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Video Yohan Blake (9.69) Beats Tyson Gay (9.83) at Lausanne Athletissima Diamond League 2012

>> August 24, 2012

World champion Yohan Blake (Jamaica) has equaled the 2nd fastest 100m time of all-time in 9.69s (-0.1) to beat Tyson Gay at Athletissima Diamond League today (yesterday at Switzerland, 23.08.2012). Blake, double silver medalist (100m-200m) at London Olympics have got a good lead from his wonderful start and surged to the line in style while Tyson Gay (whose American record 9.69s +2.0 equaled here) was going all out to the line yet satisfied in 2nd but recorded a very respected time (9.83s) as well. Video and results;

Results , men's 100m (wind: -0.1)
1. Yohan Blake JAM ..... 9.69 PB (r 0.1420
2. Tyson Gay USA ..... 9.83 (r 0.154)
3. Nesta Carter JAM ..... 9.95 (r 0.154)
4. Ryan Bailey USA ..... 10.00
5. Jimmy Vicaut FRA ..... 10.02 PB
6. Jaysuma Saidy Ndure NOR ..... 10.13
7. Keston Bledman TRI ..... 10.14
8. Richard Thompson TRI ..... 10.32

Women's 100m (wind: -0.1)

1. Carmelita Jeter USA ..... 10.86 (r 0.162)
2. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce JAM ..... 10.86 (r 0.140)
3. Kelly-Ann Baptiste TRI ..... 10.93 (r 0.148)
4. Veronica Campbell-Brown JAM ..... 10.99 (r 0.136)
5. Kerron Stewart JAM ..... 11.10
6. Jeneba Tarmoh USA ..... 11.13
7. Murielle Ahoure CIV ..... 11.14
8. Olesya Povh UKR ..... 11.31


Yohan Blake 200m 19.26s Video, Walter Dix 19.53s - Brussels Diamond League 2011

>> September 17, 2011

Yohan Blake might be the newly crowned world 100m champion in 9.92, but he just missed the 200m world record of 19.19s as he runs a stunning time of 19.26s (+0.7) at the Diamond League meet in Brussels (16 September 2011).

There is a big jump in his timing. It was a great improvement of more than half of a second (0.52s) of his previous best 19.78s he set last year in Monaco (Memorial Van Damme).

Black has pocketed USD 40,000 but a bit surprised with his timing.

He watched Usain Bolt winning the 100m in 9.77s right before his 200m race and was excited to run fast.

He now moved into the second-fastest time ever.

Achieving such impressive performance would certainly surprise most people in athletics, the fans, junkies, even among the coaches, statisticians, and athletes themselves.

Nobody would ever think an athlete world run as fast as 19.26s after winning the World championships.

If you use a simple way to predict the 200m time (from 100m time), this Usain Bolt's training partner (under coach Glen Mills) would have the potential to run the 200m in 19.4 to 19.8 (he ran "9.82s at Zurich" x 2 = 19.64 (plus .20 = 19.84 / minors .20 = 19.44).

Based on this, he would just be clocking around 19.44 to 19.84 range.

I would love to see the split times of Yohan Blake as he looked that powerful during the last 50m.

I thought he would be beaten in the final 50m by Walter Dix the 200m specialist.

Dix finished in second in a highly respected time of 19.53s. If you had a sprint profile as Dix, and somebody had "knocked you down" as what happened in this Diamond League, that performance is "very big."

Dix had been one of the most consistent sprinters in both the 100m and 200m, especially in regards to the Worlds and Olympics. Dix had a PB of 19.69s prior to the meet.

Walter Dix is now faster than Tyson Gay (19.58), Xavier Carter (19.65), Wallace Spearmon (19.65) and Frank Fredericks (19.68).

Nickel Ashmeade was in third in 19.91s, also a new PB.

Yohan Blake would have broken the 200m World record?

