Energy System In Track and Field

>> August 28, 2010

Firstly, I won’t go into very detail as I know everyone out there are prefer the simplest way to gain information. Thus I'll try to explain as simple as possible so that people at all levels will get the points.

Basically, three types of energy system sources:

1. ATP-PCr system
2. Glycolytic system
3. Oxidative system

And what the heck all these?!

ATP-PCr : An Immediate energy, is said to be Anaerobic as it can operate
with or without oxygen. Every breakdown of ATP-PCr will produce energy.

Glycolytic: A system that produces ATP (energy) from glycolysis (eg: CHO).
Doesn't require Oxygen, so it’s referred to the process of anaerobic (lactic

Oxidative: The Aerobic system. Utilize oxygen in the production of ATP. As
oxygen is used, this is an aerobic process.

These energy systems make a contribution in all types of activities. However one or two will be predominant.

As an example, in the 100meters, the ATP-PCr is the predominant energy system, but both the glycolytic and oxidative systems provide a small portion of the energy needed.

On the other hand, in the 10,000m, the oxidative system is predominant but both ATP-PCr and Glycolytic systems contribute.

Table below is an estimate of percentage (%) contribution of energy system in Track and Field events.

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 Sport Physiology for Coaches
Physiology of Sport and Exercise, Fourth Edition 
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Tyson Gay Takes Diamond League Title, Wins the 100m in 9.79, Nesta Carter improved to 9.85

Carter (9.85 PB), Tyson Gay (9.79), and Blake (9.91)
Tyson Gay defies the cold condition and a false start drama to win the men’s 100m at IAAF Samsung Diamond League Memorial van Damme meeting at Brussell, Belgium (August 27, 2010).

In front of a sell-out 47,000 seats at King Baudouin stadium, Gay had a slow start but surged at the halfway to win the 100m title in 9.79, defeating Jamaica’s Nesta Carter who improved one hundredth of a second of his record to 9.85. Third place went to Carter’s countryman Yohan Black in 9.91.

His time was 0.01 short of his world-leading time set at the IAAF London Diamond League two weeks ago and still 0.21 off Bolt's world record. He earned USD 40,000 and a Diamond Trophy for winning the season-long competition.

Gay who ashamed the world record holder Usain Bolt at Stockholm, also beats Asafa Powell however was disappointed for being denied the chance of going head-to-head with Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell. The two monsters were pulled out due to back injuries.

Meanwhile Allyson Felix added a Diamond League Trophy from the women’s 200m, thus becoming the only athlete at the inaugural Diamond League meeting to win double trophy. Allyson won her first Diamond Trophy last week in 400m at Weltklasse Zurich. Affected by the chill and wet track, Felix won the event in 22.62, beating fellow Americans Shalonda Solomon (22.70) and Bianca Knight (23.01).

Kenya’s David Rudisha, who has broken the men’s 800m world record last week at Berlin, takes the title in a modest time of 1:43.50, defeating the two-times world indoor champion, Abubaker kaki of Sudan who has finished at 1:43.84. Rudisha’s teammate Boaz Lalang was third, clocking 1:44.29. Results and videos are as follows:

Men’s 100m Results (Wind: +0.1)

1 Tyson Gay USA  9.79  0.148
2 Nesta Carter JAM  9.85 PB  0.167
3 Yohan Blake JAM  9.91  0.183
4 Daniel Bailey ANT  10.09  0.171
5 Richard Thompson TRI  10.11  0.158
6 Mario Forsythe JAM  10.12  0.193
7 Trell Kimmons USA  10.20  0.183
8 Dexter Lee JAM  10.21  0.206
9 Martial Mbandjock FRA  10.26 0.155

Men’s 100m Video:


2010 Indonesia National Athletics Championship, Jakarta 2010, Results

>> August 27, 2010

The 2010 Indonesia National Athletics Championship was held on August 04-07 at Jakarta. The annual national event was organized by Persatuan Atletik Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesia Athletics Federation). Only local athletes took part in the meet.

Indonesian top sprinter, Suryo Agung Wibowo whose 100m PB is 10.17s took part but his performance was not 'classified' in the official results due to technical problem unrelated to the race. Some other top athletes competed, but their results also were not 'classified'. Earlier before the meet it was reported that several teams were unhappy with decisions by their own athletes to compete under different teams, in which have led many protests during the meet.

SEA Games champion, Dedeh Erawati was in action and won two individual golds from the 100mh and 200m with 13.45s and 24.48s, respectively.

Meanwhile, experienced runner Esther Sumah has becomes the oldest to win the Indonesian national title. She won the 800m in a time of 2:17.74s at age of 44!

Following are the major results from final rounds plus additional best performances:


100m Final (NWI): 1, Franklin Burumi,10.52. 2, Farel Octafiandi, 10.67. 3, John H.Muray 10.76. 4, Iswandi. 4, 10.90.

