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Australian James Gallaugher runs World best 21.73s at 200m for Age Group of 13

>> December 07, 2013

James Gallaugher 
Western Australia's JAMES GALLAUGHER (born 26 May 2000), ran 21.73 (+1.7) at 200m today (7 Dec 13) during the Australian All-Schools championships, held in Townsville QLD, Australia.

And Gallaugher's time would be considered the fastest 200m time in history (World best) for age group of 13, breaking United States's Bryce Love record 21.83 (+2.0) which he set in New York in 2010.

Just three weeks ago, he ran 22.26 (+0.5) in Perth, and a week before, he set a 100m PB of 11.05 (+1.7) at the same venue.  Kindly note that Trinidad and Tobago's Darrel Brown holds the World best for this age with a time of 10.92 (-0.7) set in 1998, and he eventually set a lifetime best of 9.99 in 2005.

Earlier in March this year (12 years still), Gallaugher ran a wind-aided 22.52 (200m), merely slower than the fastest time by a 12-year-old kid 22.52 (-3.4) established in 2010 by Shaun Crawford (born 1997) of the USA.

For a record, he also ran 11.72 (100m) as a 12-year-old kid last year (2012).

It's indeed an incredible run and so will this 13-year-old schoolboy be the next Usain Bolt , or at least the next Yoshihide Kiryu ??

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