Asafa Powell 50m 5.64s Video U.S Open 2012

>> January 29, 2012

Asafa Powell opened his third Olympic season with an impressive time of 5.64s at 50m in the U.S Indoor Open at New York on 28th January 2012. The 29-year-old who has 9.72 of 100m, however still short 0.08s of the World record (5.56s) held jointly by Donavon Bailey and Maurice Greene. The fastest official time ever recorded at 50m is 5.55s by Ben Johnson in 1987 but it was then annulled due to doping revelations. Below is the official result:

1. Asafa Powell JAM 5.64 WL, PB
2. Nesta Carter JAM 5.67 PB
3. Trell Kimmons USA 5.68 PB
4. Justin Gatlin USA 5.71 PB
5. Kimmari Roach JAM 5.74 PB
6. Daniel Bailey ANT 5.75 PB

VIDEO of Men's 50m U.S Open, NY 2012 (by Orgiv1985)

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