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Yulimar Rojas 15.43m World Indoor Record (Video)

>> February 22, 2020

Venezuela's Yulimar Rojas sets a new indoor women's triple jump world record of 15.43m at a meeting in Madrid on Friday (21 Feb 2020).

The 24-year-old eclipsed the previous world record of 15.36m set by Russia's Tatyana Lebedeva in 2004.



Armand Duplantis set 6.17m Pole Vault World Record

>> February 09, 2020

Sweden's ARMAND DUPLANTIS set a pole vault World Record at a World Athletics Indoor Tour meeting in Poland on Saturday night.

He cleared the WR mark of 6.17m in the second attempt, improving his career-best of 6.05m, a World Record for U20, which he set last year.

The 20-year-old European champion and World silver medalist has finally achieved it in his second WR campaign during this week.

On last Tuesday, he narrowly missed a WR attempt, during an indoor meeting at Dusseldorf, after clearing a 6.00m handily.

Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie held the previous WR of 6.16m in 2014.



World Indoor Athletics cancelled over Coronavirus outbreak

>> January 30, 2020

The World indoor athletics championships due to be held in Nanjing, China on 13-15 March have been called off.

This based on the Press release by the governing body of athletics, the World Athletics. Read here

The World Athletics quoted "the advice from our medical team, who are in contact with the World Health Organisation, is that the spread of the Coronavirus both within China and outside the country is still at a concerning level and no one should be going ahead with any major gathering that can be postponed."

"We have chosen not to cancel the championships as many of our athletes would like this event to take place so we will now work with our athletes."

The World Athletics proposed that the 18th edition of the bi-annual world championship event to be held next year around March.

"Our partners and the Nanjing organising committee to secure a date in 2021 to stage this event."


Lalu Zohri runs 10.03 in 100m, Justin Gatlin 10.00 at Seiko Golden Grand Prix Osaka 2019

>> May 19, 2019

Indonesia's Lalu Muhammad Zohri improved his performance brilliantly, coming from lane 9 to run a blistering time of 10.03 (+1.7) to nearly beat World champion Justin Gatlin (37) who won in 10.00 and Asian champion Yoshihide Kiryu who set 10.01 during the Seiko Golden Grand Prix, the IAAF World challenge meeting at Osaka, Japan (19 May 2019).
Lalu Muhammad Zohri during the World U20 in Finland (photo by IAAF)
He also beats the Olympic qualifying standard of 10.05 and will make a trip to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This also means he will be in Doha World championships later in September.

It was a new lifetime best, a national record, and Southeast Asian record by ten hundreds of a second from 10.13 he set en route to winning the silver medal at the recent Asian championships, behind Kiryu.

He became the first man of Southeast Asia to run the 100m in less than 10.10. He was the 3rd for Sub-20, after Suryo Agung Wibowo (10.17 in 2009) and Khairul Hafiz Jantan (10.18 in 2016).

American Trayvon Bromell holds the World U20 record in 9.97. No other U20 man has run faster than 10.00 in 100m. Lalu's 10.03 is the World leading time and currently 6th fastest of all-time for World U20.

Yoshihide Kiryu holds the Asian junior record in 10.01. Lalu is the second fastest man for this category.

In July last year, Lalu Zohri won the world junior 100m title in 10.18s, defeating Americans Anthony Schwartz and Eric Harrison, who both set 10.22.

The 18-year-old Zohri (born July 1, 2000) grew up on Lombok Island, the southwest of Indonesia and lived there with his older brother and sister. His father died in 2017 and mother in 2015.

He was recruited into the national athletics program in early 2017. At the same year, as reported officially, he showed his potential by setting 10.57 in 100m and 21.58 in 200m, despite running against winds in both races.

He captured attention for the first time during the pre-Asian Games event in Jakarta in February 2018. He clocked 10.25 in the 100m heats and then winning a silver medal in 10.32.

Yet, his coach Eni Nuraeni Sumartoyo (see photo) revealed that he has already run an auto-time of 10.38 in 2017. It was noted during the IAAF seminar for coaches that was held during the Asian Games in Jakarta.

During the recent Asian championship at Doha, Eni Nuraeni won the 2019 Best Coach in Asia award from the Asian Athletics Association.

Lalu's coach Eni Nuraeni (white), assistant coach Kikin Rahudin (far right), author of this posting (far left)

Lalu Zohri's all-time best performance in 100m (sub 10.30).
10.03 (+1.7) ..... Osaka, Japan ... World Athletics challenge, 19 May 2019
10.13 (+1.5) ..... Doha, Qatar ... Asian championships, 22 Apr 2019
10.15 (+1.4) ..... Doha, Qatar ... Asian championships, 22 Apr 2019
10.18 (+1.2) ..... Tampere, Finland ... World Junior, 11 Jul 2018
10.20 (+0.8) ..... Jakarta, Indonesia ... Asian Games, 26 Aug 2018
10.20 (+0.1) ..... Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ... Malaysia open GP, 30 Mar 2019
10.24 (+1.0) ..... Tampere, Finland ... World Junior, 11 Jul 2018
10.24 ( -0.2) ..... Jakarta, Indonesia ... Asian Games, 26 Aug 2018
10.25 (+1.1) ..... Jakarta, Indonesia ... Asian Games Trials, 11 Feb 2018
10.26 (+0.8) ..... Doha, Qatar ... Asian championships, 21 Apr 2019
10.27 (+0.6) ..... Gifu, Japan ... Asian Juniors, 8 Jun 2018
10.27 (  0.0) ..... Jakarta, Indonesia ... Asian Games, 25 Aug 2018
10.28 ( -0.6) ..... Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ... Malaysia open GP, 30 Mar 2019

