57th Sabah Open Track and Field Championship 2010

>> August 12, 2010

The 57th Sabah Open Track and Field Championship was held in August 07-08, 2010 at Likas Stadium, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

More than 500 athletes from 30 teams were taking part at the two days meet including two foreign team - Brunei National team and Ateneo De Manila University team from Philippines. There were 4 categories of Senior Men, Women and Junior Boys, Girls involved at the championship.

Eddie Edward JR of TKIAC announced as the best male athlete after retained his both 100 and 200m sprints titles in 10.84 and 22.42 seconds respectively. The 19-year-old Asian Junior representative not only matched his last year’s achievements but adds on another gold medal from the relay 4x100m.

National back-up athlete, Nurliyana Kamaruddin was awarded as the best female athlete by winning the high jump final in a new championship record of 1.74m. However, she failed to break the national record of 1.78 in her last three attempts.

Eddie Edwards 10.84 / 22.42
For the victories, both athletes received a trophy, certificate, and RM 150 of price money each.

Meanwhile, local throwers were full tested with the presence of the SEA Games champion Arneil Ferera of Philippines who bagged two gold medals home but not either one his favorite event. Arneil, represented Ateneo De Manila University threw 12.40 metres in shot put, beating the Sabah’s World University Games representative, Linus Nicholas who posted 12.09 metres. Arneil outclassed the entire discus throwers and wins it by a huge margin with 41.64m effort. Arneil Ferrera is the undisputed hammer throw champion in Southeast Asia by winning the last four SEA Games including the 2009 Vientiane Games with a new record of 61.62 metres.

National Athlete, Muhammad Hakimi Ismail ruled the horizontal jump events by winning two gold medals. He did a golden jumping of 6.95 metres in the long jump and unchallenged in the triple jump with 15.35 metres but the distance way off to Firdaus Salim’s meet record of 15.80 metres.

Ateneo De Manila University clinched the overall standing for senior with a haul of 8 Gold, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze. National Back-up Squad, a team comprising young athletes was mere behind with 8 Gold and 2 Silver. Placing third overall was Tambunan with 6 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze.

In the Junior Category, Kudat and SMK Peter Mojuntin shared the trophy champion after both teams won 3G, 3S, 1B. SM Sains Sabah lost the champion title by a silver medal however placed second with 3G, 2S, 4B. Tsubasa Kinabalu IAC placed third overall with 2G, 2S, 1B. Major results are as follows:


100m Final
1, Eddie Edwards JR, TKIAC, 10.84. 2, Cyrus Khrisnan, PPKBG, 11.02. 3, Sebastian Lee, TKIAC, 11.39.

200m Final
1, Eddie Edwards JR, TKIAC, 22.42. 2, Carlos Xavier, ADMU, 22.92. 3, Asif Farhan, TKIAC, 23.15.

400m Final
1, Pang Tsun Kuo, UMS, 51.36.

800m Final
1, John Patrick, ADMU, 2.04.36.

400m Hurdles
1, Baihaqi Razlan, PLPKBG, 55.20. 2, Pang Tsun Kuo, UMS, 57.15.

High Jump Final
1, Kavee Alagan, PLPKBG, 2.06. 2, Abdul Hakim Yahya, BRU, 2.00.

Long Jump Final
1, Hakimi Ismail, PLPKBG, 6.95. 2, El Said Aziz, KDT, 6.59. 3, Jamasil Ismail, KDT, 6.59.

Triple Jump Final
1, Hakimi Ismail, PLPKBG, 15.35. 2, El Said Aziz, KDT, 14.59.

Shot Put Final
1, Arneil Ferera, ADMU, 12.40. 2, Linus Nicholas, BAC, 12.24. 3, Max Jetol, STAR, 12.09.

Discus Throw Final
1, Arneil Ferera, ADMU, 41.64.

Javelin Throw Final
1, Linus Nicholas, BAC, 54.24.


100m Hurdles Final
1, Raja Nursheena Azhar, PLPKBG, 14.83. 2, Nur Fazlinda Shafie, PLPKBG, 15.13.

High Jump Final
1, Nurliana Kamaruddin, PLPKBG, 1.74.
Long Jump Final
1, Nurul Fatimarul Awang, PLPKBG, 5.51.

Discus Throw Final
1, Marie Angelica, ADMU, 33.25.


300m Final
1, Mohd Firdaus Kimleh, SDK, 38.60.

High Jump Final
1, Reonaldo Rusin, KDT, 1.70.

Shot Put Final
1, Muhd Shafiq Tarman, KDT, 14.20.

Discus Throw Final
1, Emmanuel Wong, SMKDWT, 42.02.

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TKIAC: Tsubasa Kinabalu International Athletics Club (Sabah)
PLPKBG: Pelapis Kebangsaan (Malaysia Back-up Squad)
ADMU: Ateneo De Manila University (Philippines)
BRU: Brunei (Brunei National Team)
UMS: University of Malaysia Sabah
BAC: Beufort Athletics Club (Sabah)
KDT: Kudat Athletics Club (Sabah)
SDK: Sandakan Athletics Club (Sabah)
SMKDWT: SMK Desa Wawasan Tambunan (Sabah)

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