Friendship Triangular Track & Field Competition, Manila, Philippines, 7 June 2007

>> May 01, 2010

Note: Pre-2010 track meeting (published when results became available)

The 1st Friendship Triangular Track & Field Competition was successfully held on 7th June 2007 at Manila, Philippines

The track meeting was between De La Salle University, Far Eastern University both top track & field teams in Manila and Sabah Athletics Team comprising of athletes from TSUBASA KINABALU ATHLETICS CLUB and NORTH BORNEO SPORTS CLUB. 

In Principle all three parties have agreed to sign a MOU in order to sustain the competition for the next ten years. Three such meets will be held in a year, the first one being held on 7th June 2007 in Manila and the next one will be held in Kota Kinabalu in September followed by the last one in Manila in December. 

Top Pilipino sprinter Ralph Waldy Soguilon who only ran 10.45 for the 100m in the USA last month welcomed the competition and said they need more meets like this one. Waldy anchored the the De La Salle 4x100m relay team to a stunning 40.4s victory, which comprised of his National team mates of Alex Gabito, Arnold Villaruebe and Albert Salcedo. 

The full results are:

1. Fahrul Nazree (SABAH)  10.9
2. Jad Adrian Greene (SABAH) 10.9
3. Helmi Agustinus (SABAH) 10.9s
4. Bruce Lee (SABAH)        11.2
5. Jeffrey Lozande (FEU)    11.2
6. Soriano (De La Salle)      11.2
7. Romnick Herida (FEU)  11.3
8. Jonathan Lim (De La Salle) 11.4

1. Helmi Agustinus (Sabah) 22.4
2. Jeffrey Lozande (FEU)  22.6
3. Romnick Herida (FEU) 22.7

1. Nelbert Ducusin (FEU) 1:55.3
2. Barcase (FEU) 1:59.2
3. Juan Akimi (Sabah) 2:02.6

4x100m Relay
1. De La Salle/Phillippine National Team - 40.4
2. Far Eastern University 42.9
3. Sabah Athletics Team 43.3


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