Usain Bolt - Complete World Record Video 100m , 200m, 4x100m

>> May 12, 2011

This is a great collection of Usain Bolt's six world records which were established within 15 months. Usain Bolt set the first World record at the century dash in 9.72s at the 2008 Reebok Grand Prix in New York city. About 10 weeks later at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Usain Bolt was not only electrify all people on the planet but turned the fantasy into reality! he shattered three World records in the 100m (9.69s), 200m (19.30s) and 4x100m (37.10s). The Jamaican monster continue to rule the World by winning three gold medals at the 2009 World championship in athletics in Berlin, now smashing his unbelievable World record times at 100m and 200m with the real video game times of 9.58s and 19.19s respectively.

Video of Usain Bolt complete World record (9.72, 9.69, 9.58, 19.30, 19.19, 37.10)

Usain Bolt stuff:

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