France's Christophe Lemaitre Ran 9.98s, First White Man to Break 10s Barrier

>> July 11, 2010

France's Christophe Lemaitre became the first white man to break 10s barrier in the 100m, clocking 9.98 (+1.3) en route to win the French national championship on July 09, 2010

Lemaitre's time just eclipsed the France national record 9.99, held by Ronald Pognon since 2005. He also takes over the crown of "the fastest white man ever" from Japan's Koji Ito (10.00 +1.9 1998) and Poland's Marion Woronin (10.00 +2.0 1984).

It has been a long wait for white men (40 years !) since the first human first run under 10s. That was Jim Hines, an African descent of the USA at the U.S National Championship in June 1968 with a hand timed 9.9s. Hines then became the first man to run an electronically timed 100m under 10s at the 1968 Olympic with a time of 9.95.

But remember, Bullet Bob Hayes, also an African descent was the first to run under 10s in any conditions. He set 9.91s during the 100m SF at the 1964 Olympics on a cinder track!

As of now, a total of 70 black guys (West African descent and some mix blooded) have dipped below 10s. Lemaitre is the 71st person to break the 10s barrier and he will be remembered to have done so. In sprinting, apart from the hard works and the disciplines, the genetics and muscles fiber types have the great role to determine the success.

Lemaitre's 9.98s Video

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