Looks Like Yohan Blake False Started ?

>> August 29, 2011

There is some confusion regarding the false start drama recently.

To begin with, Usain Bolt was unable to retain his world 100m title. Reason: false start. 

Clearly, he moved out of the blocks "too early" (-0.10s) and resulted in disqualification. According the new rule (162.7), one false start would result in disqualification.

Automatically, it paved a larger window for his training partner, Yohan Blake to create a history

Regardless of intention, any movements including flicking, twitching, or flinching, which can produce certain level of pressure on the pedals of a block, if occurred before 0.100s, would be considered false start. 

Here is the problem. Which athletes made the first movement at the set position? please have a look at the video carefully:
  • See Usain Bolt in the lane 5, and see also Yohan Blake in lane 6. 
  • At the full set position, there is a slight body movement from Blake (0:13-0:15), which might have triggered a respond (to move) from athletes who have already set the mind to react as fast as possible when a stimulus received. 
  • Nevertheless the flinch was not obvious, it's difficult to catch a minor flinch with naked eye. 
  • Furthermore, after the break, people (including the officials) focusing on Usain Bolt who took off his vest immediately then covered his face, seems expressing he was the one who guilty.

That's the first point. Another thing to point is that the mistake done by the officials. Under the rule 162.6 (c), the starter shall abort the start when there are interference or disturbs during set position. In this case, there was a bit interference. But again, it's dependent on the discretion or judgement of starter.

Video of men's 100m final (& false start) - IAAF World championships in atheltics

In contrast, experienced sprinter Dwain Chambers of GBR was disqualified for committed the same thing. Here is the video (fast forward 1:50);

Men's 100m semifinal 1 - Dwain Chambers false start, Yohan Blake won in 9.95

All in all, based on the rules and consideration (starter's discretion), Yohan Blake didn't commit a false start while Usain Bolt did. Maurice Greene was indeed correct when he predicts Blake would upsets Bolt at World championships. Anyway, the IAAF need to fix and improve the regulations regarding "the start" and judgements must be consistent.


Complete Video of 100m Men Final & Semifinals - 2011 Daegu World Championships in Athletics

>> August 28, 2011

Videos and results of 100m men final and semifinals (28.08.11), IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Daegu 2011.

Men's 100m final (-1.4)
Yohan Blake JAM 9.92, Walter Dix USA 10.08, Kim Collins SKN 10.09, Christophe Lemaitre FRA 10.19, Daniel Bailey ANT 10.26, Jimmy Vicaut FRA 10.27, Nesta Carter JAM 10.95, Usain Bolt JAM Dsq 162.7

100m Semifinal 1 (-0.4)
Yohan Blake JAM 9.95, Walter Dix USA 10.05, Jimmy Vicaut FRA 10.10, Daniel Bailey ANT 10.14, Keston Bledman TRI 10.14, Andrew Hinds BAR 10.32, Angel David Rodriguez ESP 10.49, Dwain Chambers GBR Dsq 162.7

Men 100m Semifinal 2  (-1.0)
Usain Bolt JAM 10.05, Christophe Lemaitre FRA 10.11, Richard Thompson TRI 10.20, Trell immons USA 10.21, Jayasuma Saidy Ndure NOR 10.21, Michael Frater JAM 10.23, Marlon Devonish GBR 10.25, Dariusz Kuc POL 10.51

100m Men Semifinal 3 (-0.8)
Kim Collins SKN 10.08, Nesta Carter JAM 10.16, Harry Aiines-Aryeetey GBR 10.23, Justin Gatlin USA 10.23, Ngonidzashe Makusha ZIM 10.27, Churandy Martina NED 10.29, Azaz Ouhadi MAR 10.45, Justyn Warner CAN 10.47

Videos of 100m men round 1  (Heat 1 to 7) click here


Malaysia Athletics Results No 7, 2011: Sri Lanka Athletics, Universiade, Singapore Open, World Championships, Asian Inter City Athletics

Malaysian Athletics Results No 7, 2011
Compiled by Jad Adrian (T&F Statistician)

24 July, Seremban: Seremban Half Marathon
-probably shorter distance-
Men Open: 1, Rangar Subramanian, 1:15:28; 2, Mohd Haffiz Mansor, 1:19:24; 3, Jayakumar Vigneswaran, 1:20.38; 4, Muhaizar Mohamad, 1:23:38;
Men Veteran: 1, Manikam Rama Krishnan, 1:20:09; 2, Kuan Mee Huat, 1:21:57;

