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>> February 17, 2011

Asian Athletics Ranking for 2010 is now available for FREE download. This free edition is courtesy of Mr. Heinrich Hubbeling (A.T.F.S for IAAF and Asian AA) for Asian AA correspondents. The rankings include the top 10 lists at each Olympic events and a few additional non-Olympic events. Click here to download. Malaysia's Top Performers (Ranking) for 2010 also available, click here to request.

Asian Athletics Ranking for 2010 (click image to enlarge)  (download)
However, the more indepth statistics (handbook) for 2010 (and previous years) is only available from Mr. Heinrich Hubbeling. Detailed handbook item are as follows:  (If you're interested please refer to pricing below).

2009 Asian Athletics Handbook

+ Asian Continental TOP 30 at each events
+ Detailed lists for additional best performers from countries other than CHN or JPN (up to best 4 per country for each event)
+ Report for all national records during 2009 season
+ ASIAN Continental records as at 31.12.2009 (Seniors/Juniors / Outdoors and Seniors / Indoors)
+ ASIAN athletes in world lists 2009 (survey)

2010 Asian Athletics Handbook - Soon this year.

Previous Publications / Handbooks

Interested on the previous Asian Athletics statistics ?? A few copies still available from the editions for the seasons 1998, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 at reduced price of EURO 10/USD 15 per copy (while all other Yearbooks are sold out); In addition few copies of the “ASIAN Athletics All-Time Rankings as at 31.12.2000”- Book are still available against reduced payment of EURO 15/USD 23.

Pricing and Order

-EURO 15/USD 23 (surface mail) by payment:
  -in cash (per letter) in EURO, USD or equivalent in other currency     or
  -by International Money Order ( IMO );
  -payments by cheque (banks outside of Germany) not possible due to the very high bank charges.

For more detailed information about the publication / handbooks (and order), please contact Mr Heinrich Hubbeling by email at :   OR   contact me at :  if you have questions. 

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