MAF Technical Director Hopeful Making Philippine Track History

>> May 23, 2012

Pedrina: becomes the first filipino woman to run under 57 sec since 2005--400m(56.5)

While waiting his hoped for selection as the MAF's new Technical Director, coach Sam Goldber (USA/retired) is quickly changing the face of Philippine athletics.

Awaiting his hoped for selection by the MAF as their new Technical Director coach Sam, accepted a temporary 3 month assignment as consultant to the Philippine Sports Commission(PSC). His task-to prepare a few “non-national” team men and women athletes for the PSC'S Philippine National Games(PNG). Coach Sam was given from March 1, 2012 to May 28, 2012 to prepare his athletes.

On March 3, 2012 Coach Sam began by selecting 800m runnersWenlie Maulas (1:53.8) and 400h Keizel Pedrina(1:03) who had a 2012 seasonal best 60.0(400m). On March 15, 2012 800m runner Paul Billones 1:54.3 asked to join the team. On April 15, 2012 junior woman Michelle Lorterte,100h (15.3) joined the group.

Coach Sam has also been working on rehabilitation of filipino 100m specialist Andrew Pirie, since February/2012. According to coach Sam, Andrew (10.98) had contacted him via the internet from his home in Australia for help with chronic hamstring, groin and calve injuries, in hopes of competing in PNG. Coach Sam is happy to report that based on his suggested technical changes and workout adjustments along with some good short-term psio theraphy he has gotten Andrew back from all injuries, and since Andrew joined him in Manila in late April, he has run 10.7(hand timed) While Andrew has had little time free of his past injuries to train at full speed, I believe my technical changes will allow him to at least post a PB and hopefully a place on the podium.

Here are the athletes' various PB's prior to coming under coach Sam:
Maulas: 300m(38.0) 600m(1:23.8) 1:53.8
Billones: 300m(37.8), 600(1.24), 400(50.5) 1:54.3
Pedrina: 400h(1:03) 400m(2012 SB 60.0)
Lorterte: Junior woman100h(15.3)
Pirie 100m(10.98)

Here are the athletes' various PB's since coming under coach Sam in early March/April 2012
Maulas: 300m(35.8), 600m(1:20.8), 700m(1:36.8)
Billones:300m(35.7), 400m(49.7) 600m(1:19.7), 700m(1:36.7)
Pedrina: Became the first filipino woman to run under 57 sec since 2005--400m(56.5)
Lorterte: 100h(15.0)
Pirie: 100m(10.7 hand time) showing Andrew is now 100% injury free

Coach Sam predictions for the men's May 28-31 Philippine National Games
Maulas and Billones
will run sub 1:50's and upset Melvin Guarte, 2011 SEA Games 800m silver medalist who is also the PI's #1 ranked men's 800m runner.

A new 100m PB and bronze medal.

Coach Sam predictions for the women's May 28-31 Philippine National Games
Keizel Pedrina
will win both the 400m and 400h and will be going for a new national women's 400m mark(54.7) and will post 2012's top SE Asian 400h time in route to her efforts to make the London “B” standard 400h time (56.56) before the July 7, 2012 cut-off date.

Michelle Lorterte
will set an new national junior 100h mark(current record is 14.6)

Philippine Woman To challenge Sella for 400h Queen Title
Coach Sam hopes to bring Pedrina to Malaysia's June 2012 national championships to face Seela in the woman's 400h and perhaps Maulas or Billones to face Jironi in the 800m in hopes of impressing the MAF's selection committee to give him the nod as their new technical director.

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