30-31 July, Sibu MAS: Sibu Open Athletics Meet
-an open meeting at Sarawak, with some prize money offered for winners-
(31) 100m: 1, Sebastian Lee, 10.7; 2, Eddie Edwards, 10.8; 3, Aurelius Lanting, 10.9;
(30) 200m: 1, Sebastian Lee, 21.5 (eclipsed Watson Nyambek meet record 21.9);
(31) 400m: 1, Mohd Arif Zulhilmi, 50.1;
(31) SP: 1, Ngu Kit Ming, 12.26; 2, Melvin Yong Shi How, 11.13;
(31) DT: 1, Ngu Kit Ming, 41.49; 2, Wong Leh Huat, 34.38;
(30) HT: 1, Michael Sia Suk Tak, 46.70; 2, Wong Tee Kui, 43.91 (retired athlete, a coach, 5 times SEA champion); 3, Lin Khi Liang,  33.69;
(30) JT: 1, Gerald Agan Ganang, 55.02;
(31) 5000w: 1, Azizei Fauzi, 25:48.14;

(31) HJ: 1, Kee Siew Lian, 1.63;
(30) LJ: 1, Kee Siew Lian, 5.40;
(31) TJ: 1, Kee Siew Lian, 11.60;
(31) DT: 1, Loo Li Jun, 33.95; 2, Queenie Ting Kung Ni, 31.03;
(30) HT: 1, Tiong Mee Yien, 37.85;
(31) JT: 1, Syuryani Sikembar, 37.39;
(31) 5000W: 1, Nur Aishah Ahmat, 27:52.23;

Girls U14
(31) 400m: 1, Anriana Nurminda Ariffin, 61.79;
(30) TJ: 1, Michelle Mangin, 10.73;
(30) DT: Queenie Ting Kuni ni, 32.27; 2, Grace Wong Xiu Mei, 31.18;

31 July, Melbourne AUS: 30km road race
-actual distance 30.6km-
Women open: 2, Sarah Sulaiman Ch'ng, 2:10:58;

31 July, Kuala Lumpur
-time trials for Malaysian elite athletes (3 events)-
100m: 1, Ambrose Jilom, 10.9 (ht);
400m: 1, S. Kannathasan, 47.98; 2, Muhamad Yunus Lasaleh, 48.18; 3, Paneerselvam Yuvaaraj, 48.45;
800m: -not available- please send to , info@adriansprints.com

06-08 August, Diyagama SRI; Sri Lanka National Athletics Championships
-international athletes competed as guests-
(07) 400m: 4s1, Muhammad Yunus Lasaleh, 48.99 (& 3h3, 49.53); 6s3, Subramaniam Kannathasan, 50.97; Note: both did not advance to to finals
(07) 800m: 3, Mahendran Vadivellan, 1:53.67 (2h1, 1:55.14 on 6/8, & 2s1, 1:54.68 on 6/8);
(07) HT: 1, Jackie Wong Siew Cheer, 56.44;

(08) 100m: (-0.6) 1, Siti Fatimah Mohamad, 12.06; 2, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 12.07;
2h1, Komala Shally, 12.20 +1.7; 1h2, Siti Fatimah, 12.17 +1.2; 2h3, Siti Zubaidah, 12.09 +1.4;
(06) 200m: (+1.6) 4, Siti Zubaidah, 24.84 (& 3h1, 25.01 +0.7); 5, Siti Fatimah, 25.28 (& 4h2, 26.16 +0.1);
(06) 3000St: 2, Melinder Kaur, 11:01.69;

16-21 August, Shenzhen CHN: Universiade / World University Games
-international games for students-
-second biggest sporting event in the world, surpassed only by the Olympic games, however the eligibility (student or non-student) of participants were questionable-
(16) 100m: 6q4, Mohd Noor Imran Abd Hadi, 10.58 +0.4 (& 3h5, 10.64 +0.3); 5h7, Mohd Zabidi Ghazali, 10.92 -0.3;
(18) 200m: 6q3, Mohd Noor Imran, 21.59 0.0 (4h4, 21.70 -0.1); 7q5, Mohd Ikhwan Nor, 21.85 -0.3;
(16) 400m: 4h5, Paneerselvam Yuvaaraj, 48.22; 4h8, Muhammad Yunus Lasaleh, 49.16;
(19) 800m: 5h4, Mohd Jironi Riduan, 1:51.90;
(16) 1500m: 12h3, Mohd Jironi Riduan, 3:50.33;
(17) 3000St: 9h1, Jayamaran Karthik, 9:53.68;