100m SF 1 (-0.3): 1, Burumi, 10.60. 2,  Heru Astriyanto 10.88; 100m SF 2 (+0.8). 1, Octafiandi, 10.62. 2, Muray, 10.79. 3, Ali Wardhana, 10.82; Heats (Best performances): Burumi (10.66 w0.0), Mohd Fadlin (10.85 w0.0), Octafiandi (10.85 w +0.2), Astriyanto (10.88 w -0.4), Suryo Agung Wibowo,10.51, Not Classified).

200m Final (+2.3): 1,  Ahmad Sumarsono Sakeh 21.51. 2,  Edi Ariansyah 21.62, 3, Sapwaturahman, 21.62; 200m SF 1(+2.3): Ahmad Sumarsono, 21.74; 200m SF 2 (+1.3): 1, Ariansyah, 21.75. 2, Sapwaturahman, 21.78.

400m Final: 1, Heru Astriyanto, 48.23 (SF: 48.61); 800m Final: 1, Abdul Haris, 1:56.00. 2, Kaharuddin 1:56.99; 1500m Final: 1, Ridwan, 3:54.00. 2, Agus Prayogo, 3:54.38.

5000m Final: 1, Jauhari Johan, 15:03.81. 2, Nicolas A.Silva, 15:09.89; 10000m Final: 1, Nicolas A.Silva, 31:30.07. (the 1st finisher, Yahuza, 31:15.28 Not Classified).
110m Hurdles (w -1.0): 1, Edy Jakariya, 14.85. 2, Ahmad Syaputra, 14.86. 3, Zakaria Malik, 14.90; 400m Hurdles: 1, Andrian, 53.41. 2, Fransiscus Saferius, 54.61; 3000m Steeplechase: 1, Muhammad Al-Quraisy,  9:35.12. 2, Yogo Triono, 9:37.21.

HJ: 1, Syahrial 2.05; PV: 1, Nunung Jayadi, 4.60m. 2, Hendri Setiawan, 4.50m; LJ: 1, Sapwaturahman, 7.10m (-1.4). 2, Noval Kurniawan, 7.09m (+0.4); TJ: 1, Asril Abdullah, 14.88m (+2.0). 2, Edi M.Juanedi, 14.71m (+0.3). 3, Isvir Septira, 14.67m (+1.3); SP: 1, Krisna Wahyu, 13.99m ; DT: 1, Hermanto, 47.86m. 2, Taufik Nurahman, 45.34m; HT: 1, Dudung Suhendi, 51.98m. 2, Ardiansyah Apandi, 49.81m. 3, M.Ridwan, 47.63m; JT: 1, Julius Morin, 61.50m.

Decathlon: 1, Zakaria Malik 6815 (11.05/+0.4; 6.86/ -0.7; 11.89; 1.90; 50.43 – 15.11/+0.3; 32.63; 4.20; 49.43; 5:16.22).

20000m Walk: 1, Kristian L.Tobing, 1:40:12.88s. 2, Abdul Rozak, 1:44:18.81s. 3, Indra Abdul Kadir 1:46:30.72s. 4, Yohanes Seran, 1:47:22.33s.


100m Final (w +0.2): 1, Nurul Imaniar, 12.15 (SF: 12.15 w -0.1); 200m Final (w +1.2): 1, Dedeh Erawati, 24.48. 2, Tri Setyo Utami, 25.07. 3, Serafi A.Unani, 25.38. 4,  Indah Lisa Wijayanti, 25.39; 400m Final: 1, Musyafidah, 58.25.

800m Final: 1, Esther Sumah, 2:17.74; 1500m Final: 1, Yulianingsih, 4:38.83. 2, Afriana Paijo, 4:39.90. 3, Adriana Waru, 4:40.78. (1st finisher, Rini Budiarti, 4:35.50, Not Classified); 5000m Final: 1, Nyai Agita Prima, 18:13.25. 2, 10000m Final: 1, Merry Paijo, 38:39.58; 3000m Stp Final: 1, Yulianingsih, 11:06.32. 2, Nyai Agita Prima, 11:26.51. 3,Adriana Waru 11:30.72. (1st finisher, Olivia Sadi,10:58.42, Not Classified); 

100mH Final (+0.1). 1, Dedeh Erawati, 13.45. 2, Agustina Bawele, 14.40. 3, Maryati, 14.43. 4, Enung Neni Meilani, 15.11; 400mH Final: 1, Renny C.Tehupeiory, 66.74.

HJ: 1, Ika Puspa Dewi , 1.68m. 2, Lucia Febriyani, 1.68m ; PV: 1, Desi Margawati, 3.50m. 2, Liesa Yunita, 3.40m ; LJ: 1, Maria Natalia Londa, 6.17m (+1.3). 2, Nova Aprilia, 5.89m (+0.4). 3, Lucia Febriyani, 5.69m (-0.7). 4, Veronika Venny, 5.64m (+0.4) ; TJ: 1, Maria Natalia Londa, 12.80 (-0.8), 2, Veronika Venny, 12.32 (-0.6), 3, Dwi Khusnul, 11.92 (-0.7).

