2nd USM Open Relay - Results, Videos, Photos

>> February 13, 2011

The 2nd edition of USM Open Relay concluded yesterday at USM Athletics Stadium, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

More than 30 teams from the whole country were taking part including the full-strength UPM's women team in the 4x200 metres which comprises top national sprinters, Siti Fatimah Mohamed, Nurul Sarah Abdul Kadir, Norjanah Hafiszah and Siti Zubaidah Adabi.

Special thanks to the organizer for the success in making this event as one of the most popular track meets at the national level at the moment. Also not forgotten about the initiative on the total price money increased from RM 13,000 last year to RM 19,000 this year. ("cough.. cough.") I hope they will add another RM 6,000 to make a total of RM 25,000 price money next year...!!

However, this event could be more interesting and attracts more participants if it be held during the Malaysia's athletics season (April-October). Because competitive athletes are going through the conditioning or preparation phase at the moment and most of them disallowed to take part by their coaches.

Major results are as follow:


4x200 Metres Open
1, Navy Team, 1:30.6s
2, Serantau Striders Team, 1:30.9s
3, University Putra Malaysia (UPM) Team, 1:31.2s
4, PDRM (Police) Team, 1:31.3S
5, Performances Team, 1:31.6s.

4x800 Metres Open
1, Serantau Striders, 08:18.8s.

Medley Open (200m - 200m - 400m - 800m)
1, Serantau Striders Team, 3:32.6s
2, University Putra Malaysia Team, 3:41.1s

Medley Junior
1, SSN Malacca "A", 3:42.7s.


4x200 Metres Open
1, University Putra Malaysia Team, 1:45.2
(Siti Zubaidah, Norjannah Hafiszah, Siti Fatimah, Nurul Sarah)
2, Performances Team, 1:51.2

Medley Open (200m - 200m - 400m - 800m)
1,University Putra Malaysia "B", 4:21.2s.
2, Performances Team, 4:27.7s.


4x100 Metres Open
1, University Putra Malaysia "Team A", 44.7s.


4x200m women final


NOTE: If full results is not available at the games website, you can request your event results via email address below (I've got the full results in the paper format):

Email: info@adriansprints.com

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