87th Malaysia Open Track and Field Championship 2010, Video and Results (Part 3)

>> October 31, 2010

Tsai Meng-Lin of Chinese Taipei emerged as the fastest man at the 87th edition of Malaysia Open Track and Field Championship at Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

The 32-year-old tall lanky displayed a strong finish to edge Thailand's Wachara Sondee, the 2005 SEA Games champion who has a PR of 10.30s on the line. Both competitors clocked a same time of 10.44s.

Pre-race favorite Samuel Francis, the Asian record holder however not run in the finals because of hamstring injury as reported. With Yahya Habeeb also skipped the finals, i assume they were to avoid the bad conditions caused by a heavy rain just before the race.

SEA Games champion, Vu Thi Huong outclassed the women's 100m field, she clocked a time of 11.55s. Second place went to teammate Le Ngoc Phuong in 11.79s. Chinese Taipei's Liao Ching-Hsien awarded the third placing after a dead heat with Malaysia's Nurul Sarah. Both sprinters clocked 11.93s.

Meanwhile, Rayzamshah Wan Sofian failed to make the Asian Games contingent after clocking a 14.17s for a second placing the in the men's 110mh. Ahmed Khader Muwallad of Saudi Arabia won the race in 13.91s. SEA Games champion Jamras Rittidet of Thailand managed to bag bronze in 14.20.

In the women section, Sheena Atilano of Philippines won in 14.26s, but some way off her national record of 13.65s, where she did twice in 2007.

Following are the results and videos.

Men's 100m Final

Men's 100m Final: Tsai Meng-Lin, TPE, 10.44s. 2, Wachara Sondee, THA, 10.44. 3, Liu Yuan-Kai, TPE, 10.50s. 4, Yi Wei-Chen, TPE, 10.56s. 5, Wang Wen-Tang, TPE, 10.58s. 6, Ahmed Sanquour, UAE, 10.62s.

100m Women Final

Women's 100m Final: 1, Vu Thi Huong, VIE, 11.55s (MR). 2, Le Ngoc Phuong, VIE, 11.79s. 3, Liao Ching-hsien, TPE, 11.93s. 4, Nurul Sarah A. Kadir, MAS, 11.93s. 5, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, MAS, 11.97s. 6, Yee Yi Ling, MAS, 12.00s. 7, Amanda Choo, SIN, 12.03s. 8, Nguyen Ngoc Tham, VIE, 12.22s.

100m Hurdles Final

100m Hurdles Final: 1, Sheena Atilano, PHI, 14.26s. 2, Raja Nursheena, MAS, 14.66s. 3, Nurfazlinda, MAS, 15.30s. 4, Ku Munirah, MAS, 15.42s, 5, Vaneysia Ulau, MAS, 17.50s.

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87th Malaysia Open Track and Field Championship 2010, Video and Results (Part 2)

87th Malaysia Open Track and Field Championship 2010. Following are the results and videos from the 100m Semifinals. There were no official wind readings out of the official results but all wind reading were reported within the legal limit (2.0m/s).

Men's 100m (Semifinals)

SF 1

SF1: 1, Samuel Francis, QAT, 10.32s. 2, Tsai Meng-Lin, TPE, 10.32s. 3, Ahmed Sanquour, UAE, 10.49s. 4, Yi Wei-Chen, TPE, 10.55s. 5, Poommanus Jankem, THA, 10.59s. 6, Faris Yahya, KSA, 10.94s. 7, Khalifa Sharwarshi, UAE, 11.00s.

SF 2:

SF 2: 1, Yahya Hassan Habeeb, KSA, 10.39s. 2, Wachara Sondee, THA, 10.43s. 3, Liu Yuan-kai, TPE, 10.47s. 4, Wang Wen-tang, TPE, 10.54s. 5, Liang Tse-Ching, 10.66s. 6, Calvin Kang, SIN, 10.71s. 7, Taweesak Pooltong, THA, 11.36s.