SP: 1, Eki Febri Ekawati, 12.62m ; DT: 1, Dwi Ratnawati, 47.58m. 2, Sulastri, 41.27m ; HT: 1, Rose Herlinda Inggriana, 52.44m. 2, Yurita Ariyani, 47.29m. 3, Anita Rahmah, 46.29m. 4, Nia Meilani Usnia, 44.30m ; JT: 1, Azizah, 46.57. 2, Dian Kartika , 42.53m. 3, Selly Yoku, 41.20m. 4, Ayu Ariandani 40.15m.

Heptathlon: Rini Susanti 4208 (15.61/+0.8; 1.40; 9.64; 25.99/ -1.0 – 5.51/ -0.5; 26.47; 2:45.11).

20000m Walk: 1, Darwati,1:48:41.9s. 2, Inayati, 1:51:59.2s. 3, Sri Radita, 2:08:54.7s. 4, Rosidayanti, 2:09:21.9s.

Acknowledgment: Courtesy of the Results from ASIA Reports by Heinrich Hubbeling

To coaches, athletes and T&F fans out there any results at all levels from Southeast Asia are very welcomed, please contact me (send results) via email at


David Rudisha Breaks 800m World Record at ISTAF Berlin 2010 in 1:41.09 , Video

>> August 23, 2010

Kenyan David Rudisha has broken the men's 800m World record at the ISTAF IAAF World Challenge in Berlin, German on August 22, 2010.

The 21-year-old former World Junior champion clocked 1:41.09 to eclipse the previous mark 1:41.11 set by Wilson Kipketer, a Kenyan-born who went to represent Denmark in 1997 in German.

Special thanks to the pacemaker, Sammy Tangui who did a great job for Rudisha, passing the bell at 48.65. But Tangui shortly stopped, leaving Rudisha alone who started pull away from the field.

I reckon he could be faster if the pacemaker pushes him all the way to 600m!

Rudisha who has 45.50 PB in the 400m reached 600m mark at 1:14.54 but seems no sign of fatigue and speeding through to the line with a new World Record!

In Oslo’s Diamond League meeting in June, he broke Sebastian Coe’s 31-year-old meeting record with a run of 1:42.04.

Then at the KBC Night of Athletics meet in the Belgium in July, Rudisha clocked an impressive 1:41.51, the 2nd fastest of all time. But below is the astounding one:




>> August 21, 2010

Name: Jamras Rittidet
Nationality: Thailand
Event: Running (110mh)
Born: 01 January 1989
Height: 6-0
Weight: 70
Personal best:
110mh 13.81 +1.1 NR (Guangzhou 24.11.2010)

SB: 110mh 13.96 (Kobe)

Career Highlights:
2011: Just missed the medal at  Asian championships in Kobe, finishes 4th place 13.96 at 110mh.
2010: Finished 6th in 110mh (13.81) at Asian Games, Guangzhou ... Gold medal at Asean university games in Chiangmai, 13.88.
2009: SEA Games gold medal at 110mh (13.89 GR).



Name: Rene Herrera
Nationality: Philippines
Event: Running (3000m steeplechase - Marathon)
Born: 24 May 1979 / Guimaras PHI
Height: 5-3
Weight: 53
Personal bests:
3000m Steeplechase 8:49.39 (Bangkok 28.04.2004)

Season best:
3000m Steeplechase 9:12.34 (Kobe 08.07.2011)

Career Highlights
2011: He placed 8th in 3000m Steeplechase (9:12.34) at the Asian championships in Kobe on 08.07.2011).
2010: Competed at Asian Games, Doha at 3000m Steeplechase. He ranks 8th in the finals (9:02.93) ... He recorded his SB 9:00.53 during Malaysia open track and field at Kuala Lumpur on 30.10.2010.
2008: He set a SB 9:00.01 at Ho Chi Minh on 19.07.2008.
2009: Won his 4th consecutive gold medal at SEA Games, Vientiane (9:11.20).
2007: He created a hat-trick after finished 1st in the 3000m Steeplechase (8:54.21) at SEA Games.
2006: Finished 6th in 3000m Steeplechase (9:05.70) at the 15th Asian Games, Doha... He clocked a SB 8:58.9h at the Philippines Olympic festival in Palayan City on 22.06.2006.
2005: SEA Games gold medal at 3000m Steeplechase (8:56.14)
2004: Placed 73rd (1:15:06) at the 13th World championships in Half Marathon in New Delhi on 03.10.2004.
2003: SEA Games gold medal at 3000m steeplechase (8:50.78).

Last updated 20.08.2011



Name: Treewadee Yongphan
Nationality: Thailand
Event: Running/Sprints (400m)
Born: 03 March 1987
Height: 5-5
Weight: 56
Personal bests:
400m 54.16 (Vientiane 17.12.2009)
400m (i) 54.98 (Hanoi 02.11.2009)

Season best:
400m 56.45 (Shenzhen 16.08.2011)

Career Highlights:
2011: Competed at Universiade in 400m (56.46), placed 6th in heat 3, thus did not advance to SF.
2009: SEA Games gold medalist at 400m, 54.16.

Last updated 21.08.2011





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