Jason Richardson World Champion 110mh 13.16s, Dayron Robles Disqualified - Daegu 2011

>> August 29, 2011

The men's 110mh final would be very exciting when three fastest high hurdlers of all time, Dayron Robles (12.87 WR), Liu Xiang (12.88) and David Oliver (12.89s) lining up against each other at the third day of World championships in Daegu.

However, the world record holder and Olympic champion, Dayron Robles of Cuba was disqualified for stopping China's Liu Xiang to hunt the gold medal.

Dayron Robles was leading the fields from the start but Liu Xiang came from behind to overtake him and when both clearing the 9th hurdles, there was a slight "pulling" from Robles that made Liu to lost the momentum before both athletes hits each other at last hurdles. Robles across the line in 13.14s, followed by Richardson in 13.16s and Liu in 13.27s.  Andy Turner finished in 13.44, the same official time as Oliver in 5th.

Protest by China camp on behalf of Liu Xiang was successful and the incident was classified as "obstruction on track" although the such incident is considered "nature of the high hurdles". As the second finisher, Jason Richardson was awarded the gold medal , Liu Xiang and Andy Turner moved up for silver an bronze respectively.

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