Isaac Makwala 43.72s 400m, Abdalellah Haroun 44.27s 400m, Henricho Bruintjies 9.97s 100m

>> July 06, 2015

ISAAC MAKWALA (pic) runs 43.72s at 400m to regain his African Record; but 18-year-old ABDALELAH HAROUN broke ASIAN record in 44.27s; and South Africa’s HENRICHO BRUINTJIES has gone sub-10 with 9.97s that is a new South African record.

Botswana's Isaac Makwala has responded immediately to South Africa’s Wayde van Niekerk who broke his African Record (AfR) 44.01 (2014) with 43.96 at Paris Diamond League on Saturday with an impressive performance of 43.72 from R├ęsisprint international meeting at La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) on Sunday (5 July 2015).

Coached by former superstar Stepher Buckland, the 28-year-old Makwala has now becomes the 5th fastest 400m runner in history, behind only the great Michael Johnson, Reynolds, Wariner, and Watts, and faster than LaShawn Meritt and Kirani James.

On the same race, Abdalelah Haroun of Qatar has broken Yousef Masrahi's ASIAN record (44.43) with a time of 44.27 to finish second behind Makwala. Haroun surprised the World last year by setting 45.74 when he was 17 years old. He has six sub-45 so far from only this year including THREE at 44.68 which he set each in April, May, and June. Will he gets a medal at World championships in August?

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Henricho Bruintjies registered 9.97 (0.8m/s) in the 100m heats to set a new South African record but he was unable to repeat that in the finals, clocking only 10.28 when he ran against a -2.1m/s headwind.

Men's 400m ALL-TIME Lists at 6 July 2015

43.18 Michael Johnson USA Sevilla 1999
43.29 Butch Reynolds USA Zurich 1988
43.45 Jeremy Wariner USA Osaka 2007
43.50 Quincy Watts USA Barcelona 1992
43.72 ISAAC MAKWALA BOT La Chaux-de-Fonds 2015
43.74 LaShawn Merritt USA Moskva 2013
43.74 Kirani James GRN Lausanne 2014
43.81 Danny Everett USA New Orleans 1992
43.86 Lee Evans USA Cd Mexico 1968
43.87 Steve Lewis USA Seoul 1988
43.96 Wayde van Niekrek RSA Paris 2015
43.97 Larry James USA Cd Mexico 1968
44.05 Angelo Taylor USA Indianapolis 2007
44.09 Alvin Harrison USA Atlanta 1996
44.09 Jerome Young USA New Orleans 1998

View official results of R├ęsisprint international meeting

Photo by IAAF

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