Another National Record by Irfan Shamsudin 62.55m and Rayzam Shah runs 13.85

>> May 26, 2017

This unstoppable beast has just broken another national record, now with 62.55m throw.

Irfan Shamsuddin has just became the first Southeast Asian to throw over 60m at discuss throw. It was done with a throw of 61.10m at Halle on the 21st of May.

About only two days after that (23rd May) he renewed the mark in a throwing meeting at Turnov, Czech Republic with a distance of 61.56m.

On the 25th of May, the two-time SEA Games champion eclipsed his record again with a throw of 62.55m during the Union Leichtathletic Gala at Linz, Austria.

He was in second behind Austrian Lukas Weisshaidinger who threw 65.35m.

Irfan with his coach Franktisek Petrovic after throwing another national record of 62.55

1. Lukas Weisshaidinger (AUT) 65.35m
3. Roland Varda (CRO) 58.65m
4. Igo Gondor (CZE)  53.76m

Irfan's throw series
55.87 / 62,55 / 58.15 / 56.91 / X / X

Rayzam Shah has posted two sub 13.90 in Germany

Meanwhile on the same day (25th), Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian has done two sub 13.90s at 110m hurdles in a track meeting at Zeulenroda, Germany.

He clocked a time of 13.89 (0.3) in heats and then 13.85 (0.0) in the finals.

Rayzam returned to Liepzig on the 9th of May to train under his German coach Jan Erasmus May - three weeks after the South African training camp where he ran two sub 14.00s (13.93 each) from two separate competitions.

The race was won by German Eric Balnuwet in 13.63 (heats 13.57), Rayzam in second while Julian Marquet third in 13.93.

Rayzam' chance to win SEA Games
The chance to bag gold medal is very high - Thai Jamras Rittidet the defending champion is retired. The closest is a hurdler from Laos who has a lifetime best of 14.00s.

Photo by caach Franktisek

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