Watch the video (courtesy of Atletik Indonesia):

Results of men's 100m (+1.7)
1. Justin Gatlin USA 10.00
2. Yoshihide Kiryu JPN 10.01
3. Lalu Muhammad Zohri INA 10.03
4. Yuki Koike JPN 10.04
5. Ryoto Yamagata JPN 10.11
6. Shuhei Tada JPN 10.12
7. Cameron Burrell USA 10.12
8. Kendal Williams USA 10.20
9. Aska Cambridge JPN 10.30


Who Are the Fastest Boys in the World?

>> April 28, 2019

Apart from the medals won, there has to be a certain standard or reference whereby people can easily determine how good (or bad) you are.

For example, the current standard for the men's 100m to be in the 2020 Olympic Games is 10.05, and to be a Top 100 of the World at present, you must run at least 10.15, and 10.25 for Top 200.

This can be clearly determined in track and field events, especially for senior levels. This is however difficult for the younger age-group performance - lack of info out there.

The current world absolute age-13 best of 10.85 is held by Darrel Brown of Trinidad and Tobago. Brown achieved his lifetime best 8 years later in 9.99, almost a full second difference. Australian James Gallaugher holds the world age-13 best for the 200m in 21.73.

The world age-14 best is held by Jamaica's Sachin Dennis with a time of 10.51. Darrel Brown held the world age-14 best for 200m (21.20) for almost 2 decades, before it was broken by Dennis (20.89) in 2017. Malaysia's Muhammad Azeem Fahmi (14 years and 360 days) came very near to the mark set by Brown when he ran 21.24 earlier this week during the Malaysian schools meeting at Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia.

Sachin Dennis(Jamaica), Azeem Fahmi (Malaysia), and Wei Hao Lun (Chinese Taipei) are among the young athletes who achieved supreme performance at young ages

Sachin Dennis also holds the world age-15 best in the 100m in 10.20. About a year ago, American Anthony Schwartz sets world age-16 best of 10.15.

The big man Usain Bolt holds the world age-15 best in the 200m in 20.58. He also holds the world age-16 best in 20.13 that is also the official world U18 record as accepted by the governing body, while Japan's Yoshihide Kiryu holds 100m record for world U18 in 10.01.

Azeem Fahmi runs 10.63 to win class 2 (under 15) in Malaysian schools championship

The American record for boys 13-14 age-group (under 15) is held by Bryce Love in a time of 10.73 while the 200m is 21.77 by Ashton Allen.

Of interest, I have compiled a series of annual age-group top lists for the male under 16 for the 100m and 200m to identify what is required to be the best in the world for this particular age-group (under 16) and events.

The term age-group needs to be understood carefully as it can be absolute or relative. Age-group in athletics refers to the standard set by the governing body for athletics, as stated in the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) competition rules, that is "XX" years old on 31 December in the year of the competition (i.e. relative age).

The holders of world age-group best above are based on absolute age (i.e. actual age). However, I have compiled the top lists based on the IAAF standard for competitions and records.

The fastest boys in the world from 2016 to 2019 (relative age; age at 31 December of Year) are as listed:

2016 - World Under 16
10.59 ... Dominik Illovszky (HUN) born. 4 Jan 2002 (14y)
10.68 ... Khafre Brown (USA) born. 29 May 2001 (15y)
10.68 ... Justin Tsukamoto (JPN) born. 22 Mar 2001 (15y)
10.71 ... Javon Williams (TTO) born. 2001 (15y)
10.75 ... Edward Osei Nketia (NZL) born, 8 May 2011 (15y)

21.32 ... Khafre Brown (USA) born. 29 May 2001 (15y)
21.70 ... Roshaun Rowe (JAM) born. 23 September 2002 (14y)
21.70 ... Jayson Weber (RSA) born. 1 Jan 2001 (15y)
21.71 ... Andrew Brown (USA) born. 2003 (13y)
21.77 ... Ashton Allen (USA) born. 25 Mar 2002 (14y)

2017 - World Under 16
10.51 ... Sachin Dennis (JAM) born. 2 August 2002 (15y)
10.71 ... Avindale Smith (TTO) born. 23 January 2002 (15y)
10.71 ... Darian Clarke (BAR) born. 5 March 2002 (15y)
10.73 ... Raphael Bouju (NED) born.  15 May 2002 (15y)
10.77 ... Enrico Sancin (ITA) born. 5 March 2002 (15y)

