What Periodization is Best for Women to Develop Strength and Power?

>> September 28, 2012

Resistance training programs for improving hypertrophy, strength, and power have normally followed the concept of periodization. When the volume of training was matched, no difference observed between linear and undulating periodization. But it is difficult to generalize the findings of many studies to the general population, and it was needed to look into the data among women subjects. Therefore, this study examined the efficacy of two periodized programs in producing changes to upper and lower body strength and power qualities:
  • Linear periodization (vary training intensity and volume load every 3 weeks)
  • Undulating periodization (vary every training sessions) 
Enhancing Muscular Qualities in Untrained Women: Linear versus Undulating Periodization

The researchers compared the two methods of periodization. They recruited 20 untrained women, separated into two groups, and they performed a supervised 9-week of training, which was preceded by a 3-week of conditioning period.

  • Improvement in terms of time were observed. Both linear and undulating periodization enhanced the strength level in women from pre to post intervention.
  • Both groups improved significantly in 1RM squat, bench press, and even in squat jump and bench throw. 
  • No significant difference between groups.
For women who participate in recreational and amateur level sports, but have not undertaken resistance training, both linear and undulating periodization were equally effective in improving strength and power qualities within 9 weeks of intensive training.
  • Now, if you're women and untrained, and wishes to improve strength and power, you can choose either linear and undulating periodization. 
  • Training program as follows:


Malaysian Athletics Results No 10, 2012

>> September 19, 2012

Compiled by Jad Adrian, ATFS Statistician, info@adriansprints.com

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam),  10-11 July 2012  “Ho Chi Minh International Track and Field”
-best results by Malaysian athletes as follows;

110mh/-1.6 (11):1.Mohd Robani Hassan 14.45  (&  2h2  14.59, -0.3),  4.Mohamad Rohaizad Jamil 
14.70 (& 2h1  14.93, -0.2).
SP        (10) 1.Adi Alifuddin Hussin 16.26.

100m /-0.2 (10) 2.Komalam Shally d/o Selveratnam 12.10 (& 1h2  12.20, -0.3),  4.Siti Zubaidah 
Adabi 12.22 (& 2h1 12.23, -0.2).
200m /-0.1 (11) 3.Komalam Shally d/o Selveratnam 25.05  (&  1h2  25.70, -0.1),  4.Siti Zubaidah
            Adabi 25.19 (&  2h1  25.10,  -0.1).
800m    (11) 4.Ganthimanthi d/o Kumarasamy 2:15.91 (& 4h1  2:23.16 on 10-Jul).
LJ         (10) 1.Siti Zubaidah Adabi 6.09.
DT        (11) 2.Yap JengTzan 44.43.

Kuantan,  10-13 July 2012 “SUKMA, Malaysian Games 2012”
-bi-annual event and held since 1986, competition for athletes aged 21 and below (for this edition).

Note: see the complete results at different file.

Seremban,  15 July 2012 “25th Seremban Half Marathon”
-half marathon and 10km races = short course (around 20.4km for half marathon and 9.3km for 10km !!), all Malaysians except as noted,  best results as follows;

MEN / Half Marathon
1. Kamau Cyrus Munyu (Ken) 1:09:16,  2.Gichuhi Jesse Njoroge (Ken) 1:10:08,  3.David Makau Mutuku (Ken) 1:17:24, 4.Junichiro Adachi (Jpn) 1:21:22

1. Muhamad Affindi Nudin 1:16:34,  2. Muhaizar Mohamad 1:17:57,  3. Vijayan s/o Devandran 1:19:08,  4.Jothpal Singh s/o Ragbir Singh 1:19:33,  5.Diven s/o Muniandy 1:22:22

1. Khir Salleh 1:21:43

MEN / 10km
1. Rosnizam Rosli 32:08.2,  2.P.Jenarthanan 32:55.4,  3.Dilip s/o Subramaniam 34:07.6

Half marathon / Open
1. Foo Bee Fon1:36:41,  2. Yee Pei Ni 1:45:20,  3. Annie Lee Khum Chiew 1:47:46.

10km Junior Veteran
1. Alexis Chee 45:07.6

Petaling Jaya,  15 July 2012  “Orange Run 12”
-all Malaysians except as noted, best results as follows;

Men / 10km International
1.Ronoh Kennedy Kibet  (Ken) 33:44,  2.Wambui Paul Kimani (Ken) 34:01,  3.John Kipkosgei Rotich (Ken) 34:29 … national first finisher;  Karthik s/o Jayamaran 37:27.

