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>> August 22, 2011

When Marion Jones sentenced to prison a few years ago for lying in the investigation of performance enhancer-drug, Ben Johnson in an interview advised her to accept what has happened, back to normal life and just go forward. It may seems to be an advice for Steve Mullings too, as he would face a lifetime ban from athletics.

In June 2004, Steve Mullings tested positive for excessive levels of testosterone during the Jamaican national championships in Kingston. He was then suspended two years under the rule of IAAF for first offence.

Mullings back in athletics in 2006 but did not reach the level as before. He recorded 10.31 in 100m and 20.54 in 200m. A year later he won silver medal at the 4x100m relays in the World championships in Osaka. In 2009, he was part of Jamaican team alongside Michael Frater, Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell that won the gold medal at 4x100m (37.30) in the World championships in Berlin. It's the highest performance achieved by Mullings in the major meets.

He looked very impressive in 2011, breaking the 10s barrier is something that he had never done and only the very best will do, but the 28-year-old eventually broke it, not once or twice but seven times.  That is including his 9.80 run from the Diamond league meet in Eugene, just one hundredth of a second slower than Ben Johnson and Maurice Greene, but he says he still in the middle of heavy training and expecting to improve the time during the world championships. Nevertheless, the effort puts him third fastest in the world so far this year and sixth in the all-time rankings. The following is Steve Mullings' progression at 100 meters and his sub10 performance lists.

100 meters
9.80  +1.3  Eugene USA  01 June
9.89  +2.0  Clermont USA  21 May
9.90  +2.0  Starkville USA  16 April
9.93  +1.4  Arzana ITA  30 July
9.96  +0.6  Kingston JAM  24 June
9.97  -0.2  Ostrava CZE  31 May
9.98  +0.6  Lignano Sabbiadoro ITA  19 July
10.03  +1.2  Lappeenranta FIN  15 July
10.01  +0.4  Roma ITA  10 July
10.19  +2.0  Gainesville USA  04 April
10.05  +1.3  Zaragoza ESP  28 July
10.31  -0.3  Tessaloniki GRE  24 July
10.04  -0.1  Kingston JAM  27 June
10.28  +1.1  Austin USA  04 April
10.69  -2.2  Kingston JAM  21 June
10.59  +0.7  Santa Fe USA  18 October
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While Mullings and his coach Lance Brauman in their final preparations towards the biggest meet in the world, his 'A' urine sample taken at the Jamaican nationals in late June was found to contain a masking agent namely diuretic furosemide, which is known to be a powerful substance to increase the 'cleaning' efficiency. He denied, claiming he wasn't on drug and said he don't even know what does the drug really do.  However his chance to convince the people around that he never take the such substance seems over when the 'B' sample of his urine which was tested in Montreal, had also comeback positive.

Doping has been prohibited since 1928 in athletics. First offence will be banned about two years but it's dependent on the types of doping. Like Ben Johnson in 1993, Mullings who I believe had a great chance of winning at least two medals in the World championships next week, now would face a life ban (or at least 4 years) from athletics once the authority announce their decision on this case.

A good lesson to athletes out there, there is no crap shortcut, magic pills, or snake oils,  to improve performances. Anyway, as Ben Johnson said, what ever happened life must go on.

Steve Mullings' 9.80s (PB) Video at Eugene, Diamond League

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