Women's 100m (Semifinals)

SF 1

SF 1: 1, Nurul Sarah, MAS, 12.02s. 2, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tham, VIE, 12.11s. 3, Le Ti Mong Tuyen, VIE, 12.14s. 4, Komala Shally, MAS, 12.41s. 5, Ka Lam, HKG, 12.64s. Norjannah, MAS, DSQ.

SF 2

SF 2: 1, Le Ngoc Phuong, VIE, 12.07s. 2, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, MAS, 12.17s. 3, Zaidatul Husna, MAS, 12.29s. 4, Nadiah Hussien, SIN, 13.00s.

SF 3

SF 3: 1, Vi Thi Huong, VIE, 11.82s. 2, Yee Yi Ling, MAS, 12.08s. 3, Amanda Choo, SIN, 12.10s. 4, Liao Ching-Hsien, TPE, 12.13s. 5, Siti Fatimah, MAS, 12.16s.

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87th Malaysia Open Track and Field Championship 2010, Video and Results (Part 1)

>> October 30, 2010

The 87th edition of Malaysia Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) Track and Field Championship or also known as Malaysia Open in Athletics, held at the National Sports Council training track in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur from October 30 - 31, 2010. This year championship has attracted approximately twelve international teams including Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and the Philippines.

Asian Games champion, Yahya Hassan Habeeb of Saudi Arabia (pic) were taking part in the men's 100m. The 5'4" Andre Cason clone's sprinter who once coached by a renowned athletics guru John Smith, won the heat one in the round one in 10.58s.

World class sprinter, Samuel Francis of Qatar has completed the heat two easily in 10.46s, ahead of UAE's Ahmed Sanquour (10.57s) and TPE's Liu Yuan-Kai (10.62s). The Nigerian born holds the Asian record in the sprint century in 9.99s, which he clocked to win the gold medal in the Asian Track and Field (ATF) championships in Jordan in 2007

Results and Video are as follows:

Men's 100m (Round 1)

Heat 1

Heat 1: 1, Yahya Habeeb, KSA, 10.57s. 2, Yi Wei-Chin, TPE, 10.85s. 3, Poomanus Jamkem, THA, 10.87s. 4, LiangTse-Ching, TPE, 10.88s. 5, Faris Yahya, KSA, 10.90s. 6, Izwan Firdaus, SIN 11.05s, 7, Ambrose Jilom, MAS, 11.15s.

Heat 2

Heat 2:
1, Samuel Francis, QTR, 10.46s. 2, Ahmed Sanquour, UAE, 10.57s. 3, Liu Yuan-Kai, TPE, 10.62s. 4, Mussa Howsawi, 10.91s, 5, Jamras Rittidet, THA, 10.94s. 6, Zabidi Ahmad, MAS, 10.95s. 7, Mohamed Guraya, KSA, 10.96s.

Heat 3

Heat 3: 1, Tsai Meng-Lin, TPE, 10.63s. 2, Yasir Alnashri, KSA, 10.64s. 3, Taweesak Pooltong, THA, 10.69s. 4, Bilal Juma, KAS, 10.82s. 5, Calvin Kang, SIN, 10.85s. 6, Sebastian Lee, MAS, 11.18s.

Heat 4

Heat 4: 1, Wachara Sondee, THA, 10.59s. 2, Wang Went-Tang, TPE, 10.70s. 3, Khalifa Sarwarshi, UAE, 11.06s. 4, Putera Amin, MAS, 11.18s.


Nordin Jadi Athletics Club (NJAC) Track and Field Meet 2010, Results

>> October 21, 2010

The 2nd series of Nordin Jadi Athletics Club (NJAC) track and field meet was held at October 17, 2010 in Kluang, Johore, Malaysia. All athletes from Malaysia except some quests from Singapore as noted. Following are the final round results plus additional selected performances:


100m: 1, Izwan Firdaus Hanif, SIN, 10.8s. 2, Azri Yem, 10.9s. 3, Mohamad Fahmi Meslan, 11.2s. 4, Lim Chee Hiong, 11.3s.
400m: 1, S. Kanathesan, 50.0s.
Long Jump: 1, Fahmi Meslan, 6.63m. 2, Nio Hui Wei, SIN, 6.41m. 3, M. Iqbal Hakim, 6.20m.
High Jump: 1, Cai Yaoking Ronnie, SIN, 1.89m.
Shot Put: 1, Bakri Hamid, 12.25m.
Javelin Throw: 1, Bakri Hamid, 57.30m. 2, Fahmi Meslan, 46.08m


100m: 1, Shahrulnizam Omar, 11.3s. 2, Fahran Hafsyam, 11.3s. 3, Hilmi Hamdan, 11.8s. 4, Hafizzi Zakaria, 11.8s. Semifinals: 1s2, Shahrulnizam, 11.2s. 2s2, Fahran Hafsyam, 11.3s.
400m: 1, Shahrulnizam Omar, 51.5s. 2, Farhan Hafsyam, 52.2s. 3, Badrul hisham, 52.6s.
Long Jump: 1, Hilmi Hamdan, 6.40m. 2, Arif Hamid, 6.16m. 3, Fahmi Kamaruddin, 6.14m.
High Jump: 1, Prakash Krishnan, 1.89m. 2, Iskandar Alwi, 1.86m.


100m: 1, Lim Xuan, 12.9s. 2, Amirul Hanis Aziz, 13.0s. 3, Kang Ing Hai, 13.1s.
Long Jump: 1, Zulfazly Mohammad, 5.30m. 2, Amirul Hanis, 5.11m.
Shot Put (weight?): 1, Gan Pu Yan 12.13m. 2, Faiz Najmie, 10.79m.


100m: 1, Nurhumairah Hashim, 12.6s. 2, Lee Jia Qin, 13.0s. 3, Aini Nurazira, 13.3s.
400m: 1, Nurul Assikin Rashid, 58.4s. 2, Nurul Faezah Asma, 59.1s.
Long Jump: 1, Ramiza Syakri, 5.06m.
High Jump: 1, Wong Boon Syian, 1.71m. 2, Michelle Ong, SIN, 1.71m. 3, Neo Yi Wen, SIN, 1.50m.
Shot Put: 1, Rahilah Othman, 12.60m. 2, Cahan Poh Leng, 12.01m.
Javelin Throw: 1, Rahilah Othman, 30.36m.


100m: 1, Nurul Ainna Kamar, 13.2s.
400m: 1, Nor Amira Kamaruddin, 61.5s.
Long Jump: 1, Syafiqa Razak, 5.09m.
High Jump: 1, Nur Syafiqa Mustafa, 1.42m.


100m: 1, Chan Yi Jing, 13.9s. 2, Hwang Shi Yan, 14.4s. 3, Victoria, 14.6s.
Long Jump: 1, Teo Qi Wen, 4.26m.
Shot put (weight?): 1, Daphne Tiong, 7.25m.

Results courtesy of Mr. Nordin Mohd Jadi, NJAC, Olympian, 1984 & 1988 Olympics.


Maurice Greene 100m Race Strategy, the John Smith Seven Phases

>> October 19, 2010

In order to execute the 100m race more efficient and effectively, coaches and athletes have devised a systematic race strategy that is suited to athlete ability. It’s why we’ve seen the 100m race approach are different from one coach or athlete to another.

John Smith, a renowned athletics coach introduced a unique race strategy to the three-time world champion in the 100m, Maurice Greene and the HSI members approximately 15 years ago.

John Smith's 100m race approach was created to allow a sprinter to  delay the acceleration in order to reach the top speed not before the 60 metres but at 65 to 70 metres.

To apply the strategy, John Smith breaks the 100m into seven phases:

How fast the sprinter response to the gun.
Goal is to react as quickly as possible; a good reaction time is below 0.130, the perfect reaction is held by Jon Drummond in 0.100. Range of 0.130 to 0.160 are acceptable in the 100m. Reaction time of 0.170 is too late!

2) CLEARANCE (First step)
First step must be correct and explosive. First step is crucial to make sure a clean
execution in the drive phase.