20.89 ... Sachin Dennis (JAM) born. 2 August 2002 (15y)
21.23 ... Ashton Allen (USA) born. 25 March 2002 (15y)
21.24 ... Avindale Smith (TTO) born. 23 January 2002 (15y)
21.29 ... Marcellus Moore (USA) born. 30 Jun 2002 (15y)
21.44 ... Darian Clarke (BAR) born. 5 March 2002 (15y)
21.45 ... Sasha Zhoya (FRA) born. 25 June 2002 (15y)
21.52 ... Dominic Ogbechie (GBR) born. 15 May 2002 (15y)

2018 - World Under 16
10.37 ... Terrique Stennett (JAM) born 3 January 2003 (15y)
10.68 ... Brune Godson (NGR) born. 2003 (15y)
10.72 ... Alexander  Nunley (USA) born. 9 September 2003 (15y)
10.78 ... Muhammad Azeem Fahmi (MAS) born 29 April 2004 (14y)
10.81 ... Adrian Kerr (JAM) born. 2003 (15y)

21.69 ... Adrian Kerr (JAM) born. 2003 (15y)
21.74 ... Bouwahghi Nkrumie (JAM) born. 16 February 2004 (14y)
21.78 ... Shakeem McKay (TT0) born. 2003 (15y)
21.89 ... Muhammad Azeem Fahmi (MAS) born. 29 April 2004 (14y)

2019 - World Under 16*
10.54 ... Bouwahghi Nkrumie (JAM) born. 16 February 2004 (15y)
10.63 ... Muhammad Azeem Fahmi (MAS) born. 29 April 2004 (15y)
10.69 ... Christopher Scott (JAM) born. 2004 (15y)
10.70 ... Wei Hao Lun (TPE) born. 2004

21.24 ... Muhammad Azeem Fahmi (MAS) born. 29 April 2004 (15y)
21.56 ... Wei Hao Lun (TPE) born. 2004
21.70 ... Christopher Scott (JAM) born. 2004
21.77 ... Alicke Cranston (JAM) born. 6 May 2004 (15y)
21.83 ... Dalan Oliphant (RSA) born. 3 July 2004 (15y)

Sachin Dennis runs 10.20 at 100m a new world age-15 best

From the lists above, it could tell well that in order to be in the top lists (i.e. World fastest boys), an athlete has to run, on average 10.5-10.6 for the 100m dash, or 21.3-21.6 for the 200m event.

This information may not be as crucial as the appropriate development of young performers to be super-elite athletes but may be important to identify the "gold and diamond" (super talents) for appropriate talent management. There is no guarantee that talented teens will easily transition to become great athletes.

*Information as of 28 April 2019 (only regular performance).

Acknowledgments: ATFS, IAAF, Asian AA, Tilastopaja, D.Eisold


Biomechanical analysis of Abderrahman Samba's 46.98s at 400m hurdles

>> July 01, 2018

Abderrahman Samba of Qatar has gone sub 47s in the men's 400m hurdles to win the IAAF Diamond League in Paris yesterday (30 June 2018).

He became the second man in history to achieve the feat, which is also quicker than the 47.02s mark - the second-fastest 400m hurdles time ever that was recorded by track legend Edwin Moses of the USA. The former world record mark was set in 1983 at Koblenz, Germany. Interestingly, this mark was matched by an American youngster Rai Benjamin during the NCAA championships 3 weeks ago. Kevin Young of the USA holds the world record of 46.78s that he set en-route to winning the Olympic Gold in 1992.

This article observed the differences between the first three finishers. Therefore, it provides the most commonly used parameters of the low and high hurdles when it comes to coaching such as the time per interval, number of strides per interval, distribution of effort (first 200m and second 200m), time at 300m, and the time difference between the fastest and slowest interval.

Table 1. Split and interval times for first 3 finishers, marked yellow = leading performer

 Table 2. Number of intermediate hurdle steps

  • Abderahman Samba recorded his 6th sub 48s and first sub 47s in the 400m hurdles, after his first sub-48 run of 47.90A (at Potchefstroom, in April), then 47.57 (Doha, May), 47.48 (Rome, May), 47.60 (Oslo, Jun), and 47.41 (Stockholm, Jun).
  • Samba used a 13-stride rhythm into 14-stride-rhythm strategy (switched at the 7-8 interval) to better maintain his velocity during the last 100m,
  • Kyron McMaster started with 20 strides into the first hurdle, and used 12-stride rhythm (rare) in the 1-2 interval. Kevin Young (1.93m height) had 12-13 stride rhythm in the past. 
  • Karsten Warholm completed the 9-10 interval using a 15-stride rhythm, which was as a result of his 13 strides in the previous interval (not ideal, causing over-stride of the last step). It affected the tempo (and times!), he should have used 14 instead (in the 8-9).
  • Race distribution: the typical time difference between the first and second 200m is approximately 2.4s to 2.6s (for a good 400m hurdler). Samba' first 200m of 22.23s has produced a difference of 2.52s, which is ideal. The time difference for McMaster and Warhold were 3.22s and 3.26s, respectively (typically observed in women; but not ideal for men).
  • The times at 300m mark were 34.12s, 34.20s, and 34.28s (rather "similar") for Samba, McMaster, and Warholm, respectively.
  • The fastest-slowest interval for Samba, McMaster, and Warhold were 0.90s, 1.06s, and 1.32s. The ideal difference is ~0.9s (for men).


