Southeast Asia Athletics 2010 Rankings and Analysis

>> March 20, 2011

The 2010 athletics rankings of Southeast Asia is now available for download. These rankings include the top 10 ranking lists for most Olympic events. In addition, more detailed lists for the stronger events like the men's 100 metres where a total of 25 performances that ranges from 10.32s to 10.69s have been listed in the rankings. Indeed, these rankings will be very useful especially for athletes, coaches, relevant officials, sportscasters, and commentators, heading to the 2011 SEA Games in Palembang. Special thanks to Mr. Heinrich Hubbeling of Germany (Asian AA statistician) for the great help in preparing this rankings. Click the button below to download:

On the rankings, scoring have been given to the top eight performances according to standard scoring points for country rankings at the International events (i.e. Continental championship etc.),  where the first place (ranking no. 1) has been given eight points, while second place with 7 points and down through to the eighth place which has got 1 point. Below is an illustration of the rankings analysis:

The above results gives a very clear proof, that the standard of Vietnam improved very much during last year (2010) especially in the women events where they have 27 athletes in the TOP 8 against 16 athletes from Thailand. In other instances, Vietnam has the most athletes on the TOP 8 with 112, get over Thailand which has 103 athletes. However, as you see Thailand remains the powerhouse of Southeast Asia athletics because they has 15 athletes at the rankings number one. On the other hand, Malaysia and Indonesia have shown some improvement or at least maintains their position among the Southeast Asia nations. In contrast, Brunei, Laos and Timor Leste will have difficulty to win a medal at the 2011 SEA Games according to the analysis.

I bet this is what's going to happen at the 2011 SEA Games in Palembang Indonesia in November, unless if there are major changes in the 2011 rankings that will be released a week before the SEA Games.

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