The IAAF adopted ‘One false start results in disqualification’

>> January 01, 2010

The IAAF adopted a new false-start rule for 2010, which will disqualify any runner who jumps the gun.

Since 2003 the second runner to commit a false start is disqualified and thrown out, regardless of who committed the first foul. Previously, a sprinter (the same athlete) would only be disqualified for two false starts.

Under the new rule, any athlete to break or commits a false start is automatically out of the race.

The new rule didn’t give sprinters any chance to play around in the first fire which negatively affected to the others. “Many athletes were playing mind games with the others, but now that would not be possible,” said Jorge Salcedo, IAAF's technical commission.

Maurice Greene and Marion Jones used to opposed the changes of the foul start rule way back in 2001 (from two false starts by the same athlete equal disqualification) as it would also affected the spectators which have bought an expensive price of tickets when their favourite athlete DSQ.

Some of the points of view from Tyson Gay regards on the new rule;

TYSON GAY is not in favour of the newly incorporated no false start rule that comes into effect in 2010.

On August 2009 the world governing body of athletics, the IAAF, adopted the rule change that will automatically disqualify every athlete who jumps the gun, but the American was highly critical of the new judgment.

"No, I don’t think it’s an improvement," Gay said.

"I don’t really agree with it, I don’t know if it is all for television or what not, but I don’t do this for television," Gay said.

"I don’t know the details behind the rules, I talked to (former sprinter) Frankie Fredericks about it and he said if he comes to a major championship and someone false starts and is out, that is a waste of a ticket."

Gay, who will defend his titles at the world championships in Berlin, starting this weekend, added that athletes are human and will make mistakes. He believes the change will affect any athlete’s approach to competition, adding that the current rule, which has the second runner jumping the gun being kicked out, should have remained.

"I am a human being, like the rest of the athletes, I make mistakes," he explained. "The new rule will affect athletes a lot mentally, because every time you go to a race now, if you move, you are out," he said.

"People will have to sit more and wait and not react like they want to, people will be more cautious. You move you are out, it will leave certain people out. People train hard all year and then one false start, you are gone."

The new rule will not apply to the worlds.

Yet the IAAF president, Lamine Diack replied to those who said it would be hard for experienced athletes to get used to the new rule "it had been used at America universities for the past 30 years." He also quoted that the changes were made to avoid the lengthy delays from the false starts which consequently spoiled the broadcaster.

But the question at the top of the head does it designed for bureaucrats and TV schedules? and not for athletes?

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