Effects of Home Confinement on Training Habits and Injury in Long Distance Runners

>> December 18, 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, policies of social distancing became commonplace in different places or countries. 

Athletes who are typically active and 'busy' (training and competition) were suddenly required to stay at home.

The influences of such restrictions in training habits and injury in youth long-distance runners were unknown.

A recent study by Bazett-Jones and colleagues (link below) found that COVID-19 social distancing restrictions significantly impacted youth long-distance runners' training habits, injuries, and care seeking behaviors. 

Specifically, during the confinement period, youth long-distance runners decreased their training activities (as follows), possibly due to extrinsic factors such as motivation.

  • Weekly running distance
  • Number of weekly runs
  • Number of weekly hard runs 
Interestingly, the number of reported injuries decreased significantly for the group during the COVID-19 quarantine, and cited to be due to decreases in training volume and intensity.

Running habits and injury incidence before and during COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.

Number of self-reported injuries before and during COVID-19 restrictions by location and injury type.

From one perspective, reduced injuries (because of home confinement) is good. However, in a case of you got injured during the quarantine period, it would be more challenging for athletes to receive a proper treatment.

Indeed, the study also reported that the runners, actually reduced their visits to health care providers during quarantine by 3.6 times (i.e. 58.5%  from 16.4% before lockdown), most probably due to movement restrictions, etc. 

The outcomes suggest that "strategic plans to maintain access to medical services" during such event (quarantine) is necessary. 

In summary, the authors highlighted that "COVID-19 pandemic resulted in significant decreases in both training and injuries." 

The authors further clafiried that their findings were different compared to previous reports in an adult population. 

Read more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7739837/ 


Grace Wong threw 61.62 in hammer, Luqman Hakim leapt 7.85 long jump

>> December 12, 2020

Several good results were achieved by the national athletes today (12 December 2020) during the National Sports Council (NSC) carnival or "competition simulation."

The multi-sports event was participated mostly by athletes living and training within the NSC training ground, with additional invitations for selected athletes.

This event was conducted to provide the national athletes of various sports, a means to experience  "real competition situation" after (mostly) not having the chance to compete for a long time because of the COVID-19 pandemic, under a "real competition situation" (i.e. competition simulation).

However, as informed to all athletes and coaches, none of the performances achieved in the "simulation meet" could be considered as official competition performance.

Day 2 competition will be held tomorrow. Selected results are as follows:


Race B (-0.1)

  1. Jonathan Nyepa 10.60
  2. Muhammad Haiqal Hanafi 10.65
  3. Muhammad Azeem Mohd Fahmi 10.94


Race A

  1. Luqmanul Hakim Khairul Akmal 48.71
  2. Abdul Wafiy Roslan 49.32
  3. Muhammad Aftar Rosli 50.76
  4. Mohd Nasharuddin Mohammad 51.09

Race B

  1. Rusleem ZikryPutra 48.83
  2. Muhammad Saiful Safwan Saifuddin 49.78
  3. Muhammad Zulfiqar Ismil 52.82

Long Jump

  1. Luqman Hakim Ramlan 7.85
  2. Andre Anura 7.68
  3. Mohd Latiff Romly 7.50
  4. M Nasir Mustafa 7.43
  5. Saifuddin Ishak 6.58

Hammer Throw

  1. Jackie Wong Siew Cheer 65.68
  2. Sadat Marzuki Ajisan 56.87


100m (+1.0) (i.e. men race A)

  1. (4th) Azreen Nabila Alias 12.24

200m (+0.4)

  1. Azreen Nabila Alias 26.02
  2. Winnie Eng May Xin 26.65
  3. Siti Noor AAishah Mohamad 27.35

Long Jump

  1. Kirthana Ramasamy 5.92
  2. Nurul Ashikin Abas 5.85

Shot Put

  1. Norliyana Kamaruddin 10.90
  2. Nur Siti Balqis Mokhtaruddin 10.65
  3. Winnie Eng May Xin 9.96

Hammer Throw

  1. Grace Wong Xiu Mei 62.61 - No National Record
  2. Nurul Hidayah Lukman 53.49



Shot Put
  1. Ziyad Zolkefli 16.67
  2. Far Loong Deng 16.39
  3. Kamal Farhan Raihan 15.10
Discus Throw (mixed with women)
  1. Abdul Rahman Lee 47.95

High Jump
  1. Ngu Jia Xin 1.71
  2. Yap Sean Yee 1.68
  3. Norliyana Kamaruddin 1.68
Discus Throw
  1. Quenie Ting kung Ni 46.72
  2. Connie Choo Kang Ni 46.13
Triple Jump
  1. Kirthana Ramasamy 13.06
  2. Nurul Ashikin Abas 13.02
Note - none of these performances are eligible for record and ranking purposes.



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