Sachin Dennis, 15, Sets Age World Record of 10.20 in 100m

>> March 25, 2018

The penultimate day of the 108th ISSA/Grace Kennedy athletics championship at Kingston, Jamaica saw a new age-group World best was set in the 100m final of boys' class 2 (under 16).

Sachin Dennis breaks Darrel Brown's World age-15 best of 10.36 with a time of 10.20 (+2.0) to grab the gold medal from Terrique Stennett (silver) and Conroy and Jones (bronze) who also produced impressive timings of 10.37 and 10.52, respectively.

Dennis was born on 2 August 2002.

At present, the former elite sprinter Darrel Brown of Trinidad and Tobago holds the World age-13 best of 10.85 while the World age-14 best of 10.51 is held by Sachin Dennis. About a year ago Anthony Schwartz of the USA sets World age-16 best of 10.15. Japan's Yoshihide Kiryu holds the Youth World record in 10.01.


Live Stream IAAF World Athletics Championships 2013

>> August 10, 2013

14th IAAF World Championships in Athletics at Luzhniki stadium (capacity- 78,360) in Moskva will be LIVE STREAMED on the net.


The following websites provides "live" for 2013 World Championships in Athletics:
note: *will only available during the events

Universal Sports (website)*

LiveTVstatic (Russian TV)*

Also Radio Commentary and Live Results by the IAAF*

Also great compilation of athletics videos at

You can visit Sprint Channel for Moscow World Championships by UsainBoltMW2

Or various events for Moscow World Championships on YouTube


During World Championships, provides FREE results service to fans all over the world:

Also live results (& schedule) by the IAAF:


Athletes Entered - 1794
Nations Taking Part - 206
Territories/Nations to Receive Broadcast - 200
Accredited Media - 3000
Prize Money Offered - USD 7,194,000
Medals to be Awarded - 141
Largest Team - USA (134 athletes)
Defending World Champions - 31
Defending Olympic Champions - 34


Aries Merritt 12.80 110mH World Record Video

>> September 08, 2012

American Aries Meritt the newly crowned Olympic champion has broken the World record in the men's 110 m hurdles in Brussels Diamond League on Friday (7 Sept. 2012). He clocked a time of 12.80s with only slight tailwinds (+0.3) assisting him, and shattering the World record 12.87s held by Cuba's Dayron Robles.

A fast reactions (0.145s) , clean start with 7-steps from the blocks, beautiful clearance (didn't touch any hurdles), strong finish = impressive World record (upstaging Usain Bolt 9.86s 100m and Yohan Blake 19.54s 200m).

It's the biggest World record margin (0.07s) since Renaldo Nahemiah in 1979 (0.16) and 1981 (0.07) where he broke his own records to 13.00s from 13.16s, and then lowered again to 12.93s in 1981. Robles had the World record set in Ostrava in 2008 in 12.87s, as he broke China's Liu Xiang record (12.88s) set in Lausanne in 2006.

Previously, the World record stood at 12.91s which was jointly held by Xiang himself (set in 2004 Olympics) and GBR''s Colin Jackson (1993 World champs). Roger Kingdom was the last man of the USA to hold the record with 12.92s (which was broken by Jackson) set in 1989.

Men's 110m Hurdles (+0.3)
1. Aries Merritt (USA) 12.80 WORLD RECORD ... 0.145
2. Jason Richardson (USA) 13.05 ... 0.147
3. Hansle Parchment (JAM) 13.14 ... 0.157
4. Sergey Shubenkov (RUS) 13.21 ... 0.165
5. David Oliver (USA) 13.21 ... 0.171
6. Lehann Fourie (RSA) 13.24 African Record ... 0.133
7. Ryan Wilson (USA) 13.26 0.144
8. Ryan Brathwaite (BAR) 13.39 ... 0.156
9. Lawrence Clarke (GBR) 13.71 0.148



VIDEO Usain Bolt 9.63 100m London Olympics Yohan Blake 9.75, Justin Gatlin 9.79, Tyson Gay 9.80

>> August 06, 2012

Photo by Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt of Jamaica has becomes the second man on earth to defend a title of the men's 100m in the Olympic Games. The tall lanky Jamaican who stands 1.96m tall left out of the block with a moderate 0.165 reaction time, pulling out the fields in the halfway and surged through to the line in a new Olympic record time of 9.63s, beating his own 9.69s mark set in Beijing enroute to win his first Olympic title. Thanks to the tailwinds 1.5m/s, which he didn't get in Beijing (0.0m/s).