Women / 10km International
1. Cynthia Keter (Ken) 42:44:44

1.Sheela d/o Samivellu 44:42.5,  2.Gantimanthi d/o Kumarasamy 44:57.4

SINGAPORE,  5 August 2012   “1st Club Zoom Track and Field Carnival”
-best results by Malaysian athlete as follows;

100m/-2.6:  3.Mohd Shahmimi Azmi 10.97 (& 1h3, 10.91,+0.7),  4.Muhamad Hakim Faizi Rusli (95) 11.00;
LJ         4.Mohd Fahmi Meslan (94) 6.80, +0.6.
SP        2.Goh Wei Kiang (93) 11.75.

SP        2.Rahilah Othman 13.05.

LONDON, England,  3 – 10 August 2012  “XXX Olympiad, London Olympic Games 2012”
-two Malaysian athletes competed under wildcards, as follows;

HJ        (  5)  Q, Lee Hup Wei 2.16

400mh (  5)  8h2, Noraseela Mohd Khalid 60.16  (injured in the halfway)

SINGAPORE,  25-26 August 2012  “74TH Singapore Open T&F Championships”
-best results by MAS athletes as follows;

200m    (26) 4.Mohamad Noor Imran Abdul Hadi 22.42 / -1.7.
1500m (26) 1.Vadivellan s/o Mahendran 4:01.60.
JT         (25) 3.Akid Chong Mohd Isham 63.87.

LJ         (25) 1.Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah 5.96 / 0.0.
TJ         (26) 1.Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah 13.52 / +0.6.
DT        (26) 2.Yap Jeng Tzan 44.75.

Penang , 26 August 2012  “MPSP Green Run”
-the so-called half marathon race (below) was actually only 20.8km, best results;

Men open
1. Ow Yong Jin Kuang 1:19:44

Women open
1. Annie Yee Pei Ni 1:40:38, 2. Ewe Bee Hang 1:42:40, 3. Nur Hazimah Idris 1:47:48

Women veteran
1. Debbie Chan 1:33:44, 2. Ng Sun Nee 1:40:47, 3. Adeline Tan Man Hua 1:47:52

LONDON England,  29-Aug    9-Sep., 2012   “London Paralympic Games”
-results by Malaysian athletes competed at standard events, and with standard implements;

F13  (visual impairment)
LJ         (  1) 5. Mohd Saifuddin Ishak 6.30/0.0.

F20 (intellectual impairment)
SP/7.26kg (  7)  BRONZE Medal,  Muhammad  Ziyad Zolkefli 15.21  (5th MAS All-Time)

F46 (lost of limb or limb deficiency)
LJ         (  3) 7. Eryanto Bahtiar  6.35/+0.3.
TJ         (  1) 6. Eryanto Bahtiar  13.45 / -0.1,

F11/12  (visual impairment)
SP/4kg             (  5) 16. Hemala Devi Enikutty  9.77.      
DT/1kg             (  1) 10. Hemala Devi Enikutty  28.74.

F20  (intellectual impairment)
SP/4kg (  5) 7. Nursuhana Ramlan 10.71.

T38  (cerebral palsy)
100m    (  1) 5h1. Norsyazwani  Abdullah  15.34/+0.7
200m    (  1) 5h2. Norsyazwani  Abdullah  31.83/+0.5.

Sibu,  1-2 September 2012  “Sibu Open Athletics Meet 2012”
-winners in open category received $ 300.00  cash, hand-timing used, best results;

100m    (  2): 1.Nikson Kennedy (95) 10.7, 2.Muhd Afif Zulhusmi Alet (91) 10.8.
200m    (  1): 1.Muhd Arif Zulhilmi Alet (94) 22.0.
400m    (  2): 1.Muhd Arif Zulhilmi Alet (94) 50.1.
400mh  (  1): 1.Mohamad Adib Zulhusni Alet (92) 56.8.
HJ        (  1): 1.Richard Stanley Nina (120196) 1.88.
SP        (  2): 1.Theng Hou Ann (280795) 11.71.
DT        (  2): 1.Theng Hou Ann (280795) 36.23,  2.Wong Jing Huei (250296) 33.60.
HT        (  1): 1.Michael Sia Suk Dak 45.13,  2.Jackson Wong Cheun Young (020196) 37.92.
JT         (  1): 1.Daveera Sali 55.51, 2.John Kapag 52.69,  3.Lau Sie Long 51.32.
4x100m (  1): 1.SMK Tun Abang Hj Openg 42.8.
Under 14
100m    (  2): 1.Nix Watson Baring 11.4.

