Maurice Greene 100m Race Strategy, the John Smith Seven Phases

>> October 19, 2010

In order to execute the 100m race more efficient and effectively, coaches and athletes have devised a systematic race strategy that is suited to athlete ability. It’s why we’ve seen the 100m race approach are different from one coach or athlete to another.

John Smith, a renowned athletics coach introduced a unique race strategy to the three-time world champion in the 100m, Maurice Greene and the HSI members approximately 15 years ago.

John Smith's 100m race approach was created to allow a sprinter to  delay the acceleration in order to reach the top speed not before the 60 metres but at 65 to 70 metres.

To apply the strategy, John Smith breaks the 100m into seven phases:

How fast the sprinter response to the gun.
Goal is to react as quickly as possible; a good reaction time is below 0.130, the perfect reaction is held by Jon Drummond in 0.100. Range of 0.130 to 0.160 are acceptable in the 100m. Reaction time of 0.170 is too late!

2) CLEARANCE (First step)
First step must be correct and explosive. First step is crucial to make sure a clean
execution in the drive phase.

3) DRIVE (up to 30m)
In the drive phase, Greene said "use the power as much as possible but less energy".  One of the techniques is to control the breathing. Body position in here is lower to the ground, head down to build speed more efficiently.

Maurice Greene at 99 World Championship
4) TRANSITION (30-35m)
Transition involves only to lifting the head.

5) ACCELERATION (35-70m)
A high gear phase. Pump the arms and legs to reach the top speed at 65-70m. Reach a perfect running mechanics.

6) MAINTENANCE (70-95m)
Maintain the velocity for as long as possible. Body and muscles must relax and also control the breathing.

7) DECELERATION (95m-100m)
Head a little bit down. Goal is to eliminate or lessens the degree of deceleration.


Credit: Discovery Channel (World's Fastest Man - documentary)

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