Teammate Yohan Blake finished in second for silver, equaling his personal best time of 9.75s. United States' Justin Gatlin the 2004 champion (9.85) registered a personal record to bag his second bronze at the Olympics, after 3rd 200m at 2004 Olympics. Tyson Gay (USA) the second fastest sprinter of all-time (9.69s) who had to do an operation in the process to heal his chronic injury in 4th position with a season best time of 9.80s.

Another American Ryan Bailey, once again setting 9.88s to finish in 5th. He previously ran 9.88s in Round 1 yesterday to equal his best time from Rieti in 2010.

Martina Churandy (NED) and Richard Thompson (TRI) made the race the greatest ever as both sprinters had registered sub-10s, with 9.94s and 9.98s for 6th and 7th positions respectively. Asafa Powell, the third fastest of all-time (9.72s) were not able to help a perfect "eight sub-10" as he stopped in the halfway due to injury, and got 11.99s.

The men's 200m in four days (9th August), Usain Bolt is gunning for the second gold in 200m (after Beijing 2008), to become the first human to retain 100m-200m titles at the Olympics. The main rival surely once again from his teammate Yohan Blake who has a pb of 19.26s (2011), slightly slower than Bolt 19.19s (2009). I reckon 19.26-19.35 in the 200m final, but who's going to run it BOLT or BLAKE ??




# Now it's blocked, but you can still watch it on youtube!


1988 Seoul Olympics - Eight Sprinters Tells Story

>> July 20, 2012

For the first time ever, eight sprinters who are finalists of 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, tells their stories; Ben Johnson (CAN), Carl Lewis (USA), Linford Christie (GBR), Calvin Smith (USA), Dennis Mitchell (USA), Robson da Silva (BRA), Desai Williams (CAN), and Raymond Stewart (JAM). Brought to you by BBC, a great documentary !!


Why Are Jamaicans So Amazing at Running ?

>> July 13, 2012

Why Are Jamaicans so Amazing at Running?


The Best and Most Disappointing Track & Field 2011, and with thanks to 350,000

>> December 31, 2011

There are always articles highlighting the best sporting moments (sort of) at the end of a year to wrap up the year as I did in 2010 (an article which was linked as "top post" by the track and field news)/

This year is a bit different., for this year 2011, opted to thank all the visitors who totalled 350,000 visits during the 2011. Indeed, a good improvement of the website. As always, I wish you all the very best whatever you dreamed and targeted next year.

Website... the best way to keep up the content and improve on some other parts is sharing your thought. Maybe you should consider to be a guest blogger during next years? or at least to provide materials (athletics results, sports news, track and field training tips and so on?), which would definitely benefit  the readers for their uses in their training, etc.

"Sharing" a non-article related thing is also very useful, because the spirit of "sharing" good contents in the future might be more easier; in this case, please consider a donation.

Finally, here is my take on the best and most disappointing (simultaneously) scene of athletics in the 2011: 
  • I picked the IAAF World Championship's 4x100m men final, where Jamaica team (Nesta Carter 9.78, Michael Frater 9.88, Yohan Blake 9.82, Usain Bolt 9.58), once again (even without Asafa Powell) eclipsed the World record 37.10s set by this country in 2008 Olympics in Beijing, with a new WR mark of 37.04s. 
  • Most disappointing: The United States, Trinidad and Tobago, and Great Britain were declared "Did Not Finish", ironically not because of baton's bloopers or issues but the sprinters collided between each other. The video below will reveal full story.

France team, former WR team (1990), strengthened by Christophe Lemaitre and Jimmy Vicaut, taking home the silver medal. 

Comeback from retirement, Kim Collins who made a surprise of winning bronze in the 100m  in 2003 world championships, once again helping his country Saint Kitts and Nevis winning the Bronze.


Lerone Clarke 10.01, Kim Collins 10.04 100 metres - 2011 Pan American Games, Mexico

>> October 26, 2011

Commonwealth champion Lerone Clarke of Jamaica became the sprint king at the 16th Pan America Games, held in Guadalajara, Mexico on 25th October 2011, after winning his favorite event the blue ribbon. He clocked a season best time of 10.01s (+0.2), just shy to his personal best 9.99s set in Zurich in 2009.

Clarke touches the line first in 10.01s, Collins was given 10.04s
But what makes the the games so special was the performance of the recent World championships bronze medalist Kim Collins of Saint Kitts & Nevis who led the fields at least 90% of the race before Clarke came to take over in the last metres. The 2003 World 100m champion however brought the silver medal home,  clocking 10.04s. Previously in the semifinals he set a season best 10.00s (+0.4), just two hundredths of a second off his personal best 9.98s set in 2002. All the respect now to Kim Collins as he is able to "match" the personal best at age of 35 and after comeback from retirement.

Bronze medal went to Trinidadian Emmanuel Callender who stopped the clock at 10.16s. The women's 100m won by Brazilian Rosangela Santos who ran 11.22s (-0.2). Barbara Pierre of United States in silver medal position (11.25s) while Shakera Reese of Barbados took the bronze in 11.26s (national record).

