Results Johor Open Athletics Meet 2015

>> July 29, 2015

Johor Bahru, 24-25 July 2015 “Johor Open Track and Field Championships”
-state championships;  with guests from Maldives and Singapore (Club Zoom) as noted;
-hand-timing; wind-reading in field events not reported; relay composition not reported; doubtful results in men's DT (short measuring tape);

100m (25)/0.0: Hassan Said MDV 10.4h (& 10.5h/-0.3 as 1h1; 10.7h/+0.5 as 1s3), 2. Badrul Hisham Abdul Manap 10.7h (& 10.7h/+0.7 as 1h3; 10.6h/+0.8 as 1s2), 3. Nujoom Hassan MDV 11.1h (& 11.1h/+0.8 as 2s2) ...H1/-0.3: ...2h1 Michael Ayomide Koiki SIN 11.1h ...note: finals held at 8.30A.M !!

200m (25)/-3.2: Hassan Said MDV 21.7h, 2. Badrul Hisham Abd Manap 22.2h. 3. Hussain Inas MDV 22.4h;

400m (25): Hussain Ainas MDV 48.4h (& 49.6h as 1h2), 2. Muhammad Azam Mazri 48.7h (& 49.8h as 1h1), 3. Kwong Kar Jun 49.7h (& 50.0h as 2h1);

-heats (24): H3: 1h3 Khairul Hafiz Jantan 50.3h, 2h3 Chuang Jin Yee 50.5h

800m (25): Adhil Rasheed MDV 1:56.8h, 2. Ahmed Hassan MDV 1:57.2h, 3. Hussain Riza MDV 1:58.1h

10,000m (24): Mohd Jironi Riduan 33:56.5

110mh (25)/-3.1: Mohd Naim Abdullah (Prk)15.5h, 2. Muhammad Ammar Zakuan Hassan 15.8h, 3. Mohammad Haimin Robert 16.1h, 4. Mohd Ikhmal Sharif 16.4h;

P V (24): Muhammad Afiq Ahmad Alham 4.40, 2. Muhammad Nur Azim Azmi 3.80, 3. Muhammad Nurulharitulfariz 3.60, 4. Mohd Farid Lazim 3.40, 5. Kamarul Izzuan (Ter) 3.20;

L J (25): Benjamin Wong Yu Ding (Joh) 6.64

T J (24): Nik Fariezal Nik Abdul Hadi 14.74

D T (24)/doubtful distance: Muammad Shahir Mohd Shahrim 42.60, 2. Kamarul Izzuan (Ter) 38.00, 3. Goh Wei Kiang 37.21, 4. Mohd Noor Zamlee 36.22;

J T (24): Mohd Ashraf Abu Mohamad 55.14, 2. Muhammad Nur Nul Hussin 49.41;

1500m (25): Muhammad Amirul Arif Mohd Azri 4:23.38

4x100m (24): SSTMI A Team (?,?,?,?) 41.7h, 2, Maldives Team 42.4h

4x400m (25): Maldives Team (?,?,?,?) 3:17.3h;

100m (25)/+1.0: Afa Ismail MDV 12.5h (& 12.8h/+0.6 as 1s1), 2. Olivia Marsden SIN 13.0h (& 13.0h/+0.1 as 1h3);

200m (25)/-3.4: Afa Ismail MDV 26.4h, 2. Olivia Marsden SIN 26.9h;

400m (25): Aminath Narza MDV 62.8h

800m (25): Sharmila Sivakumar 2:25.2h, 2. Nicole Ann Isabella Liau Yun Mun SIN 2:26.4h, 3. Puspa Letchumy Jaintheran 2:30.2h;

1500m (25): Sharmila Sivakumar 5:21.7h

5000m (24): Prisheila Devi 22:57.2h

100mh (25): Nur Syafiqa Anis Abu Bakar 15.5h (& 15.4h/-1.2 as 1h2)

P V (25): Rachel Isabel Yang Bing Jie SIN 3.70, 2. Puteri Nuradillah Shik Azizir Rahman 3.00;

L J (25): Mahira Hanis Ishak 5.00

T J (25): Mahira Hanis Ishak 11.10

S P (25): Nurul Syafiqah Haimi 9.87, 2. Ng Jia Yuan 9.46

D T (24): Choo Kang Nie 39.17, 2. Nur Atiqah Sufiah Hanizam 32.68, 3. Siti Nor Ainn Patriee 29.66;

J T (25): Fatin Shahiera Che Rahim (Joh) 36.57

10000m W (25): Arifatul Sofia Amirrahimin 1:14:25


What is Reactive Strength Performance?

