Lalu Zohri becomes World Junior Champion

>> July 12, 2018

Indonesian sprinter Lalu Muhammad Zohri became the World junior champion at 100m dash - rewriting a new history for his country of 240 million people.

The 18-year-old tall lanky had a strong finish to give him the century dash crown at the 2018 IAAF World U20 Championships at Tampere, Finland.

He clocked a time of 10.18 (+1.2 m/s) ahead of USA Anthony Schwartz (10.22) and Eric Harrison (10.22). South Africa’s Thembo Monareng in fourth in 10.23, Britain’s Dominic Ashwell fifth in 10.25, and Sweden’s Henrik Larsson in sixth place in 10.28.

Indonesia has not won a medal or even a better position than 8th in the history of World U20 championships (established 1986), but Zohri had a great day and form to show to the world a sterling one.  He was relatively unknown in 2017, but he emerged for the "first time" during the pre - Asian Games at home in February when he posted a quick time of 10.25 (+1.1). He then won the Asian Junior title at Gifu (10.27) a month ago.

In this world championship, he ran 10.30 (+1.1) to finish first in his heats and then clocking a personal best of 10.24 (+1.0) in the semifinal to place only in 2nd behind the American Anthony Schwartz (10.19), but it also shows he had the capacity to surprise everyone.

Southeast Asian All-Time Rankings at 100m (at 12 July 2018 - by Jad Adrian ATFS)
10.17 ... Suryo Agung Wibowo (INA) - set at the age of 26y
10.18 ... Khairul Hafiz Jantan (MAS) - at 18y
10.18 ... Lalu Muhammad Zohri (INA) - at 18y
10.20 ... Mardi Lestari (INA) - at 22y
10.23 ... Reanchai Seearwong (THA) - at 22y
10.25 ... Eric Cray (PHI) - at 27y
10.28 ... Jonathan Nyepa (MAS) - at 21y
10.30 ... Watson Nyambek (MAS) - at 22y
10.30 ... Wachara Sondee (THA) - at 26y

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