100m    (  2): 1.Kee Siew Lian 12.6.
200m    (  1): 1.Kee Siew Lain 25.9.
800m    (  2): 1.Faradilah Raznie (96) 2:32.6.
1500m  (  1): 1. Faradilah Raznie (96) 5:22.3.
3000m  (  1): 1.Ho Siew Hua (93) 11:51.9,  2.Faradilah Raznie (96) 12:12.4
100mh  (  2): 1.Kee Siew Lian 15.2.
HJ        (  2): 1.Kee Siew Lian 1.60,  2.Gianti Francis (95) 1.60.
LJ         (  1): 1.Kee Siew Lian 5.33.
TJ         (  2): 1.Kee Siew Lian 11.73.
SP        (  2): 1.Grace Wong Xiu Mei (00 !!) 11.02.
DT        (  1): 1.Queenie Ting Kung Ni (97) 35.42
HT        (  1): 1.Shirley Tiong MeeYien (94) 36.35.
JT         (  2): 1.Syuryani Sikembar 39.81.
Under 14
100m    (  2): 1.Norris Foo (120298) 12.7
SP        (  1): 1.Grace Wong Xiu Mei (00) 10.62

Sungai Petani,  1 September 2012  “1st SP Half Marathon 2012”
-best results as follows;

21km / open: 1.Muniandy s/o Ramadass 1:14:02,  2.Shaharuddin Hashim 1:15:08, 3.Muhaizar Mohamad 1:18:06.

21km / open: 1.Sangeetha d/o Subramaniam 1:36:12, 2.Megan Foo Bee Fon  1:43:15, 3.Ewe Bee Hong 1:43:43.

Kuantan,  2 September 2012  “Kuantan TC 10km Run”
-best results as follows;

MEN / 10km
1.Arul Thevar s/o Muniandy 35:15, 2.Mohamad Affindi Nudin 35:35, 3.Vijayan s/o Devandran 35:55, 4.Murali s/o Muniandy 36:03, 5.Elanggovan s/o Govindasamy 36:19.

WOMEN / open
1.Sheela d/o Samivellu 39:48, 2.Annie Yee Pei Ni 45:41, 3.Previna d/o Arumugam 46:58.

1.Susan Khoo (MAS, not GBR) 43:48.
*residing in Malaysian for more than 20 years, and has already granted citizenship. Note that Malaysia is a country that allows ONLY single citizenship.

Mokpo (South Korea),  7 September 2012   “Mokpo International Throwing Meeting 2012”

SP        3.Adi Alifuddin Hussin 16.62  (15.97, 16.62, x, 16.38, x, 16.50)

DT        7. Yap Jeng Tzan 42.85.

Petaling Jaya,  9 September 2012   “Adidas King of the Road 2012”
-all Malaysians except as notes, best results;

16.8km / international:  1.David Kipkirui Mutai (Ken) 54:33, 2.Mark John William (Gbr) 1:00:38.

16.8km:            1.Venugopal s/o Rajendran 58:43, 2.Muniandy s/o Ramadoss 59:01, 3. Ruburn Kumar 59:23, 4.Shaharudin Hashim 1:00:19.

10km:   1.Sheela d/o Samivellu 41:54, 2.Sanggeetha d/o Subramaniam 44:19.

16.8km:            1.Noor Amelia Musa 1:10:04, 2.Michele Tan Bee Kiang 1:13:58, 3.Susan Khoo 1:15:06, 4.Ng Sun Nee 1:15:33.

Penang,  9 September 2012  “Larian 10km Merdeka Penang”
-best results (10km);

Open: 1.Christopher s/o Soosai 34:16, 2.Mohamad Faizul Izhar 35:16, 3.Chaaitanya Leillaa s/o Kathirasan 35:48.
Junior: 1. Calvin Boon Chang Yik (95) 33:45.
Senior veteran: 1.Khir Salleh 35:58.