(16) 100m: 4h1, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 11.94 -0.4; 4h5, Siti Fatimah Mohamad, 12.04 0.0;
(18) 200m: 5h1, Norjannah Hafiszah, 25.19 -0.4; 6h8, Nurul Sarah Abdul Kadir, 24.98 -0.9;
(16) 800m: 6h4, Kumarasamy Gantimanthi, 2:08.70;
(19) 1500m: 9h2, K.Gantimanthi, 4:42.14;
(17) 3000St: 10h1, Melinder Kaur, 11:07.64;
(17) DT: 13, Yap Jeng Tzan, 43.19;

20-21 August, Singapore: Singapore Open Athletics Meet
-international athletics meet with participants from 11 countries-
(20) 100m: (0.0) 5, Ambrose Jilom, 10.85 (& 1s2 10.89 -0.3); 6, Mohd Azhar Ismail, 10.90;
(21) 200m: (0.0) 3, Ambrose Jilom, 22.09;
(20) 400m: 2h4, Subramaniam Kannathasan, 49.27 (DQ in final);
(21) 800m: 2, Mahendran Vadivellan, 1:51.97;
(20) 1500m: 1, Mahendran Vadivellan, 3:58.07;
(21) 5000m: 3, Nik Fakaruddin Ismail (b85), 15:31.80;
(20) 3000St: 3, Mohgan Ravinteran (b87), 9:51.71; 4, Affindi Nudin (b85), 10.04.25;
(21) 110mh: (+0.2) 2, Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian, 14.00 (& 3h1, 14.58 -0.1);
(20) HJ: 2, Kavee Alagan, 2.00;
(21) 4x400m: 2, National Team (Amran Raj, Kannathasan, Mathialagan, Yunus Lasaleh), 3:14.97;

(20) 100m: 6, Yee Yi Ling, 12.37 0.0 (& 3h1, 12.30 0.0);
(21) 100h: 3h2, Raja Nursheena, 14.54 -0.3;

27 August -04 September, Daegu KOR: World championships in Athletics
-the biggest athletics meet in the world with participants of over 200 countries-
-athletes from MAS competed on wild-cards-
(27) 100m: 7h5, Mohammad Noor Imran Abd Hadi, 10.75 -1.2 (& 1p4, 10.77 -0.9);
note: Nesta Carter of JAM (PB 9.78) the 4th fastest man of all-time won the R1 H5 in 10.26.

(28) 100m: 6h7, Norjannah Hafiszah Jamaluddin, 11.74 +0.5 (& 1p4, 12.06 -1.3 on 27/8);
note: Olympics and world champion Veronica Campbell-Brown of JAM won the R1 H7 in 11.19.

27-28 August, Taipei TPE: Asian Inter Cities Invitational Meet
-invitational meet for cities of Asia-
(27) 400m: 3, Muhammad Yunus Lasaleh, 48.65; 5, S. Kannathasan, 49.27;
(28) 800m: 1, Mahendran Vadivellan, 1:52.24; 3, Subramaniam Mathialagan, 1:53.48;
(27) 110mh: (-1.7) 1, Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian, 14.04; 2, Mohd Robani Hassan, 14.15;
(28) 4x400m: 2, Kuala Lumpur Team (Schzuan Rosely, S. Kannathasan, P. Yuvaaraj, Yunus Lasaleh), 3:12.49;

(27) 100m: (+0.6) 2, Nurul Sarah A. Kadir, 11.92; 4, Yee Yi Ling, 12.19;
(28) 200m: (-0.6) 3, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 25.53; 4, Yee Yi Ling, 25.74;
(28) DT: 3, Yap Jeng Tzan, 43.83;

29 August - 01 September, New York USA: World Police and Fire Games
(29) LJ: 3, Camillus David, 7.08;

# send correction and athletics results to, email;  info@adriansprints.com 


Yohan Blake World Champion 100m 9.92 seconds, Usain Bolt False Start

Yohan Blake of Jamaica became the world champion after winning the men's 100m race at the IAAF World championships in athletics in Daegu on August 28, 2011. He clocked a time of 9.92s at the race into a strong headwind of -1.4m/s. The time is three hundredth of a second slower than his personal best, 9.89s. Given a normal condition (zero wind), he would have run 9.82-9.84s.