>> July 26, 2015

The ability to change quickly from eccentric to concentric is one quality that can distinguish between the better and the best athletes. This is called reactive strength. Because eccentric is basically "lengthening" action and concentric is "shortening," reactive strength, therefore, represents the ability to utilize the stretch-shortening cycle or plyometrics.

Dietmar Schmidtbleicher once told me that definition of strength qualities are not invariably consistent, despite "a consensus has been reached" during several conference meetings with his American and European colleagues such as William Kraemer, Steven Fleck, and Keijo Hakkinen. Despite the different terms being used to describe muscle actions, they are intended for the same matter, and fundamentally similar when it comes to actual "practical".

Broadly, reactive strength performance considers two components;
  1. Time (duration)
  2. Force (effort)
It is crucial to ask how much forces one can produce in a restricted time, in which movements are likely to occur. For examples, top sprinters' contact time is ~0.08s during the maximal speed, and the take-off in long jump event is ~0.15s. The force that one can generate within these periods will determine the outcome of ensuing action, such as reactivity and displacement.

This is the reason for the stride frequency and stride length being the most important determinants of maximal sprint performance. Also, it clarifies the appropriate long jump take-off for being a vital component to attain the long jump distance (displacement) as a result of the generated take-off forces and velocity (from the run-up velocity).

A higher force generation during a contact phase may increase the ground contact time. As a penultimate (last) contact can create a larger "braking action," such as the long jump take-off (~0.15s), it can as well promote a larger impulse and therefore a higher forward force propulsion to launch the body forward.

However, it may not a constituent for other sports contexts as having longer contact phase means the occurrence of excessive (not optimal; too long) braking action also takes place apart from a reduction in the velocity. Hence, an optimal and fast (~0.08s in maximal-sprint; ~0.15s long jump take-off) contact time with a higher force generation can promote a better performance. Again, this is a reactive strength quality (and also explosive strength).

Reactive strength is different from explosive strength

It can be confusing if one wishes to distinguish between the two as both have similar characteristics, and even occurs almost concurrently. Take a look at different definitions and examples.

Definition 1
  • Reactive strength - ability to produce a high amount of force in a minimal time.
  • Explosive strength - ability to produce a high amount of force in a minimal time.
Definition 2
  • Reactive strength - ability to effectively utilize the stretch-shortening cycle in a minimal time upon impact on the ground.
  • Explosive strength - ability to generate a higher rise in force production in a minimal time, once a movement has started.

Example 1 - different exercise
  • Reactive strength - multiple hurdle jump 
  • Explosive strength - box jump (onto a box)
Example 2 - same exercise 
  • Reactive strength - landing phase of the drop countermovement jump 
  • Explosive strength - extension phase of the drop countermovement jump
Example 3 - long jump
  • Reactive strength - the take-off action, a fast stretch shortening cycle 
  • Explosive strength - the rapid flexions and extensions of muscles involved
Regardless of definitions, both strength qualities are crucial and they can be the major part (performance determinants) of any high-speed, repetitive, and powerful movements such as sprinting, change of direction, and quickness.

Reactive strength is also linked to Rate of Force Development (RFD), which has been explained earlier.