Below are the race's video and result:

100m Final Result (+0.2)
2, KIM COLLINS (SKN) 10.04


Usain Bolt 100m 9.85s Video - Zagreb World Challenge 2011

>> September 14, 2011

Usain Bolt, the winner of 8 gold medals at the Olympics and World championships clocked a season best 9.85s at the IAAF World athletics challenge in Zagreb on 13.09.2011 (some lucky from my birthday !!). Bolt who false started in Daegu, which then enabled his teammate Yohan Blake to became the world champion, didn't get a great start and at the 50 meters mark he only second to Kim Collins  who blasted out of the block like a hungry bullet. But the giant with 1.96m frame used the advantage to kick all the fields' asses to cross the line two meters ahead.

Kim Collins, the 2003 World champion was second in a season best time of 10.01s. His performance however was way much much much better than Bolt, considering the fact that he achieved his fastest time (9.99s) in 2003 and at age of 35 now, he only short two hundredths of a second of the mark. For a record, Bolt registered a World record in 2009 in a time of 9.58s, where 0.27s faster than the Zagreb's performance, 9.85s - which is obviously still good for everyone but actually bad and ugly for Bolt.

Asafa Powell still the world lead in 9.78s, followed by Tyson Gay (9.79), Steve Mullings (9.80), Yohan Blake (9.83) and Mike Rodgers (9.84). Below is the video;

Results (Wind: +0.1)
‎1. Usain Bolt JAM 9.85 SB
2. Kim Collins SKN 10.01 SB
3. Richard Thompson TRI 10.03
4. Jaysuma Saidy Ndure NOR 10.13
5. Mario Forsythe JAM 10.16
6. Justin Gatlin USA 10.17
7. Ivory Williams USA 10.37

Click here for full results


Latest Prediction of World Championships in Athletics, Daegu 2011

>> August 26, 2011

Here is a prediction of future World champions in the IAAF World championships in Athletics in Daegu, which will starts on 27.08 to 04.09, 2011. (Note: selected events only, 1st paragraph for men, 2nd for women).

100 meters
Despite of being the 7th fastest in the world this year, Usain Bolt is going to defend his sprint century title in Daegu. Richard Thompson, Justin Gatlin, Yohan Blake and Walter Dix will be fighting to seize the next two medals. It's a great upset, the first four fastest men in the world this year, Asafa Powell (9.78), Tyson Gay (9.79), Steve Mullings (9.80) and Michael Rodgers (9.85) are out of the championships.

In women's, Jarmelita Jeters of USA seems to be the one who will take the world title. Two other podium finishers are most likely owned by the Jamaicans.

200 meters
No one can stop Usain Bolt to win gold in his favorite event. He will take the gold medal home, though he will probably run a "slower time". Honestly, in World champs I also awaits the achievements of two runners - Jayasuma Saidy Ndure (NOR) and Femi Seun Ogunode (QAT).

As in the previous championships, three-time world champion Allyson Felix and two-time Olympic champion Veronica Campbell will have to "fight very intensely" to  win gold medal. I'm slightly on Felix side.

400 meters
The 18-year-old (turning 19) Kirani James is perhaps "too young" to become the world champion. But Steve Lewis has done it before (Olympic title - 43.87 , 1988, aged 19). I'm not saying he can't but for now I'd pick LaShawn Meritt as the winner, if not there's Jermaine Gonzales of JAM who can win the title. Oscar Pistorious will explode, too !!

Sanya Richards-Ross is the second fastest (49.66) in the world this year, but I still believe that she will  finish the first place. Watch out Allyson Felix, she is the the main obstacle in the process. Oh wait... the 32-year-old Anastasiya Kapachinskaya of Russia ran a PB 49.35s (WL) this year (I'm not choosing her)!!

800 meters
I wonder if there are other runners out there who has the ability to beat David Rudisha in the men's 800m? I don't think there's any.

1500 meters
Silas Kiplagat (KEN) is very consistent this year. He will take the world title.

Maryam Yusuf Jamal will be gunning for her third gold medal (1500m) in the world championships. I've no doubt on this.

5000 meters
Mohammed  "Mo" Farah of GBR who clocked 12:53.11, will not only return with world title but most likely a new record. However watch out Kenenisa Bekele, who can be his main rival.

World lead Vivian Jepkemoi of KEN seems "good" to win world title. I only have the doubt about it if Meseret Defar of ETH performs her best or close to PB (14:12.88).

10000 meters
Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) and Zersenay Tadese (ERI) will fight between each other to win the world title. I'm a bit on Bekele side since he don't usually give too much of  a "disappointment" in major meets.

Defending world champion Abel Kirui of Kenya is most likely to defend his world title. Or if not, there's a compatriot Vincent Kipruto who has recorded 2:05.13 this year to win gold.

3000m Steeplechase
Kenyan runners will dominate the podium. Ezekiel Kemboi is the defending world champion and ready to rock. However Brimin Kiprop Kipruto who has recorded 7:53.64 WL/PB will be the new world champion.

110 m / 100 m Hurdles
I feel that this is the time for this athlete to become the world champions - David Oliver (PB 12.89).

