Lee Hup Wei set 2.27m in World Championship Finals

>> October 05, 2019

Lee Hup Wei has created a history for Malaysian athletics scene as he entered the final round of the men's high jump of the IAAF World Championships at Doha, Qatar (5 Oct).

He has registered a good height of 2.27m to finish in 8th position out of 12 in the finals, and of 31 athletes overall.

Hup Wei’s feat was the best achievement (finalist) by a Malaysian in the history of the World's major athletics competitions, both the World Championships and the Olympic Games.
Lee Hup Wei, a world champ finalist, is being introduced to the crowd
Qatar's Mutaz Barshim defended his gold medal in 2.37m.

The 32-year-old became the first Malaysian in the finals of World championships after clearing a height of 2.29m, a personal-best during the qualification round.

It was just 1 cm shy of the national record of 2.30m that is held by Nauraj Singh Randhawa since 2017.

He is coached by Aleksandr Garparyan at the national training centre at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

What must be highlighted is that Lee Hup Wei's height of 1.81m would give a 'differential' of 48 cm (2.29m - 1.81m) which is exactly the difference between 'jumper's height and jumped height' of the all-time best high jumpers in the world, those whose best jumps of at least 2.40m (who had body heights of ~1.93m on average).
Lee Hup Wei at Doha Wold championships
He has been one of the most consistent Malaysian athletes in international competitions.

For a record, he became the Asian champion in 2007 at the age of 20, where he equaled Loo Kum Zee's national record of 2.24m from the 1995 SEA Games.

He then improved the record by 3cm with 2.27m during the "Good Luck Beijing" in 2008, the Olympic test competition, and then registered another two 2.27m in 2010.

He was in 5th place among world-class fields during the 1st IAAF Continental Cup at Split in 2010 after setting 2.25m, and took part in the Commonwealth Games at New Delhi in the same year and also finished in 5th place (2.23m).
Lee Hup Wei (right) and his coach Aleksandr Gasparyan
His participation in the Olympic Games was in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. He finished in 32nd (2.20m) and 30th (2.16m), respectively in the Games.

He was at the 2018 Asian Games at Jakarta and also the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

Most recently, he competed in the 2019 Asian championships at Doha (same venue) in April and finished in 4th place with a 2.26m clearance.

Results of men's high jump final
Lee Hup Wei's all-time lists in high jump
2.29 ..... Doha (IAAF WC) ..... 01/10/2019
2.28 ..... Canberra ..... 27/01/2018
2.27 ..... Beijing (Olympic Trial)..... 25/05/2008
2.27 ..... Chennai (Asian GP) ..... 09/06/2010
2.27 ..... Naimette ..... 13/07/2010
2.27 ..... Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Open GP)..... 31/03/2019
2.27 ..... Doha (IAAF WC) ..... 04/10/2019
2.26 ..... Kuala Lumpur ..... 05/08/2018
2.26 ..... Doha (Asian Champ)..... 24/04/2019
2.25 ..... Buhl ..... 18/06/2010
2.24 ..... Amman (Asian Champ) .... 25/07/2007
2.24 ..... Suzhou (Asian GP) ..... 23/05/2009
2.24 ..... Kunshan (Asian GP) ..... 27/05/2009
2.24 ..... Hong Kong (Asian GP) ..... 30/05/2009
2.24 ..... Bengaluru (Asian GP) ..... 05/06/2010
2.24 ..... Sydney ..... 01/04/2017
2.24 ..... Singapore ..... 27/04/2017
2.24 ..... Kuala Lumpur (SEA Games)..... 26/08/2017
2.24 ..... Sydney ..... 04/02/2018

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