amia, Qatar, 48.29s (& 1s4, 48.39s. 2, Kenneth Khoo Kian Seong, SIN, 49.02s. 3, Muhamad Yunus Lasaleh, 49.15s.4, Schzuan Rosely, 49.23s. 5, K. Amran Raj, 49.59s.
(03) 800m: 1, M. Vadivellan, 1:52.44s. 2, S. Mathialagan, 1:55.40s.
(02) 5000m: 1, Lim Kien Mau, (?), 16:06.03s. 2, Nik Fakaruddin Ismail, 16:06.55s.
(03) 3000stc: 1, Paneerselvam Jenarthanan, Nse, 10:09.71s.
(02) 110mh: 1, Nubi Mubarah, Qatar, 15.12s.
(02) 10,000W: 1, Lo Choon Sieng, 44:22.17s. 2, Theyagason Dhiban Raj, Nse, 45:10.29s. 3, B. Thirukumaran, 47:44.58s. 4, Ganesan Umaraul, 47:57.65s. 5, Mohd Azizi Anwar, 48:12.76s.
(02) HJ: 1, Najwan Aqra Hussaim, 2.05m. 2, Daryl Lee, SIN, 1.95m.
(02) PV: 1, Mohd Fahme Zam Zam, 4.30m. 2, Dominic Chan, SIN, 4.00m.
(03) LJ: 1, Camillus David, Sab, 7.20m. 2, Halebotsoe Tsame Lebelonyane, Botswana, 6.94m. 3, Dickson Chen, SIN, 6.91m.
(02) TJ: 1, Mohd Ammar Fitri Zainul, 15.83m. 2, Stefan Tseng, SIN, 15.65m. 3, Halebotjoe Tsame Lebelonyane, Botswana, 14.10m.
(03) SP: 1, Scott Wong, SIN, 15.71m. 2, Shahrin Selamat, Sel, 13.92m. 3, Mohd Yizad (paralympic- intellectual disability), 13.22m. 4,  Mohd Alif Hanif Afandi, 12.87m. 5, Weide Toh, SIN, 11.66m.
(02) DT: 1, Scott Wong, SIN, 45.22m. 2, Weide Toh, SIN, 39.18m.
(03) HT: 1, Ng Chee Chew, 38.33m.
(02) 4x100m: 1, Maldives Team, 42.33s.

(02) 100m: 1, S. Komalam Shally, 12.67s
(03) 200m: 1, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 24.66s. 2, Yee Yi Ling, 25.27s. 3, Pereira Valarie Seema, SIN, 25.33s. 4, Chew Hui Lian, 25.77s. 
(02) 400m: 1, Noor Hazwanie Norizan, 57.27s. 2, Norrohida Baidawi, 58.97s. 3, Pereira Valerie Seema, SIN, 59.75s.
(02) 1500m: 1, Nik Noor Amelia Musa, Ter, 5:02.30s.
(03) 5000m: 1, Ramesh Sasikala, Sel, 21:30.03s. 2, Manimalar, 22:10.83s.
(02) 100mh: 1, Raja Nursheena Azhar, 14.44s. 2, Nur Fazlinda Shafiei, 15.70s.
(02) HJ: 1, Wong Boon Syian, 1.68m. 2, Norliyana Kamaruddin, 1.65m. 3, Michelle Sng, SIN, 1.65m.
(03) PV: 1, Justina Chan, SIN, 2.90m. 2, Nur Nadira Natalia, 2.80m. 3, Norezatti Shasha, 2.80m.
(03) LJ: 1, Nurul Jannah, SIN, 5.29m.
(02) TJ: 1, Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah, 12.89m. 2, Merry Gabali, 11.09m. 3, Norliyana Kamaruddin, 11.02m.
(03) SP: 1, Rahilah Othman, 13.45m. 2, Nor Sayidah Ramli, 11.54m. 3, Chan Poh Kwan, 11.36m.
(02) DT: 1, Yap Jeng Tzan, 45.52m.
(03) HT: 1, Noraida Syuhada, Nse, 38.25m.
(03) 10,000W: 1, Norliana Mohd Rusni, 52:35.1s. 2, Song Gie Chee, 55:25.7s. 3, Siti Hanisah Shaharuddin, 1:05:11.7s.

July 02-03, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Inter City
(03) 110mh: 2, Mohd Robani Hassan, 14.37s -0.5 (& 1h1, 14.44s -0.9)
(02) HJ: 3, Anpalagan Kavee Alagan, 2.04m.

