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Athletics Results and Videos of SEA Games (Day 5)

>> June 12, 2015

28th SEA Games, 7-12 June 2015 at Singapore

Results DAY 3 A / DAY 3 B
Results DAY 4
Results  DAY 5 (A)

Results and Videos at DAY 5 (B)

1500m Final

1. Duong Van Thai VIE 3:47.04
2. Mervin Guarte PHI 3:48.06
3. Yothin Yaprajan THA 3:49.35
4. Ridwan INA 3:49.95
5. Maung Chet MYA 3:54.15
6. Ahmad Luth Hamizan MAS 3:56.08
7. Ravin Muthu Kumar SIN 3:56.96
8. Fang Jianyong SIN 4:00.33
9. Kieng Samorn CAM 4:03.62
-Intermediate times; 400m Ridwan 101.38; 800m Ridwan 2:04.62; 1200m Guarte 3:05.18;

110m Hurdles Final (+0.2)

1. Jamras Rittidet THA 13.69 / GR (react 0.150)
2. Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian MAS 13.97 (react 0.204)
3. Patrick Ma Unso PHI 14.12 / NR (react 0.160)
4. Muhd Ajmal Aiman Mat Hassan MAS 14.15
5. Kittipong Kongdee THA 14.21
6. Anousone Xaysa LAO 14.33
7. Clinton Bautista PHI 15.01
DNF Rio Maholtra

Men's 4x400m Final

1. Thailand Team 3:06.81
2. Philippine Team 3:06.84
3. Vietnam Team 3:08.48
4. Malaysia Team 3:10.66
5. Singapore Team 3:17.44


1500m Final

1. Do Thi Thao VIE 4:28.39
2. Nguyen Thi Phuong VIE 4:31.59
3. Phyu Wa Thet MYA 4:33.25
4. Swe Li Myint MYA 4:37.94
5. Lodkeo Inthakoumman LAO 4:39.61 / NR
6. Eliza Ng SIN 4:57.41
7. Nelia Martins TLS 5:01.79
8. Chansouk Minghamkyong LAO 5:20.72
Intermediate times: 400m Thi Thao 1:16.25;  800m War Thet 2:32.40;  1200m War Thet 3:43.73;

10000m Final

1. Triyaningsih INA 33:44.53
2. Pham Thi Hue VIE 35:02.70
3. Jane Vongvorachoti THA 35:20.46
4. Hoang Thi Thanh VIE 35:44.22
5. Khin Mar Se MYA 36:22.76
6. Pa Pa MYA 38:25.30
7. Mary Grace delos Santos PHI 38:40.26

100m Hurdles Final (+0.2)

1. Wallapa Punsoongneun THA 13.56
2. Dedeh Erawati INA 13.61
3. Tran Thi Yen Hao VIE 13.64
4. Emilia Nova INA 13.78
5. Raja Nursheena Raj Azhar MAS 13.88
6. Jannah Wong Min SIN 14.28
7. Nur Izlyn Zaini SIN 16.95

4x400m Final

1. Vietnam Team 3:31.46 / GR
2. Thailand Team 3:36.82
3. Malaysia Team 3:39.10
4. Singapore Team 3:40.58

Videos by Sport Singapore


Pin Wanheab Breaks Six National Records

>> July 03, 2012

Sprinter PIN WANHEAB eclipsed the 38-year-old Cambodian National 200m record  after registering 21.85s during Nottwil Swiss Meeting at Nottwil Switzerland a few days ago (30 June). The previous record was held by Samphon Mao set at 1700m altitude in Tehran in 1974. He placed 4th in his final A race that won by World class sprinter Marlon Devonish of Great Britain in 20.64s. This made a total of SIX National records in his hands after 100m, 300m, and indoors 50m, 60m and 200m, all set in 2011-2012.

Two weeks ago (17 June) the 27-year-old Swiss born who appeared in the 100m final of 2011 SEA Games has done the same. In a regional athletics championships at Bulle (SUI), he broke the National 100m record 10.82A which was also held by Samphon Mao from the same meet in Tehran in 1974. Samphon Mao hand-timed mark 10.4h established in 1968 at Phnom Penh however remains the Cambodian record for hand timing, but it's now looks to be nearly at an end.

Although he was born, then living, schooling, enjoy the life in Switzerland, and holds Swiss and Cambodian citizenships, he has never opted to compete for Switzerland. His parents want him to contribute and start with Cambodian athletics. In 1976, it was a bloody civil war in Cambodia, and that caused his parents made a decision to migrate to find a safe and peaceful place in Switzerland.

Olympic Games
Although achieving great results as a Cambodian, Wanheab's dream to compete at the Olympics unfortunately would not be realized as the Cambodian authority has already selected their representatives for the Olympics, and that's not even Hem Bunting.

National Record
As of 1st of July 2012, he holds six national records in sprint events, three from outdoors 100m, 200m and 300m, and three others from indoors 50m, 60m and 200m. He also has a 400m best of 50s flat set less than a month ago at Bern (SUI). Below is a list of national records held by Pin Wanheab.

100m                10.78 +0.5  Bulle (SUI)                  17 JUN 2012
200m                21.85 +0.1  Nottwil (SUI)               30 JUN 2012
300m                37.79          Lausanne (SUI)           05 MAY 2012

50m indoor       6.14            Wettingen (SUI)          15 JAN 2011
60m indoor       7.03            Magglingen (SUI)        29 JAN 2011
200m indoor     22.55          Magglingen (SUI)        06 FEB 2011




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