Olympic bronze medalist Walter Dix (PB 9.88) took the silver medal in 10.08s, while the 2003 world champion Kim Collins (PB 9.98) of St Kitts and Nevis who piped by Walter Dix on the line bagged bronze (10.09s).

Defending world and Olympic champion Usain Bolt (PB 9.58 WR) false started and subsequently disqualified. His recorded's reaction time is -0.104, about 0.20s earlier than the allowed measurement (0.100), 0.099 would be considered a false start.

France's Christophe Lemaitre (PB 9.92) finished 4th in 10.19s, ahead of Daniel Bailey of Antigua who clocked 10.26. Newcomer Jimmy Vicaut of France who has the lowest PB (10.07s) in the final was 6th in 10.27s. Jamaica's Nesta Carter (PB 9.78) injured himself and run through to the line with 10.95s (well, faster than Raymond Stewart in 1988 Olympics, 12.26s - same case!!).

100m Men Final IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Daegu 2011


Usain Bolt 10.10 the Fastest Round 1 Daegu World Championships 2011 (Video & Result)

>> August 27, 2011

Here is a complete video of men's 100m round 1 (Heat 1 to 7) from the IAAF World championships in Athletics, Daegu 2011. For full results click here

Round 1 - Heat 1 (-1.7) - Kim Collins 10.13s

Round 1 - Heat 2 (-1.7) - Walter Dix 10.25s

Round 1 - Heat 3 (-1.0) - Christophe Lemaitre 10.14s

Round 1 - Heat 4 (-1.3) - Yohan Blake 10.12s 

Round 1 - Heat 5 (-1.2) - Nesta Carter 10.26s 

Round 1 - Heat 6 (-0.7) - Usain Bolt 10.10 

Round 1 - Heat 7 (-1.2) - Michael Frater 10.26 

Full Results (Men's 100m Round 1)


Sogelau Tuvalu Successful in 2011 Daegu World Championships in Athletics (Video)

Whatever it is if you think you can't advance to finals or semifinals in the World championships, then personal best will be the major goal isn't it? Athletes who did it would be considered successful and not waste of time. 

American Samoa's Sogelau Tuvalu was the limelight in the first day (morning session) of the IAAF World championships in Athletics, Daegu 2011. The 17-year-old big guy who may weigh at least 130kg or almost 300 pounds  ran an incredible (for the size!) personal best 15.66s (-0.9) in the heat 4 of men's 100m preliminary round.  The heat was won by Malaysia's Mohd Noor Imran Hadi who managed to run 10.77s, unfortunately not a personal best as his best is 10.40s - I'm not saying he did not success, though he has the chance to improve the time in the Round 2 or Qurterfinals (first ever Malaysian sprinters to advance in the next round of 100m in World champs).


Surprisingly, Tuvalu's time is NOT the slowest in the World championships history. Who the heck slower than this man? Kim Collins of St Kitts!!. He ran 21.73s during the round 1 at the 1997 World champs in Athens, and  6 years later (2003) he became the World 100m champion.

Men's 100m Heat 4 - IAAF World Championships, Daegu 2011

Sogelau Tuvalu's Post Race Interview

Full Results (Men's 100m Preliminary Rounds)


Latest Prediction of World Championships in Athletics, Daegu 2011

>> August 26, 2011

Here is a prediction of future World champions in the IAAF World championships in Athletics in Daegu, which will starts on 27.08 to 04.09, 2011. (Note: selected events only, 1st paragraph for men, 2nd for women).

100 meters
Despite of being the 7th fastest in the world this year, Usain Bolt is going to defend his sprint century title in Daegu. Richard Thompson, Justin Gatlin, Yohan Blake and Walter Dix will be fighting to seize the next two medals. It's a great upset, the first four fastest men in the world this year, Asafa Powell (9.78), Tyson Gay (9.79), Steve Mullings (9.80) and Michael Rodgers (9.85) are out of the championships.

In women's, Jarmelita Jeters of USA seems to be the one who will take the world title. Two other podium finishers are most likely owned by the Jamaicans.

200 meters
No one can stop Usain Bolt to win gold in his favorite event. He will take the gold medal home, though he will probably run a "slower time". Honestly, in World champs I also awaits the achievements of two runners - Jayasuma Saidy Ndure (NOR) and Femi Seun Ogunode (QAT).