Open: 1. Nur Hazimah Idris 46:32.

Klang,  16 September 2012  “Oren Sport Klang Town 12km Run“
-best results (12km);

Men / open: 1. Ahmad Luth Hamizan 43:23.
Women / open: 1. Gantimanthi d/o Kumarasamy 51:30.
Veteran: 1. Susan Khoo 53:20.


Kuala Lumpur,  31 March 2012  “1st Junior Development Programme 2012”
-best results as follows;

Above 18
1.Lo Choon Sieng 43:35,  2.Muhammad Khairil Harith Harun 44:10,  3.Dhiban Raj s/o Theyagason 48:47.

Above 18
3km      1.Norliana Muhd Rusni 14:51, 2.Song Gie Chee 14:58.

18 and Under
3km      1.Elena Goh Ling Yin (96) 14:52, 2.Pua Ling En (95) 16:35.


SURABAYA, Indonesia, 30.06. - 01.07, 2012 “4th ASEAN Schools Games”
Name’s correction as follow;
800m (30) 1.Jeeventhiran s/o Victor Ravintharan (94) 1:54.97 (thanks to Mr Bala Murugan).

Acknowledgments to;
Mr. Heinrich Hubbeling (AAA, IAAF), Mr. Hoang Minh Quyet (VIE), Mr. R.Shankar (for Sukma results), Mr. Siew Ting Nguong & Mr. Thomas Ling (Sarawak), Mr. Mohamed Shahruddin & SAA (SIN),  Mr. Young Hoon Chung & KAAF (KOR).


Iswandi Runs 10.41s, Fadlin 10.48s 100m at Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON 2012) Pekanbaru

>> September 13, 2012

Pekanbaru, Riau - Indonesia (12 Sept 2012) -  Sprinter Iswandi emerged as the fastest man in Indonesia after winning the century dash during the 18th Indonesian National Games (PON XVIII) with a personal record time of 10.41s (+0.7). He beats two favorites Fadlin (10.48s) and Franklin Ramses Burumi (10.57s) in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Men's 800m final was exciting with three runners clocked 1:51s. But Ridwan was the fastest with 1:51.11s, followed by Endro Kusworo (1:51.45s) in second, and Hernius Siantar (1:51.60s) in third.

Eco Wikasano was the champion of the men's pole vault with a best height cleared of 4.60m, just higher than Nunung Jayadi who placed in 2nd (4.55m).

Meanwhile SEA Games champion Serafi Anelies Unani won the women's 100m, recording a time of 11.90s (+0.6). Tri Setyo utami took silver medal in 11.97s. Youngster Nurul Imaniar in third with 12-flat.

Rini Budiarti wins the women's 800m, clocking 2:10.15s. Silver and bronze medals went to Olivia Sadi (2:12.48) and Lismawati (2:12.49s) who dead heated on the line.

As expected Dedeh Erawati takes the women's 100m hurdles title. She finished her race in 13.63s (+0.4). Maryati finished in 2nd in 14.04s.

Previous report here



Edy Jakariya Runs 13.7s 110mh, Fadlin 21.04s 200m 18th Indonesian National Games (PON) 2012

>> September 11, 2012

Pekanbaru, Indonesia:  Edi Jakariya runs a hand-timed 13.7s (-0.7) in the men's 110m hurdles to win the gold medal in the XVIII Pekan Olahraga Nasional (Indonesian National games) yesterday (10.09.2012). The 28-year-old electronically timed 14.27s during semifinals. Silver medal went to Rio Maholtra, 18, who finished with 14-flat, while Prasetyo Utomo in 3rd (14.3s).

Mohamad Fadlin takes the men's 200m gold medal after registering a fast personal record. The Asian Games representative who stands 5'3" stopped the clock at 21.04s, and denied the challenge of the favorite Heru Astriyanto who satisfied only in 2nd (21.12s). Experienced sprinters Ahmed Sakeh Sumarsono (21.19s) and John Herman Muray (21.31s) were in 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

In the men's long jump Noval Kurniawan leaped 7.48m/+0.3 to steal the gold medal from Rikwan who leaped only 1cm shorter, 7.47m/+0.8), with Asril (7.42m/+0.9) in 3rd. Junior sprinter Safwaturrahman was in 4th in 7.37m/0.0.