Results MAKSAK Track and Field Championships 2015

>> July 14, 2015

Johor Bahru, 24-26 April 2015 “MAKSAK Athletics Championships”


100m (26): Mohd Izzuddin Yahya 10.63, 2. Eddie Edward Jr 10.81, 3. Mohd Azhar Md Ismail 10.98, 4. Mohd Muslim Mohd Nazri 11.16;

-heats: nwi/ doubtful-timing:
H1: Mohd Izzuddin Yahaya 10.42, Mohd Azhar Md Ismail 10.57, Hafizi Talib 10.85, Mohd Putera Mohd Amin 11.11;
H2: Abdul Rashid Osman 10.45, Muhammad Hakim Faizi Rusli 10.71, Mohd Fahmi Sarkinin 10.87;
H3: Eddie Edward Jr 10.44, Mohd Muslim Mohd Nasri 10.59;

200m (24): Mohd Izzuddin Yahaya 22.00, 2. Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian 22.10, 3. Harmizi Arobi 22.79, 4. Abdul Rashid Osman 22.85 (& 22.72 as 1h3);

400m (26): Yuvaaraj Panerselvam 49.09, 2. Harmizi Arobi 49.28, 3. Jegan Arumugam (Prk) 49.86;

800m (25): Jegan Arumugam (Prk) 1:56.27, 2. Mohd Shafiq Syamsul Bahri (AF) 1:57.22, 3. Parthiban Murugiah (AF) 1:58.24, 4. Adision Tuah (Per) 2:01.42;

1500m (25): Prabudass Krishnan 4:10.54, 2. Jenarthanan Panerselvam 4:14.24, 3. Tanakendiran Sumudam (Penjara) 4:14.82;

5000m (25): Thevan Rajoo 15:31.79, 2. Nik Fakaruddin Ismail 15:45.76, 3. Venugopal Rajendran 16:10.64, 4. Mohd Helmi Azri Suhaimi 16:28.74, 5. Rosnizam Rosli (AF) 16:31.00, 6. Amirudin Nasir (Per) 16:51.68;

10000m (24): Thevan Rajoo 32:45.14, 2. Muhaizar Mohamad (AF) 33:12.40, 3. Nik Fakaruddin Ismail (AF) 33:16.07, 4. Mohd Jironi Riduan 33:35.50, 5. Venugopal Rajendran 35:52.11;

3000st (26): Prabidass Krishnan (AF) 9:59.85, 2. Jayakumar Ramasamy (Sel)10:12.23, 3. Affindi Nudin (AF) 10:18.93;

110mh (26)/+2.3: Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian 13.98w, 2. Zulhelmy Zainon (AF) 15.42w (& 15.43 as 1h1), 3. Zakaria Usup (PDRM) 16.00w;

400mh (24): Mohd Azri Kadir 54.98, 2. Syed Mohd Rizal Syed Alwi (AF) 56.42, 3. Muhamad Idzham Mohd Mahzan (Pah) 57.55;

P V (24): Muhammad Iqbal Hakim Mustfa Kamal 4.20, 2. Yaseer Asuad Abu (Mal) 3.30, 3. Henrile Dusik (PDRM) 3.00, 4. Anslem Sidau 3.00, 5. Frankie Buang (AF) 2.90, 6. Adirenes Admin (PDRM) 2.70;

L J (24): Mohd Muslim Mohd Nazri (AF) 7.27, 2. Camillus David 7.18, 3. Sharizal Enim (Penjara) 6.81;

T J (26): Muhd Sukri Said (AF) 13.80;

S P (24): Hafiz hashim 15.26, 2. Muhamad Malik Tobias 14.34, 3. Goh Wei Kiang 12.62, 4. Mohd Hasrul Nizam Yaakob (Kul) 12.57, 5. Ngu Kit Min 12.42, 6. Linus Nicholas 12.15, 7. Samsudin Ismail (AF) 12.06;

D T (24): Ngu Kit min 40.98, 2. Hafiz Hashim 38.95, 3. Muhamad Malik Tobias 38.36, 4. Mohd Hasrul Nizam Yaakob 35.82, 5. Shahril Firdaus Baseh (AF) 35.09, 6. Goh Wei Kiang (Joh) 34.70;

H T (26): Rizhan Rajmi 43.02, 2. Mohd Nizam Mohd Zuki 38.23, 3. Musmuliandy Mustaffa 37.05, 4. Yazid Yusoff (Joh) 33.53;

J T (26): Bakri Hamid 60.81, 2. Lau Sie Long 53.96, 3. Ruzaini Subki (AF) 52.86, 4. Linus Nicholas 50.90, 5. Suhaimi Hadi 49.53;

10000m W (26): Rajaratnam Muniandy (AF) 52:06.33;

