Su Bingtian ran the fastest times at 6.29 in 60m and 3.73 in 30m during his 9.83 race

>> September 18, 2021

At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Su Bingtian clocked a time of 9.83 (+0.9) to win his men's 100m semifinals. 

He achieved the time with a "standard" reaction time of 0.142.

This time is phenomenal. The closest mark by a non-black sprinter was 9.92, which was set by Bingtian himself. The next fastest among a non-black decent is Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre with a 9.92 clocking. 

The split times are fascinating. En-route to his 9.83 clocking, Bingtian set a time of 6.29 at 60m, as well as recorded 3.73 at 30m; both are now being confirmed as the fastest times by a human being for these distances. 

It means that the 5'7" tall Chinese was running faster than Usain Bolt at some points of the 100m dash.

For a comparison, Usain Bolt recorded 3.78 and 6.31 for the 30m and 60m, respectively when he set the 9.58 world record in 2009.

He broke the sub-10 for the first time in 2015 at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon. In the same year, he ran the time once again during the world championships in Beijing. 

Three years later in 2018 he lowered his best time to 9.91 in Madrid that equaled Femi Ogunode's Asian record. He repeated the feat a week later in Paris. At the same year, he won the Asian Games in Jakarta in 9.92.

Earlier of his sprint career, he set the Chinese national record for the 100m in 2011 National championships, setting 10.16, that was 0.01 faster than the old mark of 10.17 jointly held by Zhou Wei (1998) and Chen Haijian (2003).

Su Bingtian recorded 9.83 (100m); 3.73 (30m), 6.39 (200m)

Su Bingtian's progression in the 100m since 2006 (from age 17):
2006- 10.59
2007- 10.45
2008- 10.41 (best time as a junior sprinter)
2009- 10.32
2010- 10.32
2011- 10.16
2012- 10.19
2013- 10.06
2014- 10.10
2015- 9.99
2016- 10.08
2017- 10.03
2018- 9.91 (=Asian record)
2019- 10.05
2020- na
2021- 9.83 (Asian record)

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