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Seven Reasons Why Fitness Centre or Gym Sucks

>> January 30, 2011

This is a quick list about the crap things during practice especially in the private fitness centre or gymnasium. I suppose, I would lists many more stories concerning this matter but in this post I will focus the 7 regular habit of trainers and trainees that you will see in the fitness centres.

The story is not intended to pointing out some people out there. However, the most important thing when you step foot into the fitness centre is to exercise effectively, comfortably and enjoy. Therefore, kindly "be informed" and get ready about the following things before joining a gym or fitness centre.

1) Guys show-off
I do believe that each fitness centers elsewhere in the world has an idiot guy. These guys thought that they’re the king of weight training and trying to be the hero and show-off about their broad shoulder in spite of having weak core strength.

2) Over Hypertrophy
I would get sick to see a person who bulk up or over exploited the upper body muscles like the ultimate warrior while having pin-sized legs like a puppy dog.

3) Free Training Tips
Two situations, whether he will ask you for a training tips or he will voluntarily to become your consultant like an expert!

4) One pack or Six Packs
Good thing is at least the one-pack guys who want to get a six-packs asking you strategy and tips about abs workouts. But then you cannot bear those guys anymore, they start to report you each day about daily improvement of the abs. After that, they will get you with the topic of supplement food and etc. etc..

5) Smell
Everyone knows "breathing is crucial" during lifting weights or running at treadmills. But when a smell guy come to practice around you, then you better go home. Do you ever thought it ruins the quality of workouts? Sorry but to be honest you cannot breathe properly.

6) Warm up
Unless he or she is a true athlete, you'll not see people in the fitness centres do the warm up properly. One story in the past, one guy sees me doing half squat 180kg, he walks right to the next squat cage and attempted the same weight with terrible technique, and without warm up. Of course he failed at all of his attempts, and immediately back home.

7) "I've already 6 months in the gym doing weights, but no improvement".
Well, what you have done in six months? Non-functional workouts, non-systematic planning, spending the whole time talking about 6 packs, too much time on dumbbells, everything nonsense!

UPDATE (October 2012)
8) Subscription or the Fees
Exercise maximizes the qualify of life (health).  You can do your workouts anywhere you want to.  In order to do exercise regularly you may need different environments so you won't get bored. Many fitness centres today have introduced a "contract" system.  They like to call it "commitment". Once you have registered as member, they will hold you as long as they can.  I don't say this system is very negative.  From a positive perspective, this system would get you engaged with exercise regularly. But please get a clear clarification from the centre on this. Please read and understand their terms. In this system your credit card will continue to pay them even though you don't go to the centre anymore.  And in fact, if you want to stop subscription you will need to pay to deactivate your account.



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