As in the previous championships, three-time world champion Allyson Felix and two-time Olympic champion Veronica Campbell will have to "fight very intensely" to  win gold medal. I'm slightly on Felix side.

400 meters
The 18-year-old (turning 19) Kirani James is perhaps "too young" to become the world champion. But Steve Lewis has done it before (Olympic title - 43.87 , 1988, aged 19). I'm not saying he can't but for now I'd pick LaShawn Meritt as the winner, if not there's Jermaine Gonzales of JAM who can win the title. Oscar Pistorious will explode, too !!

Sanya Richards-Ross is the second fastest (49.66) in the world this year, but I still believe that she will  finish the first place. Watch out Allyson Felix, she is the the main obstacle in the process. Oh wait... the 32-year-old Anastasiya Kapachinskaya of Russia ran a PB 49.35s (WL) this year (I'm not choosing her)!!

800 meters
I wonder if there are other runners out there who has the ability to beat David Rudisha in the men's 800m? I don't think there's any.

1500 meters
Silas Kiplagat (KEN) is very consistent this year. He will take the world title.

Maryam Yusuf Jamal will be gunning for her third gold medal (1500m) in the world championships. I've no doubt on this.

5000 meters
Mohammed  "Mo" Farah of GBR who clocked 12:53.11, will not only return with world title but most likely a new record. However watch out Kenenisa Bekele, who can be his main rival.

World lead Vivian Jepkemoi of KEN seems "good" to win world title. I only have the doubt about it if Meseret Defar of ETH performs her best or close to PB (14:12.88).

10000 meters
Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) and Zersenay Tadese (ERI) will fight between each other to win the world title. I'm a bit on Bekele side since he don't usually give too much of  a "disappointment" in major meets.

Defending world champion Abel Kirui of Kenya is most likely to defend his world title. Or if not, there's a compatriot Vincent Kipruto who has recorded 2:05.13 this year to win gold.

3000m Steeplechase
Kenyan runners will dominate the podium. Ezekiel Kemboi is the defending world champion and ready to rock. However Brimin Kiprop Kipruto who has recorded 7:53.64 WL/PB will be the new world champion.

110 m / 100 m Hurdles
I feel that this is the time for this athlete to become the world champions - David Oliver (PB 12.89).

The same for Sally Pearson (PB/SB 12.48) in women.

400m hurdles
Louis Jacob van Zyl is the world leader with 47.66 (NR). But Bershawn Jackson will take the world title for the third times.

Lashinda Demus is perhaps the right choice if you wish to name the world champion now in the 400mh.

High Jump
Ivan Ukhov (PB 2.40) of RUS is lacking of consistency. He really excelled at indoors but not outdoors. Perhaps this is the time to become the world outdoor champion. If not, I would choose Jessie Williams of USA (SB 2.37).

Blanka Vlasic was or is injured? I'm not really sure about her condition. If you want to bet money out there, I would suggests to pick Anna Chicherova of RUS who leaped 2.07m recently (world lead).

Pole Vault
Australian great Steve Hooker is injured. So Renaud Lavillenie of France is the man in Pole Vault.

In the women's, It's between Yelena Isinbayeva of RUS (everyone knew her) and Jenn Suhr of USA who set a world lead 4.91m. Isinbayeva did a mistake in 2009 World champs, she learnt a lot from it and ready to become a world champion.

Long Jump
It's not because of he is the world lead then you pick him as the favorite. But I think Mitchell Watt of AUS (8.54 WL) is going to deliver something special in Daegu. Nevertheless, USA's Dwight Phillips seems to defend his world title in Daegu. 

Triple Jump
Despite that most people have chosen the defending World champion, Philipps Idowu of GBR, I've already picked Teddy Tambgo of France to become world champion. Lets see what happen then.

In women's it will be between the Asian stardom Olga Rypakova and two-timesworld champion Yargelis Savigne. My instinct tells Rypakova will win.

Shot Put
Dylan Armstrong of CAN who threw 21.60m this year is the man to watch. It's when the defending world champion Christian Cantwell (USA) underperform.

The two times world champion Valerie Vili Adams is very good to any other opponents in the world. No one could take the gold away from her.

Hammer Throw
(Women) I'm afraid to lose "my gold medal collections" from Daegu. But Betty Heidler of GER who broke the world record this year is in my list now.

Javelin Throw
Andreas Thorkildsen of SWE (PB 91.59/ SB 90.61) - who else can beat him in Daegu?!

I'm a fan of Barbora Spotakova (PB 72.28 = WR / SB 69.45). She is the favorite in Daegu.