4x100m (25): ATM Team 41.85, 2. Sabah Team 42.14, 3. PDRM Team 42.84;


100m (26): Komalam Shally Selveratnam 11.90 (& 12.01 as 1h1), 2. Siti Fatimah Mmohamad 12.09 (& 12.15 as 1h3);

200m (24): Komalam Shally Selveratnam 25.16, 2. Siti Fatimah Mohamad 25.99;

400m (26): Nurul Faezah Asma Mazlan 56.02

800m (25): Noor Amelia Musa 2:20.55

1500m (24): Noor Amelia Musa 4:46.55

5000m (25): Noor Amelia Musa 18:05.55, 2. Emilia Jamil 21:49.34, 3. Kona Lydia Liau 22:08.01, 4. Norzaemah Mat Hussin (AF) 22:34.25;

10000m (24): Norzalina Mohd Asri (AF) 46:15.47, 2. Kona Lydia Liau (Sab) 46:55.73, 3. Norazilah Othman (AF) 47:37.73, 4. Lasiana Lucas (PDRM) 47:56.91;

3000st (26): Emilia Jamil 13:47.36, 2. Norazilah Osman 13:55.42, 3. Farah Mohd Johari 14:46.81, 4. Angela Kundang 15:03.35;

110mh (26): Vaneysia Ulau Jonada 14.66, 2. Zura Omar 15.35, 3. Siti Rahayu Nasir (AF) 15.97;

400mh (24): Siti Aisyah Mahthir (AF) 69.27, 2. Nik Noor Amalina Bakri (PDRM) 71.01;

H J (24): Siti Rahayu Nasir (AF) 1.51, 2. Ruba Rajanthran (AF) 1.51

L J (25): Nurul Fatimatul Zahrah Awang 5.70;

T J (24): Norena Damnoen 11.73

S P (26): Liong Siau Lai (PDRM) 10.13, 2. Nur Fatin Adibah Suharman 9.63, 3. Nadzirah Che Mat 9.36;

D T (26): Norfatehah Nazeri (AF) 30.74, 2. Liong Siau Lai (PDRM) 28.28;

J T (24): Nadzirah Che Mat (AF) 36.81, 2. Nir Fatin Adibah Suharman (AF) 35.96;

10000m W (26): Norliana Mohd Rusni 58:15.62, 2. Norzalina Mohd Asri (AF) 1:03:56.01, 3. Kamala Devi Kolanthai 1:08:22.76, 4. Vithiaa Nilamani 1:10:35.80;


Isaac Makwala 43.72s 400m, Abdalellah Haroun 44.27s 400m, Henricho Bruintjies 9.97s 100m

>> July 06, 2015

ISAAC MAKWALA (pic) runs 43.72s at 400m to regain his African Record; but 18-year-old ABDALELAH HAROUN broke ASIAN record in 44.27s; and South Africa’s HENRICHO BRUINTJIES has gone sub-10 with 9.97s that is a new South African record.

Botswana's Isaac Makwala has responded immediately to South Africa’s Wayde van Niekerk who broke his African Record (AfR) 44.01 (2014) with 43.96 at Paris Diamond League on Saturday with an impressive performance of 43.72 from R├ęsisprint international meeting at La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) on Sunday (5 July 2015).

Coached by former superstar Stepher Buckland, the 28-year-old Makwala has now becomes the 5th fastest 400m runner in history, behind only the great Michael Johnson, Reynolds, Wariner, and Watts, and faster than LaShawn Meritt and Kirani James.

On the same race, Abdalelah Haroun of Qatar has broken Yousef Masrahi's ASIAN record (44.43) with a time of 44.27 to finish second behind Makwala. Haroun surprised the World last year by setting 45.74 when he was 17 years old. He has six sub-45 so far from only this year including THREE at 44.68 which he set each in April, May, and June. Will he gets a medal at World championships in August?

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Henricho Bruintjies registered 9.97 (0.8m/s) in the 100m heats to set a new South African record but he was unable to repeat that in the finals, clocking only 10.28 when he ran against a -2.1m/s headwind.

