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Usain Bolt ‘Elected’ as the Greatest Male Sprinter of All-Time

>> January 01, 2011

Distribution of votes to pick 'the greatest sprinter of all-time'
Usain Bolt is ‘officially’ the greatest sprinter of all-time based on a one year survey of public opinion poll from January 01 - December 31, 2010 to pick the greatest sprinter in the history at a sport’s website, which has its readers from more than 100 countries.

Usain Bolt outclassed seven others sprinters likes Asafa Powell, Ben Johnson, Bob Hayes, Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens, Maurice Greene, and Michael Johnson with an unanimous decision of 60% votes.

For the record, Bolt breaks 7 world records in the sprint events within 2 years, 2008-2009 and holds the current world records in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m. He became the first human to run below 9.70s and 9.60s in the 100m. He also won 6 gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships.

The winner of 17 gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships, Carl Lewis gets second-highest votes with 12.3%. Behind Lewis was a former world’s 100m record holder Asafa Powell in 7.4% votes. Powell has the most sub 10s 100 metres of all time with 65.

The most successful long sprints (200-400m) athlete ever, Michael Johnson gets 5.2% votes, the 4th highest. Johnson holds the world records in 400m and 4x400m and has the world best mark in 300m.

Meanwhile, this poll also gave the chance to the readers to pick their own athletes. Therefore, ‘others athletes’ crept into 5th place by a 4.5% votes. I guess that it must be the votes whether for Tommie Smith or Jim Hines or Linford Christie or Tyson Gay.

Jesse Owens who won 4 gold medals at the 1936 Olympics gets 3.5% votes. Merely behind Owens was Maurice Greene, who holds the current 60m world record. Greene had become the three-time world champion at 100m, and also has run 53 times sub 10s. He got 3.2% votes.

Ben Johnson, the man who shaken the world by his incredible 9.79s in the century dash back in 1988 Olympics, however ended up with 2.3% votes, and that's really underrated!

Finally, ‘bullet’ Bob Hayes, the 1964 Olympic champion who became the first man to break under 10s in any conditions, has got the lowest rating with 1.6% votes.



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