4x100 meters
Without Asafa Powell and Steve Mullings, which one of the teams do you think will take the gold medal? I'm a bit on USA side at the moment. If they have some exchange problems (as usual), then I would (automatically) pick Jamaica, and followed by Trinidad and Tobago and France.

The women's will be between USA and JAM. I feel that it's really dependent on how good the baton exchanges are. Perhaps, now is the turn for the USA team.

4x400 meters
All I can say... United States is the King of the 4x400m

Also the Queen of 4x400m.

Combined events
The American will win the world title. It's whether Ashton Eaton or Trey Hardee, both strong and the chance is almost 50-50... but if you need some help (i.e., bet money purpose), go for Ashton Eaton.

In the women's , Jessica Ennis is the best in the world and ready to take the gold.


Steve Mullings in Memory of Track and Field

>> August 22, 2011

When Marion Jones was sentenced to prison a few years ago for lying in the investigation of performance enhancer-drug, Ben Johnson in an interview advised her to accept what has happened, back to normal life and just go forward. 

Such advices may apply to Steve Mullings too, as he would face a lifetime ban from athletics.

In June 2004, Steve Mullings was tested positive of banned substance or having excessive levels of testosterone found during the Jamaican national championships in Kingston. Here he was suspended two years under the rule of IAAF for first offence.

Mullings was back in athletics in 2006 but he could not reach his performance level as before. He recorded 10.31 in 100m and 20.54 in 200m. 

A year later he won silver medal at the 4x100m relays in the World championships in Osaka. 

In 2009, he was part of Jamaican team alongside Michael Frater, Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell that won the gold medal at 4x100m (37.30) in the World championships in Berlin. it was the highest performance achieved by Mullings in the major meets.

Fast forward, he looked very impressive in 2011. 

Breaking the 10s barrier was something that he had never done (and only the very best will do), but the 28-year-old ran sub-10 seven times this year.  

It included his 9.80 run from the Diamond league meet in Eugene, just one hundredth of a second slower than the best time of Ben Johnson and Maurice Greene.

Even with such impressive result, he noted that he is still in the middle of heavy training and expecting to improve the time during the world championships. 

His current result makes him the third fastest in the world, and sits in sixth on the all-time rankings. 

The following is Steve Mullings' progression at 100 meters, and his sub10 performance lists.

100 meters
9.80  +1.3  Eugene USA  01 June
9.89  +2.0  Clermont USA  21 May
9.90  +2.0  Starkville USA  16 April
9.93  +1.4  Arzana ITA  30 July
9.96  +0.6  Kingston JAM  24 June
9.97  -0.2  Ostrava CZE  31 May
9.98  +0.6  Lignano Sabbiadoro ITA  19 July
10.03  +1.2  Lappeenranta FIN  15 July
10.01  +0.4  Roma ITA  10 July
10.19  +2.0  Gainesville USA  04 April
10.05  +1.3  Zaragoza ESP  28 July
10.31  -0.3  Tessaloniki GRE  24 July
10.04  -0.1  Kingston JAM  27 June
10.28  +1.1  Austin USA  04 April
10.69  -2.2  Kingston JAM  21 June
10.59  +0.7  Santa Fe USA  18 October
Courtesy of AdrianSprints.com

While Mullings and his coach Lance Brauman in their final preparations towards the biggest meet in the world, his 'A' urine sample taken at the Jamaican nationals in late June was found to contain a masking agent namely diuretic furosemide, which is known a powerful substance to increase  'cleaning' efficiency (of athletes taking banned substance). 

He denied it, claiming that he wasn't on drug and said he don't even know what does the drug really do. 

However his chance to convince the people around that he has not taken such an illegal substance appeared over - his 'B' sample (tested in Montreal), had also comeback positive.

Doping has been prohibited since 1928 in athletics. Based on current practices, the first offence will be banned about two years but it's depend on the types of doping. 

Just like Ben Johnson in 1993, Mullings who might be having a chance of winning at least two medals in the World championships next week, now would face a life ban (or at least 4 years) from athletics when the authority announce their final decision on this case.

Steve Mullings' 9.80s (PB) Video at Eugene, Diamond League

PS: There is an important lesson for athletes out there; no crap shortcut, magic pills, or snake oils,  to improve performance. Long-term development, proper training and recovery are the keys. If you got caught, then as Ben Johnson said, what ever happened life must go on.



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