87th Malaysia Open Track and Field Championship 2010, Video and Results (Part 2)

>> October 31, 2010

87th Malaysia Open Track and Field Championship 2010. Following are the results and videos from the 100m Semifinals. There were no official wind readings out of the official results but all wind reading were reported within the legal limit (2.0m/s).

Men's 100m (Semifinals)

SF 1

SF1: 1, Samuel Francis, QAT, 10.32s. 2, Tsai Meng-Lin, TPE, 10.32s. 3, Ahmed Sanquour, UAE, 10.49s. 4, Yi Wei-Chen, TPE, 10.55s. 5, Poommanus Jankem, THA, 10.59s. 6, Faris Yahya, KSA, 10.94s. 7, Khalifa Sharwarshi, UAE, 11.00s.

SF 2:

SF 2: 1, Yahya Hassan Habeeb, KSA, 10.39s. 2, Wachara Sondee, THA, 10.43s. 3, Liu Yuan-kai, TPE, 10.47s. 4, Wang Wen-tang, TPE, 10.54s. 5, Liang Tse-Ching, 10.66s. 6, Calvin Kang, SIN, 10.71s. 7, Taweesak Pooltong, THA, 11.36s.

Women's 100m (Semifinals)

SF 1

SF 1: 1, Nurul Sarah, MAS, 12.02s. 2, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tham, VIE, 12.11s. 3, Le Ti Mong Tuyen, VIE, 12.14s. 4, Komala Shally, MAS, 12.41s. 5, Ka Lam, HKG, 12.64s. Norjannah, MAS, DSQ.

SF 2

SF 2: 1, Le Ngoc Phuong, VIE, 12.07s. 2, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, MAS, 12.17s. 3, Zaidatul Husna, MAS, 12.29s. 4, Nadiah Hussien, SIN, 13.00s.

SF 3

SF 3: 1, Vi Thi Huong, VIE, 11.82s. 2, Yee Yi Ling, MAS, 12.08s. 3, Amanda Choo, SIN, 12.10s. 4, Liao Ching-Hsien, TPE, 12.13s. 5, Siti Fatimah, MAS, 12.16s.

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