Men's 400m ALL-TIME Lists at 6 July 2015

43.18 Michael Johnson USA Sevilla 1999
43.29 Butch Reynolds USA Zurich 1988
43.45 Jeremy Wariner USA Osaka 2007
43.50 Quincy Watts USA Barcelona 1992
43.72 ISAAC MAKWALA BOT La Chaux-de-Fonds 2015
43.74 LaShawn Merritt USA Moskva 2013
43.74 Kirani James GRN Lausanne 2014
43.81 Danny Everett USA New Orleans 1992
43.86 Lee Evans USA Cd Mexico 1968
43.87 Steve Lewis USA Seoul 1988
43.96 Wayde van Niekrek RSA Paris 2015
43.97 Larry James USA Cd Mexico 1968
44.05 Angelo Taylor USA Indianapolis 2007
44.09 Alvin Harrison USA Atlanta 1996
44.09 Jerome Young USA New Orleans 1998

View official results of R├ęsisprint international meeting

Photo by IAAF


ISF WORLD School & 2nd ASIAN School Athletics Championship at Wuhan China

>> July 01, 2015

The ISF (International School Sport Federation) World schools track and field championships was held in conjunction with the 2nd Asian schools track and held championships on 29-30 June 2015 at Wuhan China.



100m 9.91 Su Bingtian CHN, Madrid
200m 20.16 Xie Zhenye CHN, Osaka
400m 44.07 Abdalelah Haroun QAT, London
800m 1:45.65 Jinson Johnson IND, Guwahati
1500m 3:34.55 Sadik Mikhou BRN, Paris
5000m 13:01.09 Birhanu Yemataw BRN, Lausanne
10000m 27:38.16 Hassan Chani BRN, Maia
Mar 2:06.11 Yuta Shitara JPN, Tokyo
3000 Sc 8:22.00 Kosei Yamaguchi JPN, Abashiri
110mh 13.36 Ahmad Al-Mouaed KSA, Praha
400mh 46.98 Abderrahman Samba QAT, Paris
HJ 2.40 Mutaz Barshim QAT, Doha
PV 5.71 Xue Changrui CHN, Shanghai
LJ 8.47A Wang Jianan CHN, Guiyang
TJ 17.22 Dong Bin CHN, Eugene OR
SP 20.24 Tejinder Singh IND, Patiala
DT 68.85 Ehsan Hadidi IRI, Chula Vista CA
HT 78.18 Dilshod Nazarov TJK, Chorzow
JT 87.43 Neeraj Chopra IND, Doha
Dec 7948 Keisuke Ushiro JPN, Gotzis
20kmW 1:17:26 Eiki Takahashi JPN, Kobe
50kmW 3:44:25 Hiroki Arai JPN, Taichang
4x100m 37.85 Japan Team JPN, Osaka
4x400m 3:04.05 India Team IND, Gold Coast
RED = World Leader




100m 10.99 Wei Yongli CHN, Resisprint
200m 22.73 Viktoriya Zyabkina KAZ, Almaty
400m 49.08 Salwa Eid Naser BRN, Monaco
800m 2:02.23 Manal Bahraoui BRN, Duffel
1500m 4:11.55 P.U Chitra IND, Guwahati
5000m 15:10.91 Rina Nabeshima JPN, Eugene OR
10000m 31:52.42 Mizuki Matsuda JPN, Yamaguchi
Mar 2:22.44 Mizuki Matsuda JPN, Osaka
3000 Sc 9:10.74 Winfred Yavi BRN, Monaco
100mh 13.08 Wu Shuijiao CHN, Shanghai
400mh 55.54 Aminat Odeyemi BRN, Goleniow
HJ 1.91 Nadzehda Dusanova UZB, Tashkent
PV 4.60 Li Ling CHN, London
LJ 6.64A Xu Xiaoling CHN, Guiyang
TJ 14.25 Olga Rypakova KAZ, Paris
SP 20.38A Gong Lijiao CHN, Guiyang
DT 67.03 Chen Yang CHN, Osterode
HT 75.02 Luo Na CHN, Halle
JT 67.69 Lu Huihui CHN, Halle
Hep 5898 Purnima Hembram IND, Guwahati
20kmW 1:26:28 Qieyang Shenjie CHN, La Coruna



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