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Results Track and Field BIMP-EAGA Friendship Games 2014

>> December 09, 2014

Labuan, Malaysia, 7-8 Dec 2014  "8th BIMP-EAGA 2014"
-friendship games among regions/states of some parts or "focus areas" (for economy, tourism and investment) of Brunei - Indonesia - Malaysia - Philippines - (East ASEAN Growth Area)

-about 1,026 participants from 13 contingents (Brunei; Malaysia- Labuan, Sabah, Sarawak; Indonesia- Middle Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Maluku, Papua; Philippines-Mindanao and Palawan) are set to grab a total of 67 golds (from lawn bowl, sepak takraw, futsal, beach volleyball, pencak silat, soccer, track and field, archery, badminton and golf) including over 35 in athletics during the 4-day event (7-10 Dec);

-inaugurated at General Santos City (the Philippines) in 1996, with the 2nd edition held at Kuching (Sarawak, Malaysia) in 1997; lost momentum for a few years but revived in 2003 when Puerto Princesa City (Palawan, Philippines) became the host; the 4th edition would be held at Kota Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysia) in 2004, and these events continued to be hosted by different regions in every two years (except 2010); Makkasar (South Sulawesi, Indonesia) was the venue in 2006, Berakas (Brunei) in 2008, and the last or 7th edition was at General Santos City (Socsargen, Philippines) in 2012;

-selected results for athletics as follows (will be updated) ;


100m (07): Nixson Kennedy (Sarawak MAS) 10.70
Jhon Lot Roi Rerei (Papua INA) ??

200m (08): Dominukus Ndieken (Papua INA) 22.49
Lukman Jai (Sulawesi Selatan INA) 22.61
Nixson Kennedy (Sarawak MAS) 22.71

400m (07):  Nelson Keya (Papua INA) 49.06
Lukman Jai (Sulawesi Selatan INA) 49.75
Budi Ahmad Prayoga (Maluku INA) 50.19

800m (07): Fredy Pattiasina (Kalimantan INA) 1:57.54
Sonny Wagdos (Davao PHI) 1:58.06
Raymond Yew Ling Tung (Sabah MAS) 1:58.35

1500m (07):  Sonny Wagdos (Davao PHI) 4:05.35
Fredy Pattiasina (Kalimantan INA) 4:08.25
Raymond Yew Ling Tung (Sabah MAS) 4:10.51
Monce Picarima (Maluku INA) 4:13.26
Zainudin (Kalimantan Barat INA) 4:20.03

5000m (07):  Sonny Wagdos (Davao PHI) 16:25.99
Zainudin (Kalimantan Barat INA) 16:48.66

L J (07): Wira Aditya (Kalimantan Barat INA) 6.50

S P (07): Adenin Bolhan (BRU) 12.27
Andreson Rumangun (Papua INA) 11.80
Hasin Pajri (Sulawesi Selatan INA) 11.69

D T (07):  Adenin Bolhan (BRU) 39.31
Abdul Rahman Lee (Sarawak MAS) 37.78
Jeffrey Chan Wen Jie (Labuan MAS) 35.21
Chua Kwong Cheung (Sarawak MAS) 33.83
Anderson Rumangun (Papua INA) 33.80

J T (07):  Raphael Ausn (Sarawak MAS) 56.98
Acus Abadi Ndiken (Papua INA) 54.57
Elecius Ndiken (Papua INA) 53.70
Brinoth Alarick Larry (Sabah MAS) 49.98
Liaw Choon Fatt (BRU) 47.37

4x100m (07): Papua Team (INA) 42.39
Brunei Team (BRU) 43.36
Sabah Team (MAS) 43.56

4x400m (08): Papua Team (INA) (Dominikus Ndiken, Artaban Nunaki, Nelson Keya, Herman Bitibalyo) 3:23.72


1500m (07): Kesya Hattu (Maluku INA) 5:15.89
Jollymae Gabaisen (Davao PHI) 5:26.02
Norhalizah Mungkit (Sabah MAS) 5:27.62
Leong Sheo Yee (BRU) 5:30.09

T J (07): Teressa Frisca (Kalimantan Barat INA) 11.88
Liew See Iee (Sarawak MAS) 10.98
Michelle Pandian (Davao PHI) 10.97
Jatifah Gesikin (Sabah MAS) 10.91

S P (07):  Betty Hoong King Ching (Sarawak MAS) 11.72
Olivia Wong Xiao Jing (Sarawak MAS) 10.22
Denise Mary William (Labuan MAS) 10.18

D T (07):  Olivia Wong Xiao Jing (Sarawak MAS) 35.32
April Rose Guiang (Davao PHI) 31.03

4x400m (08): South Sulawesi (INA) 4:07.44

Papua's Dominikus Ndiken (left) after winning the men's 200m final 



To be updated




To be updated



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