Within a limited resource, I have briefly analyzed his 200m race. Here are my takes:
  • The most reasonable time is about ~19.16 - primarily comes from his start!
  • But he can potentially run faster, maybe a sub-19.10 after considering a maximum wind-advantage.
  • These two only applies in Brusells, on the same running track. I will tell you why. 
  • His reaction time (+0.269) was not only the slowest among the finalists but is slower than what you would see among the high school athletes. Fast or reasonable reaction time would be around 0.15s for 200m. By only using this, Usain Bold's world record (19.19s) would have gone by at least 0.03s. 
  • His second 100m was phenomenal. He covered the home-straight in 9.1+ seconds, faster than Bolt's 9.27 (1st 100m: 9.92s) when he broke the world record.
  • The wide curve. Brussels has a curve/straight ratio of approximately 125/75 meters, almost 10m more/less than the standard track. It means that the curve is wider and makes it "easier" for sprinting than the normal curve. 
  • Wind advantage. Bolt's 19.19 was against a wind of -0.3. It means a 0.01-0.02 disadvantage. Blake's 19.26 was under a slight tailwind of +0.7, thus gaining a quicker timing of between 0.03-0.04 during his race. Under 0.0 wind, Bolt would run even faster, but not the case (opposite) for Blake. Given a +2.0 m/s wind, Blake would get faster by another 0.07-0.08.
  • Perhaps, the timing of 19.26s was 'not legitimate', or in other words resulted from erroneous. There might be some technical problems associated with the timing system (malfunction?), only the governing body can confirm this.
  • It could be as well as a result of faulty in wind reading. One of the great performances in the past comes to mind. Florence Griffith's 10.49 at 0.0 m/s or zero wind was reported - despite the apparent waving motions of the flags.

Video of Yohan Blake 19.26s PB, Walter Dix 19.53s PB, Nikel Ashmeade 19.91s PB

Name of Athlete
React. T.





Courtesy of


Usain Bolt 100m 9.76s Video - Brussels DL 2011


Video of Yohan Blake 100m 9.82s, Kirani James 400m 44.36s NR - Zurich Diamond League 2011

>> September 09, 2011

As I mentioned before, Yohan Blake's 9.92s -1.4 was worth 9.82s in a normal wind condition (0.0).

The newly crowned world 100m champion has already proved it I'm correct to the world as he ran 9.82s (zero wind) to win the Diamond League meet in Zurich on 08.09.2011, destroying a strong field of likes of Asafa Powell (9.95), Walter Dix (10.04), Michael Frater (10.06), and Kim Collins (10.09).

Blake is now one of the fastest sprinters of all-time. His 9.82s time moved him to 7th fastest on the all-time rankings.

Only the great sprinters have run faster than him: Usain Bolt (9.58), Tyson Gay (9.69), Asafa Powell (9.72), Tim Montgomery (9.78), Nesta Carter (9.78), Ben Johnson (9.79), Maurice Greene (9.79), and Steve Mullings (9.82).

This also means that he is better than the likes Donavon Bailey (9.84), Bruny Surin (9.84), Leroy Burrell (9.85), and Carl Lewis (9.86) - just to name a few.

Asafa Powell, on the other hand has yet to meet his actual form due to an injury he suffered during the whole month of August. He got off a great start as usual, but Blake took the lead in the second half of the race.

Powell eased up "as usual" and still ended in 9.95s. The time shows that he is the most consistent sprinter (100m) of all-time in terms of 100m timings, with more than 60 times he clocked under 10 seconds from 2004 to 2011.

Zurich Diamond League - 100m Results (Wind 0.0)
1- Yohan Blake JAM 9.82 PB
2- Asafa Powell JAM 9.95
3- Walter Dix USA 10.04
4- Michael Frater JAM 10.06
5- Kim Collins SKN 10.09
6- Nesta Carter JAM 10.12
7- Jaysuma Saidy Ndure NOR 84 10.20
8- Richard Thompson TRI 10.23
9- Trell Kimmons USA 10.33

Video of 100m Men Final (Yohan Blake 9.82) at Diamond League, Zurich 2011

Other videos from Zurich

Kirani James's 400m 44.36s - National Record / Personal Best

Dayron Robles's 110mh 13.01s - Season Best

Carmelita Jeter beats Allyson Felix at 200m again in 22.27 (-0.1)

Sally Pearson's 100mh 12.52s (+0.2)

Full Results of Zurich Diamond League 2011


Video of Usain Bolt VS Christophe Lemaitre 200m Diamond League Paris 2011

>> July 09, 2011

Usain Bolt obviously has problem. A few weeks before he set the World record 19.19s in 2009, he ran 19.59s in the rain. Did you expect he is in 19.5 or 19.6 shape at the moment so he can run 19.1 or 19.2 in Daegu World championships?. Luckily for Bolt the American Tyson Gay is no longer relevant with the 2011 World championships. He won the IAAF Diamond League in Paris on July 08, 2011 with a less favorable time of 20.03s (-0.6). And it's not a comfortable wins as Christophe Lemaitre came very close in second in 20.21s. Darvis Patton was third in 20.59s.