The same for Sally Pearson (PB/SB 12.48) in women.

400m hurdles
Louis Jacob van Zyl is the world leader with 47.66 (NR). But Bershawn Jackson will take the world title for the third times.

Lashinda Demus is perhaps the right choice if you wish to name the world champion now in the 400mh.

High Jump
Ivan Ukhov (PB 2.40) of RUS is lacking of consistency. He really excelled at indoors but not outdoors. Perhaps this is the time to become the world outdoor champion. If not, I would choose Jessie Williams of USA (SB 2.37).

Blanka Vlasic was or is injured? I'm not really sure about her condition. If you want to bet money out there, I would suggests to pick Anna Chicherova of RUS who leaped 2.07m recently (world lead).

Pole Vault
Australian great Steve Hooker is injured. So Renaud Lavillenie of France is the man in Pole Vault.

In the women's, It's between Yelena Isinbayeva of RUS (everyone knew her) and Jenn Suhr of USA who set a world lead 4.91m. Isinbayeva did a mistake in 2009 World champs, she learnt a lot from it and ready to become a world champion.

Long Jump
It's not because of he is the world lead then you pick him as the favorite. But I think Mitchell Watt of AUS (8.54 WL) is going to deliver something special in Daegu. Nevertheless, USA's Dwight Phillips seems to defend his world title in Daegu. 

Triple Jump
Despite that most people have chosen the defending World champion, Philipps Idowu of GBR, I've already picked Teddy Tambgo of France to become world champion. Lets see what happen then.

In women's it will be between the Asian stardom Olga Rypakova and two-timesworld champion Yargelis Savigne. My instinct tells Rypakova will win.

Shot Put
Dylan Armstrong of CAN who threw 21.60m this year is the man to watch. It's when the defending world champion Christian Cantwell (USA) underperform.

The two times world champion Valerie Vili Adams is very good to any other opponents in the world. No one could take the gold away from her.

Hammer Throw
(Women) I'm afraid to lose "my gold medal collections" from Daegu. But Betty Heidler of GER who broke the world record this year is in my list now.

Javelin Throw
Andreas Thorkildsen of SWE (PB 91.59/ SB 90.61) - who else can beat him in Daegu?!

I'm a fan of Barbora Spotakova (PB 72.28 = WR / SB 69.45). She is the favorite in Daegu.

4x100 meters
Without Asafa Powell and Steve Mullings, which one of the teams do you think will take the gold medal? I'm a bit on USA side at the moment. If they have some exchange problems (as usual), then I would (automatically) pick Jamaica, and followed by Trinidad and Tobago and France.

The women's will be between USA and JAM. I feel that it's really dependent on how good the baton exchanges are. Perhaps, now is the turn for the USA team.

4x400 meters
All I can say... United States is the King of the 4x400m

Also the Queen of 4x400m.

Combined events
The American will win the world title. It's whether Ashton Eaton or Trey Hardee, both strong and the chance is almost 50-50... but if you need some help (i.e., bet money purpose), go for Ashton Eaton.

In the women's , Jessica Ennis is the best in the world and ready to take the gold.


Richard Thompson 100m 9.85s (+1.0) Video

>> August 14, 2011

Olympic silver medalist Richard Thompson became the fastest man in Trinidad and Tobago when he run 9.85s (+1.0) in the 100m during the Sagicor-NAAA National Open Track and Field championships 2011, at the Hasely Crawford stadium, Port of Spain, TRI on August 13, 2011. The achievement, which ranked him 9th fastest in all-time lists, eclipses Ato Boldon's national record 9.86s which set 4 times during late 1990's. Thompson's previous record was 9.89s set en route to win the silver medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Keston Bledmen took silver in 10.06s while Aaron Armstrong bronze in 10.07s. Olympic silver medalist Marc Burns came 4th in a time of 10.09s, beaten Emmanuel Callender (10.12s) who finished 5th, slightly ahead of Darrel brown (10.13s) in sixth position.


Christophe Lemaitre 100m 9.92s +2.0 (Video) - Officially the Fastest White Man in History

>> July 30, 2011

A few days back I wrote a complete lists of the fastest white men in history and out the lists Christophe Lemaitre was second fastest white man of all-time. I know that Lemaitre has becomes the first white man (Caucasian) to break the 10s barrier in 2010 but there was another guy from non-African descent (non-black) has gone sub10 earlier, Patrick Johnson of Australia with 9.93s in 2003. He achieved the time at age of 31 (and still running at the moment). Nevertheless Johnson is mixed blood (Caucasian father of Ireland + Indigenous Australian (black) mother who died when he was just 18 months old).

Lemaitre ran 9.95s twice in the past a few weeks and is expected to explode during the 2011 World Championships in Deagu next month but he lowered the time to 9.92s +2.0 earlier during the French national championships in Albi on July 29, 2011. His progression to 9.92s marks him as the "fastest white man" or the "fastest man from non-African descent" in history without any doubt now. I reckon none expect he will run that fast one month before the major championships.

