Michael Johnson Still the Best - TOP 3 Races Ever

>> August 07, 2011

You may argue when i say he is the best track and field athlete of all-time, but you cannot argue the fact that he is the greatest 400m runner of all-time, the greatest 200-400m combined of all-time, and the greatest athlete during the last decade of the 21st century (1990's), too.

I love the way this man sprinting, unique style, upright stance, and very steady. He was coached by Clyde Hart, who is regarded as the greatest quarter-miler coach of all-time. He is 78 years old in 2011 and coached for more than 45 years. If you wonder he has produced the likes Jeremy Wariner, Greg Houghton, Sanya Richards etc.

Johnson's best times are 19.32s at 200m (1996 Olympics - WR at the time), and 43.18s at 400m (1999 World championships - present WR). He also holds the World record best at 300m in 30.85s. He won 8 gold medals at the World championships and 4 at the Olympics ... (just to list a few). Here is my Michael Johnson's TOP 3 races of all-time;

1- Michael Johnson's 400m World Record (43.18s) at 1999 WCh, Seville

2- Michael Johnson's 200m World Record (19.32s) at 1996 Olympics, Atlanta

3- MJ's 400m Semifinals (43.95s - "shutting down" at 300m), 1999 WCh

Extra- You can also watch "The Greatest Moment of Michael Johnson's Career"

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