The Rocket Sprint Start, Bud Winter & Jimson Lee

>> January 07, 2012

The 2011 Revised Edition of The Rocket Sprint Start is now available for order! This book was written and  first published in 1964 by the legendary coach, Bud Winter. In 1968 Olympics, his athlete, Tommie Smith has broken the 20s barrier in the 200m. He clocked a time of 19.83s. Before the Olympics, another sprinter he coached has run 19.92s in 200m, nevertheless was not recognized in statistics. Apart from that, his 400m sprinter, Lee Evans takes the Olympic gold in 43.86s, thus becoming the first man to break the 44s barrier in the 400m. At a glance, Bud Winter coached a total of 37 World record holders, 27 Olympians, and 102 NCAA All-Americans.

Background / Content of the book;

This book is broken down in three parts;

1) The original book printed in 1964
--> A careful analysis on Armin Hary's form, taken from hundreds of slow motion pictures of the 1960 Olympic Games, where Hary won the men's 100m final. He revealed seven ways in which his form differed from the rest of the sprinters.

2) Modern sprint start, by Jimson Lee of
--> Contents;
a) 5 Phases of the 100m sprint
b) Different types of blocks
c) Setting up your blocks
d) Getting into your blocks
e) The "on your marks" position
f) The "set" position
g) Gun and reaction time
h) Drive phase and clearance

3) Comparing the 1960 Rocket Sprint Start to the Jamaican sprinters of 2008
--> Analysis on block spacing, positions at "on your marks", "set", "gun", "pick up", etc.

Click here to order the book.

#Thanks to Jimson Lee, CEO of for providing me a copy of this book.

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