Christophe Lemaitre - no doubt the fastest white man alive
But to me it's not really a surprise. Running under the best condition engulfing the stadium ambient (29 degree celsius), no pressure against the local sprinters and then helped by the most favorable tailwinds 2.0m/s (2.1m/s = Illegal), you "should" run faster than expected. Well, scientific studies have shown that advantage of a 2.0m/s tailwinds is about 0.10 seconds !!.

I said that sub10 is no longer "magical barrier" for Lemaitre since it is now a common thing "cracking sub10". At the best shape and form and given the right condition, I think he has chance to break and break his record to 9.8-low or 9.7-high, which would make him the fastest man in Europe, faster than Francis Obikwelu, Linford Christie or anyone else. But to break the world record is perhaps out of reach.

Christophe Lemaitre's 9.92 +2.0 Video from French Nationals 2011

2011 French Nationals: 100m men Final Results (W: +2.0)

1        9.92     NR    Christophe Lemaitre
2        10.07             Jimmy Vicaut
3        10.17             Martial Mbandjock
4        10.29             Yannick Lesourd
5        10.29             Emmanuel Biron
6        10.30             Teddy Tinmar
7        10.32             Ronald Pognon
8        10.50             Pierre-Alexis Pessonneaux


Asafa Powell and Veronica Campbell Wins Jamaican Nationals with 10.08s and 10.84s Respectively - Video Highlights

>> June 25, 2011

A former world record holder Asafa Powell who was the last one out of the blocks edges Yohan Blake and Steve Mullings right on the finish line to win the Jamaican Nationals in Kingston. Powell who won the bronze at the previous World championship in Berlin stopped the clock at 10.08s, with Blake a mere one hundredth of a second behind for Silver. Steve Mullings who ran 9.80s this month also very close in third with 10.10s. All three sprinters will be representing Jamaica at the World Championship in Daegu in August together with Usain Bolt who was given an auto entry as a defending champion of 100m dash.

Nesta Carter who ran 9.78s last year was fourth in 10.12s. Despite of lowering his personal best twice this year, experienced sprinter Michael Frater took fifth in 10.18s - both missed the individual slot for the World championship but will certainly be selected for the 4x100m relay.

The -1.8 headwinds during the finals seems prevented the sprinters to run fast. In a fair condition with a slight tailwinds (+0.6) in the semifinals, Asafa Powell ran a season best 9.90s with four others clocking sub 10 - Steve Mullings (9.96s), Yohan Blake (9.97s), Michael Frater (9.98s) and Nesta Carter (9.98s).

Meanwhile in the absence of the reigning Olympic champion Shelly Ann Fraser, Veronica Campbell proved too strong to the rest sprinters when she crosses the line at 10.84s (+0.3) to win the women's title over Kerron Stewart (10.97s) and new comer Jura Levy (11.10s). Campbell was nearly 'DQ' due to a false start in her semifinals but she was only given a 'green card' by the officials so she could make the team and winning the gold medal for Jamaica in Daegu.

Men's 100m Final Video

Women's 100m Final Video


Walter Dix 9.94s, Justin Gatlin 9.95s, Mike Rodgers 9.99s - Wins Auto Slot for U.S World Team, Carmelita Jeter Won Easily in 10.74s

Olympic bronze medalist Walter Dix wins the 100m dash at the U.S Nationals in 9.94s, slightly ahead of a former World and Olympic champion Justin Gatlin who recorded a season best 9.95s. As expected Dix and Gatlin will be accompanied by Michael Rodgers (9.99s) in the World championships in Daegu, South Korea in August.

As the fourth and fifth finishers, Trell Kimmons (10.04s) and Jeff Demps (10.05s) will also be selected as part of members of the 4x100m. Ivory Williams who ran the fastest time in the semifinals (9.96s) was DSQ after a false start. Unfortunately for the top sprinter in the World this year, Tyson Gay has ended the hunting for the World title when he withdrew from the semifinals due to the right hip injury.

Meanwhile, Carmelita Jeter who has a personal record of 10.64s - the second fastest women in history, runs 10.74s in the windy condition (+2.7) to beat Marshevet Myers in second place in 10.83s. Miki Barber crosses the finish line in 10.96s to collect the final automatic slot for the Worlds.

Full Results

Men Finals (Wind: +1.3)

Place            Athlete Name                         Team               Time          
1Walter DixNike9.94
2Justin Gatlinunattached9.95
3Michael RodgersNike9.99
4Trell Kimmonsadidas10.04
5Jeff DempsFlorida10.05
6Darvis PattonNike10.09    
DQIvory WilliamsNike

DNS      Travis Padgett                      adidas             

Women Finals (Wind: +2.7)
Place            Athlete Name                         Team  4            Time         

1Carmelita JeterNike10.74

2Marshevet Myersadidas10.83

3Miki BarberNike10.96

4LaShaunte'a Mooreunattached11.04

5Alexandria AndersonNike11.07 .061

6Candyce McGroneunattached11.07 .063

7Jessica YoungT C U11.08

8Lakya BrookinsSouth Carolina11.16




To be updated




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