3) DRIVE (up to 30m)
In the drive phase, Greene said "use the power as much as possible but less energy".  One of the techniques is to control the breathing. Body position in here is lower to the ground, head down to build speed more efficiently.

Maurice Greene at 99 World Championship
4) TRANSITION (30-35m)
Transition involves only to lifting the head.

5) ACCELERATION (35-70m)
A high gear phase. Pump the arms and legs to reach the top speed at 65-70m. Reach a perfect running mechanics.

6) MAINTENANCE (70-95m)
Maintain the velocity for as long as possible. Body and muscles must relax and also control the breathing.

7) DECELERATION (95m-100m)
Head a little bit down. Goal is to eliminate or lessens the degree of deceleration.


Credit: Discovery Channel (World's Fastest Man - documentary)


3rd Leg Malaysia Athletics Grand Prix 2010, Report, Results and Video

>> October 17, 2010

The inaugural Malaysia Athletics Grand Prix concluded yesterday (October 16, 2010) at its 3rd leg/series meet at the National Sports Council Training Track, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur with at least a few pleasing results have produced.

Jen Guo Chan of Selangor has jumped to the attention of Malaysia Athletics with a national lead effort of 7.50m, defeating a former SEA Games champion Syahrul Amri of Kedah in the second place in 7.43m and Sabah's Josbert Tinus who could only jumped 7.19m, some way off his national record mark of 7.88m.

Negeri Sembilan's Kavee Alagan has done a fine job heading to the Malaysia Open Athletics Meet on October 30-31 by a leap of 2.10m to win the men's high jump. SUKMA champion, Nauraj Singh did 2.07m to place second while Azli Ghazali third with 1.98m.

Despite a slow time, Mohd Imran Noor of Johor has retained an unbroken winning streak in the men's 100m. He ran 10.87s to win the race and emerged as the overall champion for the 2010 MAAU Grand Prix.

Johor's Rohaizad Jamil has no problem to overcome a false start controversy in the men's 110mh to win a first place in 14.62s, ahead of Mohaswadie Mohamed who did 14.97s. Sabah's Rayzamshah Sofian who eventually given a chance to run ia a special race (due to a wrong disqualification) clocked a time of 14.19s. Behind rayzam in the special race was Mohaswadie Mohamed who have improved his time from the 'actual race' to 14.85s.

Video of Men's 110mh + special-race

Results are as follows:


1, Mohd Noor Imran Hadi, 10.87s. 2, Kannan Subramaniam, 11.10s. 3, Mohd Ikhwan Noor, 11.15s. 4, Zabidi Ahmad, 11.25s. 5, Cyrus Krishnan, 11.41s. 6, Azmi Yim, 11.46s.

1, Mohd Rohaizad Jamil, 14.62s. 2, Mohaswadie Mohamed, 14.97s. 3, Ali Ashraf, 15.29s. 4, Helmi Zainon, 15.38s. 5, Mohs Isaufi Illias, 15.46s. 6, Anslam Sidau, 15.52s. 7, Azizi Ariffin, 16.21s. Rayzamshah Wan Sofian DSQ (False start).

110mh (special-race)
1, Rayzamshah Wan Sofian, 14.19s. 2, Mohaswadie Mohamed, 14.85.

1, Mohd Azmi Kadir, 49.71s. 2, Harmizi Arobi, 49.99s. 3, Shafizee, 51.19s. 4, Hafizi Talib, 52.24s. 5, Jasni Mohd Rizal, 52.53s. 6, Faizul Izuddin, 52.66s.

1, Mohd Jironi Riduan, 1:54.92s. 2, M. Parthiban, 1:56.78s. 3, S. Mathialagan, 1:56.84s. 4, Edison Tuah, 2:04.01s. 5, Uthentaran Muniandy, 2:10.09.

Long Jump
1, Jen Guo Chan, 7.50m (PB/NL). 2, Mohd Syahrul Amri, 7.43m. 3, Josbert Tinus, 7.19m. 4, Mohd Hakimi Ismail, 7.00m. 5, Pang Li Chong, 6.99m. 6, Mohd Syhrul Faiz, 6.65m. 7, Ammar Fitri Zainol, 6.12m.