Junior walker Hakmali Sauda beats favorite Hendro in the men's 1000m walk to take gold medal with 44:12.31s, over 44:15.92s.

Tri Setyo Utami wins the women's 200m, she clocked a time of 24.04s, the fastest time in Southeast Asia this year. Silver and bronze medals goes to Nurul Imaniar (24.22) and Ni Nyoman Korni (24.27).

Triyaningsih, the triple gold medalist of 2011 SEA Games has no problem to win the women's 5000m, she finished the 12.5 laps event in 16:40.20s. Feri Subnafeu was in 2nd in 17:01.96s.

Dwi Ratnawati has made a consistent effort in women's discus throw with 4 throws over 45m (2 fouls) and took the gold in a distance of 46.67m, and beats Sulastri in 2nd in 43.35m.

Ika Puspa Dewi clinched women's high jump gold medal after clearing a height of 1.71m.

Ayu Ariandani was the winner of the women's javelin throw with a distance of 42.89m, close in 2nd was Dian Kartika who threw 42.35m.

-Recommended publication (with many results, statistical facts, rankings, records etc) here


Ziyad Zolkefli Wins Bronze Shot Put 15.21m London Paralympic 2012

>> September 08, 2012

Malaysian Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli has proven that he is one of the top shot putters in the World by taking bronze medal at the 2012 Paralympics in London. The 22-year-old who stands 6'0" metres tall threw to a personal best distance of 15.21m in the F20 category (intellectual disability) with the 7.26kg standard implement today (yesterday in London 7.09.2012).

The effort has bettered his previous best 14.51m set in Kuala Lumpur in May this year, and now ranks no. 6 in Southeast Asian Rankings in "regular category" this year (as of now).

In last June he won the gold medal in German National Paralympics  in a distance of 13.79m. He also won the ASEAN Paralympics in Solo Indonesia last December in 14.41m (= No. 10 in SEA Rankings for 2011).

The gold medal was won by Australia's Todd Hodgetts with a World record 16.29m, and silver medal goes to Sweden's Jeffery Ige (15.50m).

Update of Malaysian All-Time Rankings for Shot Put (as at 08.09.2012)

Adi Alifuddin Hussin
Palembang INA
Mohd Nazar Abdul Rahim
Petira Ghani
Kuala Lumpur
Arjan Singh
Kuala Lumpur
Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli
London GBR
Mohd Hafiz Hashim
Alif Hanif Mohd Affendi
Ngu Kit Min
M. Hasrul Nizam Yaakob



Aries Merritt 12.80 110mH World Record Video

American Aries Meritt the newly crowned Olympic champion has broken the World record in the men's 110 m hurdles in Brussels Diamond League on Friday (7 Sept. 2012). He clocked a time of 12.80s with only slight tailwinds (+0.3) assisting him, and shattering the World record 12.87s held by Cuba's Dayron Robles.

A fast reactions (0.145s) , clean start with 7-steps from the blocks, beautiful clearance (didn't touch any hurdles), strong finish = impressive World record (upstaging Usain Bolt 9.86s 100m and Yohan Blake 19.54s 200m).

It's the biggest World record margin (0.07s) since Renaldo Nahemiah in 1979 (0.16) and 1981 (0.07) where he broke his own records to 13.00s from 13.16s, and then lowered again to 12.93s in 1981. Robles had the World record set in Ostrava in 2008 in 12.87s, as he broke China's Liu Xiang record (12.88s) set in Lausanne in 2006.

Previously, the World record stood at 12.91s which was jointly held by Xiang himself (set in 2004 Olympics) and GBR''s Colin Jackson (1993 World champs). Roger Kingdom was the last man of the USA to hold the record with 12.92s (which was broken by Jackson) set in 1989.

Men's 110m Hurdles (+0.3)
1. Aries Merritt (USA) 12.80 WORLD RECORD ... 0.145
2. Jason Richardson (USA) 13.05 ... 0.147
3. Hansle Parchment (JAM) 13.14 ... 0.157
4. Sergey Shubenkov (RUS) 13.21 ... 0.165
5. David Oliver (USA) 13.21 ... 0.171
6. Lehann Fourie (RSA) 13.24 African Record ... 0.133
7. Ryan Wilson (USA) 13.26 0.144
8. Ryan Brathwaite (BAR) 13.39 ... 0.156
9. Lawrence Clarke (GBR) 13.71 0.148




To be updated




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