Aries Merritt 12.80 110mH World Record Video

>> September 08, 2012

American Aries Meritt the newly crowned Olympic champion has broken the World record in the men's 110 m hurdles in Brussels Diamond League on Friday (7 Sept. 2012). He clocked a time of 12.80s with only slight tailwinds (+0.3) assisting him, and shattering the World record 12.87s held by Cuba's Dayron Robles.

A fast reactions (0.145s) , clean start with 7-steps from the blocks, beautiful clearance (didn't touch any hurdles), strong finish = impressive World record (upstaging Usain Bolt 9.86s 100m and Yohan Blake 19.54s 200m).

It's the biggest World record margin (0.07s) since Renaldo Nahemiah in 1979 (0.16) and 1981 (0.07) where he broke his own records to 13.00s from 13.16s, and then lowered again to 12.93s in 1981. Robles had the World record set in Ostrava in 2008 in 12.87s, as he broke China's Liu Xiang record (12.88s) set in Lausanne in 2006.

Previously, the World record stood at 12.91s which was jointly held by Xiang himself (set in 2004 Olympics) and GBR''s Colin Jackson (1993 World champs). Roger Kingdom was the last man of the USA to hold the record with 12.92s (which was broken by Jackson) set in 1989.

Men's 110m Hurdles (+0.3)
1. Aries Merritt (USA) 12.80 WORLD RECORD ... 0.145
2. Jason Richardson (USA) 13.05 ... 0.147
3. Hansle Parchment (JAM) 13.14 ... 0.157
4. Sergey Shubenkov (RUS) 13.21 ... 0.165
5. David Oliver (USA) 13.21 ... 0.171
6. Lehann Fourie (RSA) 13.24 African Record ... 0.133
7. Ryan Wilson (USA) 13.26 0.144
8. Ryan Brathwaite (BAR) 13.39 ... 0.156
9. Lawrence Clarke (GBR) 13.71 0.148


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