High Jump
1, Kavee Alagan, 2.10m. 2, Nauraj Singh, 2.07m. 3, Mohd Azli Ghazali, 1.98m. 4, Navin Raj, 1.98m. 5, Low Kah Loon, 1.90m. 6, Rizal Ahmad, 1.90m.

Shot Put
1, Adi Alifuddin, 16.62m. 2, Mohd Hafiz Hashim, 14.56m. 3, Mohd Alif Hanif Affendi, 13.53m. 4, Mohd Sharin Selamat, 12.46m. 5, Zambri Mat Yunus, 11.31m. 6, Samsudin Ismail, 10.76m.


1, Nurul Sarah Abdul Kadir, 25.51s. 2, Siti Zubaidah Adabi, 25.59s. 3, Siti Fatimah Mohamed, 25.68s. 4, Noraseela Khalid, 25.69s. 5, Komala Shally, 25.70s. 6, Zaidatul husnia, 26.41s. 7, Siti Aishah Mathir, 28.37s.

1500m Final
1, K. Gantimathi, 4:45.19s. 2, Melinder Kaur, 5:12.48s. 3, Angela Kundang, 5:42.43s.

Shot Put
1, Siti Nurul Ain, 13.5?, 2. Asreney Asik, 12.9+

*Following are several results from the 2nd leg of MAAU Grand Prix on 18th of September 2010

Men's High Jump
1, Nauraj Singh Randhawa & A. Kavee Alagan, 2.06m. 3, S. Navin Raj, 2.06m.

Women's High Jump
1, Wong Boon Syian, 1.67m

Men's 100m
1, Nor Imran Hadi, 10.66s.

Men's 400m
1, Zaiful Zainal Abidin, 48.49s

Click here to view the MAAU GP 1


Lerone Clarke and Osayemi Oludamola Crowned as the Sprint King and Queen at 2010 Commonwealth Games, Full Results, Videos

>> October 07, 2010

Lerone Clarke of Jamaica crowned the king sprint of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi today.

The 29-year-old held off a strong finish with a 49 strides to cross the line in 10.12s, ahead of burly Englishman, Mark Lewis-Francis (10.20s) and Trinidad and Tobago’s Aaron Armstrong (10.24s).

Lerone Clarke has a personal record of 9.99s and he is on the rank number six or seven in the 100m in Jamaica.

Meanwhile Osayemi Oludamola of Nigeria who finished second in 11.32s had been reawarded the gold medal after a disqualification of Australia’s Sally Pearson. Natasha Mayers of St Vincent and The Grenadines took the silver in 11.37s while English, Katherine Endacott who did a personal best of 11.44s grabbed the bronze medal.

Sally Pearson was disqualified for false start after being declared a winner in the women’s 100m run following protest by England athletics team.

Here is a snippet of my first article right after the finals:

The 2010 edition of Commonwealth Games saw most of top sprint athletes withdrew including Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Nesta Carter, Dwain Chambers, Richard Thompson Steve Mulling, Michael Frater, Marvin Anderson, Daniel Bailey, and top female sprinters Veronica Campbell-Brown, Kerron Stewart and Kelly-Ann Baptiste because the event is taking place too late in the year or outside of the athletics season.

Results are as follow:

Video of Men and Women 100m Finals:


Thailand Open Track and Field Championship 2010, Full Results

The 2010 edition of Thailand open track and field championship was held at Thammasat University stadium in Rangsit, Thailand.

As usual, strong foreign teams including Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei, Macau, Myanmmar and Sri Lanka took part at the four days championship.

The men's 100m saw a close battle on the line but Malaysia's Imran A. Hadi was declared the winner with a time of 10.54s, just ahead of Hong Kong's Lai Chun Ho in second at 10.55s while Thais sprinter Watchara Sondee third in 10.56s.

Full Results are as follow:

Results courtesy of Athletics Association of Thailand 



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