No one ever got close to Bolt in 200m since he set 19.30s in Beijing 2008, but not as expected Lemaitre did. Not a great time for Bolt but he seems to retain his titles soon in Daegu, since Tyson Gay is out of the World championships.

If viewed from the consistency and timing, there is no reason for Lemaitre NOT running the 100m at the World champs as he is clearly better in 100m rather than 200m, but to be safe, take part in both 100m and 200m. Below is the video:

Click here for FULL RESULTS


Asafa Powell 9.78s World Lead, Michael Frater 9.88s PB, Christophe Lemaitre 9.95s NR - Video & Analysis

>> July 01, 2011

Asafa Powell positions himself as the favorite to win the Gold medal at the 2011 World championships in Daegu. He ran the fastest time in the World this year with 9.78s +1.0 during the Diamond League meet in Lausanne yesterday (30 June 2011). It was one hundredth of a second faster than Tyson Gay's mark set in June 04 in Florida. Powell's teammate Michael Frater was second in a new personal best time of 9.88s. Third place went to French's Christophe Lemaitre who equaled his European U-23 and National record 9.95s.

From left: Christophe Lemaitre 9.95s, Asafa Powell 9.78s, Michael Frater 9.88s
Another Jamaican Nesta Carter was fourth in 9.95s, some way off his personal record of 9.78s set last year. Despite of finishing in fifth, Norway's Jayasuma Saidy-Ndure became the second ever European sprinter to break the sub-10 and sub-20 (19.89s) after Francis Obikwelu (9.86s & 19.84s) when he finished in 9.99s in the race that saw him had a "nearly perfect reaction" 0.107s (below 0.100 = false start). Unlike Michael Frater who won't run in the individual event in the World championships, Jayasuma Saidy who trained by a renowned track coach John Smith will be gunning for medal in both 100m and 200m.

What can you say when looking at Michael Frater's 9.88s performance ?

Michael Frater has the same height with Andre Cason won have ran under 10s three times within 26 hours in 1993 (9.96s, 9.94, 9.92s). Both sprinters stands 1.70m (5ft 6-half) and have won medals in the World championships. For a record, 10.00 seconds is the benchmark for World class sprinters and only the very best dipped below.

It was said that human may not able to run below 10s at low-altitude, now we have hundreds of sub 10s at low-altitude. Tall sprinters (above 6 "3) may be hindered by the gravity and may not run as fast as expected but Usain Bolt (6ft 5ins) has already ripped up the rule book. A whiteman has no possibility to break the 10s barrier because of the 'genetic incompatibility', but Lemaitre has been very consistent to run sub 10s. Advances in technology, scientific training method, nutrition and supplementation and so on have no doubt helped the advance in performances, just hard work will be the bottom line.

After Andre Cason, Leo Myles Mills, Coby Miller, Trindon Holliday, Walter Dix etc, Frater once again demonstrates to the World that a short sprinter has no limit in terms of times, consistency and to win medal at the World championships.

What makes you think that NOT EVERYONE is able to hit (at least) the world class times 10.0 seconds ?!?

Video of Men's 100m - IAAF Diamond League Lausanne 2011

Click here for full results of the IAAF Diamond League Lausanne 2011


Usain Bolt 19.86 200m Oslo Diamond League Video

>> June 10, 2011

Usain Bolt of Jamaica, the double World and Olympic sprint champion runs 19.86s to win the 200 metres at the Exxon Mobil Bislett Games of IAAF Diamond League in Olso, Norway (June 09, 2011). The race ranks him as the fastest 200 metres in the World so far this year.

Unlike the previous years, the lightning seemed less striking although the World championship is only about two and a half months. This is certainly encouraging Tyson Gay who ran 9.79s a few days ago to achieve his dream in Deagu. Bolt's next meet is on July 08 in Paris.

Video of Usain Bolt 19.86s 200m at Oslo Diamond League (Bislett Games) 2011



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