(03) HT: 1, Patria Pang Mei Chin, 49.83m

July 02-04, Singapore: 3rd Asean Schools Games
Note: Participants from seven countries. Athletes under 18-years old

(02) 100m: 1, Sebastian Lee Azcona, 10.97s.
(03) 200M: 1, Sebastian Lee Azcona, 21.93s.
(02) 400m: 1, Mohd Arif Zulhilmi Alet, 48.67s. 2, Ramuh Revin, 49.61s.
(08) 800m: 3, Kanison Kathiresan,1:56.25s. 6, Victor Jeeventhiran, 1:59.08s.
(02) 1500m: 4, Sivamani Saranraj, 4:06.06s. 6, Tan Wei Heng, 4:09.74s.
(04) 5000m: 4, Tan Wei Heng, 16:31.31s.
(04) 2000stc: 3, Sivamani Saranraj,6:22.57s.
(04) 110mh (0.99): 1, Mohd Ajmal Aiman Mat Hassan, 14.11s
(03) 400mh: 1, Mohd Baihaqi Razlan, 52.64s. 5, Mohd Firdaus Musa, 54.70s.
(04) HJ: 1, S. Navin Raj, 2.01m.
(03) LJ: 3, Mohd Fahmi Meslan, 6.95m
(02) PV: 2, Mohd Faizul Lazim, 4.55m. 5, Iskandar Alwi, 4.20m.
(04) TJ: 3, Mohamad Syazwan Zakaria, 14.03m.
(02) DT (w?): 2, Muhammad Irfan Shamsuin, 46.49m.
(04) 5000W: 2, Muhd Syahmi Syukri Tai, 26;30.03s.
(03) 4x100: 1, Malaysian Schools Team, 41.80s.

(02) 100m: 2, Zaidatul Husna Zulkifli, 12.32s (& 2h2, 12.52s). 4, Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli, 12.52s (& 1h1, 12.68s).
(03) 200m: 2, Zaidatul Husna Zulkifli MAS, 25.07s (& 1h1, 25.25s). 3, Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli, MAS, 25.10s (& 2h2, 25.29s). 
(02) 400m: 4, Norasyikin Mohd Rashid, 58.62s. (& 3h1, 58.80s). 7, Sharifah Shatrah Razali, 60.69s.
(04) 800m: 5, Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil, 2:22.24s.
(02) 1500m: 5, Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil, 5:13.21s.
(02) 3000W: 1, Elene Goh Ling Yin, 14:34.7s.
(04) 100mh: 2, Ku Munirah Ku Zamzuri, 15.03s
(04) 400mh: 4, Leong Ann Gie, 65.55s.
(02) HJ: 3, Puteri Nur Liyana Megat A.Hajat, 1.66m. 4, Mahendran Shandyiani, 1.63m.
(04) PV: 2, Chua Yu Tian, 3.20m.
(02) LJ: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia, 5.99m.
(03) TJ: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia, 12.21m.
(02) SP: 3, Bibi Nuraishah Ishak, 10.86m.
(04) DT: 4, Ann Bella Bong Ku Na, 30.62m.
(03) 4x100m: 3, Malaysian Schools Team, 47.88s.
(04) 4x400m: 4, Malaysian Schools Team, 3:57.66s.

July 03, Ipoh: Ipoh International Run
Note: Doubtful distance - obviously short course (10km and 21km routes). All KENYAN runners except some runners from other countries as noted.

21km International
1, Lilan Kennedy Kiproo, 1:01:35s. 2, Lawrence Kiptoo Saina, 1:01:51s. 3, Ngare Joseph Mwangi, 1:02:13s. 4, Robert Kosgei, 1:02:14s. 5, Fredrick M. Mathiu, 1:03:00s. 6, Alex Melly, 1:03:02s. 7, Rafael Njenga Njunge, 1:03:21s. 8, Geoffrey Kiprotich, 1:03:52s. ...20, Chakrit Boonkong, THA, 1:11:04s (1st SEA runner).

21km Veteran
1, Lautrecoux Jean Pierre, FRA, 1:09:10s. 2, Subramaniam Ganesan, MAS, 1:12:49s. 3, Jirattigarn Boonma, THA, 1:12:57s. ...8, Casey Lim Knon Seng, MAS, 1:18:28s. ...10, Boon Yen Kian, MAS, 1:20:32s.

10km Open
1, Jayamaran Karthik, 32:05s. 2, Rajendran Venugopal, 32:11s. 3, Muniandy Arul Thevar, 32:30s. 4, Sivalingham Sivamanogaran, 32:52s. 5, Azrul Jamil Shah Anuar, 33:29s. 6, Thuraraju Narendran, 33:45s. 7, Mohd Faizal Muhaiddin, 34:08s. 8, Sumudum Tanakendiran, 34:11s. 9, Magandren Jayseelans, 34:29s. 10, Muhaimin Abdul Basher, 34:45s. Note: All Malaysian runners.

21km International
1, Esther Wambui Karimi, 1:10:26s. 2, Rose Jepuoboi, 1:11:15s. 3, Jacqueline Nyetipei, 1:12:41s. 4, Njihia Ann Mukuhi, 1:16:28s. 5, Frida Lopeda, 1:20:20s.

10km Open
1, Melinder Kaur, MAS, 36:47s. 2, Noor Amelia Musa, MAS, 37:39s. 3, Suwaree Deeank, THA, 37:43s.

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