14th Asian Junior Athletics Championship 2010

>> July 03, 2010

14th Asian Junior Athletics Championship 2010
1-4 July, Hanoi Vietnam

The 14th Asian Junior Athletics Championships was held from July 1-4, 2010 at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi, Vietnam. Only athletes born in the year 1991 and 1992 allowed to compete. More than 650 officials and competitors from 37 countries and territories weremtaking part in the tournament.

Malaysia sent small team due to a regular reason, small budget and also restriction from the Ministry. Out of 26 athletes listed only five went to Hanoi and some of them were on their own expenses!

National Sports Council of Malaysia (MSN) cut the budget for almost 70% while the Ministry of Education doesn't approved the student to leave as reported by a trusted source.

The team could have won medals if all athletes went. Five young sprinters have ran below 10.80 this year and they could teamed-up in the men's 4x100 for at least 40.3-40.5. Thailand won the men's 4x100m final in 39.82 followed by Hong Kong and Japan with 40.51 and 40.64 respectively. Thailand sent 35 athletes and they won 4 Gold while Singapore 19 athletes and back home with medal.

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