Azeem Fahmi, 15, smashes 100m record in 10.57s

>> November 16, 2019

Malaysian teen sprint sensation Muhammad Azeem Fahmi has just recorded another personal best in the 100m.

He clocked 10.57 seconds (-0.1) to win the under-16 category of the 3rd Bukit Jalil Sports School's track and field meeting at Kuala Lumpur today (16 November 2019).

This incredible result came after a 45-min delay due to heavy rain.

He lowered his previous record of 10.63 from this year's National school championships, which put him as one of the fastest sprinters in the world for his age.
Azeem Fahmi, 15, runs a superb time of 10.57 in the 100m, a new personal best 
A 10.57 in the 100m would equal the under-18 record of Malaysian schools championships held by Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian since 2006.

Quoting from the most reliable statistical information, Jamaican sprinter Bouwahjgie Nkrumi holds this year's world's fastest time in the 100m in 10.54 for the age-group of 15.

Azeem's 10.57 timing is the world's second-fastest behind Nkrumi.

This result, however, was not surprising as he clocked 21.15 at 200m in July, meaning that a 10.5 timing would be achievable.

Azeem's 200m time of 21.15 is still the world's fastest time for the age-group of 15. He tied with American sprinter Erriyon Knighton.

Of note, Spanish youngster Daniel Gonzalez was said to have run 10.45 and 21.03 in the 100m and 200m, respectively but this is subject to confirmation of his timing regularities and age.

The questions remain, how fast and how much faster can he go?

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